Morning Bits: Jeter, Rodriguez, Headley, Teixeira

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday to you all! Yankees lost yesterday but what still has fans in a winning mood was Mark Teixeira’s HR off his rival Vincente Padilla! That was the highlight of the season right there! Tonight’s game is an ESPN game which will start at 8:05pm. Here are your morning links:

— Derek Jeter has no plans to retire anytime soon, so could he possibly reach 4,000 hits by the time he’s ready to hang up his cleats?

— With Alex Rodriguez out of the picture for the next 8 weeks or so, do the Yankees go and get Chase Headley from the Padres?

And Mark Teixeira tweets a very important question–and gets an answer from David Robertson:

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Let’s talk about Phelps.

    In his last 4 appearances he has pitched a total of

    7.1 IP

    Allowing only 1 hit

    He has not allowed a run

    He has not walked a batter.

    He also has stuck out 12 batters in those innings.

    Phleps is def showing the Yankees a lot of good stuff. I hope next year he can be given a shot to start.

  2. Ken won’t like this part from the one story Delia mentioned.

    “All this makes you wonder if maybe 4,000 could happen and perhaps reaching Rose’s mark is not totally out of the question. Jeter is at 3,216 hits. On July 29, 1979, when Rose was 38, he had 3,283 hits. Rose’s average that day was .315. Jeter’s average today is .308. “

    • Matt S…
      Where is Jeter going to play;
      1st base? Tex is there for a few more years!
      DH? DH is for older players to have a break, and most of the time is a place where one puts a heavy hitter, not a singles hitter.
      I am sorry but, there is no way I would give him another contract! Every year his avg has been going down and SO’s have gone up along with DP’s. If he wants to play for a much lesser contract fine, other wise no way. In another two years if things keep going as they are Jeter will be hitting in the .200’s. With players like Nunez and Brett around, Jeter will be hitting other than 1st/2nd by than.
      I think someone said something about Jeter not hanging around for 4,000 hits! Is he? I don’t know, how about you guys?

      • I would platoon Jeter and A-Rod at third and DH, it’s not perfect but it would solve the problem.

      • No way Jeter gets to 4,000. I don’t think his OPS will be high enough to earn him a DH spot for the amount of future years he needs to be a regular to get there.

        What say you Matt S?

        • Figure he’s around 3300 after this season and has 2 more yrs on his contract averaging 175 per yr. He ‘d be at 3650 after 2014 at the age of 40, which would be 4th All-time. If he decides to keep playing til 42 like ARod, he could get there. it all depends on how well he’s still playing. I don’t think he’d stick around hitting .240 just to go after hits. Once he becomes a below average player he’s gone.

          • The questions become at the ages of 41 and 42 will Jeter be

            1. Able to play SS defensively well enough…… Doubt it.
            2. Able to hit well enough to stay in the lineup as a DH …..probability is doubtful.
            3. Able to hang on at 3b/DH/ph while hitting .250 for ages 41/42/43. …both he and Yankees will not want that.

            But as Jeter has proven again and again….don’t count him out….!

        • I think he could twasp I’m not going to say no way. Lots come into play. Any sort of injury that will take him out for a couple months would be a big blow. Who knows though.

      • Every year his average is going down? What stats are you looking at?

        2007 – .322

        2008 – .300

        2009 – .334

        2010 – .270

        2011 – .297

        2012 – .308

        kinda bouncing all around but def not going down every year.

        nor his his strikeouts going up every year.

        2007 – 100

        2008 – 85

        2009 – 90

        2010 – 106

        2011 – 81

        2012 – 57

        • Sorry Matt S…Didn’t make it clear it is as of this post you will agree.
          From 2008 to 2011 he has only hit over .300 once so, I would be right in saying his avg., is going down, this year I predict lower than .300 again. Now on the SOs, I am sorry I ment he is going up in SOs per a Yankee at #1, #1 DP, #1 Hits, #1 SB, #1 Outs but, he has also had the most Games played, PA and at Bats. So it isn’t all bad, is it but, he is going down as all older players have had to do. Maybe slower than most but, if you look one can see the homer calls he is getting now (should have 3 more errors), called safe at 1st a couple +/- or more times. Just as rookies don’t get the calls, vets like Jeter get the calls in their favor….nothing new in that.

  3. I don’t know what Phelps did when he went down, but after coming back up he has looked fantastic. I think he might be the best minor league pitcher that the Yankees have this year.

  4. Matt – T-man is reading a book right now called The Captain about Jeter. In it , it dispels the notion that Jeter will hang it up soon. It talks about Jeter asking Gene Michael how long he thinks Jeter can physically play SS. It also talks about Jeter mentioning to friends that he has no problem moving to first base or DHing…..

  5. Delia – that’s funny that the Yankees tweet each other.

    I don’t understand how Tex thought his HR was hooking foul? Seemed to be to right center and no where near the foul pole?

  6. Oh….ok….I get it now. 🙂

  7. Anybody looking for some nostalgia, turn on YES. They are replaying Righetti’s no-no from 1983 vs Boston. I was 9 years old and still remember watching that game with my family.

    Brings back a lot of memories…..the Scooter and Frank Messer in the booth….Mattingly wearing #46 as a rook….Winfield was playing CF, Butch Wynegar behind the plate, big Don Baylor DHing, Sweet Lou and Steve Kemp in LF and RF, Roy Smalley at short. Robertson was at 2B instead of Willie and Nettles must have had the day off because the lefty John Tudor was pitching so Bert Campaneris was at 3B.

    I still remember that whole Red Sox team too with Rice, Armas and Dwight Evans in the OF, Boggs, Remy, etc. I was just 9 and knew every player in the AL and their batting stances. Used to play my brothers, neighbors and uncle in Wiffle Ball and pretend we were different teams…..good times!

  8. Fish – what was Dwight Evans nickname?

  9. I reember how excited the press was when Steinbrenner got Steve Kemp….”his swing is perfect for Yankee Stadium!” Roy Smalley was a nice player….tall switch-hitting SS with pop.

    One thing I notice is how hard, beat-up and dusty the field was. Looks like my HS field! Todays fields are watered and manicured perfectly that bad hops barely eist.

    • fishjam…
      “One thing I notice is how hard, beat-up and dusty the field was. Looks like my HS field! Todays fields are watered and manicured perfectly that bad hops barely eist.”
      I have been trying to point that out for ever. Notice the gloves and uniforms? Big difference!

  10. Does anyone remember what happened to Wynegar? he had 2 or 3 good seasons as Yankee catcher then he had Depression or a nervous breakdown or something and retired in his early 30s. He obviously got it back together because he’s been the Yankees AAA Hitting Coach for years now.

  11. No, I don’t remember Smalleys nickname?

  12. Ken – Matt is disputing your statement that Jeter’s Avg is going down every year and DPs are going up……what say you?

  13. I just find it hard to hate on someone who is one of the league leaders in hits. If he he is tanking fine drill him for what it’s worth. But seriously he is not hurting the team.

    • Read what I have posted! I am not hating on him at all. You guys are paranoid, just pointing out what is coming, open your mind and eyes.
      How is it you guys can call A-Rod…the best player to come along in a couple generations and of all time…anything you want to but, I or anyone else show the expected decline of St.Jeter, it is Jeter hating? Not pointed at any one person am I twasp?

      • Matt – per Ken, please open your eyes and mind.

        Ken does NOT hate Jeter. …. and God didn’t make the little green apples and it dont rain in Indianapolis in the summertime….there’s no thing as Dr.Seuss, nursery rhymes and Mother Goose.

  14. Matt – are you saying someone is hating on Jeter?

  15. Snake eyes ? I never heard that…..though I don’t remember much about Smalley.

  16. Hahaha ….I thought you stumped the great TWASP!

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