Morning Bits: Nova looks for answers, Story on Yankee Prospect Bichette Jr. & more

Good morning all.  Three out of 4 ain’t bad.  Especially against a team like Texas.   The bullpen really had a rough go at it yesterday afternoon.   Joba didn’t look good at all.  Today the Red Sox come into town which is always a good series no matter what the records of both teams are.  On the mound tonight is Morales vs Hughes.  Game time is set for 7:05PM EST.

Enjoy the weekend.

Now for some links….

Matt Ehalt of ESPN NY writes that Nova is looking for answers after Yank’s loss.

Bill Ballew of has a nice write up of Yankee prospect Dante Bichette Jr.

Roger Rubin of The Daily News writes that Boston visits Yankees with improbable dream to earn AL wild card spot.

Mike Vander Woude has the recap of SWB Yanks (AAA) three run 7th inning to win last 5-4.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. If Jeter gets to 3300 hits this season, he will only need to average 160 hits aseason for 6 seasons the break the all time hits record. Don’t you think it is possible?

  2. The Yankees are averaging 9.10 hits per game this season, they averaged 8.96 last season,…. those are their 2 worst seasons since they averaged 9.02 in 1992 and 8.75 in 1991. In contrast 97,98,98 they averaged 10.01, 10.10, and 10.03 hits per game.
    But it is not Jeter’s fault. Jeters on pace for 218 hits.

  3. You da man Jim! Your stats make a lot of sense. Fish is still trying to figure out Oldyankee02’s statistical analysis….. Once he does , we’ll have two opposing views to review. Thanks.

  4. In 1998 the Yankees averaged 10.10 hits per game, in 2012 they are averaging 9.10 hits per game, if that pace stays true,…… that equals 162 missing hits over the season. Realisticaly, the Yankees should be pacing for 80-100 more hits than they are right now,….. but where are the hits missing lost from? What position? Not from Jeter’s bat.

  5. in 1998, Jeter, Oneil, Williams, Knoblach, Brosius, Martinez- all averaged more than a hit per game they played in. This season only Jeter and Cano are doing that.
    But it isnt like thewy traded in power to get hits. Those 6 players had homers of 19, 24, 26, 17, 19, and 28. Plus Strawberry added 24 homers and Posada 17. While Posada and Giradi at catcher position combined for 166 hits, 20 homers, 87 runs, and 94 rbi. In contrast the yankees catcher this season in 2012 are combined for 88 hits, 13 homers, 47 runs, and 44 rbi’s, and nearly 75% of the season is nearly over.
    So catcher is one position you can identify as missing hits.

  6. The only reason I am doing this, as a FAN, is to try to figure out what we are missing, in order to get back to the GOLD STANDARD of 1998, when the Yankees went 114-48. Maybe some of that is pitching too. Maybe players were getting more hits because bull pens on teams were taxed by playing steroid/hgh teams…… once taxed in a series against a high doping team,… the relievers may not have been as effective playing the next series against the Yankees. That has always been one of my arguements against doping in MLB.

  7. IF you go under the premise that Jeter, Oneil, Williams, Knoblach, Brosius, Martinez in 1998,…. were at least no better than Jeter, Teixeira, Cano, Swisher, Granderson, and Arod in 2012 ,….. then you also have to say PITCHING is much better now in the AL. If this is true, that would mean by Virtue of Jeter leading the majors in HITS, on pace for 218 hits, that Jeter is playing his best offensive ball ever right now. NO?

  8. Very good thought process Jim. You’re right, the 1998 team was the gold standard. led by the great Jeter. And isn’t amazing that 14 years later he still is the best hitting and most productive SS in the AL?

  9. As I said the other day, I believe it is all about eliminating as may hitless games as Jeter can. Jeter only has 22 hitless games this season, 581 in his carreer. In 2010, Jeter had 42 hitless games playing in 157 games, and wound up with 179 hits. In the off-season after 2010, I stated in many arguements that if Jeter could eliminate 10 of those hitless games, get back to around 32 hitless games, and get 15 more hits,. now he is back to normal at 194 hits. No one would be calling for his head on a platter anymore. This is what Jeter is effectivly doing this season.
    It has to be all about concentration, dedication, eating right, being focused,so he can get a hit in games that otherwise could be o’fers.

  10. Bichette Jr. is the future of the Yankees. Mark it down. He’s one of my favorite prospects and I can’t wait until he gets his chance in the Bigs. Of course that’s a year or two away, but I’ll be following his development and growth in the minors. He’ll be a great third baseman. The Yankees better not trade him for anyone except Justin

  11. OK, but what are you going to do with AROD?, DH HIM?,…… Jeter is making a case for the future at DH, batiing 475 in 14 games at DH this year. What are the Yankees going to do have a part time DH/ 3rd baseman, making 30 million a year , for 5 more seasons? The Yankees are in an impossible situation money wise right now. I have my doubts they are making pure profit on the business.

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