Game 138 Lineup: Yankees @ Orioles

Lineup vs. Orioles:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Russell Martin C
Curtis Granderson CF
Andruw Jones LF
Steve Pearce 1B
Casey McGehee 3B

RHP Phil Hughes

Mark Teixeira ran the bases but felt just a little bit of tightness in his calf. He expects to play tomorrow.

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    • Looks like many execs feel the same about Granderson. He’s become a one-trick pony. They have to bring Cano back as he’s the only elite hitter on the team.

      I think this part of the article is interesting and makes a ton of sense. it’s OK to pay your superstars big money but it’s crazy to give a player like Swisher $100 million.

      Quoted from theESPN article:

      The AL exec saw Swisher more as a three-year, $35-40 million kind of guy. And the NL execs weren’t much higher. “I like him,” said one. “I’d love to have him. But at Jayson Werth money? That ain’t gonna happen.” The other NL exec’s review: “It’s these gray-area guys we waste money on. I’d rather give a Cano $200 million than give a guy like Swisher $100 million. At least with Cano, you know you’ll get production. Nothing against Nick Swisher. But he’s certainly not going to exceed what he’s already done.”


  2. Who are you Jim, Scott Boras?

  3. Of Course Clemens wants to pitch in the show, so he’s eligible for the HOF 6 years from now instead of 2013. Gives voters time to forget Sosa and Big Head Bonds.

  4. Albatross Contract ™.

  5. Grandy doesn’t deserve that much.

    He takes more routes than the MTA !

  6. Can anyone explain why Nunez is not in the lineup vs a LHP? they gave him 1 chance and he went 1 for 3 with a big base hit. Since then he hasn’t even sniffed the field except for a pinch-running assignment when he stole easily despite the whole world knowing he was stealing.

  7. Anyone see the poll on Yes TV to-night?
    If you had a choice picking a SS for your team which would you pick;
    1-Silver slugger winner
    2-Gold Glove winner.
    68% (I think) said Gold Glove winner. Now that makes sense to me!

    • Yes Ken, great poll…….and Jeter has many gold gloves and silver sluggers……now that makes sense also. 🙂

    • old yankee, I can remember some poor choices for the Gold Glove, I’ll take the SS.

      • Doug… see below.
        Big diference between a Gold Glove won by a so defender as to being won by OZZY.
        Check out his stats. Do you remember him in the ’80s/’90s one great smoooth glove out there.
        I still think it has to do with the team, as to which type of SS you pick.

  8. the other day or a few weeks ago, whatever, francesa said that gold gloves dont get you in the HOF, well ozzy snith had 13 gold gloves at shortstop,….. his numbers basically sucked ,
    but he got in the hall of fame
    i rather woulda had jeter these past 17 seasons than ozzy smith, who was a 262 lifetime hitter, with only 1257 runs over 19 seasons, despite 580 stolen bases

    • You may be right but, I think it depends on the team one plays on.
      If you have a SS on the 1961, 1996-2000 Yankees you may want to have a good glove over a bat. Of course that is my thing…defense up the middle.
      Not that Jeter didn’t help the Yanks win those WS, he did. His defense was better back then so, with that all said he was the right SS for the team at that time as now.

    • Jim2244
      I was just thinking (very dangerous) about the RUNS differences between Jeter and Ozzy. Nether one of them can control having someone knocking them in. They can control being on base, point to Jeter (.320 AVG) to Ozzy’s .262, but, turn the two of them around. Jeter on Ozzy’s team and Ozzy on the Yanks. Then the story may have a bit of a change Yankees had better hitters therefore it would help anyone leading off for the Yanks. Again, it comes down to getting on base and having someone knock you in…POINT to Jeter!
      Doug/Jim…check out Oz’z defensive stats and you will see why he is in the HoF…and well deserved with 433 of 472 votes! Great Defence helps a team and the pitcher win games as well as good hitting>

  9. Good to see the bombers win and A-Rod go yard!

  10. Matt S – missed the game how did Jeter do?

  11. Ken, what do you think of Girardi’s reluctance to use Nunez at DH? I think with all of these LHPs Baltimore has,, I’d rather see Nunez play than McGehee.

    • fishjam…
      I think it is a wast of talent but, Joe has a lot of old school thinking and may not even know it.
      The way I would have gone about it is; have Nunez play SS and DH Jeter. Even 1/2 days off can keep him fresher then having him play every game.

      A-Rod could have played 3rd base, Chavez is the only 3rd baseman that is better in the field than A-Rod. Why not see if the potential is real or smoke and mirrors for Nunez, can Nunez handle the pressure for the next 23 games? If he can handle it (I think he can) we end up with another speed guy playing good defence plus right-handed bat.

      Do you call for letting Swisher go after this year. Or letting Granderson go moving Brett to CF, keep Swisher and bring up one of our guys or, go out and get someone? Of course, this would be contingent on Swish not wanting a huge contract.

      What say you? Other than, it was a long answer to a simple question!

      • Ken….Swisher is a tough call. Let’s look at the pros & Cons:

        – although streaky, his #s at end of yr are consistent
        – switch-hitter with power from both sides and no pronounced platoon split
        – great attitude, loved by fans and teammates
        – at 32 should have 2-3 more good yrs

        – His postseasons have been abysmal and he goes on streaks where he disappears totally (like now)
        – His OPS has been declining the last 3 years
        – His defense is average and has no speed on the bases
        – He’s going to get overpaid in years and salary in Free Agency

        I say offer him the one year qualifying deal to recoup a 1st round pick ($13 Million) and let him go. Swish is a nice player to have but not at the salary he’s going to get for his 32-35 yr old seasons.

        • I agree the money he will want is to much but, that is why I added this caveat; “Of course, this would be contingent on Swish not wanting a huge contract.”
          I do think along the lines of making a one year offer, as you say but, didn’t they change that rule to: no draft picks for signing players any more? I thought I had read one of the guys write something about that in a reply. I could very well be wrong about that.

  12. Ken there are still some compensatory draft picks. Read this:

    Currently, teams can earn compensatory picks in the draft based on departing free agents. Free Agents are ranked by the Elias Sports Bureau based on their previous two years of playing, and against players of similar positions. Players are categorized as either Class A or Class B, or they fall into the category of all other players. Below is a description of each free agent class and the compensation the free agent’s former team received when the player signs with a different team.
    • A Class A free agent is ranked in the top 20 percent of players at his position. A team that signs a Type A player gives its top draft pick to the club that the player is leaving; that club also receives a supplemental pick in the “sandwich” round between the first and second rounds.[32]
    • A Class B free agent is ranked below the top 20 percent but in the top 40 percent of players at his position. A team that loses a Type B player receives a supplemental pick, but the signing team does not lose a pick.[32]
    • All other players carry no compensation at all. There had previously been a third class of “Type C” players, but that was eliminated in the most recent CBA.[32]
    To earn a compensatory pick, a free agent must either be signed before the arbitration deadline in early December, or be offered arbitration by their former team but still sign with someone else.
    Compensatory picks that one team gives another via this method are the highest available pick that team has, with the exception of picks in the top half of the first round.[33] These picks are protected from being used as compensation. If a team that picks in the top half of the first draft signs a Type A free agent, they would give up their second round pick. If a team owes two other teams draft picks via Type A free agents, the team whose departing player had a higher score gets the higher ranked pick. A team cannot lose picks it has earned via compensation.
    The order of the supplemental round between the first and second rounds is determined by inverse order of the previous year’s standings. All the Type A picks are done first, and then the order resets for all the Type B compensation picks.
    Teams can also earn compensation for unsigned picks from the previous year’s draft. If a team doesn’t sign a first or second round pick, they will get to pick at the same slot plus one the following year. For example, if the team with the #5 pick does not sign that player, they would have the #6 pick the following year. The regular draft order would continue around those picks. For compensation for not signing a third round pick, teams would get a pick in a supplemental round between the third and fourth rounds. If a team fails to sign a player with one of these compensated picks, there is no compensation the following year.
    [edit]Changes for 2012

    The adoption of a new collective bargaining agreement between MLB and its players union, starting with the 2012 season, will result in significant changes to the draft.
    [edit]Free agent compensation
    For the 2012 draft, the current “Type A” and “Type B” designations remain in place, but the CBA included special provisions that modified the statuses of 11 players who were Type A free agents under the old CBA. Six of these will be “Modified Type A”—meaning that the signing team does not forfeit a draft pick, but the player’s former team will receive a compensatory pick in the same position it would have earned under regular Type A rules. The remaining five will be “Modified Type B”, with compensation identical to that for other Type B free agents.[34]
    After the 2012 draft, free agents will no longer be classified by “type”. Instead, a team will only be able to receive compensation if it makes its former player an offer at least equal to the average of the 125 richest contracts.[35] However, if a player is traded during the final season of his contract, his new team will be ineligible to receive any compensation.[36]

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