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What should the Yankees do with Brett Gardner?

Should the Yankees allow Gardner to return this season or wait until next season?

Brett Gardner had been on an up and down roller-coaster in 2012. When we first hear of Gardner, it was during 2012 Spring Training when he told reporters that he wanted to have a good season after coming off a so-so 2011. 9 games into 2012, it was the last the Yankees had seen Gardner for a while. Gardner suffered 3 set-backs on the road back to the Yankees which prompted him to get surgery on his elbow in July. Since then, Gardner had been rehabbing to get back into playing shape and surprisingly, Gardner is willing to come back but in the role that he had during the 2009 postseason; pinch runner and defense.

Now, I’m not going to deny it. I’m a gigantic fan of Brett Gardner since he single-handedly shifts the dynamics of the team, but I’m not entirely sure that Gardner returning to the Yankees this season is the best idea. Yes, Gardner’s speed can help the Yankees in the postseason (should they make it) and for the duration of the rest of the season, but we have to look at the big picture here. Gardner can’t hit the baseball right now, even if he wanted to. Gardner had just began a hitting program so, him hitting by the end of the season or the postseason is out of the question right now.

If I’m the Yankees, I wouldn’t allow Gardner to play until next season when he’s able to hit 100%. There’s no reason to rush Gardner back in the outfield if the Yankees would have to replace him when his spot in the lineup came up. Also, it would be unfortunate for Gardner to suffer another injury in the outfield when he’s already nursing his elbow. If Gardner suffered another injury, then he could be out longer than the Yankees want.

I say, let Gardner take the rest of the year off, get him a hitting program in the off-season, get him to 100% health and then let him come back next year. Gardner would be of better use to the Yankees if he could hit, field without worrying about the elbow and steal bases.

If you were the Yankees, would you play Brett Gardner for the remainder of the season despite him not being able to hit, or would you wait next season? Sound off in the comments below.

Game 151 – Yankees vs A’s

Here is the lineup….

Derek Jeter SS

Ichiro Suzuki CF

Alex Rodriguez DH

Robinson Cano 2B

Nick Swisher RF

Casey McGehee 1B

Jayson Nix 3B

Andruw Jones LF

Chris Stewart C

Ivan Nova RHP

Morning Bits: Jeter, Soriano and more…

Sticking with the old mug for good luck

Good Morning.  How about Russell Martin coming up clutch last night.  It was a good thing because Baltimore won as well.   Ivan Nova is on the mound this afternoon against Blackley.  Game time is for 1:05PM EST.  Enjoy!

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Paul Casella has the preview of today’s game as Nova looks to extend the winning streak to seven games.

Peter Botte of The Daily News writes that Girardi mentions that Soriano may have a “dead arm.”