Game 151 – Yankees vs A’s

Here is the lineup….

Derek Jeter SS

Ichiro Suzuki CF

Alex Rodriguez DH

Robinson Cano 2B

Nick Swisher RF

Casey McGehee 1B

Jayson Nix 3B

Andruw Jones LF

Chris Stewart C

Ivan Nova RHP

About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Can’t knock Ichiro going to third on that play.

  2. The Pore Young ‘uns, You never saw some of the best!?

    Some of the young-uns think, cutting the pie is an after game treat! Just kidding!
    I some times pity the younger generation, They missed out on seeing some of the greatest players of all time in their best years.
    How many of them would be shocked to see Bob Gibson just throw bee-bees and not let anyone crowd the plate…Jeter, Posada and some of those guys that are diving over the plate would get a high hard one stuck in their ear. Or the tandem of Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax along with Osteen and Podres (4man rotation). Sal “The Barber” Maggly(SP). These guys would go 9 or more innings almost every game.
    Remember the “Cleveland Jet” Herb Score, Bob Feller, Bob Turly or Ryne Duren…now those four guys could bring hot hot hot heat and I don’t care who you are, you would never dig in against Turly or the others…at least, not twice.
    There were many other old timers pitchers and Pos. Players that some never saw, in real life.
    This is why I always say, “Stats are a very good tool but, not a bible,” a very well trained eye lets the stats show him a problem but, it depends on the person putting them together to be good at his job also. Also, stats don’t tell you if a problem can be corrected and how to do it.

    Making any comparison to the fielding of a player playing to-day to one of even 25 years ago is impossable. Everything from Uniformes to Meds and the condition of the fields they played on is much better today!

    Take the stats of Jeter compared to Rizzuto, the stats say Jeter was heads above Phil but, how can Ruzzuto (a very good SS in his time), from 60 years ago be compared to Jeter and his stats of today. If one had never seen Phil or Jeter play, one would say Phil couldn’t carry Jeters Jock…and they would be right. Having seen both of them play, Jeter was the better of the two but not by as much as the stats show.
    Can anyone of you see A-Rod, Tex or Cano swinging a club like they use to just 25 years ago…40 to 44+ ounce bats were used by most players back then, have any of you seen the gloves of 30+ years ago?
    According to the stats, Hammering Hank was a better player then “The Babe” in HRs’ but, do any of you really believe he was? No, not a bit but, the stats say other wise. So don’t make a judgement on who is the better player on stats alone think about it a bit. Would Jeter have hit as well back in the 50s’ or 60′ as now… No f–king way. He would dive across the plate with that 38 oz., of wood and end up in the hospital. Remember, they didn’t have helmets back then and most of the good pitchers would throw at your head in a heart beat. Also, I started with a 40 bottle bat, hands separated and choked way up, from both sides of the plate.
    (Jeter and Phil were used because everyone knows of them both.)

    So, I was waiting for the game so I found this…

  3. Ken….Rizzuto used a 34 ounce back. Assume if Jeter played back then he would have used a lighter bat closer to Rizzuto’s. He would have hit .300 + in any era.

  4. Hank Aaron. 33oz
    Ted Williams 34oz
    Mickey Mantle 35 oz

    The 40 oz bats you are talking about were used in the 20s most often

  5. but derek jeter is a heavy weight

  6. Things weren’t so tough in the old days Ken, did you know if the ball bounced over the fence it was a homerun?

  7. Let me guess Ken, Cutting the pie means showboating or showing off.

  8. Rizzuto hit 38 home runs his ENTIRE career. And he only had a 93+OPS (7% less than the avg player).

    Jeter hit 255 home runs. And his OPS+ is 118 (18% better than the average player).

    OPS Compares the player performance in relation to the average player fripom his generation/season.

    So it doesn’t matter what size the bat was.

  9. I guess I have to let some fans know that everything is not a pro or con about the great and wonderful Jeter! My god, can’t one write anything without it being about Jeter.
    The whole comment was to show how thinking is all messed up by fans trying to compare apples and oranges, some of you want to mix the two…can’t be done.
    A fan says Jeter would have used a much lighter bat…wrong! Trying to mix yesteryear with todays thinking is not the way to think. If you compare a player to years ago, said player must use what is at that date in time, not todays thinking. Also, one must face the pitchers of long ago.
    Back in those days one used the heaviest bat they could swing comfortably…heavy bat for power.

    The whole story was just to point out many differences in some of the attitudes players of long ago had compared to todays players. The older guys had to produce or someone would take their job.
    With the contracts of today, no need for them to work that hard to keep their job every year, other than the Walk year.

  10. Ken…..why do you alwaysnuse Jeter as an example of something bad. Like Jeter couldn’t hit in the pastbwith his style. Or Jeter is hanging on for the 3000 hits. Or Jeter is not going ton hit .300 this year. Or what Arod said about Jeter not being en an is true. or Jeter is not abfirst ballot HOFer.

    It’s always negativenwhen it comesnto Jeter !

  11. Ken – did you ever Boo Rizzuto?

  12. Jeter has had to face nasty pitchers that pitch inside just like in the 60s. (Gibson)

    Like Pedro Martinez, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Padilla, Beckett, Randy Johnson etc..

  13. Jim – pitchers today pitch Jeter inside just like they would have in the 60s. How many times has he been HBP?

  14. Dude, i’m fucking tired of the Yankees not hustling!!!

    Swisher has to be on 2nd base on that pop up!!!

    And the inning before, a slow roller gets through Swisher who def should have had it and Cano was loafing it because he thought Swisher would get it. That moved the tieing run from 1st to 3rd and scored on a sac fly. That’s the tying run in the 7th inning of a huge game!

    Girardi needs to rip these guys a new one!

  15. This has been going on all year. Lack of hustle AND discipline.

    • You are right . This team in general is complacent. They don’t play with urgency….and make waaaaay too many fundamental mistakes. This lack of hustling is especially disturbing.

  16. Does Joe realize how many times they’ve also been late covering bases……lost on the base paths….

  17. Cano especially has been lackadaisical in the field and at bet. Something is up with him.

  18. This situation tells you all you need to know what other teams think of Granderson. 2nd and 3rd 1 out with a RHP and they don’t walk him. Sure enough he pops up. Absolutely pathetic!

  19. Fans gotta interfere there.

  20. Let’s go Chavez!!!!!!!

    • This is why the sac bunt isn’t used any more, you give up a out. It has been proven that this doesn’t work in the long run. There’s your small ball!

      • That’s not true Doug. The bunt worked fine. it was the pop up by Granderson and the strikeout by Chavez that destroyed the inning. The bunt is a poor play early in the game or when you are behind but when you have a hitter in Nix who is hitting .239 in the bot 7th of a tie game, the bunt is the right move. All Grandy had to do was ANYTHING except Strikeout or Pop Up and they take the lead……he failed. Had nothing to do with a successful bunt that moved both runners into scoring position.

  21. O’s and Sox are tied in the ninth. If it goes into extra’s you know what that means.

  22. Swing the bat….protect the plate with 2 strikes.

  23. Pathetic. I hate him in the OF!!!

  24. Ibanez stinks in the field

  25. Fish – gotta lay that on Joe……his responsibility.

  26. Doug – you must of fallen of your rocker. Our recent use of small ball has been a big part of our winning lately. don’t you watch the games?

  27. Despite his terrible numbers, Stephen Drew has a lot of talent. He was a nice pick up by Beane.

  28. We’ve all read Moneyball and the sabermetricians views on the sac bunt. Billy Martin is rolling over in his grave.

  29. If oakland had bunted after the leadoff double dropped by Ibanez they’d be leading 6-5 right now. Instead the guy Struck Out and the runner remained at 2nd. he would have scored on Drew’s groundball in the hole that Cano wouldn’t have made if he was playing in.

  30. Let’s see a Sterling shake!!!!

  31. Here is something I did not know. This year the tiebreaker for end of the season Division Winner has changed.

    In past years if the Yanks & Baltimore tied for the Division and their records are good enough for the Wild Card, they’d go through the tiebreakers and one would be crowned Div Winner and the other Wild Card.

    This year, they’d play a 1-game tiebreaker with the loser being the Wild Card team and playing the 1-game Wild Card.

    So if the Yanks and Bal tie the end of the yr the Yanks play a game vs BAL and if they los would play a game vs OAK….if they win they’d host Texas for first 2 games of a best of 5. Unreal!

    • yup more games more money.

    • Fish, lol, I guess you don’t read my weekly Travel Day. I’ve been ranting about this for weeks.

      • Michael – Actually, the first thing I did when I thought about what happens if the Yanks and Baltimore tie is read your last 3 or 4 articles because I knew you had write every week about it. I saw you talk about wild Card play-in games if teams tie for the WC several times but couldn’t find anything if the yanks and BAL tied for Division. Let me know where it is because I can’t find it.

  32. Granderson left three again today. That’s about his average these days.

  33. Meanwhile, Boston and Baltimore are one out from heading to the 12th inning.

  34. Well at least Granderson didn’t strand anyone there. Of course that is only because he was the first man up.

  35. And Baltimore takes the lead. We need this game now to stay a game in front.

  36. no way he was on that bag

  37. Great job Curtis, yet another lost ball in the sun. I’ve seen him do that so many times since he’s come here.

  38. Everyone who still thinks the Yankees won the Granderson for Coke, Kennedy, and Austin Jackson trade raise your hand.

  39. Damn this binder and his intentional walks. You do that, and you run the risk of walking the bases full, as Freddy just did. It’s a stupid move.

  40. Wow, Pearce just bailed out the binder. YES!!

  41. Geez, to the 12th we go.

  42. Terrible decision there by Ibanez after doing so much right. Looks like we go to the 13th.

  43. Granderson didn’t make an out!! Come on Chavez!!!

  44. YES SIR!!! Ibanez ties it!!! YEEHAW!! What a game!!

  45. Wow, Raul has done more today than he’s done the whole 2nd half! Good for him……just when everyone wrote him off (me included) he has a big day. makes up for the dropped fly ball in a big way.

  46. I’m shocked they left Neshek in to face the lefties

  47. This is a big game…..will be a nice lift if they can pull it out.

  48. Wow, intentionally walking Ichiro to get to ARod. C’mon Alex!!!!!!!

  49. HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Talk about shitting your pants…….c’mon Melky Mesa!!!!!!!!!!

  50. YES!!! One baserunning error desrves a fielding error the other way! Game over!! YANKEES WIN!!

  51. A gift I will GLADLY take…..bailed out Melky Mesa who may have jumped of the GW Bridge if they lost.

  52. Arod deserved credit for a game winning hit. He was 3-6 today and continues to swing the bat well. Love it.

  53. Tampa is winning again tonight. It would be nice if they would go on a roll and get within 3 games of the Orioles by the last three games of the season. The Rays host the O’s the last 3 games of the season in the Trop and if they have something to play for that’s great for us. The Rays will be 5 1/2 in back of the O’s after tonight.

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