Morning Bits: 25 Things to know, Grandy, D-Rob, Swish

Good morning all.   Hope you all had a nice weekend.  As of this morning the Yankees are 4 games up in the division.   The Rays start a series with Texas.  The Yankees start one tonight with Toronto.   First pitch is 7:05PM EST.   On the mound is Phelps vs Romero.
Enjoy the day now for some links…

Jeff Passan of Yahoo sports has 25 things you may not know about baseball this season.   Very interesting article he mentions Jeter in it as well.  Give it a read.

Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY has postgame notes on Grandy, D-Rob, Swish.

Bryan Hoch of has news and notes about the Bombers including Granderson hitting his 200th homer, Cano, Pettitte, A-Rod.

About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I know Matt S is up and moving about, because he posted the morning bits this morning.

    he contacted me in email yesterday asking me to not write everything in caps. Which i do sometimes, because i type so fast my thoughts, i dont bother to hit the caps button on and off

    however being concerned about caps, and not looking at the content, i believe is a mistake

    is Matt S saying, that as long as i type i all lower case, it is OK to attack fans who post comments , giving their real opinion on stats and what professional writers write or say on tv?

    1) here he is calling me stupid

    The Ghost of Joe Quinn | August 23, 2012 at 12:20 PM
    Stupidity is your calling card…there many better HITTERS then Jeter all time. His legacy is consistency and there is great value in that but beyond that he’s over rated.

    The sooner I never have to watch the JETER the better!

    2 )here he is calling me delusional,.. again it would be one thing if i was a professional writer,.. but totally another thing as just a fan to be attacked on you web site

    The Ghost of Joe Quinn | August 23, 2012 at 1:32 PM
    Dude you are embarrassing yourself! Please stop this delusional thinking. Sadly for you it will never come to pass. We all have a better chance at will the POWERBALL for 300 Million before the Jeter achieves this

    3) here is a guy saying i am out of my mind
    that is a personal attack

    oldyankee7 | August 23, 2012 at 2:19 PM “JETER IS THE MOST COMPLETE OFFENSIVE PLAYER TO EVER PLAY IN MLB,…..”

    Say what? A singles hitter is the most complete offensive player in history? You are out of your mind.

    4) here is another one saying i belong in a mental institution and i am not sane

    The Ghost of Joe Quinn | August 23, 2012 at 2:15 PM I’ll see you in the funny farm before that happens…………………so I expect/hope at some point in the near future for your sake that you’ll regain your sanity.


    The Ghost of Joe Quinn | August 23, 2012 at 3:38 PM Sadly you keep showing yourself as an ignorant fool


    The Ghost of Joe Quinn | August 23, 2012 at 5:19 PM The funny farm police have you on their radar! Look out there coming for!

    what about the other day when people were saying i should be in a funny farm, and i am embarrassing myself by posting stats about tim raines and the hof?

    just so i understand the rules, the context that he used the phrase “suck fest” is ok by the website, despite is suggestive nature?
    The context of the use in the sentence was a verb, not an adjective.
    If he had said somethink like– hearing about jeter sucks,… thats an adjective. what he wrote was a highly suggestive verb.

    just so i understand

    that an 8 year old who is a yankee fan would come into the site and read the woprds “suck fest”, and then go to school and repeat it in class,.. and probably get in trouble , and even be sent to the nurses office, for evaluation, is ok.

    i guess we just see things differently

  2. The Ghost of Joe Quinn | August 26, 2012 at 5:38 PM
    Sadly I see your ridiculous Jeter suck fest is still alive and kicking.

    • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

      All you ever do is try to promote THE JETER to god status and rant about cable TV so why not make fun of you?

      There is nothing wrong with liking Jeter but please be honest about it. You are not and push stats and thoughts that just are not true because you promote them out of context.

      • if there is a stat that is wrong,.. this web site is here to bring that out,….. to make points,….. not personally attack people because of what they write.

        i dont know of any stat i wrote that wasnt true, short of a typo, that i usually correct soon,..

        what i wrote above and below in this mornings bits comments,… was that atgtacking people personally, and even getting into suggestive language, is not right

        this site is for all yankees fans, not just adults

  3. I understand overall the Yankees are more of an adult fan base business than the Mets are.
    The Mets are family and children oriented, always have been.

    However, even if you go to the yankees official web site,. there is a link under fans, for kids.

    A lot of baseball fans are kids, ages 5-12.

    I am not saying this web site needs to cater to children, but I am saying that because of the inherant nature of baseball being linked to children, that Matt S suould reconsider my point of view about personal attacks against people posting, some of which could be children at times, as well of the use of suggestive language.

  4. Right at the top of page of this web site it clearyt says

    “A Blog For All Yankee Fans to Unite”

    I would hope that the business plan for this web site takes children into account.

    This is not ESPN, or CNN,………

    This is a very specific web site for yankees fans, and baseball fans in general,.

    A lot of which are children, who enjoy baseball, and watching the yankees, and may come to this website for specific information about the team,…

    Let us say a 9 year old writes in the blog ” i love Derek Jeter, he is my favorite player”

    Then in turn gets blasted by “The Ghost of Joe Quinn ”

    Does Matt S consider that OK?

    • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

      So are you saying your nine years old? You are doing a good job acting like a nine year old! Or are you younger an upset that mommy hasn’t changed your diaper?

      • see, that is a personal attack on me,…

        if you have a academic counter arguement, on the merits of posting on a site where the inhereant nature is linked to children,.. make it

        attacking me personaly does not do anything.

        • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

          Dude you posted that Derek Jeter is the greatest player in the last 100 years….that is laughable so you have no credibility. You come up with convoluted numbers saying he is going to break the hit record as fact.

          Again it’s fine to like Jeter but he is not god he is just an over rated ballplayer. His claim to fame is his consistency year in and year out which has tremendous value.

          • but instead of attacking me personally, , which this website is not suppose to allow,…. you should simply say in your opinion, jeter is not the greatest player

            and if you want to go further, come up with a detailed arguement with stats, to prove me wrong

            i put up stats,

            where are your stats,.. all the site gets back in feedback from you is personal attacks

  5. rule 2 of the posting guidelines says:
    2. We will not act on profanity, unless it goes far beyond words of frustration. Then, your comment will have to be censored

    what is beyondwords of frustration?

    so, people can curse left and right on this web site?

    if someone is frustrated and curses, that would be ok i guess,…… what lays beyond that, i dont know.

    i believe rule 2 should be re-thought

    the links to the articles put up in the morning bits everyday, the articles, dont contain curse words

    the writers who work for this web site do not use curse words

    but it is ok to for a person posting in response to a 10 year old fan,….. to curse in the response?

  6. in other words, is this web site FOR ALL FANS, or just ADULT FANS?

    if this web site is only for adults,….. the company should put in a terms of use check box, that that you have to check off, swearing you are an adult, before you can enter this site

    short of that, rule 2 needs to be re-considered

  7. Jim – if the Yankees have 10 players with 15 hrs thisvseason, will that be a MLB record?


    Jeter 13, Chavez 13, jones 13 , martin 14, are short right now

    • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

      If there were some young players mixed in with the geezers if would be a lot more exciting.

    • Can regular people contact the Elias Sports Bureau? That would be a question for them.

      Too often regular people / fans, have to rely on TELEVISION OR RADIO, to tell us interesting facts like this,…. and a lot of time , because of the sheer amount of billioins of stats,… we, the people, sinply do not get that kind of information.

      We rely on the enjpoyment of the entertainment quailty.

      I try to bring out certain stats and facts, that we do not get on TV OR RADIO, from time to time, for my own enjoytment.

      The internet age has moved us way past reading trhe box scores in the newspaper at our morning coffee break in 1988

      The internet has enabled people that want to, to dig into deeper stats and facts of sports.

      Your question is perfect for a web site like this.

      however, i would like the answer as much as you would.

  8. Jim….who should I ask this question? The YFU administrator? The Ghost of Joe Quinn. FishJam?

    Can you help me find the answer on the Internet……charter communications has cancelled my Internet digital connection.

    • i have no idea what thaty means or is,…… lol,… i just know me own stuff

      i am sure, bewcause it is a big enough stat, that if it happens, 10 players on the yankees , get to 15 homers in the same season,… michael kay will say it,… you just have to watch the games

      god forbiod, the day he says it, the yankees are on wor channel 9,. and cablevision is in a dispuyte with them, and i dont get the stat,
      you see my point?

  9. Yeah, I see your point Jim, I remember having to watch boxing matches on closed circuit tvs at racetracks.

  10. YEAH, the rich kids here used to get to the closed circuit events for the boxing,….mike francesa went to some as a kid on lonmg island too i guess, he talks about it time to time,

    remember even THE WHO, ,, their big time supposed last concert in 1982, from toronto, was closed circuit TV., but some households could get it, maybe that was WHT, a business from the past,. or something like WHT,.. just at the time cable was being installed, und\er Federal subsidy.

    Early forms of pay per view

    however, there are links on the internet,.. to almost every mlb and nfl game, in fact, every one,…

    for 10 dollars a month, you cancel the cable, go back to AOL high speed dial up, which is vastly improved, partly because of verizon landlines…

    an d hook the cable to trhe tv inside the house

    now you got every sporting event you want, plus the internet,…. for 10 dollars a month,.

    you cancel cable tv, and get the aqntena,.. now you are talking,…

    yopu know why the AMISH are so rich,…. cause they rake in the dough, and dont pay these fees

  11. even from sugar ray vs duran,, sugar hagler, sugar ray hearns, hearns vs hagler,….. lol,….. the hey days of boxinf

    from no mas to formans comback on tnt cable, friday night fights, where forman devel.oped and perfected the arm bar protection techniche, to get back to the championship

    is baseball headed to the pay per view direction?

  12. Maybe Jim……down goes Frazier,…….down goes Frazier…..down goes Frazier!

  13. i remember those days, when foreman was making his comback, faught like every week on cable tv,….. and his trainer had him doing this arm-bar proterxction techique,.. where no one could get a blow in on him ,.. not the chumps he was facing anyway,…. ands foreman rose back up the ranks to the top

    the creschenda was realized, foreman vs holyfield,….. where most young people, agfes 18-40,…. gathered at parties,…. and rooted for forman to knock holyfield out,…. and he nearly did, even in the last round

    that was the last of boxing

    once whats his name from england threw the belt in the garbage,….. and even refused to throw a blow in a fight, lennox lewis,…. everything chantged

    BASEBALL, though should remain the the same

    i do bkit want baseball or the yankesss, to go to pay per view, or hold tv providers hostage, because they were fiscally irresponible on player contracts, such as arods

  14. twasp,….. i enjoy sports,.. it is part of the bread and circuses caffored us , in thuis messed up world, we call the earth,. especially in the united states

    it keeps out minds focused on pleasures oif weatching sports, WEATCHING THGE YANKIEES,

    or any event

    and the population paysd through the nose for it

    \so for me to say what i vsay about wpic channel 11, not being on cablevision

    GOES TO THE ROOT OF HUMANITY, in its’ current form

    make no mistake about it

  15. Yanks re-acquired Steve Pearce today from the Astros for Cash and designated Brandon laird to make room on the 40-man. I’d expect Pearce to be activated tomorrow as the Yanks face LHP the next 2 games and obviously TB has 2 nasty Lefty starters. Baltimore also just picked up another lefty in Joe Saunders to go with their ace lefty Chen.

    The Yanks DEFINITELY could use another RH bat and Pearce has hit LHP well in small samples. He also mashed in Scranton earlier this yr. But I wonder why they don’t give Eduardo Nunez a shot? In his last 9 games he’s 16 for his last 44 (.364 BA) with 8 SBs. They must have really soured on this kid.

  16. Fish- even the Yankees poor talent evaluation team has to realize what they have with this kid. I’m hoping they think the kid was shell shocked by all the errors and they want to reboot with him specifically at SS.

    He’s got such a quick bat, and so much speed, what a waste if they’ve given up on him.

  17. They’re messing with the kids head, just the way they screwed with Joba. Over-thinking, over-tinkering, sending Nunez down because he made a few errors will do more to shatter his confidence than letting him play part time SS DH….

    • This team has been decimated with injuries this year as tends to happen with older teams. But even with all of the injuries, they rarely give a prospect a shot. Instead they find veteran retreads players discarded by other teams. hile its worked out fairly well so far, would it hurt to give someone in the system a chance ?

      Tex will now be out 2 weeks, how about giving Nunez or Mustelier a look. Could they be better than Pearce, Nix, McGehee or A.Jones? With this possible lineup today & tmrw, would it be a big risk to go young?

      SS – Jeter
      RF – Swish
      2B – Cano
      LF – A.Jones
      C – Martin
      CF – Granderson
      DH – McGehee
      1B – Pearce
      3B – Nix

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