Game 131 Lineup: Orioles vs. Yankees

This just in…

Lineup vs. Orioles:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Curtis Granderson CF
Eric Chavez 3B
Raul Ibanez LF
Russell Martin C
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Jayson Nix DH

Hiroki Kuroda RHP


About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I can’t wait for A-Rod and Tex to get back I can’t take much more of these lineups.

  2. thats baseball,….. sometimes you have to wait for lightening to strike,… is part of the game.
    this lineup has the talent to hit, even as is tonight.

  3. The Yankees are seriously beginning to scare me…

  4. Great to see Warren will be one of the guys getting called up tomorrow.

  5. big spot for Jeter there. at least it didn’t end up in a double play. but that’s not jeter’s doing it was a bad throw.

  6. What is wrong with Cano..? They said Long was tinkering with his swing…..

    • Good morning T-MAN,
      With all the injuries he is the only threat remaining ,teams don’t have to give in and he is pressing trying to make something happen.Not his strong suit.

      • Morning BP……good to see you posting…….as you know I’m a big Cano fan ….but you’re right….when he starts pressing and trying to do to much …he’s awful.

  7. I can’t believe CashMan said this:

    “In Melky’s case . . . when we traded him we had him as (a) low-end, everyday regular or an excellent fourth outfielder,” Cashman said. “He was starting for us in the World Series, but we had him as a low-end, everyday guy, not a National League MVP candidate. So I wasn’t surprised.”

    “Whenever you see someone, in Bartolo’s case, (do) as well as he has done last year and then, as well coming back this year at his age (and) after . . . (2009) surgery?” Cashman said. “(It) makes you scratch your head.”

    What CashMan means is ” we knew it had to be drugs this year, because no way we could have misevaluated or somehow didn t help them reach their potential”

  8. Hey CashMan….. When Arod went from hitting 35 hrs to 54 ;hrs in the hardest park for a RH hitter. Did you suspect something then? Or do you only pile onto guys like Melky after the fact? Hypocrite!

  9. Did CashSman really think he could make it thripough the dog days of summer with this old timers team:

    Aroid 37
    Jeter 38
    Ibanez 40
    Chavez 36
    Jones 36
    Iichy 38
    Bill dickey dead

    • Yanks are the only team in baseball where a rookie has not got an AB.Cash and Joe have put themselves in a corner and can expect no help from kids that got 0000 experience during the season when plenty of chances were there.
      Dan l was run out of here early in the season fot predicting a negative Yankee season ,He looks pretty smart now.
      Change is coming!

      • Morning Ballpark thanks for stopping by. I don’t think anyone was run out because the views of the team. Some were run out because how nasty they say things.

        • Your right Matt,I was being facetious.

          • Gotchya BP. you are right though. This team needs Youth. Without Brett this team is slow on the basepaths. I looked it up the other day I believe the Yankees are in the bottom 5 of the MLB in stolen bases that’s horrible. To much old dead weight on this team.

            • Yankees could have won a lot more games if Gardner wasn’t injured. When healthy, Gardner is a flat-out All-Star in the OF and on the base paths.

              • Gardner can run and field…too bad he hits like a sissy. He needs to man up andbstart popping a few into Damon’s Deck.

                • Hey, hey, hey! No insulting Gardner’s hitting. I won’t allow it. 😉

                  • If i had to choose between Gardner and Swisherlicious…………I gotta go with the Swisher-man.

                    He has some crazy hairdos that add to his HRpower.

                    Gardner looks too old bald. If he grew some he’d have more than 5 HR per year.

                    • So we’re basing who should be a Yankee on hair?? Gardner’s a better fielder and baserunner than Swisher so I’m going with Gardy.

                    • you dont have to decide between gardner and swisher, do we?
                      Gardner is only arbitration eligible in the off season, .. he isnt a free agent til after the 2014 season.
                      Being injured this year, gardner wont go to arbitration,… but take another 3-5 million to play.
                      That is decent money in the big scheme of things.
                      swisher is a free agent, not sure why is showing him as signed,.. maybe i dont understant the nomeclatuture.
                      if swisher can take like maybe 12 million qa year for 3 years,.. so the team can resign granderson and cano, ……
                      the money can not keep going up and up and up and up

  10. if this team can click offensivley, they can be unbeatable,….. but you can say that for most teams with decent pitching. I have not seen this team really click all season,… that is just my perception. You know, those 5 -6 run innings, coming up, every game, where they knock a guy out all at once, within the first 6 innings. My perception is that has not happened a lot this season,….. short of going to each box score and making an inning by inning chart.
    Most of famdom is perception,…. I tend to go inside the numbers though a lot. But at the same time, it is perception that can hurt the most,…… like how can a team with over a 200 million dollar payroll, not be able to hit. That is the frustrating part. Then I was asked yesterday what I would change, and I can not come up with anything. The reason being the contracts. What can possibly be changed?
    According to USA Today, the Orioles payroll is 81.4 million, They have caught lightening in a bottle. I like to call it the Mets syndrome, however I hear rumblings that the Orioles fanbase is not appreciating the run, like a Mets fan would.
    AROD may have been more important to the lineup than we thought. Hurry back.

  11. The Yankees are 23- 23 since the all star break. Jeter has played in all 46 games, with 45 starts. He has 66 hits, 342 average, 37 runs, 20 rbi, 7 homers, 12 doubles.
    Pro-rated to 162 games that would be 130 runs, 232 hits, 70 rbi, 25 homers, 42 doubles.
    That is a leadoff hitter playing well offensivley, no?
    There are still 31 games left. I want the other players do come on strong to match Jeter.

  12. while I am waiting for the morning bits, I summarized some historical stats I put up recently. Here they are.

    Retired Players wilth 850+ extra base hits not in the hall of fame::
    Bonds, Griffey, Palmeiro, Manny Ramerez, Pete Rose, Sosa, Frank Thomas, Luis Gonzolez, Biggio, Sheffield, Kent, Delgado, Bagwell, Mcgriff, Dwight Evans, Dave Parker, Ivan Rodriguez, Harold Baines, Larry Walker, Joe Carter, Finley, Galarrga, Pinson, Edmunds

    Retired Players with more games than Jeter played not in the hall of fame::
    Rose, Bonds, Staub, Biggio, Palmeiro, Nettles, Darryl Evans, Griffey Jr., Dwight Evans, Luis Gonzolez, Finely, Sheffield

    Retired Players with 1500+ runs not in the hall of fame::
    Bonds, Rose, Biggio,Palmiero, Griffey JR., Ryan, Vanhaltren, Sheffield, Dahlen, Thome, Raines, Manny Ramirez, Lofton, Tom Brown, Bagwell

    Retired Players with 2500+ hits not in the hall of fame
    Rose 4256, Biggio 3060, Palmeiro 3020, Bonds 2935, Baines 2866, Ivan Rodriguez 2844, Griffey Jr 2781, Pinson 2757, Oliver 2743, Staub 2716, Buckner 2715, Parker 2712, Doc Cramer 2705, Sheffield 2009, Lave Cross 2651, Raines 2605, Garvey 2599, Luis Gonzolez 2591, Julio Franco 2586, Manny Ramirez 2574, Willie Davis 2561, Steve Finley 2548, VanHaltran 2544, Garret Anderson 2529, Buddy Bell 2514, Jimmy Ryan 2513

    on all 4 lists: 2500+ hits, 850+ xbh, 1500+ runs, 2550+games
    bonds, rose, palmeiro, griffey jr, biggio, sheffield,

  13. JD….JD….JD….JD

  14. Jim -he was let go by the Indians this year and I don’t think anyone picked him up.

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