Morning Bits: Jeter, Rodriguez, Ichiro

Good morning everyone. Yankees were off last night but the Rays won so now the Yankees lead is trimmed to 2.5 games. Yankees play a new series tonight in Cleveland and CC Sabathia will take the mound. Here are your morning links.

— Derek Jeter might have earned himself a $2 Million raise in 2014 due to his numbers this season if he chooses to exercise the player option in his contract.

— A poll in Sports Illustrated said that Alex Rodriguez was voted the most ‘phoniest’ baseball player. If this was before he was a Yankee, I would agree–but now with all the players coming out using steroids, I wouldn’t be too sure.

— And now for the odd baseball robbery of the day. An unidentified man broke into the Mariners team store in Seattle and stole nothing but discounted  16 Ichiro Suzuki jersey’s. So instead of just paying $120 for the jersey, he scoped out the store to make his grand robbery?

Yankees Birthday’s: OF Brett Gardner (29)

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Sorry I missed this one….
    Wallace Matthews | wrote something like this;

    Derek Jeter might have earned himself a $2 Million raise in 2014 due to his numbers this season.

    The high before the fall is here for Jeter…A very very good year (for 38 yr. SS) comes before the let down.
    I wish he would call it quits, at least after 2013. As for him getting a raise for 2014, not a chance at a 40/41-year-old SS a raise over the over blown contract he has now, is about the dumbest thing I have heard yet!

    Questions for some of you guys that call me a Jeter hater (twasp);
    1-How many of you have said you wouldn’t give a 6 +/- contract to some of the best SS out there, just because they are 30/32 years old?
    2-Why would you give a big contract to a 40+ SS that is not in the same class as those other SS anymore.
    Two or three of those other SSs are better all around than Jeter as a 40 year old!

    I know, I am a Jeter hater, for telling the truth.

    • Ken, the Matthews piece says nothing about the Yanks giving him a bigger contract and certainly not a 6-yr deal. He was just pointing out that Jeter’s current contract pays him an additional $2M in 2014 if he comes in the top 6 in the MVP ANY year.

      What Matthews failed to see or mention is that Jeter also earns an additional $1.5M for winning a Silver Slugger Award. he has a MUCH better chance to win the Silver Slugger this yr than to finish top 6 in the MVP.

      • Matthews said; “he has at least put himself in position to make an extra $2 million in 2014 if he chooses to exercise the player option in his contract.” I see, I misunderstood his meaning, sorry!
        I didn’t say Jeter and a 6 year deal! It was other SSs, not Jeter.
        #2 was saying ; why would you give a 40 year old SS a big contract…the word is to get his #1 spot on the hits list he would have to play until he is 43+, that’s a big contract. Paying $8 mm a year for him…?
        Ok? Sorry I made it unclear, and may have misunderstood matthews. Bye!

        • IF Jeter plays beyond 2014, it would likely be one 1 yr deals. But whatever, so much can happen before 2015. This team has more pertinent issues than worrying about Jeter’s 4000 hits or contract in 2015.

          Jeter, as with all stars in sports is a polarizing player. He gets too much praise by Jeter lovers who think he can do no wrong and too much criticism from fans who are envious of the praise he gets and try to pick at little things to tear him down. The truth is, he’s like all players with strengths and weaknesses. What he is doing as a 38-yr old SS is amazing but doesn’t mean he should win the MVP or should play SS til he’s 44. Jeter’s playing very good right now and is the least of this team’s problems yet continues to get the most attention because of all the lovers and haters.

      • Who do you have in the top 6 of MVP voting Fish?

  2. Ken… said in 2006 that that was Jeter’s high before the fall, in 2009 you said that was his last good year……this season 2012 you are now saying this is his last good season. Why do you keep hating on him? This is Yankee Fans unite. Publish your false predictions on Red sox Fans Unite.

    • twasp…
      You are very dumb for one that trys to show himself as a smart guy. If you can find me writing that in 2006 good for you but, I don’t recall it at all.
      You Jeter lovers are so blind that all you ever talk about is Jeter hit this or that, the game is on both sides of the ball…look at the stats he is less than avg this year. You talk about a throw Jeter made the other night as though it was a great play…BS. His legs made it look great because thee years ago he would have made that play easy..but his jump and throw was very low and Tex made a good scoop to save it…as he has done a few more times than usual this year.

  3. Ken – did you just see that great play by Tex? Amazing!

  4. Ken – why are lefthanders preferred at first base?

  5. To all the Jeter lovers and haters :

  6. Top 6 voting


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