Yanks have the pitching to go far this postseason

Baseball fans can breath a sigh of relief as the intense trade deadline has come and gone, leaving just a few waiver-induced deals to take place in the month of August. Many big names changed uniforms, but none of them put on the pinstripes, and the Yankees’ only deal came in the form of acquiring third baseman Casey McGehee for reliever Chad Qualls.

There were reports up until the final minutes that the Yankees were very close to acquiring the NL-ERA leader Ryan Dempster, but instead Texas jumped ahead and acquired the 34-year old. Though I and other Yankee fans were hesitant on giving up any solid prospects for a three month rental, there is little doubt Dempster would have improved our chances in the postseason.

In the end, the Yankees were unable to nab any starting pitchers to help bolster their currently weak and hobbled rotation. It’s certainly not the end of the world, but the Yankees are going to have an uphill battle to climb this October.

To me the team is caught in a very difficult state right now. Recently joining Andy Pettitte on the disabled list is their (at the time of his injury) hot-hitting slugger Alex Rodriguez. It seemed he was finally turning it around, but one pitch to the hand ended any chance of a second half surge – A-Rod won’t be back until late September, and will have to work very hard to get back his strength and be ready for October. We all remember last year, when he was on and off the DL and produced mostly nothing for the Yanks in the ALDS.

As for Pettitte, he recently felt soreness in his ankle while rehabbing, and though that is nothing serious, it got me thinking about the southpaw. What if he’s not the same when he returns? He was simply awesome when he came back after his one-year retirement, pitching better than he did before he left. As much confidence as I have in Andy, it will be very hard for him to get back to that form at the age of 40. Also, as we saw in his original return, he needed a good amount of minor league rehab starts to get in shape, so September 1st seems like a stretch for his return, and if it is, he’s in trouble – the minor league season ends that day.

Now I know Brian Cashman was trying in the end to get Dempster, but now that he hasn’t, it seems the Yankees are now in “once we get Andy back..” mode. Meaning their mantra no matter what happens is that once Pettitte gets back the Yankees will be fine and will have a strong enough rotation to go deep in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, that’s not something I can really buy into at the moment, given the recent acquisitions by other teams and their already formidable pitching staffs. Also, add our ongoing RISP failures and a bunch of injuries to the mix, and the Chase for 28 may not be so simple to complete this fall.

But, trying to be confident, the Yankees’ rotation would not be the worst and most surprising staff to win a World Series. The 2011 Cardinals’ rotation was nothing spectacular, yet by just coming up in the clutch the Cards beat a ferocious Texas team with both a solid lineup and rotation.

Also, look at the ’09 Yankees. Heck, they only used three starters, and one of them was A.J. Burnett! (I’m only kidding.)

But the point I’m getting at is the Yankees do not need equally good or better pitching than Texas and LA to win. They just need consistency and players coming up in the clutch, which isn’t necessarily something that either the Rangers or Angels just acquired.

Looking at the likely rotation we’ll have when the season ends, the Yanks could go with CC, Pettitte, Kuroda, and Hughes in that order for the playoffs. And no matter what anyone says, that is a solid postseason rotation. Each pitcher has experience, and most of all, success on the big stage, which is not something the Angels or Rangers can say about their starters.

And you cant’ forget about the bullpen either – the Yankees still have one of the best bullpens in the majors, and so combine experienced solid starters with an experienced strong bullpen and you get a championship-caliber pitching staff. Simple math!

It’s funny how when I set out to write this article, I was thinking down on the Yankees and their chances of winning the World Series. But as my negative thoughts normally deteriorate and the positive ones start flowing through my head, anything is possible in sports and the Yankees are by no means a weak team or the underdog in the American League. They’re still a great team with a great chance to go far this October, and it would be awesome to see them go out and prove everyone, including myself wrong. Go Yankees!

What do you guys think? Are the Yankees doomed, have a puncher’s chance, or will be the cream of the crop come playoff time?

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  1. Brian D….Matt S…..

    Only 3 Yankees have scored more runs than Mickey Mantle…..Lou Gehrig, babe Ruth ……can you name the third?

  2. Agreed Brian this pitching staff is a championship caliber staff. AL is so tough between he Yankees, Angels,Rangers and Tigers. Would not be surprised to see any of those 4 teams win the AL.

  3. Hey Brian….see if you can answer this one…..who is the only AL shortstop in the modern baseball era to reach a 107+ OPS at the age of 38?

  4. Brian – let’s hope he gets into the HOF on the first ballot …..like he deserves !

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