What should the Yankees do with Brett Gardner?

Should the Yankees allow Gardner to return this season or wait until next season?

Brett Gardner had been on an up and down roller-coaster in 2012. When we first hear of Gardner, it was during 2012 Spring Training when he told reporters that he wanted to have a good season after coming off a so-so 2011. 9 games into 2012, it was the last the Yankees had seen Gardner for a while. Gardner suffered 3 set-backs on the road back to the Yankees which prompted him to get surgery on his elbow in July. Since then, Gardner had been rehabbing to get back into playing shape and surprisingly, Gardner is willing to come back but in the role that he had during the 2009 postseason; pinch runner and defense.

Now, I’m not going to deny it. I’m a gigantic fan of Brett Gardner since he single-handedly shifts the dynamics of the team, but I’m not entirely sure that Gardner returning to the Yankees this season is the best idea. Yes, Gardner’s speed can help the Yankees in the postseason (should they make it) and for the duration of the rest of the season, but we have to look at the big picture here. Gardner can’t hit the baseball right now, even if he wanted to. Gardner had just began a hitting program so, him hitting by the end of the season or the postseason is out of the question right now.

If I’m the Yankees, I wouldn’t allow Gardner to play until next season when he’s able to hit 100%. There’s no reason to rush Gardner back in the outfield if the Yankees would have to replace him when his spot in the lineup came up. Also, it would be unfortunate for Gardner to suffer another injury in the outfield when he’s already nursing his elbow. If Gardner suffered another injury, then he could be out longer than the Yankees want.

I say, let Gardner take the rest of the year off, get him a hitting program in the off-season, get him to 100% health and then let him come back next year. Gardner would be of better use to the Yankees if he could hit, field without worrying about the elbow and steal bases.

If you were the Yankees, would you play Brett Gardner for the remainder of the season despite him not being able to hit, or would you wait next season? Sound off in the comments below.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Gardner is so injury prone. If he can hit I’d play him. There is no gurantee he’ll be healthy next season even if he doesn’t play in the postseason. We need to get Granderson out of the lineup and trade him in the offseason for a bag of pretzels and two wine coolers.

  2. I don’t mind experimenting to see what gardner has for the last 10 games of the regular season. I’m not sure but I believe he can’t damage it further by running/fielding. Let’s see what he can do and depending on the matchups and injuries, they might look to put him on the roster in certain playoff series’. Although Nunez and Dickerson might be enough to supply speed off the bench and defense in Dickerson’s case.

    Gardner is a HUGE piece for next yr. They really need him as we’ve seen this year how important it is to have a multi-faceted offense.

  3. Well, if gardner was on the roster, this would have been the time to use him. Tie game, no outs, man on 1st. They used Melky Mesa.

  4. play gardner on the bench in cae ichiro gets hurt

    • Honestly, if he can hit I’d start him over Granderson in CF. Granderson is a mess, his swing is so ugly and opposing pitchers have stopped respected him. They come right at him. I don’t care how many home runs he has hit, he’s hitting .230 now. Granderson hit .196 in August and is now hitting .188 in September. He’s an absolute joke and an embarassment.
      Granderson’s stats in August and September:
      156 AB’s
      30 hits
      6 doubles
      11 home runs
      16 walks
      56 strikeouts
      1 stolen base

      13 singles in 156 AB’s?

  5. remember, we are coming back with teixiera, cano, jeter, arod, swisher, granderson, ichiro, and martin

    that leaves 5 spots on the bench to mix and match for fielding backup and dh

    they have to choose 5 players from – gardner, ibanez, jones, dickerson, mcghehee, nunez, nix, chavez, pierce, cerveli, stewart, romaine, pena, and mesa

    that is 14 players for 5 spots,….. 9 of those 14 players will not be on the yankees or will be in aaa,…

  6. The Yanks should forget about Gadner until next year, if he can’t hit.

  7. Nunez’s last at bar a hit, no error. Tough play for ;1st baseman ,

  8. not only does ichiro get gardners post season spot ,.. ichiro just took gardners spot for next season too, lol,……. cant play gardner when you got ichiro

    • You are going to tell me a 40 year old LF like Itchy will take Brett’s place next year? Not one chance in hell will that happen. That play Itchy made running toward the line and caught at full speed, would have much easier for Brett. Itchy has lost a bit of speed, five years ago I would say maybe you would be right but not now.
      If Granderson is gone before next spring, Itchy-LF, Brett CF and Swisher/Melkey/AAA player in RF.

  9. Jim – if Ichy keeps playing like this……I agree he stole gardeners spot if we keep swisher.

  10. I truly believe that Gardner can help as a pinch runner THIS year. The Yankees are in such a tight race here that it really could come down to a stolen base. Late in a game, Gardner would drive the pitcher nuts with just the “threat” of stealing. Advantage= batter. His speed alone, going 1st to 3rd or scoring from 1st on a shallow double will electrify the crowd! In close games, I’d rather have a guy with over 130 career steals in there than Melky Mesa. Melky btw almost lost the game today when he missed the base roundeing 3rd in the 14th inning. Oh, and in response to a previous post– Ichiro will replace Swisher next year, not Gardner!

    • I agree Jay. Gardner’s spot on the roster next year is not in jeopardy. I’m 99.9% sure Gardner will be in Yankees pinstripes next season. If anyone’s spot on the roster is in jeopardy it’s either Curtis Granderson (poor playing as of late) or Nick Swisher (wanting a lot of money in the offseason). If Ichiro returns, then Swisher or Granderson is gone–and I hope Ichiro return. Gardner is a catalyst and with him and Ichiro on the basepaths, there’s nothing those two can’t accomplish.

      • Sorry Delia……Jim may be right. The fans and media love Swisher and the city has gone wild over Ichy………Grandy is here for one more season.

        Unfortunately Gardner is not as outgoing and likable as the others. He seems a little slow-witted and shy. I hope they keep him though because I love the way he plays.

        • Gardner’s personality should be no reason for him to lose his job. So he’s not jumping up and down all over the place yelling his vocal chords out. Even though he’s shy, he still does the job that he has been signed for. Yankees could always trade Granderson and re-sign Ichiro. Gardner’s staying next season because unlike Granderson lately, he does his job (when healthy).

          • I agree Delia….Gardner is the best defensive OFer in baseball based on UZRs. He also has led the league in SBs.

            The only reason I can think of why the fans, media and teammates prefer Grandy, Iichy and swisher is his shy, low intellect, boring personality compared to them.

            • I know it’s hard to believe but Gardner’s very smart…and he’s not boring. As a matter of fact, Gardner’s teammates think that he and Teixeira are the smartest on the team and the most likely to face off on Jeopardy. 🙂

              • Delia when’s your birthday? LOL! I’m going to order the Bronx Zoo on Amazon and have it sent right to you. You can read all about the worst chemistry in history and how that team came from 14 games back in August to win the division and then the World Series. It’s a great read. I don’t care if Gardner’s hobbies are stamp collecting and if he watches PBS all day long. I want players who can hit, field, run and throw. The rest is all BS!!

          • Delia I agree 100 percent. That “chemistry” bulls–it is so ridiculous. I don’t give a damn if the Twins all love each other and have group sleepovers and make smores and hold hands and sing kumbaya, they stink and won’t win because they lack talent. “Chemistry” is best used to describe the synergy and interactions of team sports like basketball and hockey where the passing and exchange of the puck and ball are based upon knowing where your guy is going to be. The media then started to referring to interactions between guys on a team in a clubhouse or off the field as “chemistry” and its laughable. The “chemistry” gang can have their fun loving buddies slapping each other on the back. Give me the most talented players at their positions in baseball anytime over that nonsense. That BS can’t make a pitcher’s fastball come in faster, a hitter more likely to hit a well thrown slider, or a fielder more likely to make a tough catch and throw.
            We could use more guys like Gardner who just go about their business.
            The 1977-1978 Yankees hated each other’s guts. If you haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favor and go to Amazon and order “The Bronx Zoo”, Sparky Lyle’s recap of the 1978 season written as it went along. You’ll never put it down. That team had no “chemistry” whatsoever and they did pretty well I’d say.
            talented players who maintain focus and execute win games. Teixeira and Granderson are supposedly superb clubhouse guys. Gee, great. I’d trade the two of them for a 12 pack of Sam Adams Octoberfest and think we got the best of the deal.

            • For those that believe chemistry is necessary to win……I give you the Oakland As Dynasty of Catfish, blue moon odom Rollie fingers bill north.

              They split each others heads open and still won championship after championship.

              If you can’t hit nobody cares if you are likable.

              Right Mike Money?

              • You forgot that Reggie was on those teams, as well as Vida Blue who battled cocaine addiction throughout all of his career. A true collection of jackasses. Lets not forget the Big Red Machine who unseated them. They were another collection of deviants and jerks. Then the Yankees unseated them, and they hated each other. This chemistry stuff is a fairy tale that the media likes to tell and sadly, some intelligent grown adults actually buy into. The people who buy into “chemistry” also will be waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come with Linus on Halloween Night.

                • Yeah, even Ken ORs YankeenDynasty included a bunch of drunks (Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle…) getting into fights and throwing up in urinals at 3am in the morning.

            • Don’t you hate when they show Swisher and say what a great guy he is.

              As if CashHog gives a poop.

              • Swisher has a great personality but he wasn’t signed money to just come to the ballpark everyday and smile. The Yankees need guys like Gardner, Jeter, Teixeira, A-Rod, Cano, (etc.) who show up to the ballpark and do their job. Guys like Andruw Jones and Curtis Granderson lately are really making me sick to my stomach.

                • Andrue jones career is over, he is toast.

                  I just hope Gardner can show that he is smarter than he looks….sonthenYankees use him more.

                  • I think if Gardner had hair, was taller and eyes were further apart henwould have more fans than he has now. Those fans could let Yankee Mgt knownhow much they love him wouldn’t have to worry about him being on the bench. He’s GOT to play and bat first.

    • Jay ,- can you imagine a lineup that had these table setters / speedsters at the top of the lineup….

      9. Nunez
      1. Gardner
      2. Iichy
      4. Cano
      5. Tex
      6 Arod
      7. Grandy
      8. Martin

  11. In Yankee stadium , next season Iichy could hit 20 hrs.

    • Ichiro appears to be responding well to “the juice” of being on a team in a playoff race. No matter how good you are, no matter how much pride you have in your performance, I believe it has to be hard to maintain focus when you are rotting in Seattle for years without a sniff at meaningful baseball. That being said, he is not the kind of guy I want the Yankees to sign to a two year deal and that is what he will want. I’m enjoying his recent surge, happy he’s on this team, but not ready to say I’d rather have him over Gardner or Swisher, not that I’m in love with Swisher either.

    • You want to get me started again don’t you?!! Cashman is the WORST GM in MLB and Girardi evaluates talent as poorly as anyone alive. Nunez NEVER should have been sent down, ever.
      Cashman? If he says to take the high road, take the low road. If Cashman says turn left, then turn right. Cashman didn’t want Soriano, was overruled. Cashman’s recent gem trades are: Melky, Vizcaino and Mike Dunn for Javier Vazquez(the nightmare sequel), Ian Kennedy, Phil Coke and Austin Jackson for Curtis Granderson(cue awful sobs, crying, screaming) and Montero for Shrek. In those two trades I feel that Cashman cost us at least one title in the last two years and may cost us one this year.
      I’m no newcomer to hating the Granderson trade, this trade made me sick when it happened and makes me even sicker now. Kennedy in the rotation would sure make me feel better right now, Montero would be a great DH against righties and a better backup catcher than Stewart, and don’t even get me started on Austin Jackson. Supposedly he had “character issues” which is tossed at every guy we trade. Supposedly Kennedy and Montero had issues. Blah blah blah blah. It’s become the BS party line we toss every time we trade a young guy. Cashman tells his media lapdogs so that it’s so, they print it as if it’s so because he says so and as if noone whose a good player has quirks(Cano anyone? Anyone want to see him traded? LOL!!).
      Austin Jackson is FAR better in the field than Granderson ever was or could be. Jackson is making 500 grand this year and is hitting .301 with 26 doubles, 10 triples, 15 home runs. We’d have the CF position locked down for a few more years at no money instead of a guy with a swing like Tiger Woods whose making over 10 million who we have to replace at the end of next year, most assuredly with some overpaid CF. Cashman has assembled the oldest roster in the history of baseball, the Yankees should have geriatric care offered in the clubhouse. They probably go through more Ensure after the games than they do Diet Cokes. 2 Billion spent in 11 years and one title. I wouldn’t give Cashman a job cleaning birdcages if I owned a pet store. If this guy owned a funeral parlor noone would die.

      • The Vazquez trade was fine. It didn’t work out as intended but Logan is our primary lefty out of the pen and Bichette jr is still a fine young prospect.

        The Granderson trade was terrible. Sadly the Yankees didn’t give Austin Jackson a chance in the summer of 2009 when they had the chance but that is more likely on Girardi as he does not give youngsters opportunities.

        The Montero trade is interesting because recently Dave Cameron of Fangraphs recently came out suggesting the M’s trade him while posting on his Mariner blog. Maybe teams didn’t value Montero as high as we were led to believe.

        • Melky is an all star leading the league in BA and testosterone patch purchases.

          Javvy is in the witness protection program.

        • Montero was a huge mistake to trade. He should have been used as a backup catcher(instead of Stewart) and as a DH vs lefties(instead of that disease Jones) and then traded after this season.
          Montero’s is hitting .261 with 15 home runs. He hits in a terrible hitter’s park and one that isn’t made for his opposite field power.
          At home in 67 games Montero is batting .219 with an OBP of .259 and 6 home runs
          On the road in 60 games Montero is batting .305 with an OBP of .337 and 9 home runs

          I’d hazard a pretty strong guess that Montero’s numbers this year as a Yankee would be quite good.

          • But you don’t know what Montero would do in NY or if Girardi would have even played him. Go to Dave Cameron’s Mariners blog and read it. He suggests that Montero is a first baseman going forward and if true then his bat might just be average for the position with poor defense.

            I like Montero and wanted to see what he could do in NY but maybe his value just was not as high as we Yankees fans believed.

            Sad that you cherry pick only stats that support your position…Montero is only hitting this season when he plays catcher.

            • Cherry picking? I imply listed his stats, which are what they are. Montero was best kept for this season, rather than using an embarassment like Andruw Jones as a DH so often vs lefties. Montero would have been an adequate backup at catcher. He could have been turned after this season. I doubt we could have gotten much worse for him after this season than a pitcher who had one good half season in a pitcher’s park to his name who came to camp at 300 pounds.

              My contention is that Montero absolutely didn’t have a future in NY as a catcher and unfortunately at first base too because the Yankees have the most overpaid position player in MLB history occupying that spot for 4 more years. My contention is that his bat would have been a boost for us this season and that he could have been traded after this season. Nothing more or less.

  12. You gotta keep Swisherlicious…….he’s a critical piece of the clubhouse ambiance.

  13. ichiro is going to want to stay on the yankees, and the yankees should offer him a contract, at least a one year deal

  14. Mike P. …you usually are on the money. That’s why I call you money P.

    But I don’t believe Ichy is juicing. He’s too small and skinny. His head would be bigger like a bobble doll if hen was on Arods boli.

    • LOL!! I didn’t mean “juice” as in roids!!! I meant “juice” as in the adrenalin and excitement that a player gets in a playoff race. Ichiro has been playing meaningless games in Seattle since 2004. The last time Seattle contended was in 2003.when they lost the wildcard by 2 games and the division by 3 games. Think about it, the guy has been going to the ballpark since 2004 knowing his team had no shot. Let me tell you something about Japanese baseball, EVERYTHING is about team and winning. Players are actually looked down upon if they try and draw attention to themselves. Its all about winning and team. You don’t just lose your culture overnight. The guy is amped up and it shows. He’s on a winning team with a chance to make the playoffs for the first time in 9 years!! That’s the type of “juice” I’m talking about.

  15. Ha ha you da man …mike money p.

  16. Delia, great point about Ichiro and Gardner on the bases. I guess, I’m more of a fan of speed than homers. So how can I be a Yankee fan, right? Well, it’s awesome that they hit home runs but I feel that a team benefits from having 2 or 3 players that can really steal. It adds and element that puts a team over the top. It’s that “small ball” thing that everybody is talking about. The “threat” of a steal, triples, taking extra bases, all those things that “create” runs instead of just waiting for the big bomb. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the big bomb after a walk and a cheap single is game-saving but if they don’t get some steals, it’s easier to defend against. Just look at this winning streak they are on right now, Nunez had 3 steals in one game. Ichiro 4 in one game. Nix, Granderson, ARod, even Russel Martin can grab a bag when they fall asleep for a second. I could also go on and on about sac. bunts, sac. flies, moving runners with ground outs, hit and run plays……….you get the picture,…..small ball is underrated…….no pun intended. Thank you, God Bless all Yankee Fans. Now, I’m gonna go grab a “little” night snack!

    • I know exactly what you mean. Just the thrill of watching Gardner steal a base is just as exhilarating as watching Robinson Cano or Mark Teixeira hit a home run. It’s just that speed kills the same way power kills when it comes to hitting HR’s. Yankees need guys like Gardner and Ichiro and even Jayson Nix so that they could perfect the art of small ball. A great scenario would be either ichiro or Gardner gets on and then have Jayson Nix bunt them over so the big guys could bring them home. If the Yankees had used that technique more often, then they wouldn’t have been knocked out of the ALDS last year.

  17. Power wounds, but Speed Kills ™.

  18. Natural born talent that you can’t teach……..speed.

  19. Jim ….you may be right ….Girardi might go for Ichy. Gardner only batted .259 last season with a below avg ops. Meanwhile Iichy bat is made for RF in YS .

  20. Good morning metropolitan posters……………did you ever think you were a jinx? Last night I thought I was. Every time I walked into the kitchen, the Yanks would lose the lead, or leave men on base. If I looked at the TV, I would hold my breath, or cross my legs in a certain way, or the worst…..the old frozen body routine, from when I was a kid. Nothing worked. Anyway, I finally left for good, and they won. A pure stroke of genius, right?

    • Patrick, good morning!
      How has it been? I see your banishment to the outer reaches of the universe is over with. Your pal is still his old self, only seeing what he wants to see.
      Of course Matt S is still here (it is his site now) and as you can see, fishjam is here to give a steady hand to the blog.
      I am sure you have been dropping by and have seen some of the writers Matt and Mike have brought together for the Blog….very talented bunch of people.

  21. Ken – why must you put TWASP down this early in the morning. I am a big fan of yours and always listened to your ideas ?

  22. BRETTGARDNER STILL CAN BE ON THE BENCH NEXT SEASON BACKING UP,……if we can get ichiro for next season ,.. we have to, ichiro can get 180+ hits,…… how many hits can garner get 100, 110?

    i dont think jones will be on the yankees, and ibanez can get a better deal nbext season somewhere else

    i see ichiro starting in left,…. with gardner and dickerson as the backup oputfielders

    i see chavez and nunez strarting the season as backup infielders again,.. but nunez got problems, call up nix,..again

    • Gardner has no use on the bench. If Gardner is healthy he has to start.

      • how can you start gardnewr over ichiro though?, ichiro has a lkot left, like jeter,…… they could both get 200 hits next season,… if that happens, on this team,.. we could be looking at 114 wins, like the 98 season

        we finally got a guy that can get hits,……. gardner can not get hits,…..not like that,

        if gardner played 150 games, we would be lucky if hot 130 hits

  23. Gardner would be of great use on the benh.

    1. Pinch hitting vs RHP
    2. Pinch running
    3. Defensive replacement
    4. Can quickly get Joe coffee

    • Twasp you wouldn’t have gardner starting in the OF next year?

    • Gardner has to have better use on the team than to get Joe Girardi coffee. Anyway, if Gardner did get Girardi coffee, it would be cold by the time it got to him…Gardner’s speed would make the coffee cold. 🙂

      • Ha ha that’s true Delia, But Girardi still might get mad at’. Gardner because he is not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, and may get him tea instead of coffee.





        • Dont get me wrong I’m not saying Brett is dim but when the league announced there was going to be a blood test Brett asked how long would he have to study for it.

  24. Have you ever asked someone to get you coffee and by the time they come back it’s cold? Girardi’s coffee will never be cold with Gardner…the guy can run….

  25. listen,,,,,, jones is not coming back next season, he is finished, i doubt he will make a mlb roster next season,…… and ibanez may be able to get a decent deal somewhere, other than the 2 million the yankees want to pay him,…….

    if we can get ichiro for a decent price,…… why not,..,. and kept gardner and dickerson as the bench outfielders,…….

    like ive been saying over and over and over again

    ichiro and jeter get 200 hits each next season, batting 9-1 , and 1-2,….. with a healthy arod, teix, cano,….. we could be looking at a run away 110 plus win season

    like a runaway train, like in 1998

    and if ichiro slumps ,, we still have gardner

  26. You could put Ichy in LF Gardner in RF Ichy and tell Ichy to go for more hrs to make up for swisher. 20+

  27. What a speedy and greatvdefensivevOF? Grandy in LF, gardner in CF and Ichy in RF

  28. And with Arod,Tex,cano hitting 100 hrs next season…

    We will have a multidimensional offense we lacked this season.

  29. garedner is a spray hitter,……a starting outfielder, that is a spray hitter,…..on the yanbkees,…… needs to get a lot of hits, or it is simply not worth it,……. gardner has given no indication , now in his prime,…. he will ever be able to pull in a 180 hit season ,……. we would be looking at 120 hits give or take if healthy,….

    ichiro is right can get 200 hits

    and gardner can spell ichiro, granderson, and swisher,….. and give dh opportunities to those guys, and chavez nix/nunez can spell arod and jeter, giving them dh opportunities and days off

    but dont make it set, like they tried to do,.. see how jeter and arod and ichiro hold up

  30. I have never seen a player (other than Roger Maris) get as little respect, while being so good.
    I thought we had gone through this Brett as the 4th or 5th OF stuff a few weeks ago! I won’t go into who was and wasn’t for playing Brett in the show.
    Most came to the conclusion Brett was the best defensive OF in the league, one of the top Base stealers and was a streaky hitter.
    If one goes by his defense and offense together, one must figure his numbers as he is not as one may want him to be.
    2013 Brett in CF with Ichy in LF, RF is a toss-up.
    This list makes little sense to me, but if we make a change or two it works;
    1. Gardner, 2. Iichy, 3.Jeter, 4. Cano, 5. Tex, 6 Arod, 7. Grandy, 8. Martin and 9. Nunez
    I like this one better:
    1. Brett, 2. Jeter, 3. Cano, 4. A-Rod, 5. Tex, 6. Martin, 7. Swisher, 8. Nunez, 9. Itchy
    The best combination of Avg and Power always hits #3
    Jeter always will hit #1 or #2
    A-Rod seems to be fitting into his style change of hitting 2013 more power.
    Tex will be Tex
    Martin should bounce back, if he resigns.
    Swisher may not even be on the team next year.
    Having Itchy follow Nunez could be, the other way around, having 3 speed guys in a row would drive a pitcher crazy.
    Just my way of doing things, right or wrong, it has a fine balance of power, speed and defense…I’ll by into that idea!

  31. brett gardenr is not that good,.. what playuer in th eoutfielder in history would you say he is good against,, as a spray hitter,.. even lance johnson could get 180 hits

    you havew a weird way to qualify what is good or not

    • Gardner stole 47 bases in 2010. 49 bases in 2011. He may not be the best hitter, but he is a flat out All-Star on the basepaths and in the outfield. Gardner always finds a way to contribute. That’s what makes him a special player on the team.

      • you have rose colored glasses on,……. ive seen a lot better players of gardners style over the past 40 years,…….. gardner will have toi wait at least one more season to get another real chance

        we have to play ichiro

        and when and if gardner does get his chance, to play in 150 games as a starter in one season,……. i guarantee you,…. he wont be anything great,.. and this would be his prime season

        • Jim24…. you say; “we have to play ichiro” and added Brett should sit and hope for next year.

          I say why? Itchy has been one great player over 12 or so years but as with Jeter, he has lost a step or two over the years. Can he be a good player to have around…heck yes!
          Play Itchy in place of Brett…no way a’tall!
          Of all the OF we have only one is a true CF player…Brett. I see, it is ok to have a CF hitting .222+/- and 40HR’s but a guy that saves about 20+ runs a year with all the weapons he has, isn’t good enough to play CF for the Yankees? It seems as though some of you will take the thoughts of other commenters as your own and follow blindly!
          One good thing is, most of the commenters here don’t do that, I hope!

        • You can keep Gardner and Ichiro by letting Swisher go. Swisher’s agent is going to ask for the moon and Cashman won’t want to give him a fire fly. Think about it—– Swisher is not really that good in right field– just okay. He is slow and has NEVER had a good post season. He is not clutch in the post. He is the BIG 0 for 3 in the post season and you can look it up. Yes, he has power but it’s not awesome or anything, it’s not like he hits 35 homers per year and drives in over 100 runs. He’s a 25 HR 85 RBI guy– that’s good but not great. Gardner had an off year in 2011……next year I will guarantee Gardner can steal 55 to 65 bases, score 90 to 105 runs, play gold glove in LF or CF, and hit .280 to .295 easy. The Yankees need youth and speed! I’m sorry to all you Swisher fans but I’m old school. I like Yankees who quietly go about their business with class, play hard, play team ball……and win! Think Jeter, Mo Rivera, Paul O’Neill, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, and then go way back to Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield, Willie Randolph…….keep going way, way back to Thurman Munson……….you can go on and on. None of those guys were like Swisher. Swisher thumps his chest, points at the sky, and beams with pride smiling like The Joker as he rounds the bases after a solo homer in the 4th inning of a game in May. He plays to the crowd too much. If he hit .300, not .260……..and 35 homers, not 20 something…….and if he could get 1 stinking clutch hit in the post season………maybe I’d go easier on his over-the -top-childish- chest thumping style. I don’t know, I just think his time in NY is over. I really, really, really hope the Cashman agrees with me!

  32. Ken – I can see you thinking Roger didn’t get respect. He hit 61 home runs. But Brettt doesn’t deserve the praise yet. He hit .259 last season with 7 home runs. Not exactly Ichy numbers either.

  33. Delia – good point …..Gardner sees a lot of pitches which helps his teammates by wearing out the pitcher anD making him show his stuff.

  34. twasp– did you know mantle was suspended from baseball around 1979-1985?

  35. Yeah….wasn’t it for being a greeter at a casino?

  36. They should have been suspended for life. Gambling is run by the mafia, who kill people on the Sopranos.

  37. twasp,.. you always joke around? come on man,….

    nothing wrong with legalized gambling,…….. except you want to work in the nfl or mlb, or nba, you cant even be connected to legalized gambling

    i agree with that

    betting with bookies is a different thing, and encompasses ALL OF US,….. cause larege tax dollars go into law enforcement to stop it

  38. twasp , “:b ookies” , that operate taking bets,…….. usually operate by having frachise people in place,…… so on and so forth,….. eventually money does get kicked up to the mafia,….

    the better they do, as in, the more loses betters have,….. the more they take in

    once in a while a better gets in over his head,.. and the franchisie has to tell the bookie,.. who accepts maybe 10% OF THE DEBT FROM THE FRANCHISIE,.. in turn , sends collection agents,.. hired contractors,.. in nj the use the gangland gang called the bloods to go collect from the better

    this is one way crimke unfolds

    anotyher way is,.. the franchisie gets robbed by people in organized crime that know what he is doing, in home invasion type robbery– usually this type is not authorized by themafia,.,. as they dont want anything disturbing the flow of cash upwards

    this is another way crime unfolds

    overall, therre is tax evasion up the chain,…

    which is another crime

    the money collected into organized crime is a percentage of the total crime money, other sareas are drug sales, protrection rackets, extortion, prostitution,… etc….

    the ilegal nmoney,… is often used in legit businesses,….. this is called washing the money

    this is also ilegal

    for example, carlo gambino once owned like 800 pizza places,….. often doubled as fronts to collect gambling money, and other pay outs

    make no mistake about it

    this is going on right now


    it isunday in football season

  39. All season when a bad play is made in the OF, the first words are Brett would have gotten that. Brett Sees more pitches than anyone on the team, is learning how to use his lower half (finally, I hope) Was hitting over .300 before he was hurt this year.
    He was rated by the so-called experts as a 4th or 5th OF if that. After a year and a half, they (some) have him as one of the better ones around. To be very good, where is it written one has to hit .300+ if one is a slap hitter? He more than fills the bill for the Yankees, can anyone say with certainty Itchy will hold up and produce as has so far?

    Oh, Jim24…
    This past week Itchy was hitting about .700 with one heck of a double hitter, not bad for a 39-year-old is it.
    Just saying, anyone can have a great day, week, month, or year…anyone!

  40. Granderson with 4 LOB today, as usual. He’s just got to go. If Gardner can hit and field? I’d play him in CF instead of Granderson in the postseason.

  41. neither is bret gardnet,.. if you could guarantee me , if bret gardner started 150 games in left field bext season,.. and got 180 hits ,.. I WOULD SING ON THE DOTTED LINE

    bvujt you cxant even guarntee he will get 120 hits starting 150 games

    can you?

    come on man,…

    brett gardner is a nobody old age minor leaguer,….. who has some major league experience,.. thats it,…

    he is nothing,…

    means nothing

    gardner canb’t hit,…….. to the pointwhere he can be play even 6 more years bigtime

    in fact,.may never have a big time season kin his entire career

    ichiro could get 180 plu hits next season

    he is on fire right now

    you bat him 2, with a lot of plast appearances,….. in front of jeter,.. now we are talkling buig time runs being scored

    • Jim, you are comparing the wrong guys man! It’s not Ichiro or Gardner, It’s Swisher or Gardner! You gotta think defense too. Nobody thinks about defense! It’s not about the homer and big smile and chest thumping. Gardner might not get 180 hits but what about 135 to 155 hits plus a lot of walks. He does really grind out at bats too. I think you’ve forgotten what he brings to the team, man. The guy can fly. Yanks had no speed this year and they are barely going to make the playoffs! Remember man, it’s about pitching and defense. Yes, you have to score runs….but if you don’t pitch and you don’t make the plays. You go home! Just ask Nunez. Better yet, go ask the Boston Red Sox. So……..it should be—– Gardner in LF, Ichiro in RF. Grandy in CF, hopefully with a much improved batting approach! Jim, really though, with all due respect because I do not know you personally, it’s absolutely crazy for you to say Gardner is nothing and that he means nothing. I do not agree with that statement at all.

  42. yeah , right, ok,…. gardner gets 150 hits, that is a career year for him,, that sucks playikbng everyday,…

    wake up

    we need ichiro in there

    • Jim24……
      Jay is right on most of his writing but not all of it, as far as I am concerned!

      Brett is considered one of the top two/three fielders in the AL…he saves 10/15+ runs every year. Taking into consideration the runs he saves…wouldn’t that be like having him hitting 10/15 HRs a year? It doesn’t mater because he saves a lot of runs, that makes the pitcher feel better.

      The OF next year should be; A player from the farms, LF, Itchy in Right field and Brett in the Middle.
      After trading Granderson, we may have a better player for LF then on the farm…maybe!

  43. Oldyankee7, I would go with that. I’m fine with trading Granderson. I do think Gardner plays a better CF. Last night in Min. Grandy made a super throw home to Russel Martin who made a fantastic tag so I give a slight edge to Grandy over Gardner’s arm. Overall though, Gardner gets a better read on the ball, is faster, and will catch more balls. I think Gardner would have caught the ball Grandy didn’t in the 8th last night. Now, back to Gardner’s arm for a second– it’s not bad. He charges the ball and gets rid of it very quickly with decent accuracy. I remember many times in 2010 and 2011 when players tried to run on him and paid the price! Oh, also…..oldyankee7, great point about Gardner saving runs for the pitcher. That’s a big help that most fans miss. I also agree that a farm guy might be able to play in LF next year. Why not? Remember, they have to get younger and faster. ARod and Jeter are still in that lineup for at least 2 years. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeter. I wish he could play until he’s 48! He’s MVP-like. I would never have a problem with Jeter. He’s the greatest leader. He’s so clutch, I could go on and on……I’m just saying be aware of his age and keep young guys around him.

  44. Jim, buddy……I am wide awake!!! You are missing what I am saying! I want Ichiro in there! Absolutely!! Gardner doesn’t come close to Ichiro as a hitter. Ichiro is one of the greatest hitters I have every seen! I’m saying keep Gardner and Ichiro!! TWO speed guys that can balance the lineup which this year was way too homer heavy. The Yankees do not need 8 guys out of 9 swinging for the moon! They need at least 2 or 3 that get on, steal, and run the bases well!! Heck, Ichiro can hit homers in Yankee stadium too. Maybe 15 next year. Gardner has a little bit of pop too. I personally, would rather have him bunt a lot more but he hit 7 in 2011. What if he hit 7 to 10 HR’s next year. Hey, I understand why you’re not a big Gardner fan. I can’t believe he hit only .259. With his speed alone he should never hit under .275. Maybe he was trying to get walks too much…..taking too many pitches. He was more agressive this year in the 9 games he played. I know it’s a microscopic sample of what he can do but he did hit .321 in those 9 games. BTW, how did he get hurt this year? Making an incredible catch that probably only he could make in LF saving a run for the team. He plays all out, man. That’s what’s awesome about him. I know, he gets hurt a lot. That’s the one negative. He’s gotta stay healthy. If he can stay healthy, Yanks should keep him around for awhile. So, just so we are CLEAR…..I’d love Ichiro back. He’d be great for the Yankees. I just hope Gardner can be in the mix too. I’m not as excited about Swisher or Grandy. I could be way off……….I don’t know. It’s just my humble opinoin. I can tell, Jim….you are a passionate Yankee fan, That’s awesome ,man! GO YANKS!

  45. Thanks Matthew S. I think I’m getting a little long winded but I can’t help it………I just love those Yankees! What an exciting end to the baseball season though, huh? It’s so cool!!!!!!!!

    • long winded is ok. You can tell you are passionate. that is a good thing. The ending of this season is very exciting I do agree with you.

    • Damn Jay M… where have you been? I don’t care if you agree with me or not…well, almost!
      Just bring another point of view to the rest of us. You done, done, good, fur a part timer!
      I understand your feelings for Jeter, he has been a very fine player for the Yanks, for years.
      I must say I agree with you but, have one caveat, I am first and formost a New York Yankee Team Fan. And believe, no one player is above the team…no matter who they are.

  46. Perfectly put…….it’s true. Team is everything. You can’t get caught up in one guy.

    • Jay M.
      Good thinking.
      It is great to have three future HoF on the team but, with all three of them getting long in the tooth. What do we do with them as they start being a shadow of them selves. I have made one mistake by not taking into account the hitting style of one player (jeter) when saying he would start to slow down. Well, I was half right he did slow down…on defense. Hopefully, he will continue his hitting next year.
      Itchy, is showing signs of slowing down in all parts of his game but, he is still better on defense than most.
      A-Rod has been injured the last few years, this year he is trying a new style of hitting. He is trying to use his hands more and shorten his swing along with his leg lift. Let us hope it will work, one must take into consideration he is doing a complete approach change, on something he has done for about 30 years.
      If all three can over come the problems facing them, we will have a good 2013, if not…we got trouble in river city folks.

  47. Remember Jay, there is no I in team.

  48. Excuses ,excuses,excuses, for Arod. New approach? Leg kick? Injuries?

    How about boli breakdown. Same thing happened to all the juicers. Remember Giambis tapeworm?

  49. Great point twasp…..the bummer is we are stuck with ARod for a long time. I think for like 4 or 5 more years. Dear Lord, that is not cool. I mean, IF he stays healthy, what is he? A .270, 25 HR, 80 RBI guy?!??! And they are paying him ridiculous money. Ouch!! I don’t want to think about it. As for Jeter in the field at SS….they better find some one other than Nunez to play there. Nunez…..and I love his speed on the bases but NUNEZ, OHHHH Man! He is the worst fielder I have ever seen at short! He doesn’t just make a lot of errors. He makes them late when it really hurts. Of course, I’ve seen him make them in the 1st inning to stat our pitcher off in a hole! So he really makes them ALL THE TIME! I just can’t take it. Sorry to anyone who wants to stick with him at SS. I feel it is impossible. Here comes Tom Cruise, cue the music, Dah, dah, d-dah, dah…… Holy Cow! Rizzuto is rolling over faster than Beethoven!! Ow! Ouch! LOL! I can’t even look at the TV when Nunez is at short and they hit the ball to him! He’s just a very weird baseball player and a head ache for the team. He’s a solid hitter, brings energy, youth, speed….he’s exciting!!!!! Then wham! In a second he can lose the whole game because he can’t field. It doesn’t matter where they put him. He doesn’t have a lot of power so they can’t DH him? Where do you put this guy?!!?! Somebody help me, please! Right now he’s on the bench which is good……….but,………no, nope…………can’t sat it…….

    • Jay M…Your critic of Nunez is on the money but, have you been watching the Yankees as long ago as 1990/95…if so then you have seen a SS make more errors at SS than Nunez.
      1990 Alv. Espinoza–17, 1991–21, and another SS had years of 22 and 24.
      Not to denigrate anyone at all, just to point out, it sometimes takes more than the time Nunez has had at SS to work out the error factor. I know I say foot work is important, not only is it important, it is one thing one has a lot of trouble with for a year +/-…some, even more!
      Give the kid a chance.

      • oldyankee7, You are right about giving the kid a chance but not now! Not when every single play could mean the season. I know you know this……..every single pitch matters. It could mean the difference between winning the division or getting the not-so-fun-one-game wild-card-scenario. In my opinion, if Jeter can’t play SS one of these games, they have to go with Jayson Nix. He is sure handed. Nunez is a better hitter than Nix but I feel they just can’t chance it! Now, I think you are referring to Jeter regarding the 22 and 24 errors…but back then the Yankees were winning World Series and I just do not remember Jeter making errors that cost games. He didn’t make them late in games, not too often. I don’t recall anyone pointing out that “Well, Jeter booted another game.” I really think we’d remember. Nunez has got to sharpen it up. If you look at his errors at SS this year and last year……and then prorate the numbers, he seriously would have made 35 to 40 errors and that’s a lot worse than 24. I know I’m stretching here a little abd if he played everyday he probably would get better but I just get the feeling that he would not be consistent enough at SS. I hope I’m wrong. He’s an exciting kid but…….I don’t know. Just think of all the heads up plays Jeter has made too. He’s one of the smartest SS out there. He’s got great instincts. No range? Well, I can live with it because he’s good on the double play and makes almost “all” of the regular plays. Can he play SS in 2014 or even next year? I don’t know but Nunez has not shown me that he can be steady, reliable, and sure handed. A successful team will not win with a SS who’s fielding pct. is .950. Jeter has a career percentage of .976. I think. That’s not great but it’s good enough. If Nunez could get up to .970, I might live with that. I believe right now Nunez would be around .945 or .955 at best. Oh, and I just looked it up. Jeter made 24 errors in 2000, that’s a .961 fielding pct……..and what did they do in 2000? Won their 26th World Series,…..so it was good enough.

        • I wouldn’t dare say anything about Jeters fielding record but, you say his play was good enough, even with those errors. My question to you is, to whom was it good enough, surly not the pitcher, it made him work harder, maybe a lot harder. Of course, we don’t know how many of the errors did cost a game do we?
          But, what I am saying is, everyone makes errors, SS is a place were the best defensive player is. Jeter is not that anymore, anything he gets to is an out but, what about those he can’t reach anymore…that is about as good as an error. It still puts pressure on the pitcher and the team.
          Jeter, so far, is not at the end of his string by any means, he just isn’t as he once was. Putting him as DH about 50% of the time is not an insult, it is management saying; “You are still good enough to play SS for the New York Yankees”!
          I hope you understand, I am looking at this from a pitchers standpoint, If one wants the bat one has to except the limitations of his range. He makes a lot of hits that help win some games, his fielding may cost a game or 50 (LOL) but not as many as his bat will help.

  50. Jay – I like Nunez and think he has great potential….but yes, right now, his fielding is atrocious. I’m hoping that with a lot of work at the position he can eventually correct that.

    • Yeah, twasp,……..I agree. I just think by now he should be at least okay out there. Maybe, one more year but he’s not that young. I think he’s 26. I wish they had him play the outfield. I hope I’m wrong but, it just seems that he is what he is….right now. Jeter made a lot of errors at SS in the minors when he was 18, 19, 20 years old……..but by the time he was 26 he was at least “decent” at SS. Heck, inspite of the critics, he’s won 4 gold gloves so he can’t be bad. He was the oldest starting SS to win a World Series and in his entire 17 year career he’s missed the playoffs…….1 time. He’s made it to the WS 7 times. Now, I do think……for the team, he needs to play another position soon. It could only help his hitting. Playing SS takes a lot out of him. Well, like you said, Nunez just has to keep working on it……..maybe he can get better.

  51. Jay – the difference between Jeter and Nunez is early on Jeter was put at one position SS. Nunez has been jerked around at different positions OF, SS! 3b….this may have hindered his development as he could not concentrate on one position.

    • The question the Yankees need to ask is who plays SS going forward??? If it’s going to be Nunez then the transition to him needs to take place next year. Would him spitting time with Jeter 50/50 be enough playing time for him to find a consistent defensive rhythm??? If the answer is yes then that can easily be achieved with Jeter DHing half of the games next year.

      Ideally you could to the same with Alex an either Adams or Joseph as well.

      Jeter an Alex would rarely be on the field defensively next year. So 4 players for three batting positions with the younger players getting a half share at the plate compared to Alex and Derek.

  52. no way jeter splits 50% at short next season,.. no way,……. jeter aint dh’ing half the games next season, .. the ridiculous, lol
    i see jeter at 120 games at short or more,.. no more than 30 games at dh,…… why cant nunez p;lay 390 games at short and 30 games at dh,.. he can hit cxant he

    this is what ive been sayting,…… if we get ichiro,.. we dont need gardner

    we can have nunez for spped and end of the lineup hits

    gardner cant hit against decent pitching,……

    • How would you know? Your homer-ism is showing again and badly I might add. Jeter is a shitty defensive SS and is getting worse daily. The team needs to transition away from him asap whether you like it or not. I hope Jeter announces that next year will be his last season.

  53. come onb man,…… how many AL shortstops even have enough qualifying plate appearances this year? 7?

    jeter only has 10 errors all season,…… and continues to make great plays and turn double plays at short stop

    jeter is as bad as anyone else at shortstop.,, or as good

    come on man,….








    • Dude do you constantly need to show your stupidity? Jeter’s made likely more then 30 errors this year if we actually had decent official scoring in the game today! If today’s game was scored as it was in the early 70’s he might have 50!

      I honestly dislike the Jeter first Yankees fan and you dude you take the cake. Why don’t you post all of this on the Jeter blogs? If they don’t have one then create one where all of this piffling is appreciated.

      I can see it now the famous Jimmy – I love the Jeter blog!

  54. whatever,…… thats ok,….. the cyankees are 1 gamne out of having the best record in the al,……..jeter has 208 hits,….. just came off a 19 game hit streak,…… and has PLAYED WELL AT SHORT STOP,

    i dont think giradi or cashman, or stick michael, or the stienbrenners , think jeter was bad this year

    in fact,.. not only was jeter great,…… he is the captain ,…

    • OMG…LOL

      Homer-ism alert!

      It’s so good to know that you pledge allegiance to the JETER everyday!

      Why don’t you change your name on here to JETER ALWAYS AND FOREVER?

  55. well, how can i respond,.. a homer,.. is that not what tyhe money dictates for the population to be?

    in my life, from earliest memories, i am a mets fan,… thats by heart,.. jerry grote, ed kranepool,… tom seaver,…. the good, but mostly the bad and the ugly,…

    i switched to the yankees around 1993,…….. around the time bret saberhagan was shooting water pistols filled with caustic liquid in the dug out on the mets

    if not saberhagen, someone did it

    that teram was god awful

    and after a lifetikme of mets,.. i started to pay attention to the yankees

    it is interesting how one event like that,.. if so bad and idiotic,.. can turn a fan’

    but luckily , i am in the nyc marek

    so it wasnt hard to switch to the yankess,… they had bernie and paul ,.. and really starting to make a move up the standings overall

    so i switched me fandom

    in 2000 i vwas , admittedly, rooting for the mets to win the series

    just because it seemed to be the right vthing to do

    i’ll still root for the mets,…… but i follow the yankees today


    as far as jeter goes,.. well,.. gee,….. i see him as maybe the best hitter of all time,…….

    so, of course i am going to show it

    • Dude you are boring! Plain and simple you bring very little to the table.

      I am trying to make you see just how ridiculous all the Jeter is god stuff really is but sadly you can’t learn.

      Some Jeter stuff is interesting once in a while…maybe even weekly but you take to an unacceptable level.

      • Free Hankies…hello. I’ve seen your words, but I have yet to greet you. Why do you get so agitated at Jim2244? He is only expressing his fondness for our captain. I’m almost as bigger Jeter fan as Jim, but I hope I would never annoy anyone, with a post or two about him. No big deal…..anyway, nice to meet you. Take care.

  56. WHY,… JUST YESTERDAY david wright of thge yankees opased ed kranepool for moist hits in mets history

    if i can have a heart for ed kranepool,….. why kind of heart you think i will have for derek jeter?

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