Morning Bits: Back to a tie for the A.L. East, No 100 RBI man this season

Sticking with the old mug for good luck

Good morning all.  Ugly loss last night.   The O’s won which means they are now tied for first.  Today is another day.  Tonight’s game is scheduled for 7PM EST.  On the mound will be Phelps vs Cook.

Enjoy the day. Now for some links…

Wallace Matthews has the rapid reaction from last night’s game.

Mike Bauman of writes that the Yankees have the talent but are in a battle for the AL East.

— Jared Diamon of The Wall Street Journal looks into the possibility of the Yankees finishing the season without a 100 RBI man.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. The Yankees need to stop this win one, lose one thing. Its getting very annoying and if the Yankees don’t win we won’t make it to the play-offs. The .500 thing stops here. And Girardi–stop playing Andruw Jones! He’s not helping at all!


  3. yankees are 32-32 since start of july 1st,…. but is it really jeters fault?

    Tied for 9th place in offensive war— 4.2
    3rd in batting average at 323
    1st in at bats
    1st in plate appearances
    played in every game but 2 in the first half, and every game in 2nd halh
    4th in runs scored with 90– 3 out of 2nd place
    first in hits with 192 – 16 hits above the next guy
    10th in total bases with 267
    4th in times on base with 234— 4 out of 2nd place
    14th in on base percentage 0.367–0.004 points out of 10th place
    leads all AL shortstops in hits, runs, avg, obp, slg, ops, 2nd in doubles, 2nd in homers
    379 avg vs leftys
    360 avg on the road
    425 avg in 18 games at DH
    394 avg leading off in 1st inning
    417 avg on a full count
    312 avg RISP
    320 AVG 2 outs RISP
    40 infield hits

    351 avg since july 1st in 64 games, played in every game with 95 hits 49 runs, 8 homers, 17 doubles, and 27 rbis

    the yankees are 32-32 since the start of july 1st ——- but it is clearly not jeters fault

  4. and if you everything up,… of the 139 games jeter has appeared in this season (138 starts), he has reached based on a hit, walk, hit by pitch, or error, at least once in 126 games.

    and one of those 139 games, he was a late inning defensive replacement, and wount up getting only 1 plate appearance, 0-1, in that 12 inning game

    so it is only really 12 games he failed to reach.,,

    jeter reached on error only 7 times all season, only 2 times it occured in a game he failed to get a hit, neither of those games he had a walk

    jeter has been in the thick of things all season,…. cano was low rbi for quite a while to start the season,.. while jeter was getting high hits,…. granderson and swisher have failed for the most part, except for times of greatness,…

    cant blame arod,.. arod actually was playing decent offensive ball, compared to the rest of the team, except for the injury

    now we have no teix maybe to the end, maybe not again this season..

    jeters season coulda been so much greater had the other hitters actually also got their hits

    jeter woulda scored more, and got more rbis on the back end

  5. You are correct Jim…that’s why you cannot listen to those who have said he had unproductivenhits this year……. It wasn’t his fault Robby, Aroid and Grandy were horrible RISP. And it wasn’t his fault he had Martin at .180 ahead of him.

    Those 2factors effected both his runs scored and RBI totals this season.

  6. Jeter reached base on at least one hit in 112 of the 139 games he played in

    reached with a walk in 12 games where he failed to get a hit

    reached on error in 2 games where he failed to get a hit or a walk

    and reached on hit by pitch in 1 game

    so it is really 127 of 139 times

    so correction,, only 12 times jeter has failed to reach , and one of those games was a late inning defensive replacement,, 0-1

  7. That’s incredible Jim……good job on those stats ….only 11 times not reaching atb38. WOW


  8. yeah,….. JETER IS HAVING MAYBE a really great season,…… see, here is the miney line,.. if he can get top 6 mvp,.. and silver slugger,……. whiuch he should get,…. that gives him extra nmillins in 2014 with out having to opt out,.. anbd cdreating a contracxt controversy,.. at least it delays a constroversey,../../.. then jeter still have a shot at world series mvp,… lcs mvp,.. as well as a gold glove

    alkl this added in, in any of the years,m 2011, 12, or 13,.. at least olnce, give him 17 million in 2014,…. putting off the controversey another 2 ytears

    the question is going to be 2015, 15, 17, 18, to go after pete rose

    reading between the line,.. the board room in tampa alrewady told JETER HIMSELF, he is insane if he thinks he can get ROSE

    but with a decent 2013 and 2014,… I think the writing would be on the wall,…. he can and will get ROSE

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