Morning Bits: Joba, Swisher, O’s

Good Morning.  The weekend is here and so is a new series for the Bombers.   The O’s are in town and this is the chance for the Yankees to separate themselves from them and make the push for the playoffs.  On the mound tonight is Gonzalez vs Kuroda.  First pitch is scheduled for 7:05PM Est.

Enjoy the day.  Now for some links…

Ian Begely of ESPN NY asks what to do about Joba.

—  Zack Meisel of has a nice write about Nick Swisher.

Marc Carig of The Star Ledger writes about how important this series with the O’s.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Is Derek Jeter really only a singles hitter, a slap singles hitter, as some would say.
    I do not think so.

    Jeter has 839 extra base hits , and 3264 hits
    25.70% of his hits are for extra bases.

    If Jeter can get 11 more extra base hits this season, that puts him at 850 extra base hits
    850 xbh/17 seasons = an average of 50 xbh a season.

    78 players in mlb have 850 or more extra base hits
    43 of those players are in the hall of fame.
    of the remaining 35 players 11 of them have played this season.

    That leaves 24 retired players with 850+ extra base hits that are not in the hall of fame.
    Who on this list is known to be a singles hitter? no one — think about it
    they are:
    Manny Ramerez
    Pete Rose
    Frank Thomas
    Luis Gonzolez
    Dwight Evans
    Dave Parker
    Ivanm Rodriguez
    Harold Baines
    Larry Walker
    Joe Carter

  2. extra base hits, % of xbh to total hits, number xbh per season
    for the 24 retired players with 850+ xbh, but not in the hall of fame

    *** (taking away first year as a season, because too few games played, but keeping any xbh he may have had)

    (on the reverse token, if a player played his last seasons with few games, that counts against him / as in being able to stay healthy and good enopugh to play means something))

    Bonds 1440 , 49.06% , 65.45 per season
    Griffey 1192, 42.86% , 54.18 per season
    Palmeiro 1192, 39.47% , 62.74 per season ***
    Manny Ramerez 1122, ,43.59%, 62.33 per season***
    Pete Rose 1041, 24.46%, 42.25 per season
    Sosa 1033, 42.90%, 57.39 per season less than 2500 hits (2408)
    Frank Thomas 1028, 41.65%, 54.11 per season less than 2500 hits (2468)
    Luis Gonzolez 1018, 39.29% , 56.56 per season***
    Biggio 1014, 33.14%, 50.70 per season
    Sheffield 1002, 37.30%, 47.71 per season***
    Kent 984, 39.98%, 57.88 per season less than 2500 hits (2461)
    Delgado 974, 47.79%, 60.88 per season*** less than 2500 hits (2038)
    Bagwell 969, 41.86%, 64.60 per season less than 2500 hits (2314)
    Mcgriff 958, 38.47%, 53.22 per season*** less than 2500 hits (2490)
    Dwight Evans 941, 38.47%, 49.53 per season*** less than 2500 hits (2446)
    Dave Parker 940, 34.66%, 49.47 per season
    Ivan Rodriguez 934, 32.84%, 44.48 per season
    Harold Baines 921, 32.14%, 41.86 per season
    Larry Walker 916, 42.41%, 57.25 per season*** less than 2500 hits (2160)
    Joe Carter 881, 40.34%, 58.73 per season*** less than 2500 hits (2184)
    Finley 877, 34.42%, 46.16 per season
    Galarrga 875, 37.51%, 48.61 per season*** less than 2500 hits (2333)
    Pinson 868, 31.48% 51.06 per season***
    Edmunds 855, 43.87% 53.44 per season*** less than 2500 hits (1949)

    jeter is both a power hitter and a singles hitter

    • Jim what are some changes the team should make for next year?

      • I really don’y know. I wouldnt change a thing. You got Gardner coming back, and Mariano,… you got to play Arod and Jeter. The Yankees supposedly have catchers in the pipeline.

        I do not get to the stadium, but if I did on a very hot day,… the change I would like to see, is the Yankees cut a deal with Poland Sping, to hand out ICE COLD free bottles of Poland Spring to those in need at various water stations.

        If you want to let Jones and Ibanez go, and find another veteran bench maybe.,,,, but whats the improvment?

        Why change the near perfect team?

  3. Thats the flow of baseball, season to season,…… you want everyone hot at the same time, lightening in a bottle,… that is not something money can buy. Pure skill combined with luck.

    The yankees got the skill, theyt just need the luck.

    and all the home runs actually take away RISP opportunities. Solo homer instead of doubles, and singles to keep the wheel rolling,
    look at what like the 96 and 98 teams did.

    the water idea ive had on the plate for 2 years now,…. just yesterday I bought 72 bottles of poland spring for 13.89 cents a bottle at the supermarket.

    the yankees buying in bulk, can probably get it for 3 cents a bottle.
    and poland spring can hand out home delivery pamphlets at the water stations, and write it off under the marketing budget.

    even is someone had 10 biottles, you saying the yankees cant afford 30 cents? when they are paying arod 30 million?

  4. Jim ……that is an out of the box answer !

    As the fans become cooler and more refreshed with their free cold water …they will cheer more often and louder……this will be worth at least 5 games in the win column.

    You may be the next Bill James

    • and it will just be a nice thing to do,…… it is not gonna stop people from drinking cold beer,…. but many people dont want beer or soda, and on a 100 degree day, the water fountain is not the answer,
      free cool refreshing ice cold poland sping would hgit the spot, and ticket holders dont have to worry about spending 8 dollars for a bottle of water everytime they get dangerously dehydrated.

      • JIM…..the yankees charge $5 for a poland Spring Water.

        However, they do have Cooling Stations at the Stadium on Hot Days at the Stadium. I’m not sure what they offer there but I’m sure they provide an Air Conditioned area with ice and water.

        I don’t think that will help them tonight against the O’s though!

        • yeah I heard on tv, cooling stations, but no body is sponsoring it,… my idea is to get poland spring in there,…. just on days when the on the field temperture is lets say 95 or higher, as a promotional marketing. imagine charging 5 dollars for something they pay 3 cents for to begin with.

    • remember the seinfeld episode when george ordered the team all cotton uniforms?, lol, but they shrunk up after the first wash.

  5. FIVE DOLLARS for. Bottle of Poland spring water . And we have to watch Pearce batting 4th and Martin batting 5th?

    Jim- from all the money the Yankees are making from ticket sales, merchandising and their YES mediavconglomeration…….why do we have to hear about budget lines and watch inferior talent play?

  6. Jim – did you hear about the new TOTES(tm) watering station at Yankee Stadium….as each fan steps into the station, an attendant pees on your keg and tells you it’s raining, and you’re sold an Official $75 Yankee Umbrella

    • I’m not saying i know how the stadium business works. But on very hott days, they could turen it into a promotion.
      i’m sure you can get a slice of pizza at madison square garden,.. but remember when the knicks held opponents under 85 points at home,.. every fan got a cupon for a free slice. you dont like the poland spring idea, go with evian, or another company.

  7. Jim….you know the mote around the Legends Suites, why not fill it with fish, And do a dolphin show..with the fish jumping up and down in the water…..splashing all the spectators trying to watch the game on a hot day?

    • Don’t get me started about “the moat” Twasp. hahahahha….

      not a good start for Kuroda.

      • next season, 6 flags great adventure is combining the safari with the ride section,… no more drive through safari it is the end of an ara, lol, ,.. you will ride on carts from inside the park,.. but the ticket price to get in the park will remain the same.

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