Game 150 Lineup: Athletics vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. Athletics:

Derek Jeter DH
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Curtis Granderson CF
Russell Martin C
Eric Chavez 1B
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Eduardo Nunez SS

CC Sabathia LHP

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Oh no Matt B………..Arod getting booooooooooooed again!

  2. Good situational hitting by Grandy to loft that sac fly to left field.

  3. Twasp…good evening. Thank you for the welcome the other night. Appreciate your words.
    Sometimes I watch little things in a game…tonight, Ichiro Suzuki. His speed, gliding effortless steps.
    Even though he was called out running out of the base path.

  4. Patrick ….what do you think of Arods hitting since he has been back. Started off well but has looked terrible on some recent abs.

    • Twasp…A-Rod? My guess, you can expect more of the same. The one handed swing, the strikeouts. Nothing in his seasons work, gives you any hope that the old A-Rod is around the corner……………….Have you heard from Ken? Does he still post here any longer? A good guy.

  5. His weight shift and leg kick look different in this video vs tonight’s game.

    • Twasp…I don’t pretend to know as much as you guys. To me, he is reaching for outside stuff. And that is all they will throw him, unless they make a mistake. He is strong, but that power thrust is not there. The fans should not hold their breath, in my opinion.

  6. FISHJAM: Before I have to sign off tonight………..Thank you for the welcome, the other night. Only a
    few words, but they meant a lot to me. Tonight, I raise my glass to you…………patrick.

  7. Twasp…That video of Alex in the cage…is that from Tampa, or locally?

  8. It’s the 9th inning! Would you bring in Soriano or stay with CC?

  9. Delia – what happened to our hitting?

  10. Your favorite Delia ….Russell Martin is the man!

  11. Just got home from the Boogie Down. What a game!! Place was electric. I nearly started a chant of “We want Mo” after Sori blew the save, but what are you gonna do. Russell’s the hero!

    • Brian Soriano’s double duty the other day wasn’t exactly what we’d have liked to have seen.He’s been great this year. Asking a closer for 7 outs in one day was a lot.
      Soriano wasn’t the problem last night, it was the offense once again, who just can ‘t string together hits.
      Again, its that middle part of the order who just can’t get it done. I don’t know what they can do with Granderson except call a shrink in.
      5-7 was 1-10 with no walks.with the “1” being Martin’s walk-off.
      I liked Swisher batting 2nd, but you wonder if Ichiro couldn’t be moved up to 2nd, sliding down Arod and Cano to 3rd and 4th and Swisher to 5th.
      Granderson is not a 5 man, heck I don’t know what he is at this point other than an automatic out.
      I do know this, last year the Arod-Swisher-Teixeira part of the order singlehandedly killed us in the ALDS. Now Arod was hurt, last year and I LIKE his ability to get base hits now. I don’t care that he isn’t hitting home runs like he used to, we have an entire team of guys who only go deep or make outs.
      What terrifies me is the thought of Teixeira returning and Girardi going with he and Granderson back to back in the 5th and 6th spots of the lineup in the postseason. If that happens? Over/Under on LOB for those two in a 5 game series is 20, and I’d bet the over.
      Matt’s column on ARod was spot on, and it’s something I said when he went down. It’s no coincidence that the Yankees blew the 10 game lead when he was gone and now that he’s back and with Nunez in the lineup they are winning games.. People love to crush ARod, but he makes our lineup longer and his worst average year as a Yankee is 14 points better than Teixeira’s best year the last 3 seasons. Pitchers also still fear Arod’s power, even if it’s diminished.
      SInce the Orioles game where Teixeira got hurt again, the Yankees are 9-2. Teixeira is a 23.5 million dollar a year defensive specialist. Arod’s value to the Yankees is twice Teixeira’s. You know how you can tell that? I haven’t heard anyone mention a single word in regards to “oh boy, wait until Teixeira is back!!”. Heck, I’ll be honest, I think they have a better shot without him in the postseason without his .170 postseason average and 3 home runs in 106 Yankee postseason at bats.
      I fear Nunez being out of the postseason lineup with Jeter back at SS.
      There’s talk that Texeira will be the DH in the playoffs when he returns.

      • Your definitely right. I don’t think too deeply at Yankee games. Sori did get a lot of work recently and Girardi was even quoted saying after last night, he didn’t know what he’d get out of him.

        I agree with you 100% on A-Rod and the lineup. Rodriguez has been hitting very well since coming off the DL, and who cares if it’s a home run or a hit; he’s still driving in runs and getting on base. And the threat of him crushing one out is always there, so pitchers need to be careful.

        The Yankees should just shut down Teixiera. Seriously. He’s not going to be 100%, and like you said, he’s this Yankees team’s 2005-2007 playoff version of A-Rod. He can’t buy a hit in the postseason. Granted, he did hit a home run in Game 2 of the 09 World Series that gave us a boost, and the walk off shot that just cleared the wall in the ALDS….but as you said, Teix right now would hurt this lineup more than he would do good.

  12. Has anyone noticed changes in the Yankees approach to the games lately? I’m sure we all have seen the difference a couple of players can make in a game.
    I must give credit where credit is due, Cashman for bringing in Itchy and Joe for changing things up and letting Itchy and Nunez play.
    I don’t care how Joe puts it to anyone on the team but, Nunez playing SS and Itchy in LF makes the team much better, as the game last night showed.
    Speed disrupts so much of the defending teams ability to play a certain player the way thay would normally try. Speed disrupts the pitcher and catcher, which is good for the team at the plate. Speed can help or hurt a team, it can put a man in scoring position or run you out of an inning.
    Speed can’t be learned but, until the legs get to many days on them, “Speed Kills”

    Next year, we will have Brett and Nunez, as our only SB threats unless they bring someone up from the farm or pick up some else where. Will Itchy be back?

    • Ken, it is often underestimated(as Fish always notes) how much chaos can affect a game.
      What I note when watching Yankee games this season is how the way we have hit most of the season has allowed opposing pitchers to stay in a comfort zone. Most pitchers are less effective from the stretch. When runners are on base, the opposing pitcher’s concentration is affected by the runner on base as well as his performance affected by pitching from the stretch.
      There is also a mental aspect involved regarding nerves. When a runner is on base and a pitcher knows a single or double can score runs, most pitchers tend to get tighter, and will also throw more fastballs out of fear of a passed ball on a wild breaking pitch advancing a runner or scoring a run from 3rd base.
      How many pitchers pitch better with runners on base?
      Living on home runs is no way to travel.
      The home run is hit, the bases are clear. Home runs also don’t run up pitch counts like consistent base hits and walks do. I’ve seen many opposing pitchers allow home runs or one big inning to us, then settle right back into stride.
      The first game of the double header the other day was a shining example of this. We scored 3 runs in the first 5 hitters, then NOTHING until very late in the game with the home run. We aren’t knocking out pitchers early like we used to do.
      Basehits knock out pitchers early!!
      Most teams have very adequate setup men and closers, even the bad teams. Where you can really do damage is against middle relief. Middle relief pitchers are the dregs in this day and age. Guys who aren’t good enough to start and not good enough to set up or close.
      To get to those clowns(like our own middle relief guys) you have to knock out the starting pitcher by the 4th-6th inning. I haven’t seen so many opposing pitchers last into the 7th inning against us in 20 years!!!

  13. Daer Mr OR

    you have been warned regarding the use of the Trademarked term Speed Kills ™. Any future referemce will be deemed liable and you will be banished from YFU, AARP, and the western NY Elks Club.

    Thank you for your future compliance.

    Ryan Seacrest
    Director- customer relationships
    NYS Patent Office

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