Yankees Acquire Casey McGehee

According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees have traded RHP Chad Qualls to the Pirates for 3B/1B Casey McGehee. In 293 PA this year, the right-handed McGehee has hit .230/.297/.377. He will be beneficial as another right-handed bat in an otherwise heavily left-handed roster with the injuries to Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. This year against left-handers, McGehee has a very strong 119 wRC+, a .348 wOBA, and a .807 OPS. He also brings a lot of value as a pinch hitter with a line of .292/.382/.542 coming off the bench in his career which is rather impressive. McGehee plays both 3rd and 1st base so he can add some pop to the lineup at 1st base while Teixeira is out, and then he could probably platoon with Eric Chavez at 3rd with A-Rod out. Sherman also notes that the Pirates are giving the Yankees $225,000 of the $485,000 differential between the contracts of Qualls and McGehee.

Chad Qualls was going to be the odd man out of the bullpen anyway with Joba Chamberlain returning from the DL so this is a good move by Cashman to get some value out of the right-hander instead of simply sending him down or DFA’ing him. However, this trade doesn’t come without a negative side, as McGehee’s defense at third base is not anything to rave about. Also as William J. of The Captain’s Blog pointed out on Twitter, the trade makes the Yankees lineup even more suscepible to splits as McGehee is extremely weak against right-handed pitching (.222 AVG, .616 OPS, 67 wRC+ this year).

Joba will be activated tonight and will be a great piece to have in the bullpen as someone who can get both righties and lefties out.

About Mike D.

Mike D. is one of 2 co-founders of the Yankees Fans Unite Blog. He has been a Yankees fan for as long as he can remember, growing up in a family of huge NYY fans. His knowledge of the game comes from watching baseball his whole life, and playing third base in high school and college.

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  1. awesome to see Joba back tonight.

  2. Just put on my Joba shirt.

  3. Qualls is addition by subtraction and McGehee at least supplies a bat against LHP that was needed. McGehee has played mostly 1B this yr but is an experienced 3B – albeit not the best one if you go by errors or UZR. The biggest downside is it blocks Mustelier and Nunez from getting the opportunity. Although if tex goes on the DL, Nunez or Mustelier could be brought up in place of Pena. Will be good to have Joba back over Chad Qualls who I’ve been calling Chad Blows – I know…clever right?

  4. Good news is

    1. CashMan realized Nix is not the answer.

    Bad news is

    Casey stinks both at the plate and in the field. Again Blocking our own talent.

    • Blocking out talent is the main thing. I agree with both of you on that. It’s starting to get annoying now. When the 189 comes into play our own guys on the farms will have to be used more. Why not start now to see what they got.

    • Well if he is used in the right situations (ie. versus LHP & pinch hitting) then he shouldn’t stink at the plate.

  5. TWASP has seen Casey bat…..he stinks equally vs lefty and righty.

    What was his splits in 2011?

    • That was 2011 – this is 2012.

      So if you go by the numbers this year (which are the ones that are relevant), McGehee is pretty good vs. lefties.

      • Mike this year alone is too small a sample size and not more relevant.

        What are his splits for 2011 and career? Is there a statistically significant difference between RHP and LHp with the larger more predictive sample size?

        • Twasp I normally would be concerned about sample size but not really in this case. Since McGehee is basically just filling a short-term need (a RH bat who can hit LHP while A-Rod is out) I think it makes more sense to go by what he is doing now rather than what he did in 2011 (which was an outlier year for him in terms of hitting LHP).

          wRC+ vs. LHP
          2009: 133
          2010: 149
          2011: 6 (yikes, I know)
          2012: 119

          wOBA vs . LHP
          2009: .380
          2010: .399
          2011: .182
          2012: .348

  6. Losing 8 out of 11 blows. They need to come back and get this game tonight.

  7. Really don’t get this deal other than the idea of getting a player for Qualls, rather than just cutting him. Yankees could have done fine for the next couple months, in my opinion, with Chavy and Nix manning third. Either way, they will be fine, but I feel McGehee won’t produce anymore than a platoon system of guys already on our team would have.

  8. I agree Brian D……good job.

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