Game 111 Lineup: Yankees @ Tigers

Lineup vs. Tigers:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Eric Chavez 3B
Curtis Granderson CF
Raul Ibanez LF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Chris Stewart C

RHP Hiroki Kuroda

Pregame Notes:

— It’s raining in Detroit and the tarp is on the field. It’s questionable whether the game will start on time.

— On the other hand, it’s beautiful day in New York. Wish the series was at Yankee Stadium instead?

UPDATE: The tarp is off the field and first pitch is scheduled for 1:15pm.

UPDATE 2: First pitch is no longer at 1:15pm and we are in a delay. There’s no scheduled first pitch as of yet according to Yankees PR.

UPDATE 3: First pitch has now been scheduled for 1:35pm.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. What I like about Kuroda is he has a good moving 2 seam fastball, and his slider is good. What separates him from 75% of the major leagure pitchers like Hughes and Nova is he has an out pitch with his splitter. Mr. Splity is the equalizer. He and CC can win big games, the rest other than Pettite are ?s in that regard.

  2. I know Welke blew it but really, ibanez has no business being in left field in the first place.

  3. That foul to fair call was inexcuseable. Girardi has a point–to the point where he got ejected. I say that play this game under protest!

    • When is this ump crew going to get suspended? Seriously between the Ibanez play, the strike 3 call to Swish in the 7th, and that play at 1st it was a joke today.

  4. The Ghost of Joe Quinn

    How is everyone enjoying the Jeter’s defensive range lately? He fields the ball but can’t get outs! A boxing turtle has better range!

    • Joe- how did you die?

    • Not bad Joe! Don’t pay attention to Twasp, he has a crush on Jeter. 🙂

      • Dear Mr oldyankee07:

        We regretfully inform you that we are contacting the FCC regarding your homophobic remarks on this site. We have warned you previously but you continue your anti-gay slurs… because a fan enjoys and supports a given player does not mean he is gay.

        Ryan Seacrest
        Director – IGLRA
        International Gay and Lesbian Rights Association.

        • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

          We have to protect our own says Ryan Seacrest!

          There are plenty of stories out there on who the Jeter really likes in the backseat. If there’s enough smoke there’s usually fire!

          • Ha ha … did you die, Joe?

            • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

              I lived well. Now as a ghost i whispered in the umps brain foul ball! foul ball! foul ball! just to see the Girardi make a fool out of himself. Neanderthals never had much sense. It’s sad they never learned to walk fully upright!

              Jeter you can’t field anymore! You are already the worse fielding middle infielder in the game so put on a batting helmet and do a Horace Clarke impersonation. We wouldn’t want you to get hit on the head with a popup!

        • Da! say what?
          I said you were gay? Why should you be mad about it, I thought all you leftys were happy to be included with any of the minority groups?
          But I didn’t say you were gay and never had before. You see what I mean, when I said the other day, certain people call others what they are themselves.
          I am a homophobe, why? Did I denagrate the gay people…nope! Therefor again, you are way off base.
          Sorry twasp 3 strikes and out.

          • Why is TWASP three strikes and out because he defends gays against slurs like” man crush”? Because TWASP supports and enjoys Jeter ‘s play he should not be ridiculed.

            You need to stick to baseball or you will be banned like Patrick/rooster !

  5. Impressive job by Phelps to get through Cabrera, Fielder and Action Jackson in the 8th inning of a 1-run game. I really like Phelps. He’s got a great deal of confidence and moxie, a little bit like Tyler Clippard. There may be guys with better stuff but they beieve in themselves, trust themselves and throw every pitch with conviction.

    Great job by Soriano to get out of that jam. Great win today…they needed it!

    • I wish Phelps was a starter, I don’t understand why Garcia has to be the 5th starter over Phelps. That unlucky double could have caused Soriano to come unglued but he just keeps getting it done. What a huge part of this season he has been!!! We’re not out of the woods yet on this wicked schedule run, but a split in Detroit was exactly what I hoped for. I’d LOVE to take two in Toronto.

      • Phelps would have been my choice over Garcia, but Phelps isn’t stretched out. He could probably only go 4 innings and at this point he’s more valuable in the bullpen than in the rotation.

      • Michael, I like Phelps alot but one thing he doesn’t have that Garcia has is an out pitch. Freddy has Mr. Splitty. Phelps, Nova, and Hughes need to work on an off speed pitch like a OK change. They need some more deception to be great.

    • fishjam, I agree Phelps has some moxie, he could be the 5th starter next year. Soriano has been great, but I’m a little concerned with Robertson. Seems like he never could catch up after his two injuries. People expect players to come back 100% after injuries, but it rarely happens. Look at Swisher, Robby, and Tex they all took time to get back to normal this year. The Yanks really miss A-Rod in the line-up hope they can hold on until he gets back. Kuroda showed me he can pitch in big games today, he has pitched some gems this year. This was one of the best wins of the season so far this year. I could see the unity in the dugout after those back to back homers. The veterans showed they can come back late which was very important for their psyche.

      • Good evening Doug…….did you ever play with Joe Pepitone?

        • twasp, no, Pepitone was on the 69 Cubs, and I was in AA ball, but I got a chance to go up to the big league team in spring training to throw batting practice. Leo the Lip was the manager of that team, also Billy Williams, Ron Santo, Ernie Banks, and Feguson Jenkins. A great team that lost to the 69 Mets. The first day I was up their Ernie Banks put us on the radio for a minute back to Chicago. That day in the spring training game Peptione hit a homer his first time up. The next time he came to the plate Leo pinch hit for him. Peppy got mad and told Leo he was showing him up. Leo told him off and said if he didn’t like it he could pack his bags. Leo was in charge, nothing ever came of it.

          • Doug — I read a book on Pepitone called ” Joe, ya coulda made us proud”. He was a real character. Did any of the playersbhave any stories about him? Was he a good player?

            • twasp, the few times I was up with the big club Peppy was using his hair dryer which only he used. What I remember most was the girls he had they were all 10s. He was a good player who might have burned the candle at both ends, but so did Leo when he played from what I heard. He looked like a movie star, and was married to one.

              • Pepitone tells the same story every Old-Timers day…..”You know I was the first guy to bring a hair dryer into the locker room. Mantle used to put talc powder in it so when I turned it out my hair and face turned white.”

                • Doug/Fish -Ha ha …that’s funny….. Pepi was a character.

                  Matt – Did you see Swisherlicious do his Usain lightning bolt in the dugout after he scored?

  6. Tex has been the best clutch guy on the team this season. Hopefully he can finally carry it over to October. Late & Close games .436, 6 HR’s 26 RBI, 1.495 OPS. High leverage .329 6 HR’s 36 RBI 1.068 OPS. Innings 7-9 .294, 8 HR’s, 28 RBI, 1.022 OPS

  7. Yankees hitting .314 with RISP since the all-star break. Interesting

  8. Matt b ……you new the RISP would improve …it couldn’t stay that bad….law of averages

  9. Chavez hitting in clutch….going the other way…hitting hrs ..playing flawless 3rd….and for less than $30m….

  10. Ha ha ….Mr Quinn…….what did you think of Joe Girardi’s antics after the fair ball call?

    • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

      He makes a better dancing bear then ballerina! Like I said neanderthals have very little brains so please Mr Ump don’t take away his binky. When a neanderthals cries rivers are formed!

  11. Doug/Ken – have you been watching the Golden Age of Baseball series on MSG? Some great colorized films from the 20s to 60s. One episode is called Willie, Mickey and the Duke and you can watch them play in their prime.

  12. Anybody need a good laugh? Watch this worst sterling call ever. Hilarious and sad at the same time when will we get real radio announcers?

    • I’m going to end up being the odd one out but I didn’t think it was funny. Sterling made a mistake when making the call. Plain and simple. Everyone makes mistakes and I felt like the radio announcers were making fun of him. I personally love listening to Sterling and Waldman even when they make mistakes.

      • Delia – what’s funny about Sterling is, when he loses track of the play he makes up stuff. That is what the announcers and fans laugh about.

        If you enjoy listening to them that’s all that matters……then they are doing their job.

  13. Ha ha Matt B …that is funny stuff. I would never listen to games on the radio with that buffoon.

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