Red Sox and Dodgers truly wheeling and dealing

The dust has finally settled after a crazy past few days in Major League Baseball. If the non-waiver trade deadline wasn’t shocking enough, the waiver trade deadline was even more frantic and surprising.

In a blink of an eye, the Red Sox traded away three core players and over 270 million dollars worth of contracts to the Los Angeles Dodgers. And then some.

L.A. acquired slugging first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, (the centerpiece of the deal), injured left fielder Carl Crawford, struggling 32-year old righty Josh Beckett. and utility infielder Nick Punto. Meanwhile, Boston receives first baseman James Loney and four prospects.

At first glance with little knowledge of what’s gone on this year, it seems like the most lop-sided trade in baseball history. But, as in football, “upon further review”, this deal is as equal as it can get.

The Dodgers, now 69-58 after a win over Miami in Gonzalez’s debut (1-5, 3-R HR), are two games back of the San Francisco Giants in the N.L. West. Prior to this deal, the team had already made numerous moves to improve the club, compared to where it stood on Opening Day.

Outfielder Shane Victorino, shortstop Hanley Ramirez, reliever Randy Choate, closer Brandon League, and starter Joe Blanton are the biggest names that most recently donned Dodger Blue, and all of them have fit in nicely since their respective trades prior to the July 31st [non-waiver] trade deadline.

Now in bringing in A-Gone, Crawford, and Beckett, the Dodgers have added a grand total of 94.75 million dollars to the team’s payroll [for this year alone] since starting to wheel and deal back in July. And I didn’t even bring up the home-grown superstars of Matt Kemp (making 10 million this year, jumping to 21 million annually in 2013) and Clayton Kershaw (making 7 million in 2012, jumping to 11 million next season, and then demanding a big payday afterwards). Clearly, the Dodgers are digging deep into the pockets of Magic Johnson to make all this happen.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the Red Sox.

Boston officially waves the white flag in making this deal, as they traded their ace, best hitter, and well, Carl Crawford, all in one deal.

It’s been a season of disappointment and bitterness for the Red Sox and their fans, as they are in fourth place in the AL East with a record of 60-67. Uttering the name Bobby Valentine on Yawkey Way is almost as bad as saying “Dent”, “Boone”, or “Buckner”. Seriously. The fans hate him, and so do the players, which is probably a reason why they’ve played so poorly all year long. If you don’t like your manager, it’s unlikely you’ll play hard or well for him.

The Red Sox to me are like a teenage girl following a sudden break-up. “This wasn’t how it was supposed to end.” I can hear Ben Cherington cry out to John Henry.

But in all seriousness, the team’s prior hopes and dreams of championships are crushed, and so Boston finally accepted it’s time to start looking towards the future and planning for 2013 and beyond, which is the smart thing to do.

The players that are coming to Boston aren’t really anything special. James Loney is only coming over to play first base for the remainder of this season, as he’s been a very inconsistent hitter for the past couple seasons now. And the prospects have all had their share of struggles and should be Major League ready by now, yet they’re not.

But for the Red Sox, it really doesn’t matter who they got for what they gave. The point is they are free from a couple of high-priced, long term deals, one that was very misguided (wink wink, Carl Crawford). And Beckett was making 15 million bucks per year as well, and simply had to go. Taking this much money off the books allows the Red Sox to spend freely on any of the big free agents this coming winter, and also a chance to reconstruct the clubhouse and create a happy and friendly environment in Boston, which let’s face it, will be the total opposite as long as Bobby V is manager.

It will be very interesting to see what the Bo-Sox do this offseason. As I said, they can spend the money they got immediately and maybe try to get back in contention next year. Or they could hold off, let their prospects get a chance to prove themselves and wait and see.

If nothing else, one thing is definitely for sure – Bobby V is gone following the season.

Hurrah Red Sox fans!

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  1. so people in the ny cablevision area know, wpix channel 11 is still not on cablevision
    we lost another mets game yesterday on tv

    also,… week 3 of the nfl, the ny football giants are playing on the nfl network—- by rules this game has to be simulcasted onto free over the air tv—— they choose to simulcast it on WPIX 11

    SO, this is now not only affecting mlb, but the nfl as well.

    i am here to ask everyone to call cablevision and ask them to put channel 11 back on the air.

  2. the story i posted my comment on here is related to what i am talking about.
    the dodgers just took on 270 million dollars for 4 players. they say the money will come from A NEW TV DEAL IN THE LA AREA, worth trillions of dollars.

    the tv providers , such as cable, dish, fios,…. pay the tv stations/networks big money,.. who inturn pay franchises like the dodgers for broadcasting rights.

    if the tv station or network gets into finabncial trouble, or its parent company, where do they go?

    they go to the tv provider saying they will pull the channell unless they get more money

    they do this with total disregard for the people living in the area who use a tv provider, which is most everyone, everywhere.

    who pays these high salaries – me and you

    and without any regard for financial responsibilty, or regard for people who watch tv,…… BIG SPORTS AND TV CHANNELS, AWIULL CONTINUE TO DO BUSINESS LIKE THIS

    • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

      You can not even be accurate when writing your pathetic rants! The Dodgers are not getting a trillion dollar TV deal.

      Please use spellchecker during your piffling pontifications!

  3. i am a huge cablevision supporter, i do not like tv channels and networks , holding us up for more money, because they are not fiscally responsible,. and part of that does extent to sports.

    but even though i am a big cablevision supporter,.. cablevision sends form emails that say nothing when you inquire.

    and to top it off,… just this morning , i emaled cablevision from the link on the wpix website,..

    the response cablevision sent me included the following:

    “Question: Is the NFL Network available to Cablevision customers?
    Answer: Cablevision does not currently carry the NFL Network.”


    free to the higher packages, and like 7 or 8 bucks a month to the lower pasckage subscibers

    see, cablevision will treat even their biggest supporters badly.

  4. what if the yankees were on channel 11 still, like they were for cdecades,…. and instead of losing mets games, we are losing yankees games.

    this is an important issue,.. cause the yankees are on channel 9,.. and channel 9 has battled cablevision before

    • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

      But they are NOT! So why push this STUPID agenda of yours on all of us? Go find a more perfect venue for this BS.

  5. instead of a personal attack calling it stupid,….. why not make an arguement , an academic arguement, with your thoughts and education, and life,…. showing why it is stupid?

    baseball talk, even on the business side, is allowed on here.

    Watching the Mets, even as a Yankees Fan,.. is OK.

    Watching players that may play against the yankees in the post season, or players the yankees may get in the future

    heck, even dave kingman was on the yankees for a brief amount of time.

    baseball is baseball,. and it is a huge deal

    it is not an agenda i am pushing,…

    it is simply that people expect to get over the air channels on basic cable, because beack in the early 80’s, when the federal government subsidized the instalation of cable here,.. they said we would get all the regular over the air channels, and just have to pay a nominal fee for cable

    • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

      Again NONE of your cable TV rants belong on this site but you keep pushing it on all of us. I make fun of you hoping that you’ll realize this and stop.

      On Jeter you make him out to be better then he ever was. Counting number don’t equal greatness…there are too many ballplayers I would pick over Jeter if I were picking an all time team.

  6. see,.. your statement is not even portaryed as opion, but fact., so your facts are completely wrong

    but if you read the web site’s rules you will see this

    rule 3

    Any comment that is regarded as completely, non-baseball related will be deleted. This is because we look for and expect high level discussion about baseball and the Yankees. To compensate, we have added a Non-Baseball-Related Thread for you to have any kind of other conversation, etc. with each other

    this topic is baseball related, it is yankees related, and it is sports related

    do you pay a tv provider?,….. like cablevision, or any cable company, or satilite, or dish, or verizon, or another phone company, for your tv?

    cause the channels / stations, that provide sports on tv, often hold us up for more money.

    this is what you should be talking about. that you have an antena tv service, no pay,…. and you get channel 9, and dont care about channel 11

    if that is your agrguement say it

    however, most people pay something for a tv provider,… and expect to have the over the air channels, such as wpix 11, or wor 9, or wnew or whatever it is now, channel 5

  7. the bottom line is this,…. most big time sporting events are on over the air tv

    recently , what was it, 2 years ago we lost the first 2 1/2 games of the world series on FOX,.. we lost the begining of the academy awayhs on ABC,

    we lost yankees games on channel 9

    and now we are losing mets games on wpix 11

    my bottom line tells me not to change to verizon fios or dish, frolm cablevision,…. cause these tv providers are being held hostage time to time by tv stations and networks,

    but to go to antena tv,.100 bucks, … my location in nj, on a modern hiogh tech antena, would give me 100 muile radius range, giving me 40 channels for free, i checked the fcc website, and looked at antena websites

    also, do away with cable internet, and go back to AOL highwpeed dial up, for 10 dollars a month

    and the beauty would be, as long as i keep the verizon land line, here in central western nj shore,…. which is all fiber optics now,….. AOL would be fine and dandy

    and the land line is low priced,…

    so instead of paying high money,. i can reduce my tv and internet to 10 dollars a month, and get channel 11 , cause it is over the air

    and besides that, i can go to,… and watch any episode of the original series for free ,…. which no television station in my area carries anyway

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    you see my point?

    dont switch from cablevision to veriison or dish,… they have the same troubles time to time, as any other tv and internet provider

    but go to antena, and AOL

    AOL stocxk just rose thgis year from 10 a share to 40 a share,….. and is on the rebound right now

    • Jim I’m going to ask for comments that are not related to the Yankees to post them in the Non Related comments section you can see that comment on the top tool bar. Thanks.

  8. Matt s,…,, just a couple years ago,….. channel 9, wor, here in the ny area,…. was taken offcablevision,.. and it did cut into yankees braodcasts

    i do not see hgow this is not a yankees fans issue

    can you be more specific?

    • Because in comments we talk about stats and things about the team. I don’t see how that comment has anything to do with Brian wrote about so I was asking if it’s not on topic to the article please but it in the non related comment section. thanks.

      • right, but i write stats galore, and get hammered by other posters, quinn, especially,… and the web site does nothing about it

        i do keep it on topic, until i am taken off topic

        fore example, today, a guy brought up boxing on closed circuit back in the day,.. so i said what i could out of my mind

        i always connect it to mlb

        the bottom line is, is this a qwebsite for all yankees fans, or just adult yankewes fans?

        still waiting for your comment on that issue

  9. and do you have any commenbt, as CEO of this company, about concerning what I wrote all day, and emailed you on?

    do you need to get together with a board meeting to discuss it?

    i asked you a very specific question in email, and youy have yet to answer

    nor have you answered about what i wrote on the morning bits


    c an you answer that,… take youyr time,.. go to the board of direc tors in your company

    but i do emp[lore you to provide an answer

    • i took care of it today. I see no further point to move forward with this. I work during the day so I can not be on the site 24/7. I apologize for that.

  10. in other words,…. once again, ….. as the web site declares itself to be for all yankees fans,… but doies notr action against curse words,…. is this not a delema?

    the fcceven have ratings, g, pg, r, x

    you hear me clear enough?

  11. Jim, it’s just baseball man. I have Cablevision and as long as I can watch every Yankee game I’m okay….


    • true…hopefully it doesnt come to that


        i truly believe that they say its 260 million,.. the guys on espn PTI, just said the dodgers just took on 470 million,…

        that what i wrote as to WHO PAYS THAT MONEY

        means something, to me, you, and every single person in the friggin world

        including yankees fans

  13. THE DODGERS CAN PAY 2.1 BILLION FOR THE FRANCHISE, AND ACCORDING TO PTI, take on an additional 470 million in player salary,.. for a team, that MLB, had to get special accountants in cause it was supposedly losing monet last year

    and you dont think people should open their eyes are care where the money is coming from?

    it is coming out of the worlds pockets

    2.1 bnillion dollars could build homexs for everyone that lost a hgouse in katrina,… there are stioll people who never got a house back

    church groups can only build so many homes

    wake up

    what is going on it way way way anti- god

    • I do agree with that 100%. Sports in general is unbelievable with the amount of money that is thrown around like it’s pennies. Players holding out (mostly in the NFL) for a raise of a couple million dollars, overvalued players signing huge contracts, I see your point.

      With all the money that’s been used to sign players, build new stadiums, and make TV deals over the past decade or so, it could have been used for a better cause than to give A-Rod another Lamborghini or the Yankees a new ballpark that they didn’t need.

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