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Game 70 Lineup: Yankees @ Mets

Lineup vs. Mets:

Derek  Jeter SS
Curtis  Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez LF
Russell Martin C
Ivan Nova P


How the players are performing in 2012…so far

When the Yankees were playing horrible baseball in the month of May, you would have thought Brett Gardner‘s prediction of the Yankees winning 100 games in the season was complete hogwash. Now as the Yankees are about to close the door on June, Gardner’s prediction seems a little more believable as the Yankees have now notched 41 wins this season. The ironic part of all this though is that Gardner has not played in a game since April 17 when he injured his arm while making a diving catch. With Gardner out of the lineup, more players have stepped up and some have…well…faltered.

Derek Jeter (COOL): When Derek Jeter first started the season he was getting base hit after base hit; he was even as far as .400 in the beginning of May. Since then, Jeter’s average has cooled down to where his average is close to .300. Derek Jeter’s baseball lately…he looks like the Derek Jeter in the beginning of the 2011 season (you know, before the 3,000 hits).

Curtis Granderson (HOT): Curtis Granderson’s batting average I admit isn’t the greatest average in the world, but he already has 20 HR’s and the first half of the season isn’t over yet! Granderson is on pace to hit 40 HR’s but he continues to consider himself a non home run hitter. Curtis, you’re not fooling us. That bat of yours is H-O-T!

Mark Teixeira (COOL): Mark Teixeira’s bat in the beginning of the season was…eh. Teixeira seems to be getting his bat together now and is getting key hits when the Yankees rely on it. Teixeira is still working on the RISP hitting, but he seems to have no trouble hitting the ball out of the park.

Alex Rodriguez (COOL): Alex Rodriguez’s bat has also been pretty cool to begin the first half of the season. In April, A-Rod had a .244 average which followed a .314 average in May. However in June A-Rod seems to have cooled down again, in which he’s only hitting .214. A-Rod’s bat better heat up soon or else…

Robinson Cano (HOT): Robinson Cano was off to an odd slow start for the Yankees but he seemed to have picked it up as he is now hitting close to.300. Cano’s power is still there since so far this season he has hit 14 HR’s. Hopefully Cano can show some more power towards July and August.

Nick Swisher (COOL): Nick Swisher has been on an up and down ride this season. In this case, he can’t seem to keep himself healthy. Swisher had 3 calf issues, the latter coming from last week in the Nationals series. Number wise, Swisher has been driving guys home. He has 42 RBI’s so far in the season.

Russell Martin (COLD): How do I put this nicely about a great defensive catcher that knows how to call games? Well, Russell Martin is struggling; BADLY! Russell Martin is BARELY above the Mendonza line with a .205 batting average, however lately he has been driving the ball for power. 3 HR’s in 3 games isn’t bad. He does however have to get his act together.

Raul Ibanez (WARM) : Raul Ibanez has done a great job for the Yankees so far this season. Ibanez wasn’t supposed to play a lot of left field  this season but since Gardner got hurt, he had done great. Is he a defender in LF like Gardner? No. But his bat makes up for it.

Andruw Jones (COLD): When Andruw Jones platoons with Raul Ibanez, it drives me insane. With his bat…he has done very little. He like Russell Martin has a .206 average but we have to take into account that Martin has  more at bats than Jones. But for a platoon power player on the bench…it seems Jones is either a hit it out or out kind of player.

Brett Gardner (MHP): MHP meaning missing his playing. Gardner only played 9 games this season for the Yankees but he had a hot bat coming into the season with a .321 average. I’m somewhat hoping that when he returns he does what A-Rod did in 2009; a first at bat, first pitch homer into the left field seats for 3 runs. What? I can dream can’t I?

It will be very interesting to see how the Yankees team will play out for the rest of the season but we all know that the work isn’t over until the Yankees reach the ultimate prize; a World Series ring.

Morning Bits: Nova, RISP, Chamberlain

Good morning everyone! Well, aside from the first inning Andy Pettitte pitched well last night. Unfortunately the Yankees still cannot hit with RISP and are home run happy. Hopefully tonight’s game is better. Onto the morning links! 

— Ivan Nova is slated to pitch tonight for the Yankees…but after blowing a game last year and then being sent to Triple AAA the next day, Nova “no like the Mets no more”. Those are his words–not mine.

 — The New York Yankees are of course a great team but of course there is one obvious problem–they can’t  hit with runners in scoring position!

— Joba Chamberlain was in a minor traffic accident but he wasn’t hurt. Chamberlain was on the way to the Tampa complex to work out when his car was hit from behind. Good news is Chamberlain is throwing live BP on Monday, the first time since recovering from Tommy John Surgery & an ankle injury.