Who should be on the Yankees 2013 roster?

Some of the Yankees that most likely will make the 2013 roster are Brett Gardner, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson. But who are the others?

Looking ahead is not a bad thing. The Yankees looked ahead when it came to releasing the 2013 schedule, so why not look ahead to see who could be on the field when you go to a game in 2013. Here is how I picture the Yankees having their alignment of players in 2013.

Let us start in the outfield, shall we? In left field, we have none other than the Yankees speedster Brett Gardner (2012:  .321 AVG, 0 HR, 3 RBI). Now keep in mind that Gardner has only played in nine games and was shut down for the duration of the season due to elbow surgery. Gardner is a catalyst for the Yankees and plays the game Joe Girardi hates to play–small ball. He gets on base, he steals, he bunts and he is one of the best defensive players in baseball. Gardner is arbitration eligible so do not expect there to be much of a fight since Gardner has not played most of the year.

In center field, we have another speedster but he is known for his power bat, Curtis Granderson (2012: .233 AVG, 37 HR, 89 RBI). 2013 is Granderson’s free agent year and after the Kevin Long tutorial in 2010; Granderson has become a home run hitter. Now, Granderson does not hit for singles or doubles (note the .233 average) but he is a power bat, which is something the Yankees could use in the heart of the lineup. What happens after 2013, we do not know but—at least the Yanks could see Granderson’s bat in the lineup in 2013.

In right field, you may be a bit surprised by my choice but I believe Nick Swisher (2012: .258 AVG, 20 HR, 78 RBI) will be in Yankees pinstripes in 2013. Now, why do I think Swisher will be a Yankee? Because along with Swisher’s good bat in the lineup, he has a charming and bubbly personality that would be sorely missed if he ever left the team. The Yankees were a serious bunch before Swisher came along and now the team seems livelier. Swisher has left an imprint on the team—but if Swisher signs with the Yanks, he cannot expect a $100 Million contract. We are still recovering from 3 of those.

In the infield, we have of course the third baseman Alex Rodriguez (2012: .276 AVG, 17 HR, 50 RBI). A-Rod this season is not A-Rod but he has come back a hot hitter since getting off the DL. In addition, A-Rod is stuck with the Yankees until his contract expires in 2018 (Yikes).

At shortstop, we have the Captain Derek Jeter (2012: .323 AVG, 15 HR, 53 RBI) who becomes a free agent in 2014. There is not much to explain about Jeter except for the fact he is having his best year average wise since 2009.

At second base, there is the young Robinson Cano (2012: .299 AVG, 30 HR, 77 RBI) who is by far the Yankees best player. He plays second base so smoothly and has a great pop to his bat. For a person who does not think he has home run power—he is mistaken. He is a home run hitter. That is all.

Finally, to round out the infield, we have Mark Teixeira (2012: .255 AVG, 23 HR, 81 RBI). Teixeira is stuck with us until 2017 and even if the Yankees wanted to trade Teixeira (they do not), they cannot because of Teixeira’s no trade clause. We might as well make the best of it so Tex…we are going to need lots of game winning and World Series winning HR’s until then.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Delia—-same ole=same ole not what I would want

  2. you say same ole same old. but where the team changes is the reserves. the core line up doesnt change much but reserves is what needs to be changed. rid of andrew jones and ibanez and chavez and plus in younger and newer blood. likes of dickerson, nunez, melky mesa zoilo almonte(yanks were high on him in 2012 spring training) as well as late addition of maybe branden pinder and mark montgomery in the bullpen.

  3. Something about this lineup has to change. I’m open to seeing what Granderson could return on the trade market. It might not be all that great because he’s a FA in 2014 but his low average and high strikeouts aren’t what this team needs. Swish is going to be a difficult decision but his disappearance for this pennant chase along with the failure the last 3 post-seasons has me sour on him at the moment.

    • fishjam, I would like to have a crystal ball and see how Swisher will do the next few years.
      If this were a fantasy world, I would try to trade for some younger, good, players a year away for:
      Granderson, Swisher, Martin, Garcia and if it were possible, one of…CC, A-Rod, Tex…for one heck of a player or players.

      Those on the bench except for Nunez and Chavez, would not be back next year.

      I have said before, I believe Drugs have nothing (or little) to do with a players Avg., so If he would play for this team why not bring in Milkey to replace one of the OF and bring up the best OF we have to replace the other.

      Thus, we have a lower payroll and younger players. The chances are, we will not see the WS for a few years, but I think something such as this has to be done.

  4. Not much we can do in the infield but Yanks can make changes in OF and Catching. And I guess pitching as well. Gardner is coming back….. Swisher and Granderson IDK about. I would like to see Dickerson get some playing time in the OF if Swisher doesn’t come back. He can be our RF. Granderson…. I love him but trading him might not be so bad…. he really has become a HR/K type of guy and that is not really such a good thing. He doesn’t even have 100 RBIs yet. Yankees have Dickerson and Melky Mesa and Almonte IDK if they could play right now but they do have them. They could possibly trade Granderson.

    As for catcher Russell Martin needs to go…… I would like to see Romine take over but I don’t know if he is quite ready yet.

    That Montgomery kid looks good he could totally be in the bullpen. Mo is supposed to come back so we have him as our closer again.

    The rotation could be CC, Kuroda, Hughes, Nova and Phelps. Kuroda has done a good job I wouldn’t mind him back on a 1 yr deal. Pineda is supposed to come back too.

  5. the following 4 players played 6 seasons on the yankees together: 1996-2001
    they went to 5 world series in that time, winning 4 of them,
    this was the core of that team offensively

    966 hits, 523 runs, 690 rbi, 180 doubles, 11 tripples, 175 home runs with a 279 avg

    1037 hits, 642 runs, 629 rbi, 194 doubles, 30 tripples, 157 home runs, with a 321 avg

    1001 hits, 499 runs, 604 rbi, 215 doubles, 8 tripples, 122 home runs, with a 297 avg

    1187 hits, 710 runs, 481 rbi, 184 doubles, 37 tripples, 99 home runs, with a 321 avg

    now let us look at the new core 4 of the yankees, the last 3 seasons (18 games shy)

    392 hits, 301 runs, 276 rbi, 59 doubles, 20 tripples, 103 home runs, with a 248 avg

    422 hits, 236 runs, 252 rbi, 96 doubles, 3 tripples, 72 home runs, with a 269 avg

    412 hits, 268 runs, 300 rbi, 89 doubles, 2 tripples, 95 home runs, with a 253 avg

    552 hits, 295 runs, 304 rbi, 125 doubles, 11 tripples, 87 home runs, with a 307 avg

    The question is , the assingment is, to really examine and study this chart,…. do you think that over the next 3 seasons plus 18 games,,, the new core 4 of Granderson, Swisher, Teixeira , and Cano,… are reallly going to be able to match what the other core 4 did about in terms of hits, doubles, runs , rbis, and batting average?

    If anyone has a true opinion I would like to hear it

    Study that,, this is another way to make my point.

  6. 1B Teixeira
    2B Cano
    SS Jeter
    3B Alex
    LF Granderson about time he stopped making a fool of himself in center
    CF Gardner a real CF’er
    RF Dickerson/Mustelier bye bye goofball.
    C Romine/Stewart/Martin *maybe Martin takes a one year to get his value up. he shouldn’t catch more than half of the games. let’s see how Romine does in the AFL. could let Martin walk if his back doesn’t act up, Cervelli as the 3rd C.


    Melky Mesa might as well… he’s a much younger Jones who could improve rather than continue to decline
    Nunez/Nix gotta have someone who can play short. as it is Nunie’s defense still blows; too bad he couldn’t stay on the field and get some reps… he needs them and i got really tired of watching him “learn” in the big leagues where the games count. I’d be cool with Nix for the first half while Nunez gets regular playing time, then trade Nix and bring up noodlehands.
    Corban Joseph
    Insert veteran lefty bat here





  7. Jim24…
    Did you count 6 years for the top set and 3 years for the bottom set? Also if you want Jeter to play four more years shouldn’t he be in the place of Granderson and A-Rod in the place of Swisher.
    If A-Rod is healthy for the next few years along with Tex, add in Cano and whomever the best hitter of the rest of the team.

    To answer your question, they may or may not match those numbers but, they don’t have to. They just need to hit well enough to win the games they need to end up with the WS championship. In your chart you didn’t take into account the pitching nor the defence. Without those, anything gained or lost in one category may be made up with better stats in another. And there is no way to figure which Fab 4s would bring in a WS victory.

    To answer the problem…I nor anyone can say which set would out do the other!
    My opinion as you asked for it…thanks Jim, you are always thinking.

  8. yes it was 6 years for oneil, tino, bernie, and jeter,.the 6 they played together as the core, . and just the last 3 seasons together for gransderson, swisher, cano, and teix, cause granderson came in 2010,…..
    so those 4 have 3 more seasons, if we keep them together to match the top 4

    i think even though the money is high in salary for arod and jeter, jeters turning 39 next season, and arods turning 38— they cant be included in the core,…… even though if healthy could appear in 150 games each next season,……

    appearantly to over the world series problem,, we need teixera, swisher, and granderson, the play os welll as tino, oneil, and bernie,……… jeter and cano swap places in the core to core comparison, and there we have it,

  9. Oneil won a batting title , Bernie won a batting title, and this season will be jeters 8th season finishing in the top 5 in qualifying AL batting average,…. and has a shot at the batting title once again




    the formula of being able to knock pitchers out of games, by a flood of hits,……..

    appearantly that is the way the 96-01 teams went to 5 ws in 6 years, winning 4

  10. oneil, bernie, jeter, tino – 6 seasons 1996-2001– combined numbers
    hits 4191
    runs 2374
    rbis 2404
    xbh 1412

    granderson, swisher, teizeira, cano – 3 seasons 2010,11,12 ( short 18 games)- combined numbers
    hits 1748
    runs 1100
    rbis 1132
    xbh 762

    in order for the new core 4 to do as well as the old core 4, over 6 years of playing together, granderson, swisher, cano, and teixera, would each need to average the following numbers per season ( and they have an extra 18 games in pocket this season for leeway)

    hits 203.6
    runs 106.2
    rbis 106
    xbh 54.2

    That means tex, granderson, swisher, and cano, each would need to average those numbers over the next 3 seasons,… to be able to say they put up the same numbers together and bernie, tino, oneil, and jeter did in the 6 years they played together 1996-2001
    i dont even think cano will average that over the next 3 seasons,…. and i surely know granderson , swisher, and teixeira will come no where close

    i guess sometimes it is simply hard to replace great players with other great players, sometimes it skips a generation ,…….this is where the job of cashman will count,…… can he pull off the switch,.. and how much faith does he have in the new core 4– all in their primes right now

    • i just found another quirk in the universe, didnt i?

      jeter, oneil, tino, bernie– over those 6 seasons, had a combined 4191 hits

      4 times 6 = 24 seasons

      Ty Cobb had 4191 hits over 24 seasons

      sometimes i blow my own mind when i do numbers,….. i keep finding weird universal karma

      • ps– so no one is confused, baseballreference.com has cobb at 4189 hits, they took 2 hits away froim him–MLB KEEPS COBB AT 4191 HITS,…… pete rose’s record breaking hit is 4192,.. i think thats the ball in the HOF,..

  11. todays lineup ichiro, jeter, cano, arod, ibanez, chavez, granderson, nunez, stewart
    jeter is at DH, swisher is out, chavez at 1st base

  12. One way or another, change needs to happen.

    Understandably, this team has gone through many injuries, and is not the same team that took the field for the first game in Tampa back on Opening Day. But even still, the same exact team one year later, may not do them any good at all.

    This is what I’d like to see:

    Derek Jeter SS
    Nick Swisher RF (Yankees should realize his value to the team soon and will bring him back on a deal Johnny Damon-like: 3-4 years, 40-50 million)
    Alex Rodriguez DH (time to make him the full time DH. He’ll be less prone to injury and could even hit 30 home runs again, if he just focuses on his hitting)
    Robinson Cano 2B
    Mark Teixeira 1B
    Melky Cabrera LF (As much as I hate what he did, a return to pinstripes could get him disciplined and could help him revive his career)
    Carlos Ruiz/Chris Iannetta C (Martin has to go. Ruiz is having a career year and Iannetta is also a fairly well-rounded catcher)
    Eric Chavez 3B (he and Edurardo Nunez should split time playing 3B next year. Chavy can’t do it on his own, but he definitely is still capable – with the glove and the bat)
    Brett Gardner CF

    Austin Romine C
    Eduardo Nunez 3B/SS
    Ryan Ludwick (low risk, potentially high reward as a part-time player. Don’t worry, in my roster he’s the oldest and only 30+ year old to have a spot on the bench, haha)
    Melky Mesa/Chris Dickerson OF (Mesa deserves a shot, but Dickerson is still a very solid bench player as a fourth outfielder for NY….should have been with the team all year.)

    Starting Rotation:
    1. CC Sabathia
    2. Phil Hughes
    3. Carlos Villanueva (just turning 29, he could be entering the prime of his career and will be a steal for New York. Kuroda I see either hanging ’em up or going back to Japan. He wouldn’t do as great without Russell Martin either)
    4. Andy Pettitte (considering he comes back; he probably will)
    5. David Phelps

    Mariano Rivera (Duh.)
    David Robertson
    Joba Chamberlain
    Boone Logan
    Luis Ayala (still a good reliever who should have never left NY. Baltimore, unless he shines down the stretch and in the playoffs; shouldn’t be looking to resign him)
    Adam Warren (part of the youth movement. He should at least break camp with the team, and be given a chance to be a long man)

    There ya go. I know it’s a good amount of change, but the right amount to me the Yankees need. A lot more youth is on my version of the ’13 Yankees, and I feel it would be a great time next year if Cashman followed my master plan.

    Of course, we all know he probably won’t make any of thse moves.

    • Good list Brian…
      I would like to make a list, just because I have nothing else to do.

      Brett CF–Why not, he has everything a lead-off hitter needs, time to put up or shut-up!
      Jeter SS/DH–time to make him a SS/DH, needs more rest.
      Melky Cabrera RF–Why not, may be able to get him cheep
      A-Rod 3b/DH–He still plays 3rd base as well, if not better than, many others in the league
      Cano 2nd–as with most players, he has gone back to his comfort zone…free swinging.
      Tex–still, one of the best 1st basemen around…needs to work on his avg. again.
      RF–Melky Mesa/Chris Dickerson
      C–Austin Romine if his back is ok or keep Martin another year.

      We will have our DH in many spots of the line-up…A-Rod, Jeter, Tex, Eric Chavez and Nunez.

      Bench & Pitching later!

      Dats its, da ain’ts no mo…for now! lol

      • Ken – who is playing LF in your alignment?

      • I like the lists, but I would try some other changes.

        Rotation CC, Shields or Anibal Sanchez, Nova, Kuroda, and Pineda or Phelps

        1B Tex
        2B Cano
        SS Jeter/ Nunez
        3B A-Rod/ Nunez
        LF Hamilton or Gardner
        CF Gardner or Upton
        RF Tori Hunter or Choo
        DH Ludwick
        C Pierzynski or Martin


        Subs Pick 4
        Chavez, Dickerson, Mesa , Joseph, Adams, Almonte,Mustelier, Pierce Romine

        • I would trade Hughes for an outfielder!

        • doug…
          As good a guess as anyone of us. My guess is;
          1B–Tex, 2B–Cano, 3B–A-Rod/Chavez, SS–Jeter/Nunez,
          LF–Melky Mesa/Chris Dickerson, RF–Melky Cabrera, CF–Brett, C–Austin Romine, Martin, Cisco, DH–Jeter, A-Rod and a host of players.

          I would keep Phil, in fact, in fact , I would keep all 5 of them and check down on the farm if their is anyone about ready.

          As far as I am concerned, this year could be a keep and play younger. We need to pay a couple of our guys big buck to keep them, so I say leave the FA out there and put ours out there so we can get more draft picks.

          Every year I say the same thing, bring up the kids that are getting the job done, (on a player by player bases) one player at 26 isn’t mentally ready for the big time, others at 19-20 are more than ready. Why pay a 28-29+ year old player big bucks for 6+ years, when we have some very talented players sitting and working on the farm.

          Give this scenario a read; Sign a 30 year old big time CF for $$$$$$ and 7 years, right? Now in his 3rd year we have this kid in AAA that has been improving each year and is now more than ready. What do you do, trade the kid or the regular player, take into consideration ages 24 and 33. I just don’t go for the big guy in the first place.

          • Exactly. I really want the Yankees to be smart and not sign any big-name 30 year old, at least definitely not Hamilton or Grienke. Youth is the only thing that will keep this Yankees team afloat and in the playoffs for years to come.

            • Brian…
              I hate to agree with a young wiper snapper but, I must in your case! I hope you realize there are many of the others on this site have a much different out look. It seems we all fall into one of these category’s;
              1–Don’t spend money at all, on new players, use players we have.
              2–Don’t spend money on aged players and long contracts.
              3–Spend what ever it takes, the Yankees have the money, King Geo. would have.

              Also, i would add to #1, trade guys like Granderson, Garcia and anyone elsa we can replace from AAA, AA try for some more draft spots.

              Just kidding on the first comment calling you a young etc. Not ment as a slam, just my old age and Envy showing. 🙂

              • Of course. Hahaha. And yeah, I’m #2 if you can tell. Definitely spend money, but when it’s necessary and productive for the long term. Hamilton would put on a laser show for the Yanks in 2013. But what about 2014? 2015? I want to win, but year after year, not one, glorious season, and then a championship hiatus.

                2009 was incredible (I went to Game 6 of the Fall Classic even). But the team at that point was supposed to win numerous championships. Not break down and fail to even reach it again. Come on Yanks.

                • Brian…
                  I may be the biggest Hamilton fan in NY, I have even compared him (favorably) to Mickey Mantle, that is what he is…Mickey without the speed but, with better Baseball instincts.
                  Other than his age, I wonder if he can handle…the city that never sleeps along with the NY everyday pressure!
                  Other than that, I have no problem with having a guy on the team hitting 55-75 HRs a year, do you?
                  Who knows he may be on Cushman’s shopping list this winter!

                  • You betch’a I don’t have a problem with that. But will it happen? Probably not. He’s going to be 32, and like I said, he could have a MONSTER year in 2013 in Yankee Stadium, and maybe 2014. But why sign him to a long term deal for 1-2 years of his prime? He will demand big money, and the Yankees shouldn’t go there. They already got a handful of overpaid, old players who haven’t lived up to the expectations everyone had of them when they got here.

              • Here’s my view of the Yanks moving forward. The farm system doesn’t have enough blue chip prospects to build from within the system. The team needs to get younger and the only postions that are replaceable at this point are the outfield and catcher. The Yanks need a #2 pitcher, to get one they will have to either sign a free agent or make a trade. The biggest dilemma is that the Yankee team is stuck in the middle when it comes to signing pitching. The Yanks need to sign pitchers have a high K/9 ratio because half their infield is old and has limited range. They don’t need pitchers like Hughes who are fly ball pitchers because of the ball park. They also need more power pitchers who can throw in the mid 90’s. Billy Beane seems to have found these pitchers while other teams have not been able to find them. Gio Gonzalez was the biggest mistake in the off season last year. Key moves in the off season will have to address the outfield, pitching and catching situation.

                • Doug – this is your best comment yet since you’ve been posting here.

                  #2 pitcher takes us over the top.

                  Power pitching,ground ball pitcher,high k ratio

                  Im glad your starting to realize the talent of Billy Beane vs CashHog ™.

          • Ken, I’ve got to agree with Doug on this. Even though I don’t share Dougs aversion to give prospects a try (I love Nunez,Dickerson,Miranda,phelps) when you are talking about getting one of the top 5 players in baseball vs a prospect you go for him Hamilton. Players like him come along once a decade. And Choo is very good and getting better.

            Good job Doug.

        • Doug my ambivalence with your players for next year was the wrong way for me to approach yours and others lists. Sorry about that!
          1–Shields great pick-up but, cost us too much!
          2–Hamilton will be 32 next spring, ok but, only a 4 year deal with team personal conduct outs for the team.
          3–Choo, a very good choice, of the three…he is a Yankee!
          4–My choice of Milkey for RF is much cheaper but, have to look in to it more.

          For anyone that has never done the type of list Doug and Brian D put out to be commented on,
          it is not as easy as it may look. If you try doing it as fast as one can type (I am very very slow), one may end up as I did…made to look like a fool. In this case…Fast is last!

          OK people, you need not add things like; “No fool, like an old fool” or….forget it, no more! 🙂

  13. I’d look into BJ Upton and Mike Napoli. Another speed/contact guy would be good as well, along with a long reliever, and a top 3 starter.

  14. Tori Hunter…….sounds like………Raul Ibanez…… Sounds like A. jones…….sounds like……..

  15. What is so hard to understand, Nunez will DH or play SS ONLY?
    Management has spoken, therefore it shall be!
    I think it is a good idea, look what he has done in just 2 games. Next year, with Brett in CF, LF-Melky Mesa/Chris Dickerson, RF–Melky Cabrera, we would have speed to burn.
    Remember…”Every action has a reaction” with a line-up like that, one has to give up power for speed.
    Question; Is it worth it?


  17. Funny line Ken. Finish the next day…..

  18. Giambi had an incredible season last year with Colorado…hitting 13 hrs in only 130abs. And a 140ops+

    But this year he has been awful and it looks like he is toast……along with Matsui and Damon.

  19. Brendan Quartararo

    This is what the 2013 NYY roster will look like.

    #1 SP:CC Sabathia,Stats:19-7 with a 3.59 ERA
    #2 SP Andy Pettitte,Stats:15-6 with a 4.01 ERA
    #3 SP:Ivan Nova,Stats:17-3 with a 3.97 ERA
    #4 SP:Hiroki Kuroda,Stats:16-12 with a 4.27 ERA
    #5 SP:Phil Hughes,Stats:17-11 with a 4.62 ERA
    RP:Joba Chamberlain,Stats:2.06 ERA
    RP:Cody Eppley,Stats:2.97 ERA
    RP:Boone Logan,Stats:3.79 ERA
    RP:Clay Rapada,Stats:2.13 ERA
    RP:Rafael Soriano,Stats:1.39 ERA
    RP:David Robertson,Stats:1.69 ERA
    CP:Mariano Rivera,Stats:2.37 ERA and 42 Saves

    DH:Raul Ibanez,Stats:.263 BA,7 HR and 66 RBIs
    DH:Andruw Jones,Stats:.296 BA,21 HR and 93 RBIs
    C:Ramon Hernandez,Stats:.226 BA,16 HR and 79 RBIs
    1B:Mark Teixeira,Stats:.261 BA,39 HR and 108 RBIs
    2B:Robinson Cano,Stats:.346 BA,41 HR and 151 RBIs
    3B:Alex Rodriguez,Stats:.278 BA,30 HR and 100 RBIs
    SS:Derek Jeter,Stats:.328 BA,12 HR and 69 RBIs
    LF:Nick Swisher,Stats:.276 BA,28 HR and 77 RBIs
    CF:Curtis Granderson,Stats:.268 BA,37 HR and 126 RBIs
    RF:Ichiro Suzuki,Stats:.313 BA,8 HR and 79 RBIs

    NYY:99-63 1ST Place in the AL East
    WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Brendan Quartararo

    I don’t see why not. They have had very good years. Ibanez won’t be as good as this season but Jones will break out.At least he will for a 36 year old.

  21. Brendan Quartararo

    Who’s Ken OR?I don’t see why he can’t get 93 RBIs.He had a really good hot streak earlier in the year.ACCEPT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Brendan Quartararo

    Oh and try to learn how to spell my name. B-R-E-N-D-A-N!!!!!!!!!!!There aren’t 2 Ns.Anyway what does Ken OR will vote Democrat have to do with baseball.

  23. Brendan ……if A Jones gets 93 rbis …..KenOR will take Jeter out to lunch!

  24. Brendan Quartararo

    WHO IS KEN OR!!!!!! You don’t make any sense. You piss me off real bad!!!!!

  25. Brendan Quartararo

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  27. Brendann…… Please forgive TWASP….KenOR along with TWASP are big A. jones fans.

    If you are pissed at us :

  28. Brendan Quartararo

    Wait Ken is OldYankee7. Sorry about the confusion.But, I am sticking to my stats.

  29. No problem Brendan……you have a right to your opinion.

  30. Brendan Quartararo

    I’m not pissed at anyone EXCEPT YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT RELIGIOUS SO BUZZ OFF BUSTER.What does Benedictine Nuns Sing KUM BA YA have to do with baseball.

  31. Brendan Quartararo

    MATHEW S. The one who made the first comment on my post. YOU DIDN’T EVEN REPLY WHEN I said I don’t see why not. They have had very good years. Ibanez won’t be as good as this season but Jones will break out.At least he will for a 36 year old.

  32. Sorry you are mad Brendann, how about this:

  33. Brendan Quartararo


  34. You are right brendon…….since you are not religious, no nuns and no gospel singers:

  35. If Ibanez and Jones are still on the Yankees next year, Babe Ruth will rise from the dead and pitch a no-hitter.

  36. Brendan Quartararo

    I’m Back!!!!!!!!! I’m calm cool and collected. Let’s settle this. I beleive in my stats. Let’s end the arguement right there.

    • That’s fine Brendan. You can believe in your stats and if you have good reasoning to back them up you will be fine. Just have to take other’s opinions on them as that’s what this site is all about ……many different views/opinions. There’s no right way to be a fan of the Yankees. Twasp believes in the Easter Bunny and we don’t kill him!

  37. Welcome back Brendan……. There is nothing wrong with healthy debate amongst Yankee fans.

    TWASP likes your numbers for the most part. Didn’t you publish them here at YFU so you can get others opinions on them?

  38. Brendan Quartararo

    No,I just made them up.

  39. Brendan Quartararo

    Twasp,are you muscular? Are the rest of the people that posted muscular. I mean do you have 6-8 pack abs and big biceps. One last question. How old are you and everyone else that posted.

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  43. Brendan Quartararo

    Send me a picture of you shirtles and flexing your biceps.

  44. Don’t you want to see me up to bat?

  45. Brendan Quartararo

    Come on. Can you please,please,please,please send me a picture of you shirtless and flexing your biceps.

  46. Brendan Quartararo

    No I want to see you shirtless and flexing your biceps.

  47. Brendan……. Dateline just called …….you’ve violated your parole.

  48. Brendan Quartararo

    Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not joking. I’m serious. Send me a picture in your next post of you shirtless and flexing your biceps. Have someone living with you hold the camera so I can see you from head to toe.

  49. Brendan Quartararo

    I’m sorry. I was just joking. Baseball is the best sport ever.

  50. Brendan Quartararo

    Forgive me. I beg you.

  51. Brendan Quartararo

    I always joke around like that.

  52. Brendan Quartararo

    I’ll never do it again. I promise.

  53. Brendan – How many hrs do you think Francisco Cerelli will hit next year?

  54. Brendan Quartararo

    I think he will hit about 6.

  55. Brendan Quartararo

    You forgave me.

  56. What position does Francisco Cervelli play?

  57. Brendan Quartararo

    Please tell me if you forgave me. I’m stressed out. I’m panicing right now.

  58. Brendan Quartararo

    He plays catcher.

  59. Brendan Quartararo

    We can forget what happened before,I hope? I’m almost at the piont of a panic attack.

  60. Brendan Quartararo

    Is it okay if I keep it private? I don’t like other people knowing my business. I just don’t like it.

  61. Brendan Quartararo

    There is only one thing I want to know. DO YOU FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!!

  62. Brendan Quartararo

    I should never gotten mad or did you know what before. It was all for nothing. Everyone has there own opinion.

  63. Brendan Quartararo

    I’ll just aksk one more time and then I’ll let it go. DO YOU FORGIVE ME

  64. Brendan Quartararo

    Here is my NYY all-time.

    #1 SP:Whitey Ford,Stats:21-7 with a 2.69 ERA
    #2 SP:Jack Chesbro,Stats:36-8 with a 1.72 ERA
    #3 SP:Waite Hoyt,Stats:26-11 with a 3.12 ERA
    #4 SP:Herb Pennock,Stats:22-9 with a 3.68 ERA
    #5 SP:Ron Guidry,Stats:20-6 with a 2.87 ERA
    RP:John Wetteland,Stats:2.67 ERA
    RP:Dave Righetti,Stats:2.89 ERA
    RP:Rich Gossage,Stats:1.68 ERA
    RP:Johnny Murphy,Stats:2.01 ERA
    CP:Sparky Lyle,Stats:1.69 ERA and 33 Saves

    DH:Hideki Matsui,Stats:.289 BA,37 HR and 116 RBIs
    C:Bill Dickey,Stats:.327 BA,26 HR and 129 RBIs
    1B:Lou Gehrig,Stats:.346 BA,46 HR and 166 RBIs
    2B:Tony Lazzeri,Stats:.368 BA,18 HR and 109 RBIs
    3B:Graig Nettles,Stats:.265 BA,32 HR and 137 RBIs
    SS:Phil Rizzuto,Stats:.300 BA,6 HR and 72 RBIs
    LF:Dave Winfield,Stats:.326 BA,36 HR and 127 RBIs
    CF:Joe Dimaggio,Stats:.367 BA,39 HR and 148 RBIs
    RF:Babe Ruth,Stats:.369 BA,58 HR and 167 RBIs

  65. Where’s Mickey Mantle and Derek Jeter?

  66. Where’s Mariano Rivera?

  67. Oh, my goodness, another one…sound like he is younger than Brian.
    No offence to either one of you guys, just a envies old man writing.
    Welcome Brendan, hopefully you will be as newsworthy as Brian and some of the others!

    What? One doesn’t make an All time Yankee list on one year stats.

    I would go with these changes as listed below.
    If one goes by the norm (8 years min);

    SS–A-Rod or Rogers Hornsby
    LF–Mickey Mantle (10 yrs. voted the bast on the team)
    DH–Bernie Williams, Good Switch hitter
    Pitchers–Whitey, R. Guidry, Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi and Eddie LoPat.

    Could live with those changes.

  68. Ken – what years did Hornsby play SS for the Yankees?

  69. 2024 didn’t anyone see the games that year? You’ll ain’t got no memory at all, just like yesterday.

  70. Ha ha…….you da man Ken.

  71. Brendan Quartararo

    My stats are 162 game averages.

    • I find no problem with your stats. My question is, would it not be much better to have career stats, not just one year stats for the greatest players?
      Your list was well done but, again career stats should have been used don’t you think? Also, making a list like that has a lot of subjective thinking to go alone with it. Ask any 4 fans and you will end up with 4 different lists.
      Good job Brandan!

  72. Brendan Quartararo

    If there were Yankee career stats this is what it would look like.

    #1 SP:Whitey Ford,Stats:236-106 with a 2.75 ERA
    #2 SP:Jack Chesbro,Stats:128-93 with a 2.58 ERA
    #3 SP:Waite Hoyt,Stats:157-98 with a 3.48 ERA
    #4 SP:Herb Pennock,Stats:162-90 with a 3.54 ERA
    #5 SP:Ron Guidry,Stats:170-91 with a 3.29 ERA
    RP:John Wetteland,Stats:2.88 ERA
    RP:Dave Righetti,Stats:3.11 ERA
    RP:Rich Gossage,Stats:2.14 ERA
    RP:Johnny Murphy,Stats:3.54 ERA
    CP:Sparky Lyle,Stats:141 saves with a 2.41 ERA

  73. Brendan Quartararo

    I had one of the strangest dreams last night. Me and my dad were driving home from picking me up at school where I had a lot of fun, and suddenly a dark cloud sat right above the tree line. I asked,”Why are the clouds so low?” Dad said,”I have no idea,let’s put on the radio and see.” On the radio the reporter said,”There is a huge hurricane coming. We will be safe if it turns to the NW, but if it keeps going it will hit the city of Jacksonville,FL. If it does hit it will be devastating. I advise averyone to start evacuating.” We sped home went in the house and told mom. “Mommy, we have to evacuate.” She said,”Why,what’s wrong?” I then said scared to death,”A hurricane is coming and we don’t know where it will hit. If it hits here it will be devastating. We rented a house by the water so if we stay we will die for sure!” “Let’s go!” she said. When we were done packing, we went to the car and I looked towards the ocean. I was stunned. It was coming this way and I could see 3 tornadoes with it. 1 was on the ground and the other 2 were on there way to doing so. I said,”Hurry up, we have to go now before it’s to late!” We decided to go to Savanah,GA where the hurricane would miss by a lot. So, we drove there and stayed at a hotel. We decided that we would go back to NJ where it was safe. When we did go back to FL though,everything was flattened and flooded. All I had to say to my parents was,”I told you so. We wouldn’t be standing here right now if we stayed.

  74. Brendan Quartararo

    I watched Dancing with the Stars the last 2 nights and I predict that Former NFL player Emmitt Smith will win the trophy on the finale.

  75. Brendan Quartararo

    Why would I be dancing?

  76. Brendan Quartararo

    BRIAN,How tall are you and how much do you weigh? I’m 5’3″ and 196.6 lbs. That may sound heavy but I’m the most muscular kid in my classes. I arm wrestle my friends and always beat them. I compliment there muscles, but I say I’m more muscular and they say I know.

  77. Brendan Quartararo


  78. Brendan – what position did Brian Doyle play?

  79. Brendan Quartararo

    He was an infielder. He played second baseman, shortstop, and third baseman.

  80. Brendan – who was Jerry Kenney?

  81. Brendan Quartararo

    He was a player for the yankees from 1967, and 1969-72. He played third base, shortstop, and center field.

  82. Brendan Quartararo

    I knew them. I watch a tone of baseball. It was one of my favorite hobbies.

  83. Brendan Quartararo

    I mean it IS one of my favorite hobbies.

  84. There once was a commenter on a couple of sites that you (Brendan) remind me of, a bit anyway!
    He was young and full of himself! If you disagreed with him, he would start by calling you names. Why, because you were too stupid to understand how you could be so dumb as to not see how he was right and you were wrong. Funny thing about him was/is, he knew his stuff, but, as with a lot of people he just didn’t get it

    But, other than being young and your line above, about being pissed off with someone, that’s about it.
    Stick around and have some fun, I think you will in joy it. 🙂

  85. Brendan Quartararo

    This is the NYY playoff roster.

    #1 SP:Andy Pettitte
    #2 SP:CC Sabathia
    #3 SP:Hiroki Kuroda
    #4 SP:Phil Hughes
    #5 SP:David Phelps
    RP:Clay Rapada
    RP:Cody Eppley
    RP:Boone Logan
    RP:Joba Chamberlain
    RP:David Robertson
    CP:Rafael Soriano(IF Mariano Rivera is ok to pitch I will use him instead and Robertson will set up and Soriano will be the 7th inning pitcher)

    DH:Raul Ibanez(I wouldn’t use Andruw Jones because he hasn’t been as productive of late)
    C:Russell Martin
    1B:Mark Teixeira(if he is not healthy enough to play then I would use Swish)
    2B:Robinson Cano
    SS:Derek Jeter
    LF:Nick Swisher (if Teixeira is healthy BUT if not then since Swish would be at 1st then I would put Jones out in left)
    CF:Curtis Granderson
    RF:Ichiro Suzuki

  86. Nice list Brendan…
    Of course I would change, only all of them…just jokeing!
    No need for 5 starters, and nether Soriano or Mo pitches very well as set-up pitcher.
    Nick in right field and Itchy is in left field.

  87. Brendan Quartararo

    After week 2 of DWTS I still think Emmitt Smith will win!!!!!!!

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