Morning Bits: Torre not sure Jeter will reach 4K, Sabathia, All-Stars

Good morning all.  Yankees ended the series with the white sox strong taking the last two games.  Both games had great pitching performances from Hughes and Kuroda.  The Yankees begin a new series tonight with AL East rival the Tampa Bay Rays.  Rookie Moore will be on the mound for Tampa and Garcia will be on the mound for the Yankees.

Enjoy the day. Let’s get right to the links….

— DJ4K?  Joe Torre doesn’t think so. ESPN NY has the story on why he thinks 4,000 hits is out of reach for Jeter.

— This should be no surprise Mike Mazzeo of ESPN NY reports that Sabathia will not pitch in the All-Star game.

Bryan Hoch of has the story on the Yankee starters for the All-Star game: Jeter, Granderson, Cano.

— Manager of the White Sox Robin Ventura had a lot of nice things to say about Jeter writes Marty Noble of

— If you missed it yesterday the Yankees acquired relief pitcher Chad Qualls from the Phillies: article from

Zach Schonburn of the New York Times writes the hot bats provide relief for the Yankees.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I know Torre gave alot to this team. But not sure I would have been one to stand and applaud when he was announced yesterday. I am not a fan of his tell all book. Some things between players and coach should just be between them and not for a tell all book. I feel like he sold out. I am probably in the minority with those thoughts.

    • Matt S, you are far from being in the minority! I have always said; “he was the right guy in the right place with the right team!”.

      The team was set-up for him by Showalter and 3 different GM’s, all he had to do is copy the line-up for each day and make sure he used the hot hands out of the BP…no matter if it ended a pitchers career or not. As far as I am concerned, he was one of the worse managers I had ever seen. He was good with the media and made sure his buddys got stories he wanted them to print.

      Then he writes a book and puts out a lot of crap about some of the players, most of which was BS.
      And if anyone doubts how bad he was as a manager, look up his record before the Yanks and after.

      He actually got fired, in case you didn’t know! Then Joe T. puts the blam on Cashman as though Cash had something against him. Well Cash did, Joe T. thought he was bigger than his boss and didn’t need to follow orders…well Cash is still there and Joe T. isn’t.




    • As far as the book goes, I didn’t read it so I can’t comment on it. I’m not a fan of tell all books either.

  3. old yankee and twasp, I think you are being too hard on Torre, a manager is just what the word says he manages the game and the team. If the team wins he should get some of the credit. I read somewhere that a manager only accounts for 2-5 games a year. They really don’t effect the game that much whether it’s Torre, Tito, Valentine, or Madden. The team is built by the GMs mostly, they should get more credit when a team does well. Old Yankee, you know about chain of command, the top brass will get most of the credit. My favorite manager was Casey, he was a character, I used to love listening to Casey stories told by Moose and Hank. Madden does have some of Casey in him.

    • Doug…you have it right about who gets the credit when the team wins except, with Joe T. he took the credit and the media went along with it. He destroyed Scott Proctors’ career and wouldn’t play the younger guys after he was told to do so by Cashman (we had some guys to old to walk let alone play). Cashman had a meeting with him one day and after that we saw some of the younger guys playing more.
      When any manager, boss or leader throws one of his team under the bus…he is no leader!

  4. Sorry Doug, but Torre is classless. I’m not criticizing his managing, I’m criticizing his character. His book was all about throwing his players and GM under the bus. He should have been booed at the Old Timers Game.

    • twasp, the Yanks did kind of force him out, not many managers that make the playoffs don’t return the next year.

  5. No doubt about it, they made Joe an offer and if he didn’t like it they didn’t care if he left.

    But that’s no reason to throw his players under the bus or criticize CashMan for not taking his side.

  6. Doug, on Sept 25th , 1966 how many spectators were in Yankee stadium to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees? Approximately. The stadium held 56,000,

  7. Matt S. – from 1996 through 2002 , through all the Yankee championships who were the Yankee captain/s?

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