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Game 120 Lineup: Red Sox vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Red Sox:

Derek Jeter DH
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Andruw Jones RF
Casey McGehee 3B
Curtis Granderson CF
Russell Martin C
Jayson Nix SS
Ichiro Suzuki LF

David Phelps RHP


The pro’s and cons of the new replay cameras

Hopefully the new replay cameras should they come into effect could prevent ejections as ugly as Joe Girardi’s in Detroit.

While baseball can be an exciting game, it can also be frustrating when an umpire you dislike makes a wrong call on a play and it is not reviewed. Moments like the Armando Galarraga blown perfect game would not exist if Major League Baseball had better replay sort of like football. After hearing constant (and overdue) pleas and cries from baseball fans, Bud Selig will finally test out some new replay cameras that could go into effect next season. However, the main question everyone has on their minds is where will they test the cameras to make sure that they get a fair share? That is where the New York Yankees and the New York Mets come in. Next week, the cameras will be placed in Yankee Stadium and they will test them to see if they work. The Yankees will not be around to see the cameras in action, as they will be on the road. Let us go over the ground rules about the cameras and what they would do, should they put the cameras into effect next season.

  1. The cameras will be either a radar camera or the cameras that they use in Tennis. MLB has not disclosed which cameras they would use if it goes through for the next season.
  2. The cameras are for the fair/foul balls down the line. (Sort of like when Joe Girardi was ejected during the Tigers series. It had to do with the fair/foul lines.)

Now, what could this mean for the Yankees and the rest of Major League Baseball? It means that not only fair/foul HR calls, so can base hits that are down the line that are questionable. This could come in handy for the Yankees but the only issue I see with the replays down the line is that the opposing team might question every ball that’s either fair or foul which could take away from play. A game is roughly 3 hours as it is. You would not want to prolong the game because a team wants to challenge multiple plays. A way that the teams could do that sort of replay is like in football, they get only three challenges. If there are three plays that are questionable for each team, then they could challenge it.

The cameras could be a great thing for Major League Baseball—and it might help when it comes to Joe Girardi having to avoid the umpires when the Yankees play in Detroit and a play goes wrong. Now, it is up to Major League Baseball to test the cameras and see if they could help enhance baseball next season because if there is one thing that Yankees fans do not like, it is when the Yankees are at the short end of the stick, because the umpires think they have the power.

Morning Bits: Phelps, Jeter, Lowe, Chamberlain

Good morning everyone and a happy (yet rainy) Saturday in New York. Yankees had 5 HR’s last night, 2 from Nick Swisher. If he keeps this up, he might be back next season (which I am hoping for). Yankees play a FOX game today which means time to bring out your radio, mute your T.V from Joe Buck and Tim McCarver and play John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Here are your morning links! 

— ESPN New York writes about what stats to watch for from David Phelps who will make his second start in CC’s place in the rotation. They were also nice enough to write about Jon Lester (who along with Josh Beckett is having a terrible year).

— Yesterday Derek Jeter passed Babe Ruth on the all-time Home Runs list with 250. Yes, really. You know, the players that call them selves non-home run hitters (Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter), they sure do hit a lot of home runs.

— Derek Lowe admits that it’s different to face the Red Sox this weekend since he associates the Red Sox with the 2004 Championship team (the one he was on). As a matter of fact, the only player still there from the Champion team was David Ortiz. That’s a long time a go.

— Tommy John who was a former Yankee ripped Joba Chamberlain and the Yankees on the radio earlier this week by saying that the Yankees “screwed Joba over.”