Game 103: Baltimore @ Yankees

Good evening everybody. Here is tonight’s lineup:

Derek Jeter DH
Curtis Granderson CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher 1B
Raul Ibanez LF
Eric Chavez 3B
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Russell Martin C
Ramiro Pena SS

Ivan Nova P

-The Yankees received good news on Mark Teixeira today. He was diagnosed with inflammation in his wrist and will be re-evaluated in 3 days.

About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. Need those 2-3-4 hitters to get it going again….

    Ever since Cano’s hitting streak ended he is 8 for 40 with ZERO RBIs, 1 Walk and just 1 XBH for a .445 OPS

    Since his tack on Grand Slam, Granderson is 0 for 12 with 7 K’s.

    Swisher missed a week but overall in July he’s hit .220 with 25 K’s in 75 PA’s and just 2 HRs.

  2. FishJam – this is the worst Yankee team TWASP has seen at fundamentals in a long time. The base running has been absolutely atrocious. Again tonight another Yankee (Martin) gets caught between bases. Who do you blame?

    • You blame the players for screwing up but also Girardi/Cashman. They have built a team that is old and totally reliant on the HR. They very rarely call any steals, hit and runs, etc and have de-emphasized fundamentals

  3. The come out and get 5 runs. Just for Nova to suck the life out of the stadium and give up 7 the next inning. Unreal!!!!

  4. Stat I just read. Nova entered the game leading the majors in XBH allowed (64). He’s allowed 4 so far tonight.

  5. ugh this is brutal.

  6. Once again, offense hits in 1st inning and goes to sleep for rest of the game.

  7. Its time for George Jetson to return.

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