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Game 93 Lineup: Yankees @ Athletics

Lineup vs. Athletics:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano DH
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones LF
Jayson Nix 2B
Russell Martin C

Ivan Nova RHP

Pregame Notes:

Andy Pettitte did a light toss in the outfield today. It seemed to have went well since Larry Rostchild was watching.

Why the Yankees should get Cliff Lee

With the trade deadline coming soon and with the Yankees without Andy Pettitte for the next 2 months or so, the Yankees could use a pitcher for the starting rotation if Freddy Garcia is to falter and David Phelps can’t get stretched out for the rotation. With the Phillies “pretenders” this season, the Yankees could look at some of the pitchers in their rotation and decide who they would like to trade for. Although Brian Cashman said that he wasn’t for trading for players this season, the Yankees could go and trade for one of the Phillies pitchers that has struggled this season; Cliff Lee.

The truth of the matter is that the Phillies cannot keep Lee and Cole Hamels while staying under their budget. According to Hardball Talk, the Phillies had offered Cole Hamels a 6 year, $130 Million contract which could mean that Cliff Lee’s days in red pinstripes will come to an end. It’s all right Cliff. There is still one place that you could still wear pinstripes and pitch for a contending team all at the same time; the Yankees.

Although Cliff Lee hasn’t exactly shown extreme excitement in being in a Yankees uniform, he doesn’t have much options at this point. If Hamels says yes to the contract offer then Lee could be out of Philly. Of course Lee hasn’t pitched extraordinarily well this season (he only has 1 win), but if he was put in a contenders environment then Lee could quickly become the Cliff Lee the Yankees know (the one who has led the Phillies and Rangers to the World Series in 2009 and 2010, respectively).

There are concerns about Lee’s contract since the contract the Phillies offered him was unbelievable but if the Yankees could work out a deal where they could give up prospects the Phillies want, maybe some sort of deal could get done.

In all honesty, it had been a dream of mine to see Cliff Lee in Yankees pinstripes. Whether it’s for 3 months or for 6 years I would love to see Lee in Yankees pinstripes. Could my dream possibly come true? We’ll see. But for now, the Yankees might want to look into one of the toughest pitchers on his team; even though his team hasn’t given him the run support he deserves.

Morning Bits: Cano’s hit streak at 22 games, Time for Cashman to shop?, Gardner out for the year

Good morning all.  Well the team had to lose eventually.   Another hit for Cano thought to extend his hitting streak and David Phelps looked very good coming out of the bullpen.  Tonight is another late start 10:05PM to be exact.  On the mound is Nova vs Milone.

Enjoy the weekend and let’s start of today with some links….

Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY asks if it’s time for Cashman to go shopping.

— One of my favorite articles is always Katie Sharp of ESPN NY with the Yankeemetrics.  This one was for the Toronto series.

David Waldstein of the New York Times has the story on Gardner getting surgery and probably missing the rest of the year.

Jeff Bradley of The Star Ledger takes a look how it has been tough for the AAA Yankees without a home this year.

Christopher Connors of The Bleacher Report has an article about how the Yankees keep rolling through the season even with all the injuries.

Evan Drellich of mlb.com has the story of Cano extending his hitting streak to 22 games and other tidbits on the Yankees.