Yankees Acquire Ichiro Suzuki

Yankees Acquire Ichiro Suzuki

According to Jack Curry, the Yankees and Mariners have agreed on a trade to send Ichiro Suzuki to the Yankees in exchange for D.J. Mitchell and Danny Farquhar. Also, Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees will pay just more than $2 million of what is left on Ichiro’s salary.  Ichiro is batting .261 on the season, with 4 HR’s, 28 RBI, and a .642 OPS. The general consensus seems to be that the Yankees got Ichiro for next to nothing.

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  1. Masterful move on the part of the NNY

  2. great move. Good win for a rental. Not much lost of the Yankees side in the trade.

  3. Solid pick-up by Cash. Gets someone to replace the speed and defense they lost with Gardner and he has an absolute missile launcher for an arm. He’s not a .340 hitter anymore but i think he’ll be rejuvenated getting out of SafeCo and coming to YS and a playoff team. Plus, I really like having another way for the team to manufacture and score runs besides relying on HRs. Ichiro can get an IF hit, steal second and score on a base hit.

    I really think he’ll have a big 2nd half with the Yanks.

  4. Fish – ya gotta believe after watching two losses where balls dropped in the outfield with no play being able to be made at the plate, that CashMan finally realized he needed better D out there.

    • Yeah, Gardner seemed to save a run almost every other game with his defense. You also have to get Jones & Ibanez off their feet more or they will be finished by the end of the year. And now with Swisher out for who knows how long, it was a must to add a capable body.

  5. Ken – Arod is really hitting the ball well lately. What do you attribute this to?

    1. Dropping the barrel on the ball
    2. Lowering his leg kick
    3. Hitting the bottom of the ball causing backspin
    4. Dropping his Fruit of the Looms so Yuri can get a good boli shot

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