It’s September 1st: Which call-up can help us?

Eduardo Nunez is one of the September call-ups. Along with him, who else could help the Yankees?

It’s September 1st. The day where call-ups happen and where minor leaguers get a taste of what it is like to be in Yankees pinstripes. It is where it is the home stretch towards the play-offs for most teams. However, for the Yankees, they need a good September or they could kiss their play-off hopes and dreams good-bye. The Yankees have struggled mightily since losing Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira as their power players in the lineup. Players like Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson started slumping all at the same time while Nick Swisher has had a hot and cold year. When he is cold, he does not hit a lick. When he is hot, he is on fire. Derek Jeter is the only one that is carrying this Yankees team and right now, it does not seem like it is enough. Players like Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez are not everyday players anymore and players like Andruw Jones—just plain stink.

The Yankees have been playing like the walking wounded the whole season, losing players such as Brett Gardner, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Michael Pineda, and Ivan Nova and for a time David Robertson, Nick Swisher, CC Sabathia and Eric Chavez. With the rosters expanding and with players that are familiar to the Yankees (Eduardo Nunez, Chris Dickerson, and Francisco Cervelli etc.) here are some of the lineup moves the Yankees could do to freshen it up in September.

Eduardo Nunez: SS, 3B, DH

Eduardo Nunez was sent down in the beginning of the season since he had issues with fielding, but the Yankees could use Nunez to give Jeter and Chavez a half-day off here and there. Nunez has Gardner type speed, meaning that he could give the Yankees what they were missing with speed. Nunez is not the best fielder, but he is a one up plus from Gardner for the time being. In addition, Nunez is young which is something the Yankees could use.

Francisco Cervelli: C

Russell Martin and Chris Stewart have played nonstop this year (and Russell Martin had struggled all year) so it would be great for the Yankees to have another catcher. Cervelli performed well during Spring Training so it was a shock that on the final day of Spring Training he was sent to Triple-A instead of heading north with the team. Cervelli is a great backup catcher and he is a good singles hitter. A lot of power, no. However, he is known for hitting in the clutch.

Chris Dickerson: OF

When Chris Dickerson was sent down during the year, it was a bit of a shock since he is a great outfielder and hitter. Dickerson is one of the players you would want in the outfield since the Yankees are in the middle of the pennant race. Think about it, could the Yankees win a pennant race with 40-year-old Raul Ibanez patrolling LF (no offense Raul)? They need someone more versatile and even though Brett Gardner is out for the year, Dickerson is the closes thing we have.

It’s September 1st. The season ends October 3rd. Yankees have a month and 2 days to get it together…and we may not see it now, but these 3 could help us in the long run.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Delia- what about Gardner as a pinch-runner? We could give him a different jersey number(1/2) and make him wear a wig under his cap, so nobody will know it’s him when when he steals.

  2. Ha ha….I see you’ve thought this out already….. 🙂

  3. The 3 you mentioned above will get the most playing time. I really think Nunez should be playing a lot. his speed and bat are badly needed.

    With Granderson possibly out, Dickerson could get a chance and will def be in for defense every game we get a lead. I’d rather see Dickerson & Mustelier get a chance than Ibanez & Jones right now.

    We know Jones has been brutal but so has Ibanez. He was good the first 6-8 weeks of the season but since May 21st, he’s hit .216/.285/.362/.647 with just 6 HRs and 25 RBIs in 235 PAs. In august he .196 with 1 HR and a .618 OPS. So you are getting ZERO offense from a Corner OF position PLUS they can’t run or field. At least play someone who can run and/or field and maybe even hit better.

  4. ARod went o for 4 but played 3B today in Tampa. if he isn’t ready soon, I’d like to see David Adams given a shot. It’s a shame we have to think about rookies during a pennant race but these guys should have been given looks much sooner in the season when the pressure wasn’t so heavy.

  5. The minute Aroid went down Nunez should have been brought up and platooned with Chavez. Or even better but it won’t happen yet, let Nunez play SS everyday and move Jete to third when the Roid got hurt. When the Rod comes back let the 4 share SS,3B and DH. All these moves with mcGeeHee,nix,Pearce……waste of time.

  6. Laird for Pearce….cashMan’s a genius.

    He must have had some free time now that his fatal attraction mistress is in a padded cell.

  7. This is funny…..I just heard an interview where Rob Thomson said A Jones is a fantastic fielder with great range and arm……????

    Rob are you in a 1996 time warp with captain Jim Kirk 22224444. .??

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