Bartolo Colon suspended for testosterone use

Bartolo Colon suspended for testosterone use

By Delia E.

The Office of Commissioner of Baseball released details that Oakland Atheltics pitcher Bartolo Colon received a 50 game suspension without pay after he tested positive for Testosterone, with him becoming the second former Yankee in a week to get suspended. Colon’s suspension is effective immediately.

Here is the statement that Colon released following his suspension: “I apologize to the fans, to my teammates and to the Oakland A’s. I accept responsibility for my actions and I will serve my suspension as required by the Joint Drug Program.”

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  1. Let’s hope Cano is not next !!!

    • Nothing would surprise me anymore but Cano doesn’t seem like a PED guy. His offensive value comes from his natural, sweet swing and seemingly effortless mechanics. He’s able to keep his hands back to drive the ball even when he seems to be fooled by a pitch.

      He did raise his OPS 200 points from 2008 to 2010 in his age 25 to 27 seasons nearly the EXACT same way Melky did from 2010 to 2012 (.671 to .906). However, Cano had great yrs prior to 2008 and it’s typical for players to peak and show marked improvement in their physical prime years from 25 to 27.

      • I think I might have a heart attack if Robbie Cano was caught using PED’s. It doesn’t seem like him. Also Skip Bayless today was insinuating that Derek Jeter uses PED’s after the great season he’s having. I think someone (Skip) needs to keep their mouth shut.

        • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

          There is to much money at stake so they all cheat! It’s human nature to cheat. There is no integrity in pro sports if you think there is then your foolish.

        • Delia. – you know TWASP is a huge Cano fan…….but if Melky was using I can’t see why we would believe Cano would be any smarter. The pressure to excel, the money, the entourages, can make people do stupid things…..and Melky, Arod and Cano don’t strike me as brain surgeons.

          • This is true….and ARod was known to have taken Melky & Cano under his wing. The only thing is Cano has always had such a sweet swing and was successful from the beginning. He’s also such a laid back guy with a cool demeanor….almost the exact opposite from what you typically think a steroid user would be. But one NEVER knows.

            • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

              Yes…he showed them how to rub testosterone cream under their arms! It all about pit power!

              • Joe- if they were smart they would partner with Right Guard and develop the new deodorant called Boli-Power . Rub it under your arms and hit .350 or 600 home runs.

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