Blue Jays vs. Yankees Game: Postponed

Blue Jays vs. Yankees Game: Postponed

By Delia E.

Good evening everyone. Tonight’s Yankees / Blue Jays game has been postponed. There will be a doubleheader tomorrow at 1:05pm and at 7:05pm. There’s still lots of baseball to watch with the Red Sox & Rays and the Orioles and Mariners (that’s at 10pm however). Enjoy the night everyone and get ready for a long day of Yankees Baseball tomorrow.

Update: Andy Pettitte will start the day game of the doubleheader while David Phelps will start the nightcap.

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  1. New this was coming but was hoping there was a chance to see Pettitte pitch tonight. Now I’ll be stuck at work for his start. oh well.

  2. Hey Tim. Welcome. Who would you like to see the Yankees keep. Granderson or Swisher?

  3. This rain delay/Doubleheader robs Pettite from making 4 starts before the post-season. It also means Phelps won’t be available in the pen starting today like he would have been. With Andy being capped at 70-75 pitches, having Phelps available in the pen would have been nice.

    But I agree with Girardi’s decision. He could have left Phelps in the pen and gone with Hughes or Garcia tmrw. But, I’d rather see Phelps start than Garcia and if he went with Hughes tomorrow they’d still have to pitch Phelps or Garcia on Sunday vs Oakland. So it makes sense to let Phelps face Toronto tmrw rather than Oakland on Sunday because it gets him back in the bullpen quicker. Although the pen may have to throw a lot of innings tmrw, they’ve all had 2 days off and Garcia is available as the long man.

    • Yeah Garcia as a long man in waiting isn’t to bad. This really cramps the end of the season. With a B’more lose tonight and two Yankee wins tomorrow things will look good. Let’s hope for that.

  4. Great post on Yankees analysts about how Nova cut out putting his glove over his head in his motion and now just starts it at waist level. Hopefully that can lead to more consistency from him.

  5. ok here it is. I feel pretty dumb for not noticing lol as its a big change.

    • Nova was electric the other day. In addition to changing his hands he seemed to be releasing the ball a litle further out in front of his body which gave him better movement and velocity. And the simplified motion improved his command.

      It also appeared that he simplified hthings and went back to last year’s approach. Throwing the FB down in the zone with movement and throwing less Sliders which he tends to hang.too often. His Curveball was tighter and was a nasty swing and miss pitch. I’m anxious to see his next couple of starts to see if he can build off it. Nova has the stuff to be a great #3 and possible #2 in the future when he gains consistency. He spent all year long trying to find himself as he transitioned from a GB pitcher to a SO pitcher. He may finally have realized that it’s best to be a combonation of the 2……throw the hard sinking FB as your bread and butter and keep the tight breaking stuff for when you need to put someone away.

      He’s shown great coachability so far in his career and the ability to adapt. He made big improvements last yr when sent to the minors for a month and appears to have done the same after being “demoted” to the DL for a month with a possible phantom injury.

      • It is my contention that the last two pitching coaches as well as Long have been nightmares. I believe it is a scenario that occurs when people making big money in a high profile position feel the need to constantly justify their salary and job and do way too much that simply doesn’t need to be done. Simple is usually the answer, and that is in regards to just about everything in life. As a huge proponent of Occam’s Razor, I believe the inconsistent pitching and low batting averages that Long and Eiland/Rothschild have produced have been a product of not leaving talented players the hell alone.
        As you say, Nova went back to last year’s approach, an approach that he developed BEFORE that slack jawed, worthless mutant Rothschild tinkered with.

  6. The old mantra of pitching has been, “Simplify, simplify”. Common sence tells one, the less moving parts the greater the chance of a repeatable motion…see Mo!
    I once saw a guy go through his motion everyday before a mirror to find ways to simplify his motion.
    He cut down a lot of movement without hurting anything if fact, surprise, surprise, it helped in many ways. Back in the day, in high school there was no one to help a pitcher. Read a book or go to a Yankee team day and talk to some of the pitchers.

    • I remember growing up watching some great lefty pitchers who all used a wind up over there heads, so I copied them. Later on in the minors I found I had better control without the pump over the head. I used to look in the full length mirror in my room to perfect my lefty pick off move to first. I wanted my movement to look the same going to home or first. It worked! Getting back to the pump, I can remember a pitcher using a double pump.

      • Yep! You got it right some of the guys (I think Kaat was one) use to kick their leg up in the air and use it for a rocking chair delivery oh, another one was Dizzy Dean.
        For me, I had to make it simple, with my 83+/- fast ball (mostly -) I had no room for error (truth be told, I very, very seldom used the FB) so I needed the C&C the simple delivery gave me.
        I always figured, one had to find their own comfort zone, then simplify it as much as one could.
        What ever works for anyone is the way they should go!
        I was in high school in the mid-50’s, it was a bit different back in the day.

    • Brilliant post Old Yankee, and oh so true.

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