Game 104: Baltimore @ Yankees

Here is the lineup….

Jeter SS

Granderson CF

Swisher DH

Cano 2B

Jones RF

Martin C

McGehee 1B

Ichiro LF

Nix 3B

Pitching RHP Phil Hughes


About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. bats are alive today!!!

  2. Matt – how is Jeter doing today?

  3. Open up the HOF for Cano …..right now!

  4. Matt- send me that Cano ball.

  5. You hang an off speed to Cano, and it’s history.

  6. That shot Cano hit yesterday was a 430 ft bullet.

    • We are watching a natural talent unseen since the likes of Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente. And his name is CANO!

      • Cano is the most unorthodox fielder at second I have seen with HOF results. He has one of the sweetest swings of all time.

      • What about Ted Williams, A-Rod, Joe D, Stan “The Man”, Ernie Banks and Mickey Mantle? Do you guys ever think well of any player that is not one of the few you have picked as your favorite players?

        • old yankee, Ernie Banks had charisma, met him when I was with the Cubs. He was always helping the young players when they were working out with the big team. I have some good storys about 1969 Cubs.

          • Doug/Ken – do you know what phrase Ernie was famous for?

            • twasp, I met Ernie in 69 and he said Let’s play 2, it’s a beautiful day.

              • Good job Doug…….I don’t think Ken would have remembered that…..

                • twasp…
                  Everyone of that age remembers Banks phrase, as it and “Say Hay, Kid” were repeated game after game. Ernie was indeed a very likeable guy and never ever heard a bad word about him.

                  • old yankee, My first trip to the Cubs big league camp was in 69, I went up to throw batting practice. We were greeted by Ernie, beautiful day Let’s play 2. Then he proceeded to put us on the radio station back in Chicago. To this day, that was one of the highlights of my Cubs career. That was a great day, sitting in the dugout with Leo Durocher and Joe Pepitione getting into an arguement during the spring training game. Leo told him off, he was the original Billy Martin. He was a man in charge.

                    • doug, you have had something most guys have never and will never experience in our lives…playing minor league baseball.
                      In my case, I made a choice (which was easy) between continuing in the Army or trying for pro baseball.
                      I stayed where my talent was best suited…the Army,1960s…knowing I had little chance of being anything more than a A-AA player.
                      Always know ones limitations but, always push ones expertise to the max. I did so, for many years.

                    • Doug – now you have TWASP interested. What was Joe Pepitone like? Any good stories.

  7. This double play combination may be the best in history….Jeter/cano. Two first ballot HOFers.

    • What about Nellie Fox (2nd) and Luis Aparicio (SS) They were very very good. Check it out twasp, you may change your mind?!! I doubt it but, if not, try another pair of glasses. Anyhow, they are the first guys I thought of.
      I hate going that far back in history…different times, different equipment but, these two guys were very very good, you may find stats may give one guy a better mark on one thing and another on something else.
      As the conditions of everything was worse back then, you can rate them as you wish.

      • Ken – they are before TWASP’s time, but what I can see from the stats they are better defensively but not as good offensively.

        You saw them play , who do you like better?

        • Well twasp, as you may know I am a defense first guy…if the defense is great.
          Nellie and Luis were the best at turning a DP I had ever seen, they played hard and never ever took a play off.
          Jeter and Cano are the best around today but, range factor is a negative for Jeter and Cano takes a play off every once in a while.
          Both of them have made errors this week that will not show in the stats.
          Cano and Jeter out hit the other guys and between them play a very good SS/2nd for the Yanks!
          Who is the better of the two sets…I don’t know!
          Big question to me is, with all the generations between the two sets, how would Nellie and Luis hit in today’s game smaller strike zones better bats etc.! Then we have the biggest question of all, how long would Jeter last batting the way he does…diving into the ball…what, one maybe two years if that. Cano’s see the ball hit the ball, would be good for those days. Jeter is a darn good hitter but he would have to change that diving or end in the Hospital.
          You pick’em, either set will play for me. 🙂

          • old yankee, I’d have to say the Clevelands infield of Alomar and Vizquel were the best that I ever saw defensively.

          • Excellent answer Doug……vizquel and alomar have the highest fielding % together. But TWASP doesn’t like players that spit at umpires… I’ll go with trammel/ Whitaker or Ozzie/Herr.

          • Sorry Ken….Doug said alomar/vizquel first….you said fox/aparicio. Doug wins!

            • twasp…
              “Doug said alomar/vizquel first….you said fox/aparicio. Doug wins!” is right and my answer is right, those two sets are the same (about). Your pick of Trammell/Whitaker is one you may wish to change to Crow and Lazzeri, Scooter and Gordan, Stick and Richardson or Kubeck and Richardson…how about ernnie and you?

  8. You da man Doug…….Cano is amazing…….he was born to play baseball.

  9. I have no idea T-Man what that would be worth. I don’t estimate prices for a living hahhahaha. I would have no idea. The thing though is it is better to get it now than later. I would like to get a Jeter ball now. It’s extremely high now as is. But if he get’s 4K it will just go up and when he makes the HOF it will go up more.

  10. Matt S. – Only 3 Yankees have scored more runs than Mickey Mantle. 1. Gehrig 2.Ruth ……can you name the third?

  11. Ken – the answer is the great Derek Jeter.

  12. Off the subject, it looks like Ryan’s philosphy of pitching his pitchers more innings isn’t panning out. Lewis and Feliz out with arm injuries. I heard Jim Kaat talking about having Stasburg throw more today on the radio. I like Kitty but old pitchers tend to think everyone should pitch like they did which doesn’t always work. Anyone who thinks he knows what is right for all pitchers just doesn’t know what he is talking about. You can count on one hand the number of pitchers that have been great 5 years in a row. Pitching is just very unpredictable. I heard Orel talking about Stasburg the other night on the game of the week, but what they fail to say is that Stasburg’s limitations are due to his recent arm surgery, that’s why they are limiting his innings. People have to realize that this is not the old days, the game has changed.

  13. Doug – what has changed in the game today vs years ago when Ryan pitched…..that would not allow pitchers to pitch as many innings as they used to?

    • May I? Thank you, I will!
      Smaller strike zones, lower mound, guys not stretched out enough for 130+/- pitches or enough time to get use to throw that many pitches.
      Mainly it is because Ryan is an outliner, check out his early numbers. If I remember right he didn’t pitch like that coming up.
      Some people can do things others can never match, that is called life.

      • I couldn’t have said it better, you are right on the money. A pitcher like Verlander who can throw 100 MPH in the nineth inning is gifted. He can do things that others can’t do, but that doesn’t mean he can win the 7th game of the world series. Body type also has something to do with it. Halliday doesn’t throw as hard as Verlander, but he also has the ability to pitch complete games. Back in the 60’s Koufax threw over 300 innings 2 or 3 years in a row, and the Dodgers burned him out. We saw Torre burn out relief pitchers with the Yanks. I would have to say that each pitcher is a separate case.

        • doug…
          Your last line is the answer to the mystery. No matter how hard I threw the ball I never hit 88+ in my life, yet Verlander can hit 100 with little effort…that sucks! But I did fine, you have to adapt & improvise to make it in baseball as well as life.
          Doug, the Dodgers didn’t burn him out, he played with a god awful case of arthritis, in fact the stuff he put on his arm before each game was used on horses and it was so strong a couple of players that tried it once said it burned them. It got so bad, he could no longer pitch anymore.

          • The Dodgers throwing him over 300 innings didn’t help him either! There was some stuff called DMSO which might be the stuff you are talking about.

            • old yankee, just looked up DMSO and Koufax was said to have used it in 65 before the world series. I heard of someone using it in the late 60’s when I was playing on a arm injury and his sore arm went away. It was called a miracle drug.

  14. twasp, first the relief pitchers are better and the hitters are better. When Ryan pitched many of the relief pitchers were washed up starters. Many of the infielders especially the SS hit .230-.250 with no power. The teams also have accesss to more information on players. Sabermetrics have made it harder to be successful. Teams are working the counts more today to get the starters out of the game. Teams have video on every pitcher and an up to date scouting report on how a pitcher has been pitching. Coaches have a book with up to date information on pitchers tendencies and abilities agains’t all their hitters. This is just off the top of my head, but you get the drift.

    • doug…
      I’ll buy what you said and add, all that stuff works both ways!
      One other thing is, the starters were much better, as a whole, back then. There were fewer teams so less mid-line pitchers around and those washed up relievers would be starters today.
      By the way Ryan only had 6 years of over 250 innings. 🙂

      • old yankee, agreed, it’s very difficult to compare eras, not as many Dominican players, less teams also makes the starters better on each team, and a much bigger population to choose from overall. Add to that the size increase of humans and their development, better medicine and treatments.

  15. Thank you Doug……good answers.

  16. Doug – do you remember what caused Mickey Mantle to miss the end of the season in 1961 the year of the HR race between him and Maris?

  17. Doug – is that where the hip abcess came from ….. A b12 shot?

    • twasp, yes, which just shows you that players will do anything to get an edge. Who knows what was in that shot, may have been some kind of early PED. Mays also was known to have taken the B-12 shots.

  18. twasp, remember in this time period players were still hero’s, no one was out to find any dirt on them. It was the era of Kennedy and Monroe. Today they would be exposed.

  19. See Ken , that’s how Mickey hit the facade…..juicing!

  20. Ok Ken let’s see if you are the Mickey expert or a Doug is?


    1. What was Mickeys # when he first came up?
    2. Who is Mickey named after?
    3. How many times did he hit the facade?
    4. What was his original position?

  21. twasp, 1 6, 2 Mickey Cochrane, 3 1, 4 SS

  22. Good job Doug …you got 3 out of four.

    Matt – please erase dougs answers so we can give Ken a turn.

    • Come on, you know I know the answer to that!
      His wrong answer is #3 it was 3 times…I take it you did look it up right?

      On Vit B-12, it was not a help for the players. It was for the players that were tired (drank to much), sort of gave them a wake-up call. Not a boost.

  23. Sorry Ken, the answer to # 3 was 5 times not 3. So you are tied with Doug.

    In addition to his widely remembered shots of May 30, 1956, when only the top 18 inches of the right-field facade kept the ball in the park, and May 22, 1963, when the ball was still rising when it hit the facade a few feet from the top, Mantle struck the same right-field facade on August 7, 1955, against Detroit; on May 5, 1956, against Kansas City; and on June 23, 1957, against the White sox.

  24. The MLB 3 crown? Either Mantle or Jeter. Probably Mantle since he was doing greenies and mysterious shots during HR races with Maris.

    • You are so warped in your out look on players other than your man crush Jeter! LOL

      You do know you are a bit blind don’t you? Not everyone that has ML records that your boy can’t come close to is a cheater, and besides Jeter has a father that is a Doctor, need we say more?

      You accuse others on hearsay evidence, what if some one made a big deal of Jeters father being a Doc…we (me too) would be outraged at it right? But yet you do the same to almost every player, grennies were nothing at all as far as enhancing a player’s ability.
      Now days players get a shot or something to boost their energy system. Think of Greenies as that 5-Hour drink they advertise on TV…nothing more!

      Jeter has had a great career as the SS of the Yankees and is considered as the best Yankee SS ever but, this doesn’t make him one of the top 10 Yankees by any means at all. As for HoF 1st ballot, he may get in on the 1st ballot but, stats don’t show he should…one MLB record as one of 28 players to hit 3,000+. Heck 500 HRs are harder to get then 3,000+ hits and yet they want to change that to 600 HRs as the automatic ticket.

      I guess I have a higher standard than a lot of others but, having seen great players play, one has to be great to impress me.
      Yes, I think I would vote for him but not on the 1st ballot…I know, Jeter hater!

      • Doug – could you share with me your opinion on Ken’s comment above that greenies (or amphetamines) do not “enhance a players ability”?

        If Ken is correct …than the banishment of amphetamines would not have caused the decline in batting averages/offense as you have stated in previous comments.

        • twasp…
          In sports, the reality is not as important as perception and again drugs react differently with each person. Like I said, greenies give one a temporary boost in energy.
          Am I wrong Doug?

        • twasp…
          What is a Amphetamine? I know many guys took greenies and VitB-12 but, I really don’t know what the other one is!

          • Amphetamines are greenies. I think their effects on players was greater than steriods. Most of the old timers like Costas will disagree, but I think they just want to protect the players like Mantle who are already in the HOF. If the writers and others were to agree that greenies were as much of a PED as steriods then they would have to let the steriod users in the hall. Another reason is that steriods assaulted all the big records which are so important in baseball. Players may have gotten more hits from using greenies because they reacted quicker and were more alert, but they didn’t hit more home runs from using them. I would say that over 80% of the hall of famers used greenies after 1960. I’m just quessing, it might have been earlier since the US used them in World War 2 to keep the troops alert.

        • twasp, there are many articles you can read on amphetimines just google amphetamines in baseball. Greenies increase your reaction time, or make you react quicker. If you think that would help you when you are trying to hit a 90 MPH fastball you are correct, you have about 4 tenths of a second to swing. Add to that greenies can give you a feeling of well being which help a player feel positive. Since baseball is a game of failures, greenies help in that respect. My feeling is that greenies have made more than one player a major leaguer, where steriods made some major leaguers hit the ball farther, greenies helped many more hit the ball, which is the object of the game. In my playing days I have seen many players use greenies to get a better edge. Players will use anything that makes them play better, especially when you are going to make millions of dollars. I think most people would do the same thing.

      • Hey Ken…

        Amphetamines are called greenies in the baseball world.

        Read this:

        While anabolic steroids enhance performance by helping an athlete build muscle, amphetamines (sometimes called “greenies” in baseball circles) affect performance by stimulating the athlete’s central nervous system.  Amphetamines trigger increases in the user’s blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output and breathing rate.  As a result, athletes that take amphetamines experience increased alertness and wakefulness, and decreased sensation of muscle fatigue.  Studies show that amphetamines can increase reaction time and cognitive function, and improve an athlete’s endurance (at least to the extent that the athlete is willing to work longer and harder without reporting exhaustion).

        • Thanks for the information, I said I didn’t know much about drugs, except I hate and don’t take them and never have.
          I don’t know but, wouldn’t it be hell coming down from that stuff. day after day? 😦

          • Ken, thats why the players drank after the games, alcohol is a depressant. It would help a player come down after the game.

        • Good morning guys.Short term Greenies would excite the central nervous system,however after a few weeks they would have a negative effect on the body and would cause the body to deteriorate .
          Steroids would be a slower build but once in the body the benefits would be huge. Steroids also improve vision.A player would benefit for years while taking roids,until paying the price probably long after retirement.
          IMHO,comparing greenies to roids is like the atom bomb to a bullit..

          • Thank you ballpark, you always come though for us. I am not a big fan of those that have taken drugs but, I always stand by those that have made mistakes and changed. 2nd chance is a way of life in this country.
            Please come by more often, even if it is your busy time of the year. I know most of us miss your comments, those that don’t, have no knowledge of you and what you do. So, come on back anytime! 🙂

          • ballpark, totally disagree with you on this one, greenies have been proven to aid performance for over 50 years. Greenies help you react quicker, makes you less tired, help you focus, make you more alert, and make you feel better when you perform well. I know some Hall of Famers that I played with that took them regularly. They would not have taken them if they didn’t help them. They were a big aid in players performance.

      • Thanks Doug… I guess from your explanation …. greenies did enhance performance.

        So you could say Mickey Mantle used PEDs…correct?

  25. Dear Ken OR:

    We are advising you that any further gay slurs….such as the word “mancrush” will not be tolerated. Any future violation will result in a complaint to the FCC and possible banishment from the Internet.

    Ryan Seacrest
    Director – ILGRA
    International Lesbian and Gay RightsbAssociation

  26. Damn, again!
    You see that’s the difference between people such as you and yours and other people like me.
    My type of people don’t see or even think of color, gay, religion, north or south, what we do think of is the person and nothing else. But yet, we are called all the names, that others really are!

  27. Ha ha….you da man Ken!

  28. Doug ….what hall of famers that you played with took greenies? Do you think Mickey Mantle took them as some of his teammates have reported?

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