Game 87 Lineup: Angels vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Angels:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Alex Rodriguez DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Nick Swisher RF
Raul Ibanez LF
Eric Chavez 3B
Chris Stewart C

RHP Freddy Garcia


About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Let’s hope Tex has a repeat from last night.

  2. Don’t you think when Nunez is healthy Jeter should just retire and never play again. Last night he only got 2 more hits. He has an average at .310. He is first on the team with BABIP with a .344 (if you take out Gardner who only played in a handful of games). He is also tied for first in the AL with hits. He just sucks. Hang them up Jeter.

    Next on the list for all time career hits for Jeter to pas..

    11. Willie Mays 3283 R
    12. Eddie Murray 3255 B
    13. Nap Lajoie 3242 R
    14. Derek Jeter 3201 R

    • I agree, replace him with Martin, I’m sure he can play SS as well as anyone else and is a far better hitter than Jeter.
      I mean, Jeter is trying to pass those has beens, no big deal…none of them are hitting as much as Martin is now, so they can’t be very good. Heck I don’t see them on any of the top 10 hitter list as of today, Jeter and Cano are there but that could be because they are way over their heads this year.
      Martin is the man. 😦

      • Matt S and twasp…
        How about that brilliantly inept critique of our players? I think it was tenuous at best but, obviously only discerning confused fans such as yours truly can have such an intriguing grasp of reality! 😦

        • Ken – you da man! Where else can we get such out of the box analysis?

          • Thank you big guy, I tried to be as concise and logical as I could…which is saying a lot. I think, mayhap they over did my meds.
            Can you believe they tried to give me a pain killer once, never made that mistake again.
            Yup, I hear your thinking now…”I thought you were always on something, now I know you were!” lol
            Before I forget, what are your thoughts on Joba? 🙂

  3. Good news about Joba!!!

  4. Did you get the game # right this time?

  5. Delia – LOVE your new picture. 🙂

  6. Left after the first inning to go to a bday party. Was outside so only caught bits of the game. Glad to see Garcia bounce back from the first inning and get the win.

  7. Matt – meet me at Schwarz Blvd…..we’ll take the boat out.

  8. interesting….

  9. Ken read this story from I’m sure you will love it. from writer Barry Bloom

    NEW YORK — It may be a little early to even begin the conversation, but if the regular season ends for the Yankees the way it’s transpiring right now, Derek Jeter should be given heavy consideration by voting members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America as Most Valuable Player of the American League.

    Jeter, the Yankees’ All-Star shortstop and captain, is having a great season on the field. Coupled with his off-field leadership, he embodies the spirit of that award. Jeter’s work ethic and day-to-day play not only make him the MVP of a team that is currently running away with the AL East, but the MVP of the entire league.

    “All the things he’s done for the Yankees over the years he’s doing this year, for sure,” said Angels manager Mike Scioscia, voicing an objective opinion from the opposing dugout before his club lost a 5-3 decision on Saturday. “There’s obviously an incredible leadership he brings in the things he does day in and day out. His numbers speak for themselves. He’s a Hall of Fame player.”

    To be sure, Scioscia has his own pair of highly regarded candidates in outfielder Mark Trumbo and Mike Trout. The Rangers’ Josh Hamilton and Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera also have to be near the top of any list.

    But Jeter sets the tone in the Yankees’ clubhouse, and he’s the table-setter at the top of the lineup, starting rallies the sluggers below him often finish. To that point, Jeter is hitting .390 with a .405 on-base percentage and a 1.015 OPS when he leads off innings this season. On two occasions in the first two games of this high-pressure series against the Angels at Yankee Stadium, Jeter opened an inning with the Yankees trailing.

    On Friday night he sparked a key eighth-inning, four-run rally with a double, later scoring on Mark Teixeira’s tying three-run homer. The Yanks won that game, 6-5. On Saturday, with the Angels already leading, 2-0, heading into the bottom of the first, Jeter led off by beating out an infield single. Robinson Cano knocked him in with a two-run homer.

    Jeter now has 202 hits in the year since he reached the 3,000 mark on July 9, 2011. His 3,202 hits place him 14th on the all-time list, and his 1,818 runs has him alone in 16th place. This season he has a chance to move as high 11th in hits and eighth in runs.

    Jeter, second in the AL this season with 114 hits, claimed he had no idea he had pounded out so many safeties since he went 5-for-5 that July day a year ago and homered to reach the 3,000-hit plateau against Rays left-hander David Price.

    “Nobody tells me anything good,” Jeter said on Saturday with a chuckle.

    He also has a chance this year to become the first player to ever lead his league in total hits the season after he reached and surpassed 3,000.

    Jeter has always been a smart player, but to the naked eye, at 38, he seems to have gained a step running down the first-base line. He’s the rare player who looks better now than he did at the outset of the 2011 season before a calf injury landed him on the disabled list. Jeter now gears his workouts to speed and flexibility rather than strength.

    “I’m not a power guy,” Jeter said. “My job is to move around and stuff. I’ve never really been a big, big weight lifter. I lift more in the offseason, because during the season I can’t really lift as much. I’ve got to stay flexible. A few years back I started that change.

    “Right now, I just feel good, man. I just feel good. When you’re healthy and you’re feeling good, some times you may be a little quicker than others. I just work hard and try to stay healthy.”

    With that, Jeter ran off with bat in hand, saying he was late for “optional” batting practice.

    Optional batting practice? That’s the way Jeter rolls.

    “Optional is always mandatory for the Jetes,” his manager and former Yankees teammate Joe Girardi said.

    That attitude sends a stark message to the rest of the pinstriped crew, particularly the relative newcomers.

    “He works so hard, if you’re not doing it you feel like an outcast,” said catcher Russell Martin, in his second season with the Yankees after playing with the 2008 and 2009 Dodgers teams that lost to the Phillies in the National League Championship Series.

    Raul Ibanez can make the comparison after playing with the Phillies for three seasons with leaders like Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Ryan Howard.

    “He’s unbelievable, he really is,” the left-fielder in his first year with the Yankees added. “It’s not only his leadership with what he does on the field, but off the field he makes the team better just by showing up every day. That’s the quality of person and leader he is. Obviously, what he’s done on the field and he’s continued to do speaks for itself. It’s incredible.”

    The MVP award would not only be acknowledgement for a job well done this season, but the culmination of a career in which the Yankees have won five World Series, seven AL pennants and been to the playoffs every year except one since 1995. Along the way, Jeter is a .313 lifetime hitter with a .382 on-base percentage and .830 OPS. But in his first 17 seasons, he’s only been as high as second in the MVP voting once, and third twice.

    This season ought to be his time to finish No. 1.

    • Matt S – thanks for posting that…a good read. Hopefully it will resonate with Ken and he will change his mind and agree that Jeter should be a first ballot hall of famer because he is an all time great!

    • Good article and i agree with much of it. But let’s be real – jeter doesn’t deserve the MVP award this year. I think Jeter deserved it once or twice in his career but not this year. Cano is the MVP of this team.

      On the topic of Cano, I just find myself smiling and chuckling to myself when watching him play. the guy is so smooth it’s really a thing of beauty.

  10. Had to look up all time leaders in Runs I knew A-Rod was up on the list didn’t know Jeter was as well. Here it is.

    Rank Player Runs Scored
    1. Rickey Henderson 2295
    2. Ty Cobb 2246
    3. Barry Bonds 2227
    4. Hank Aaron 2174
    Babe Ruth 2174
    6. Pete Rose 2165
    7. Willie Mays 2062
    8. Cap Anson 1999
    9. Stan Musial 1949
    10. Lou Gehrig 1888
    11. Tris Speaker 1882
    12. Alex Rodriguez 1870
    13. Mel Ott 1859
    14. Craig Biggio 1844
    15. Frank Robinson 1829
    16. Eddie Collins 1821
    17. Derek Jeter 1818

    • I like this one also.
      Jeter, lead-off singles hitter—10232 AB, 3201 hits, 1818 runs and one run per every 5.6 AB
      A-Rod power hitter—9508 AB, 2857 hits, 1870 runs and one run for every 5.0 AB
      Jeter has a chance to catch A-Rod in runs in a year or two!
      A-Rod will hit his 3,000 hit next year!
      Very few of the guys in the 3,000 hit club are lead-off hitters, that is amazing

  11. I get the NY Daily News and looked to see how the Yankee hot streak would be handled Sunday (today).
    What do we get. Yet another column by Yank-hater, Wilpon-Mets mouthpiece Mike Lupica about A-Rods salary, PED use, a knock on Yankee front office..blah blah.
    How about a piece about the great Cano, Yank’s super bullpen, Soriano, the 8 game lead after dire predictions post-Rivera and Pettitte..etc..
    But nooooo. More negative hate from bitter Lupica.

    I can’t stand Lupica.
    He’s best buddies with Fred and Jeff Wilpon and a Boston College grad, main reasons he’s been trashing the Yankees for the last 20 years.
    But we have a chance to get back at him with immediate gratification.
    He has a radio show on ESPN (1050 am and 98.7 FM) every weekday from noon to 1 p.m. EST. You can also listen online at
    And of course, he continues to bash the Yankees – always mentioning payroll, killing A-Rod, saying the Mets are the best New York team etc..blah. blah.
    Let’s all call him at 1-800-919-ESPN (3776) as much as possible and get on his Yankee-hating!
    He’s been flustered by some angry Yank fan calls. We can get him good! Let’s do it!

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