Morning Bits: Granderson, Swisher, Girardi, Chamberlin

The Yankees have an off day today.  Today we also learn the extent of Mark Teixeira’s injury.  Stay tuned for that.  Enjoy the day now for some links…

Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY asks Granderson or Swisher?

Bryan Hoch of has some great tidbits on the Bombers.

Adam Himmelsbach of The New York Times writes that Girardi showed his faith and Chamberlin shows his stuff.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. swisher or granderson?

    matsui won the ws mvp, and they let him go

    you know what i dont get, and maybe someone can explain it to me,….. we are talking about possibly keeping players that will probably never get over 150 hits in a season again, and most likely between 130-140 hits a year, and play a lot.

    but when a person suggests jeter can play on this team getting 130 -140 hits a season,… that idea gets rejected everytime


    the yankees have to invest in a center fielder and right fielder that can get hits,…… so they can keep derek jeter going out to get pete rose.

    doesnt anyone see that?

    derek jeter deserves another contract for 2015-2018,… it doesnt have to be that big of money, he has carried this team for 17 years so far– he is the franchise in many fans eyes

    invest in players that can hit, so the team can carry jeter in 2017 and 2018

    • right now in mlb there are 69 players with 130 hits — most all of these players, unless they are injured and cant play, are going to get 150 or more hits this season.

      the yankees have 2 of these players, jeter at 191, and cano at 162.

      granderson has 121 hits, swisher 117, teixeira 112, arod 105, ibanez 77, martin 75, chavez 70, jones 44,

      the other day i pointed out the yankees have 10 of the top 54 active alll time runs leaders, then it was 8 of the all time active hits leaders, 7 of the all time active rbi guys, in the top 50, or visa versa,…

      but they only have 2 players that are actually getting hits at a decent rate

      i understand players go in slumps, and pitching in mlb is tuff right now too,

      but there are 95 players in mlb with more hits than granderson,.. and granderson has been in every game but 2.

      home runs, home runs, i know i know,……

      granderson may be a fan favorite, especially to children,.. and i understand he is a very nice man, a good guy,……

      dave kingman was a fan favorite among children going to shea stadium too,….. but critics panned him for getting 35 homers while batting 235

      the mets won a world series when they got guys with medium power and could hit, like keith hernandez, ray knight, even strawberry could hit , gary cater is in the HOF

      the yankees won ws in 96,98,99,00, with bernie and paul, and tino, and jeter, and girardi, and posada, boogs, and brocious, knobloch, with role players like strawberry and raines

      I think it is important this team get players that can pop 20-30 homers, but also get their share of hits at the same time,….. a big bopper or 2 isnt bad,…. we have AROD, i expect vhe will play well the next few years



      anyway,…… it is up to the yankees, if the brain trust feels this was just a down year,.. and granderson and swisher will hit going out,… i have no problem with them being resigned, both

      but if they do not believe they can get hits, and are only signing them cause of some pop in the bat—– i will never go along with it as a fan


    at boston- -3 —- 63-78 record

    home tampa- -3 ———- 77-63 record fighting for playoffs
    home toronto–3 ———- 64-75 record
    home okland– 3 ————79-60 record fighting for playoffs

    at minnesota–3 ———- 58-82 record
    at toronto–4 ———- 64-75 record

    home boston -3 ————63-78 record

    12 home games, 10 road games, including a 9 game home stand strarting this friday

    the race is tight, but the remaining games , the last 10 games of the season,,,, the yankees should sweep all 10 games

    • Now Joe is fighting with Sherman. Not that we all don’t dream of someone decking Sherman, but Girardi is obviously coming undone and I wrote last week that players react to their manager’s vibes and emotions. Girardi is the wrong guy for this job. The only thing that makes me angrier is Cashman being the invisible man and taking no grief when he should already be unemployed.

  3. I had to admit, when Joba came back and had poor outing after poor outing I was questioning whether the Yankees should have kept him for not for next season. Now Joba has shut up the critics (including myself) and has pitched very well, earning his first victory in relief yesterday. At this point, Chamberlain is one of the the trusted arms in the bullpen. Also I have to give props to Cory Wade yesterday who finally seemed to find his stuff and pitched 2 shutout innings. 🙂

    • I was amazed at Joba’s velocity and his stuff. Command is always the last thing to return off a long layoff and I was pretty sure he’d work through it and get enough outings under his belt to get his command back. I bash Girardi a lot, but in this case I’m very happy that he continued to use him and realized the only way to get Joba his command back meant some shellings along the way. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him more reliable than DRob by season’s end and hopefully in the playoffs.

  4. mike money p.

    Can you imagine a bullpen of


    Lights out!

  5. Jim – how is this stat?

    Age – batting avg

    Mantle. 36. .237
    Mays. 38. .283
    Jeter. 38. .324


  6. Mantle the only real HR threat on the team, no back-up and playing on 1-1/2 legs for his last few years. I notes Hammering Hank not on list, Hank was .265 with 34 HRs, Mickey was.237 and .421 OBP, walked 100 and some times that year…not bad for a guy with 1-1/2 legs.

    • Ok Ken , I’ll add Hank to the list

      Jeter. 38. .324
      Mays 38. .283
      Aaron, 38. .265
      Mantle 36. .237

      Look who is on top still…..

      • hank aaaron had over 3700 hits,… that dude could flat out get hits , yeah he got homers, he also got friggin hits

        you think cutis crandersoin or nick swisher is hank aaaron, lololololololololololololol

        wake up

        read what i wrote in this thread

        wake up

        the yankees are worth maybe 5 billion doolarson the open marker for sale

        you think we need a dave kingman playing center field?

        oh my gawd

  7. Ken….Mickey walked so much because he was too drunk to swing the bat. If you want to see greatness ….he is playing right now….

    Integrity…..character…..sobriety … #2

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