Game 144 Lineup: Rays vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Rays:

Derek Jeter DH
Nick Swisher RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Russell Martin C
Andruw Jones LF
Curtis Granderson CF
Steve Pearce 1B
Eduardo Nunez SS

CC Sabathia LHP

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Delia – why are you battingnJonesnahead of Grandy? Don’t say LHP…. Jones is toast.


    he is like a strawberry,…. how many rings does straw have on his fingers? he has 4

    jones could get in a game, and hit a big blow,.. he needs as many at bats as her can get in the last 19 games, .. to get ready, in composure at the plate,.. to wreck a post season game,

    • I like this line-up, loading up on the Right hand hitters. Good to see Nunny in the line-up.

    • If it was a player like Brett Gardner or (what we have seen this season) Curtis Granderson, Girardi wouldn’t GIVE them a chance to get out of a very bad funk. Frankly, I’ve lost all patience with Jones and even though Ichiro can’t hit lefties, I’d rather see Ichiro out there than Jones. Jones’s slump has been for the second half of the season. We’ve waited too long for him to come out of his slump. He has to get out of the lineup.

    • he’s wrecked a lot of games lately….by striking out and misplaying balls in the field. lol

      • i measn the opposite way,….. a biog three run shot in game 1 of the fuirst round,.. something like that,…. you never know,…. thats why you play the games

        despite the slump,…. i think jones will have the confidence to rith himself

  3. we are fighting for a world series here,….. jones has 19 games left to get right at the plate

  4. all i know at this poi nt is the yankees are in first place in the east,.. 4 games behind texas for the berst record in the AL,.. and despite the RAYS being good,….. could go on a run here, go like 17-2 in the final 19 games,…. have the best record in the AL,.. play the one gamne wild card winner in the first round,…. then contend with the rangers,….


    unless their is the rule in place you cant face a team from your own division in the first round

    they change the rules so oftewn, oir i just can not keep track,.. i am not sure,.. plus i get confused with the nfl rules

    all i know is,… the yankees can win a world series this year

  5. I have a feeling Eduardo Nunez is going to do something–something good… 🙂

  6. lol, yfu, i think gave my email to craig carton, who just im,’d me asdking me —why?—-
    i deleted the instantr message

    he shoulkd be inteligent enough to know why

    it is irresponsible for a major talk show host or radi ands tvb , to be legitimizxing and promoting illegal — bookie— sports betting in the greater nyc area

    thats organized crime– they murder people

  7. Did anyone see the Rays 2nd baseman do the DP with A-Rod coming down on him? That guy will learn the hard way, when someone puts him in the hospital. He used the base but, was to close and A-Rod damn near knocked him into left field…or I should say COULD HAVE, should have. Of course someone would say he was a dirty player.

  8. NUNEZ!!! 2 excellent throws in a row!! WOOH! Also Steve Pearce is the bat to get the Yanks a 1-0 lead. 🙂

    • Good thing we sent Nunez down in April huh? What a joke!! He could have contributed all year long!

      • I get the feeling the Yankees don’t like Nunez very much. But who cares? We do!! 🙂

        • If by Yankees you mean “Girardi/Cashman” than he’s a guranteed hit. Those two haven’t been right since the original Iphone came out.

          • Yeah, Girardi and Cashman always do the opposite of what they are supposed to do. Cashman supposed to get a young power bat, what do we get? Andruw Jones who couldn’t even hit a softball if he wanted to. The Yankees have to play small ball sometimes and what does Girardi do? Convince his team that home runs are the only way to win. Where did the Yankees organization find them?

        • I think Cashman likes him, he has had a few chances to trade him but, wouldn’t do it. I have to think it has to do with other things.
          I am still not ready to throw Cashman under the bus but, slowly I have come to the conclusion Joe G is a manager I would love to manage against.

  9. Ha ha! Nunez hits Jerry Meals with the baseball on his single right off Meals knee cap. Priceless! 🙂

  10. Delia- the Yankee org found CashMan getting coffee for gene stick Michael and bob Watson the 2 GMs that built the 90s dynasty. When Michael and Watson wouldnt take Georges BS anymore , George turned to his gopher. Cash has continued to waste $200m year and get us only one championship in the last 11years.

  11. Good tackle by Sabathia.

  12. CC just isn’t what he was. I think Girardi is going to get in a fistfight again after the game when people ask him if he’s healthy.

  13. Joel Shermann is going to get a blackeye.

  14. Cano is in a funk….and he is their best hitter.

  15. Doug – live and die with the HR.

  16. Ugh the Nunez haters will be all over that one.


    and now he only need a hit in 12 of the final 18 games,…. to have at lweast one hit in 2000 regular season games

    so,…… let us hope baltimore loses tonight

    we still can pull out everything

    arod and jeter are getting the job done,….

  18. Nunez covered a heck of a lot of ground to his right, he has great range, arm, hands but, like our 2nd baseman of years past…an easy one will get away from him. Cano has had double digits errors in 5 out of 8 years. So far, Cano has turned out ok…don’t you think?

    Nunez has one thing going for him, A-Rod has been trying to help keep his mind on the game not on mistakes.
    Nunez has two things working against him, trying to replace Jeter…that sounds part-deux to me! I remember all the players trying to be the next Willie, Mickey or even Donny, the guys went through hell.
    Nunez looks like he starts to tighten up around the 7th, I think he needs a big shot of confidence.

    Give him the same chance that other players (Jeter and Cano) had, even with all the errors they made in their first couple years.

    A-Rod looks like he has a much easier swing, foot up and down in the same spot, not much of a weight shift or load up…looks to be quicker, shorter bat swing, using his hands much more.

    • Ken – I agree with you on all the positives that Nunez brings. The Yankees have painted themselves into a corner now, though. Rather than let the kid work through his defensive Issues in the show, during the season, until he felt comfortable, they played with his head by sending him down and now bringing him back up during the pressure of a pennant at race.

  19. jeter is going to be the regular shortstop at least three to four more years, forget about nunez,.. use him as a back now,… go out a draft a high school shortstop like derek jeter that will be ready in 4 to 6 years.

    if nunez is so good how come he let a taylor made ground ball to shortstop go right under his glove,.. that allowed a run to score,……late

    there are 50 players in the american leage with at least 125 hits, and 98 players in all of mlb with at least 125 hits

    the yankees only have 2 of those players, jeter who leads all of mlb in hits and may get 220 hits ,.. and cano who may only get 180 hits,…

    then no one else til you get down to 124 hits,…. 97 players below jeter you reach the next yankee in hits after cano

    thats the friggin problem,… it is as simple as that

    2 out of 97 players,………there are only 30 teams ion the majors,.. everything being equal the yankees should at least hsave 3 of those ghuys,lol

    the yankees should have 5-6 players getting over 150 hits any season,…… not just 2,….

  20. Jim -Ken is right – I love your Jeter stats….but you are off base on one thing……Jeter should not and will not be the Yankee SS in 2015 and maybe earlier.


    His range has deteriorated significantly and his reflexes have slowed. This will only get worse.


  22. Jim24…with all due respect, are you a Yankee Fan or a Jeter Fan? The team comes first, the individual is secondary to the make-up the team…always, no questions, if, ands, or buts.

    Jeter has been hitting very well and helping the team win games but, I must ask, where have the other players been? While he was knocking in a run or being knocked in, was he hitting for everyone in all 9 spots? I only ask because, it is getting very goofy. I say the same when any other player is said to be carrying the team, like A-Rod in 2009.
    Everyone that has played the sport knows the stuff that is said by the media and bloggers like: “If so and so gets hot at the right time, he could put the team on his back and carry them to the WS Win”! Now I know, and most that have played the game know, that is just an old-time saying and impossible to do.

    Having said that, if Jeter keeps hitting and a couple of others (Cano, A-Rod, Tex) decide to join him (A-Rod has), like Martin, Grandy, Nunez and Swisher, etc. it would be true…”The Name of the Game is WIN” As long as it is legal, I don’t care how the Yankees win, just win

    • im not sure i get one of your poiints,……. if a player is reading media reports and THINGS THAT PEOPLE IN BLOGS WRITE, that not goofy too?

      I dont think a player Like Jeter sits around reading blogs or internet articles, or even the news paper, do you?

      another one of your points, i , without reading this first, in the newer topic today,.. put down stats of the core 1996-2001, without the names of the players attached, just number for number and the stats of the new core the last 3 years,…. and i am asking you, anyone,.. to study it, and tell me about this core

      as far as jeter goes,.. how many games where jeter made one of his 9 errors, or let a ground ball get by him,.. the directly or indirectly, cost the yankees a game this season? you probably dont know,. i dont know, but i can not imagine it is more than maybe 1 loss

      • Jim24…
        I did answer you chart, maybe not as you intended but I done done it. By the way it was a very good chart.
        I didn’t mean for the players to read the blogs etc., that was for the fans.

        As for how many errors Jeter has made that cost the team a loss, that is the obvious question and very important. There is one that is just as important, how many times has his errors made the pitcher work that much harder and cost him too many more pitches?
        As you see, “for every action, there is a reaction!”

        I hate to tell you this but, as I have watched most of the games this year, I have counted as of now, 4 errors and 9 times +/- he was given the home cooking calls with errors and at 1st. I don’t like cheating on the field and never have myself but, as with other things that are classified as cheating, I think in this case…I can understand why it is happening. I will not judge those making the wrong calls, it is not my job and they may not even realizing they have been doing it.

        • Jim – remember when you comment with some people, they unfairly criticize Jeter for making errors. all shortstops make 8-15 errors per year , so what? Why they single Jeter out for his errors or Why they think the scorers in other towns cheat for Jeter is just preposterous!

          • yeah, and if jeter doesnt get 200 hits, they say he sucks, lol,…… i spent the last 3 years trying to convince people that jeters great, lol,…….
            im worried about todays game for jeter,….. it seems every time tim macarver is doing the saturday afternoon game with the yankees,m jeter hardly ever gets a hit, lol

            macarver is a jinx i think

            • I hear ya Jim….I spent the last 3 years trying to convince a commenter that Jeter was not over the hill yet.

              Jim – let’s agree that Jeter

              1. Is not hanging on just for the hits career title
              2. Does not care for the hits title more than winning
              3 is not selfish because he wants to play a head of Nunez
              4 will bat over .300 this year

  23. Jim – Ken is right again……you may now say you want to see Jeter at SS in 2015 but if Jeter is bootingnthe ball and not getting to grounders …..and costing us games? Do you still want to see him there?

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