Game 134 Lineup: Yankees @ Rays

Happy Labor Day!

Lineup vs. Rays:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Eric Chavez 3B
Raul Ibanez LF
Russell Martin C
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Chris Dickerson CF

LHP CC Sabathia


About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. how can the lineup be ready already? girardi cant be at the ball park yet, can he? i want the yankees to make the playoffs, but if they are gonnaback in, and barly hold on,….. this is not going to be enjopyable to watch,…..
    the yankees are 24-24 since the all star break?
    they play 500 ball the rest of the way,…. they wont make it in the playoffs,…….. the a’s with their 55 million dollar 2nd lowest mlb payrool, just shot off 9 wins in a row,…..
    i feel sick, lol

  2. THE CALLER ON WFAN a couple weeks ago,…. told francesa that the o’s will win the division, and the rays amd a’s will get the wuildc ards, and the yankees will be out.
    francesa basically called the caller crazy.
    on this september 3rd,….. i dont think it is a crazy statement at all
    francesa should stick to football.

    on a side note,……. it is hard to remember ones dreams while they are sleep;ing,… they are usdually forgotten as soon as one wakes up,…

    but i had a dream last night that mike and the mad dog got back together


    and russo was talking sense to mike

  3. If there was one thing I learned about this time it’s win or lose, you never give up on them. I still believe that the Yankees could make it to the play-offs. Am I crazy for thinking about it on September 3 and the lead 2 games? Yes. But I think anything is possible.

  4. of course that not totally crazy, especialy as a huge yankees fan,.. in most regards

    but in saying that,… yankees fans are spoiled,…. we made the playoofs 16 of last 17 seasons,…. and it woulda been 17 oput of 18 if not for the season ending work stoppage in 1994.

    that being said—— every hitter on the yankees is in a severe slump right now

    and really the yankees, aside from home runs,….. havnt shown they have it in them to knock out huge innings, like the 96-2001 teams did.

    maytbe if marianho was here all season,…. and andy,…. and arod didnt get a freak injury,…. we would have a 6-7 game lead right now

    but even so, like i said, the A’s just rolled off 9 in a row headed into the stretch of a pennant race

    spoiled or not,….. the yankees need to do this, .. or we are homke

    and if the yankees dont make the post season,…. ill be so upset,.. i might not even care if cablevision takes away fox again from my tv,… lol

  5. buy the way, arod is back way way early,… they were predicting his return about september 17th or 18th.
    this is 2 weeks ahead,
    it is the wrist, right?
    ihave had broken wrists,…. you cant move it for at least 4 weeks
    it gets wrapped up tight these days,.. they dont put plaster of parios casts anymnore,.. they wrap it up tioght in an ace bandage
    we any movement at all spolis the healing
    just cause areod is a pro athlete, doesnt mean he isnt human
    a broken bone is a broken bone
    celebrex may help the healing,…… or shark cartilesge,.. stuff like that
    batting is alot of stress on the wrists
    that being said,.. i l,ike jeter been playing everyday,…. but he been trying to pull the ball a lot latley,… cause thats more foirearm and muscle, … his inside out patented swing is all wrist action
    i wouylda rested jeter more than 2 times,…less than 10, but definitivley more than twice

  6. mman, stole a double rioght out of jeters back pocket

  7. Jim -I promise a bomb from Aroid today.

  8. ok his hand, thats got to be painful, arent their a ton of tiny bones in the hand?,.. i bet its like a wqrist,.. you cant move the hand, and m,otion , for at least 4 weeks,.. or it is a sewt back
    im not suggestingf any shenanigans here

    i just saying arod seems to be back a little early, in days

    on a side note,.. karate experts break their arms all the time,.. cause when the bone heals, it forms a lattice structure stronger than it was before

    and they keep breaking it, soi the bnhone gets stronger abnd stronger

    thats how they can break like concret blocks with a blow

    cause the bone latrtice structure has become 1000 time styronger throew it being broiken over and over again

    the same as when a person breaks their neck,.. but with no spinal, cord damage, they can still walk,.. and the dfoctors say, once it heals, the neck is stronger than it was before.

  9. The great Jeter …was it an error Ken?

  10. Why is Pinella talking about Paul Blair???

  11. here we go, the o’s are winning, the rays are beatuing the yankees,… another day where the dwindling continues

  12. ugh tied. Yanks need this game.

  13. I got another radio baseball gig on 107.1 WRFN Nashville. I’ll be on Wednesday night at 7:30/6:30c. 🙂

  14. Poor AB for Ichy.

    • He’s killing us. Perhaps he should have bunted?

      • at work so just seeing the writen play by play on the comp. How is the feel of the game. Is the trop empty or is there a good showing there?

        Hopefully the yankees score some runs next inning.

        • pretty empty…half yankees fans but the TB fans all have stupid cow-bells and noise-makers. Worst park in baseball.

          • Yeah you have to feel for those players. They have a good product just no one supports them. Same with the Marlins (well they don’t have a good product). No team should be in Florida. Everyone moves to Florida so they have teams already. I wish they would relocate both franchises to states/cities that would support them.

    • You would think the one guy with bat control to move the runner over would be Ichy. Girardi should have called a sacrifice and Ichy should have dragged. FUNDAMENTALS

  15. Wow…why did Maddon pull Longoria???

  16. I got official word from Mark Fiensand that Casey McGehee is coming back tomorrow since Charleston’s season ends today.

  17. Injury – groin?

  18. No bunt again!

  19. I’m hearing Cano’s lack of hustle cost him 1st? In a game of this importance? SERIOUSLY? Oh how I miss George lol

  20. we’ve had leadoff hitter on what the last 3 innings? In a tie game with 1st place on the line and the team not hitting for shit, not one steal, hit & run or bunt. Results were 2 double plays and a pop-up.

  21. Cano been jakin in the field also on some coverage plays……..that is on Girardi! Next Cano and Rod will be eating chicken wings and beer in the dugout.

  22. Fucking Cano again….a slow roller YOU HAVE TO DIVE TO KNOCK THE BALL DOWN to keep the runner at 3B!

  23. Knock it down Cano.

  24. Didnt see the play but assuming if Cano isnt holding the runner which there was no reason for he gets to the ball as well

    • He was shaded toward 2nd but not holding the runner/////he lunged for the ball and mised it by inches…if he dives he might not get him at 1B but he keeps runner at 3B which HAS to be the priority….its Baseball 101 they teach you in Little League

  25. Granderson looks like he has no chance on Rodney’s change.

  26. Does anyone have a bat and a water cooler so I can let my anger out?

  27. TB announcers were all over Cano for both plays while the Yankee announcers said nothing

  28. Yeah you knew Grandy was going to get the same change that struck out Arod.

  29. Anyone notice the ease in which Nnez stole 2B in the 9th when everyone knew he was going? Hmmm, maybe get him some playing time Joe?

  30. It’s insane how fast Nunez is. We ve needed him table setting with Jeter all season and especially when Arod went down.

    • Aside from getting him time early in the season, they had a gaping hole when gardner went down and got bigger when ARod went down. Nunez would have been ideal. TB stole 3 bases today, 2 of which came around to score.

  31. It’s all about having a multidimensional offense ….being able to score not just with hrs but also grinding out runs with small ball/speed/fundamentals….

    • Yup, we know that and have been saying it for years and knew it was a problem as early as this Winter. Yet they did nothing to remedy it and the only player with speed, youth and athleticism was sent to the minors in early May with a .294 BA and team-leading 6 SBs!

  32. The Yanks were beaten today by Rays C Chris Gimenez who was 2 for 3 with 2 rbi/

    Gimenez was hitting .203 with a .464 OPS this season and .531 OPS for his career!

    The only SB they tried against him was on a 3-2 pitch despite him only throwing out 3 of 17 runners (15%).

  33. Girardi must go…….

    Jim says bring in Glen Campbell…..

  34. THE SKUMPS ARE BAD,M…A these200 million dollar yabkeepayroolll cant hit’

    they cant get hits

    we see it all season mlong

    i puyt up stats, itis thge wiorst season in hits forcthe yankees since2001,…

    these guts siumply cvant get base hgits

    michael kay said it the other day going against ken singlentoin,.. micchael kay said,.., nbot every pitcher alll seasob can have this great of stuff

    the yankewss suck in other words

  35. 5 – 10 over their last 15 games with just 47 runs scored or 3.1 runs per game

    They are now 0-50 when trailing after 8 innings, not 1 comeback victory in the 9th all year.

  36. To make matters worse, Cano may miss time with a hip injury suffered on that reach in the 8th. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines.


  38. Jim – is that you in the clip. fish just posted above?

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