2012 All-Star Game Roster

Today, Major League Baseball announced the roster for the 2012 All-Star game and the roster is interesting. Here are your 2012 All-Stars (the Yankees names will be in bold and in navy blue.)

American League Starters

Catcher: Mike Napoli (Texas Rangers)
1st Base: Prince Fielder (Detroit Tigers)
2nd Base: Robinson Cano (New York Yankees)
Shortstop: Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)
3rd Base: Adrian Beltre (Texas Rangers)
Outfield 1: Josh Hamilton (Texas Rangers)
Outfield 2: Curtis Granderson (New York Yankees)
Outfield 3: Jose Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays)
Designated Hitter: David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox)

American League Reserves:

Catcher: Joe Mauer (Minnesota Twins)
Catcher: Matt Wieters (Baltimore Orioles)
Shortstop: Elvis Andrus (Texas Rangers)
Shortstop: Asdrubal Cabrera (Cleveland Indians)
3rd Base: Miguel Cabrera (Detroit Tigers)
2nd Base: Ian Kinsler (Texas Rangers)
1st Base: Paul Konerko (Chicago White Sox)
Outfield: Adam Jones (Baltimore Orioles)
Outfield: Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels)
1st Base/Outfielder: Mark Trumbo (Los Angeles Angels)
1st Base: Adam Dunn (Chicago White Sox)
1st Base: Billy Butler (Kansas City Royals)

American League Pitchers:

David Price (Tampa Bay Rays)
CC Sabathia (New York Yankees)
Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers)
Jered Weaver (Los Angeles Angels)
C.J Wilson (Los Angeles Angels)
Felix Hernandez (Seattle Mariners)
Joe Nathan (Minnesota Twins)
Chris Perez (Cleveland Indians)
Fernando Rodney (Tampa Bay Rays)
Chris Sale (Chicago White Sox)
Jim Johnson (Baltimore Orioles)
Matt Harrison (Texas Rangers)
Ryan Cook (Oakland Athletics)

National League Starters:

Catcher: Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants)
1st Base: Joey Votto (Cincinnati Reds)
2nd Base: Dan Uggla (Atlanta Braves)
Shortstop: Rafael Furcal (St. Louis Cardinals)
3rd Base: Pablo Sandoval (San Francisco Giants)
Outfielder 1: Melky Cabrera (San Francisco Giants)
Outfielder 2: Carlos Beltran (St. Louis Cardinals)
Outfielder 3: Matt Kemp (Los Angeles Dodgers)

National League Reserves:

Catcher: Yadier Molina (St. Louis Cardinals)
Catcher: Carlos Ruiz (Philadelphia Phillies)
1st Base: Bryan LaHair (Chicago Cubs)
2nd Base: Jose Altuve (Houston Astros)
Shortstop: Starlin Castro (Chicago Cubs)
Shortstop: Ian Desmond (Washington Nationals)
3rd Base: David Wright (New York Mets)
Outfielder: Ryan Braun (Milwaukee Brewers)
Outfielder: Jay Bruce (Cincinnati Reds)
Outfielder: Carlos Gonzalez (Colorado Rockies)
Outfielder: Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates)
Outfielder: Giancarlo Stanton (Miami Marlins)

National League Pitchers:

Matt Cain (San Francisco Giants)
Aroldis Chapman (Cincinnati Reds)
R. A Dickey (New York Mets)
Gio Gonzalez (Washington Nationals)
Cole Hamels (Philadelphia Phillies)
Joel Hanrahan (Pittsburgh Pirates)
Clayton Kershaw (Los Angeles Dodgers)
Craig Kimbrel (Atlanta Braves)
Lance Lynn (St. Louis Cardinals)
Wade Miley (Arizona Diamondbacks)
Jonathan Papelbon (Philadelphia Phillies)
Stephen Strasburg (Washington Nationals)
Huston Street (San Diego Padres)

There is still the rule where if you are pitching on that Sunday before the All-Star break, you are not allowed to pitch in the All-Star game, so it will be interesting to see how the All-Star roster changes since then. Also CC Sabathia & Matt Kemp cannot play because they are both on the DL, so it will be interesting to see who takes their spots.

Is there a player that didn’t make it that you feel you should have? I have a couple such as A.J Burnett and Rafael Soriano. Place who you feel should have made it in the All-Star game in the comments section below.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Sean The Hammer Vice

    James McDonald from the bucs his 7-3 with a 2.44 ear and not like A.J Burnett James has pitch all year long so far.

  2. As good as Burnett has been he wasn’t event he best ptcher on his own team as Sean mentioned. Also, Cueto and Greinke have been better this year and are not there. Cueto not being there is a joke.

  3. CashMan – get Hamels NOW!

    YoungEr than 30, left-hander , stRikeout pitcher, 1.1 career WHIP. No brainer.

    • Why they should get Hamels: 10-4, 3.08 ERA, 3.27 FIP, 3.23 xFIP, 9.00 K/9, 2.27 BB/9, 43.5 GB%, vs. Lefties: .228/.298/.304, vs. Righties: .227/.275/.408, and he’s a lefty. Need I say more?

    • There’s no doubt Hamels can pitch and would be the long coveted #2 we’ve sought. However, what are you willing to give up?

      Would you trade say Banuelos, Eduardo Nunez & Tyler Austin for him knowing he’s a 3-month rental that will require a 6-7 year deal worth $20+ Million per?

      Very tough decision but with the make-up of this team and Hal looking to impose a tight budget in 2014, I don’t think I make that trade. While Hamels makes them very tough in the post-season, I don’t think he guarantees a World Series by any means. What do you all think?

      • Agree with every word you said here and want nothing to do with him in any way, shape, or form because of what he will cost and the money that will have to be committed to him.

      • Eh, I think the Yankees have too many holes to fill to tie that much money up in pitcher. They clearly will need to sing a FA catcher in the offseason. Swisher is going to be a FA this year, Cano and Granderson next year. As his numbers continue to fall Arod’s production is going to have to be replaced with a DH that can hit or a 3rb that can hit. The reason the Yankees gave up Montero to get Pineda was to avoid paying a pitcher that much money. It hasnt worked out yet, but I’m guessing the Yankees will wait to see how Pineda comes back before making any drastic moves.

        I’m not at all convinced the Yankees would be in on Hammels as a FA, let alone trade the farm for him to then turn around and sign him for 125+m. Not to mention I dont think the Yankees have anywhere near the talent to get him or Grienke if they are traded. The only player the Yankees have to build a trade around, above low A is Banuelos and he has very limited value right now, being on the DL, and starting to show he is injury prone. I dont think you land a Grienke or Hammels with low A ball talent.

      • fishjam….
        As most know, I wouldn’t trade any high-class players, well maybe one but no more than one.
        Why trade a guy that good plus 3 or 4 other lesser players for one pitcher that will cost us in talent, years and money.
        Even without that, I wouldn’t go for him, pitchers are too darn easily injured and there goes your money.

      • Michael and fishjam, the Phillies may want 5 players but they aren’t goint to get that from anybody. The Phils have said they will try and sign him before the deadline, if not they will have to trade him. In that case senerio he will get traded for 2 good prospects since he is a rental and the team that gets him won’t be able to get draft choices at the end of the year as in the past. Austin and Phelps would be a good place to start. The Yanks should try and get him since pitching wins, and Hamels is a perfect fit, he would put them over the top. I would rather spend the money on pitching rather than position players, pitching wins.

  4. Exactly Doug ….this was your best post!

  5. Doug – put them over the top is exactly the right term. They have enough right now to win the division. You can win with a catcher who is good defensively and can’t hit. You can win with a rightfielder who throws rainbows. You can win with a third baseman that can’t bend over. But pitching is what most distinguishes winners from losers in October.

    • twasp, Texas might be the best team in baseball right now and I bet Ryan and Company go after one of these pitchers when they become available. The Yanks need a #2, we have been saying this for some time now. Whether it’s a rental or someone we can extend. The good thing is that other than Garza who is signed for next year, these pitchers won’t cost as much because the Yanks won’t get a draft pick for them.

  6. Yeah, Doug….if the Yankees were to play Texas in the playoffs …we would be underdogs. We need another elite pitcher. We can’t keep asking Andy to save us.

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