Morning Bits: Jeter, Nunez, Gardner

Good morning everyone and a Happy Sunday to you all. Yankees won yesterday and Orioles lost which means the Yankees are in sole possession of 1st place entering play today. Today it’s Hiroki Kuroda vs. Matt Moore. So here are your morning links!

— Derek Jeter will continue to be the Yankees DH until Tuesday–an exciting day for the Yankees since they will get Andy Pettitte back in their rotation.

— Joe Girardi has faith in Eduardo Nunez after Nunez’s error the night before and how did that work out for the Yankees? Nunez hit a home run, his first since September 21, 2011.

— Brett Gardner could return to the Yankees relatively soon as a pinch-running option and although the Yankees aren’t sure they should let him play in the OF, Gardner is working on bunting and plans to start swinging next week.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. when bret favre hurt his ankle he had to go to dr andrews and have surgery, will jeter need surgery? i hope thats not true

    also,, there is a small rumor going around the internet that is saying derek jeter is retiring after the season,, that why he is playing everyday injured to get his last at bats in

    and i hope thats not true either

  2. Jeter has an 11 game hitting streak now,,, he is 21 for 51 , 412avg, with 8 runs and 8 rbi, 2 walks, and grounded into only one double play

    this has come after a mini slump. After the plate appearance where jeter got hit in the head with the pitch he went 7 for 39, 179 avg, with 4 runs and 3 rbis over his next 9 1/2 games

    there is no way to know i guess if being hit like that affected him,…. but the 10 games before he was hit by the pitch he was 16 for 41, 390 avg, with 12 runs , 6 rbi, 3 walks

    so we can see he was on fire, got hit in the head, took 10 games to clear up, and now is on fire last 11 games

  3. with 17 games left in the season, jeter needs 22 hits to reach 220 hits, the most he ever had,….. this is not impossible to get

    Jeter is averaging 4.2867 at bats per game played this season.

    if jeter plays in all 17 remaining games, at those at bats, that is 72 more at bats

    if jeter gets 22 hits in those 72 at bats,, his final hit total will be 220, and his final avg will be 321.17

    if jeter can get the same 22 hits in only 62 more at bats, his avg will be 325.926 — this may be good enough to win the batting title

    he can start today with a nice 3 hit game

  4. Upcoming Historical Marks for Jeter

    Jeter need 2 extra base hits to tie the great Carlton Fisk, and 4 more to tie Roberto Clemente

    Jetrer needs to play in 4 more games to tie Ozzy Smith in games played in

    Jeter needs 9 more total bases to tie Rogers Hornsby

    Jeter needs 1 more double to tie Willie Mays, 2 more to tie Griffey jr, and 3 more to tie Ted Williams

    Jeter needs 7 more RBI to tie Bernie Williams

    Jeter needs 28 more times on base to tie Honus Wagner ( his historical rival)

    Jeter needs 7 more walks to tie Rogers Hornsby

  5. Jim – do you think Jeter should be first ballot HOF?

  6. since coming off the DL with 80 team games to play in 2011—-
    Jeter has played in 212 of 225 games
    292 hits for 897 at bats
    325.5295 avg
    137 runs and 95 rbi

    Prorating that to 162 games in a season, based on 225 team games played ( so it is realistic to days off) , the numbers would be–
    210 hits
    99 runs
    68 rbi
    326 avg

    taking the entire 2010 season, and first 82 team games of the 2011 season
    Jeter played in 219 of 244 games
    247 hits for 925 at bats
    267.0270 avg
    150 runs and 87 rbi

    So what does this tell us??
    Because Jeter was coming off a GREAT season in 2009, world series champion, 212 hits, 3rd in MVP voting……

    he went into a avgerage slump,.. and was playing like a regular player, lol

  7. will gil hodges be a 50th ballot hof’er?

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