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Yankees Rain Out Notes: Gardner, Teixeira, Jeter

Good evening everyone! If we can’t have a game, we might as well clear up some notes from today before we found out the game was postponed. Here are some evening notes!

Brett Gardner began a hitting program today–but don’t expect him to hit for the Yankees this season. He could bunt but the Yankees want to use him for pinch-running and defense. Gardner hasn’t spoken to the Yankees about being on the postseason roster but Girardi said that it’s not “out of the question”. Gardner is expected to be activated tomorrow.

Mark Teixeira has been out for a full week, but don’t expect him to be back with the Yankees for another 10 days. The Yankees want to make sure that Teixeira is fully healed before he plays again. Also some good news, Teixeira was nominated for the 2012 Roberto Clemente Award for his contributions on and off the field. He works alongside with Harlem RBI.

— Don’t bother asking Joe Girardi what the lineup was–he didn’t even bother to make one today. However, he did say that he was going to ask how Derek Jeter was tomorrow and then decide if he’ll play shortstop.

A reminder: Andy Pettitte pitches the day game tomorrow and David Phelps pitches the nightcap. Girardi figured to get Phelps in a game sooner or later so he could go to the bullpen and help. Also for both games it’s separate admission so you would have to pay for both games if you want to see both games at the stadium.,

Blue Jays vs. Yankees Game: Postponed

Blue Jays vs. Yankees Game: Postponed

By Delia E.

Good evening everyone. Tonight’s Yankees / Blue Jays game has been postponed. There will be a doubleheader tomorrow at 1:05pm and at 7:05pm. There’s still lots of baseball to watch with the Red Sox & Rays and the Orioles and Mariners (that’s at 10pm however). Enjoy the night everyone and get ready for a long day of Yankees Baseball tomorrow.

Update: Andy Pettitte will start the day game of the doubleheader while David Phelps will start the nightcap.

Spanning the Yankee Blogs: Logan, Sabathia, Playoffs and more

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Morning Bits: Nunez, Jeter, Pettitte

Sticking with the old mug for good luck

Good morning all.  The Yankees begin a new series with Toronto tonight as Andy Pettitte makes his turn.  I looked at the weather and it does not look like this game will be played though.  So they may wait it out and play real late or play a day night double header.  The Yankees have no more off days.   Stay tuned here for the latest.

Here are some links to get you through the morning…

Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY asks if Nunez should be the DH moving forward for the rest of the season.

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Kristie Ackert of The Daily News writes that Pettitte brings big games experience at the right time for the Yankees.