Morning Bits: Jackson, Rodriguez, Teixiera, Cashman

Good morning everyone and Happy Saturday to you all! Drink extra coffee, glue yourself to your chairs and turn on YES at 12:30 because today we’re playing a double-header! Let’s get onto the Morning Links!

— Reggie Jackson apologized about his comments to Alex Rodriguez yesterday but A-Rod wouldn’t say what the conversation they had over the phone was about.

— The RBI triple last night had to be especially sweet for Mark Teixiera since he feels that Vincente Padilla tends to him him with a pitch on purpose.

— Brian Cashman’s stalker was released from prison yesterday after making bail but if she doesn’t stay away from Cashman, she’ll be back in Rikers faster than a Mariano Rivera save.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. As far as I am concerned, Reggie, Jim Rice and Puckett shouldn’t be in the HoF at all, but I guess 500 HRs is an automatic entrance into the Hall, so be it.
    I honestly think Reggie, like many other smi-great or less so players are jealous of A-Rod, his talent and records are out of reach for 99% of the players around for the last 15+ years. Let’s face it, not all players are the all-American guys of sports, some are down right mean, vindictive and carry a stellar sense of themselves, but the fans only see the good side of them.
    Even that writer says that A-Rod used while in Texas, therefore leaving the impression A-Rod used all the time in Texas, which is not true but, writers don’t check their facts anymore.
    I guess it will go on for ever, that’s life! 😦

  2. I love what Arod said…..”with friends like that who needs enemies”.

    Arod is getting a taste of his own medicine. (Arod’s esquire magazine comments disrespecting his friend Jeter),

    Karmas a bitch, Arod. BOOYAH!

    • Big difference between ones opinion and the truth isn’t there?
      Reggie gave his opinion…as bad as it was.
      When asked, A-Rod spoke the truth, one may not like it but, you know darn well it was the truth. I don’t see any disrespect in A-Rods comments at all
      You know very well there are some very good players out side of New York that you know very little about, besides when that comment was made, Jeter was not the untouchable he is today.

  3. CashMans best move in years was picking up Chavez. He can field and hit.

    • Cashman’s true medium is finding bargains. I can’t stand him because he can’t ever win a trade, but I’ve got to tip my cap to him on the success he’s had with this kind of player.

      • Money P. – I hate CashMan …. I think he negotiates through the press, says negative things about the players to sway public opinion, cannot assess pitching talent, but I agree , I too believe he makes some good bargain pickups.. Chavez, jones and Ibanez have contributed well this year.

  4. Matt S. – there is only one player in THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL to win an MVP but never be voted to an AllStar team – who is it?

    • I know I’ve heard this one but can’t quite recall who it is. It’s a player who played in my lifetime.

      • Money P. – I’ll give you a hint….he played with the Dodgers.

        • Kirk Gibson……the year the Dodgers upset the Mets and then the A’s to win the WS. Everyone remembers Gibson stumbling to the plate to hit the HR of Eckersley but it was Orel Hershisher who threw 2 Complete Game masterpieces who was WS MVP.

          The big Bash brothers McGwire & Canseco combined for 74 HRs & 223 RBI to dominate the A.L. but went 2 for 36 in the WS.

          Gibson beat out Strawberry & McReynolds for MVP then knocked off the Mets in the NLDS…..those were the things a young Yankees fan had to root for in 1988 when evey chump in his school was a bandwagon Mets fan. 🙂

  5. Good job Fish.

  6. Its the All-Star Break and Mr. October lives for the hype.

    In his last season at Oakland, the most notorious steroid
    supplier in MLB lived in his house. How Reggie evaded
    being implicated in that scandal, Operation Equine, is one
    of the great untold mysteries of professional sports.

  7. Good post Lizard. Here’s the scoop:

    Representatives for Canseco and McGwire said the former players did not remember meeting Wenzlaff, and were not aware their names came up in the FBI’s investigation, although an FBI source provided the News with previous telephone numbers for Canseco and McGwire and a pager number for Canseco from Wenzlaff’s old phone book.

    “We’re not going to comment on anything at this time,” said Marc Altieri, McGwire’s representative, “but we believe one should consider the sources of such allegations.”

    “Jose doesn’t want to deny knowing him, but he just doesn’t remember the guy,” said Robert Saunooke, Canseco’s attorney.

    However, Wenzlaff’s longtime friend Reggie Jackson, who Wenzlaff insists never used steroids or knew he was dealing them, says he saw Wenzlaff and Canseco work out and socialize together.

    “Yes, they had spent some time together,” says Jackson, who met Wenzlaff after his career ended with the Oakland A’s in 1987. “Curt’s a good guy that got mixed up in steroids at a very young age. He’s a good, solid, stand-up guy and he’s honest.”

    Jackson, who let Wenzlaff stay in his Oakland home for long stretches in the late 1980s, says he was not aware that Wenzlaff had allegedly supplied steroids to Canseco or anyone else until last year when Wenzlaff testified before a Senate subcommittee investigating steroid use in pro, college and high school sports.

    The two convicted sources who connected Wenzlaff to Canseco and McGwire declined to be named, saying they feared retribution from some of the steroid dealers they informed on. But two FBI sources confirmed the men’s identities and said they provided credible information throughout the operation and, like Wenzlaff, avoided jail time for their cooperation. One FBI source also said the men’s fears about retribution are well-founded.

  8. Reggie let the guy live in his house, and didn’t know he was a big PEDs dealer? Suuuuuuure.

  9. Once you see grown-ass men living together ???? …(Reggie/wenzlaff) (Yuri/aroid) … know some juice in’ is going on……

  10. ” If the syringe did fit…… You cannot acquit ! “

  11. Matt S. Did you follow the Yankees in 2002?

  12. Matt S – help poor oldyankee out. He’s trying to answer the quiz , what Yankee in 2002 hit 3 hrs his first 3 at bats in the majors. You know right?

  13. Matt/Ken : HINT- he played on the 2009 team also.

    Come on Ken …. You can get it!

  14. That should be: he played on the 2010 team also ( not 2009).

  15. Delia – only 3 Yankees have hit a home run there first time to bat

    1. John miller – 1966
    2. Andy Phillips – 2004
    3. ? – 2002

    HINT: he also played on the 2009 team.

  16. Hint : he also played on the 2010 team ( not 2009)

  17. Da da da da, da da da……… Alex “TWASP” Trebek says ” correct ”

    Great job Delia , you are an expert Yankee fan!

  18. Ken – don’t let these youngsters beat you! You’re representing the golden age of baseball.

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