Morning Bits: Post Season, Aardsma & more…

Sticking with the old mug for good luck

Good Morning.  What a nice performance from Pettitte last night and the bats were alive as well.  Baltimore split a double-header so now the Yankees are 1.5 games up. The Yankees magic number is now down to 8.   Hughes takes the mound tonight.  Game time is set for 8:10PM EST.

Enjoy the day.  Now for some links…

Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY has the rapid reaction from last night’s game.

Jordan Garretson from has a bunch of tidbits about the Yankees.

Garretson also has the updated path to the post-season for the Bombers.

Mark Feinsand of The Daily News has the story on David Aardsma who is close to returning.


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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. if jeter goes 5 for 5 tonight his avg will be 327.16

    if cabrera goes 0 fot 5 tonight, his average will be 327.73

    with 9 games to go,…… it is not impossible jeter can still win the batting title

    jeter passed rogers hornsby last time in times on base all time list, hornsby played 23 seasons, jeter did it in just 17

    • not times on base, i mean total bases

      • Jimmy24…
        Very nice stats but, we must set things right; Roger Hornsby played 15 full seasons and 9 seasons with less than 60 games whereas Jeter played 17 full seasons.
        Jeter has played lead-off hitter most of those years on one of the most productive teams in the AL.
        Roger was the one shining star on his teams of the dead ball era.
        Not to criticize your stats but if you do them make sure you are comparing apples and apples. In this case, it is impossible to do because of the era they both played in…who was the best etc., is a question that will never be answered.
        Very nicely done Jim.
        Try doing some stats on the team, thats what will get Jeter to the WS!

  2. I like the idea of Aardsma coming back, this year, it will give the coaches some idea as to his recovery and if he still has it as a BP pitcher! Be nice if he has it because, he was damn good a while back.

  3. to reach 100 runs scores jeter and granderson each need 5, cano needs 6.

    it would be nice to have 3 players with 100 runs scored,…… but riight now, no guarantee any of them are gonna make it

    also, chavez needs 1 more homer and jones 2 homers,…. for the yankees to have 10 players with at least 15 homers

    wonder if thats ever been done before?

  4. if jeter goes 13 for 40 over final 9 games, his avg will be 322,.. but he will have the 220 hits, the most he ever had in a season

    if jeter plays all 9 games and gets at least 1 hit in each,.. he will end the season on a 27 game hitting streak, 29 away from tieing the record

    did anyone contact elias sports to find out if the consecutive games hit streak record can be carried over to the next season?

    something tells me i think it can

  5. ichiro has played in 153 games this season,….. he has 50 hitless games,, 3 of those he did not have a plate appearance,, so really 47 hitless

    and ichiro has 166 hits, 4 hits out of being in the top 10 in the AL inhits

    if ichiro can cut back on his hitless games,…. down to about 30 ,… he would have a shot at 200 hits next season.

    this is exactly what jeter did to get back to where he is,, cut back on hitless games,.. jeter only has 23 hitless this season,, and one of those he only had 1 plate appearance

    i’m not sayong pay ichiro 17 million a year for 2 years,..

    but if we can get ichiro for maybe 2 for 18,.. id take it

    all this talk about brett gardner is moot lately,…. Ichiro has to be the number one priority

    jeter 1, ichiro 2,. in the lineup,. will be set up the the team to score runs at a much higher clip next season,….

  6. jeter has 27 hitless

  7. jeter has played in 150 of the teams 153 games

    jeter has 62 multi hit games, 61 one hit games, and 27 hitless games

    of those 27 hitless games, he reached on a walk in 10 games, a hit by pitch in 1 games, and reached on error in 2 others

    that leaves 14 games

    jeter has an rbi in 2 of the games he failed to reach on a hit, walk, hbp, or error

    that leaves 12 games

    one of those games he only had 1 plate appearance as a late inning defensive replacement that went into extra innings

    that leaves 11 games

    in those 11 games,….. he probably reached on a fielders choice beating out a double play, or moved a runner over from 2nd to 3rd by hitting to the right side, or fly ball out……. in some of those games

    jeter has contibuted offensivley in almost every game he has played in , one way or another

    jeter now has a 18 game hitting streak in september, batting 370 over that streak

    yankees are 12-6 in those games,…… and it is coming at a time ichiro is hitting as well

    this is like a preview for next season,.. the 1-2 setup of jeter-ichiro,….

  8. Amazing to think that Bud Selig is the most respected commish in sports right now. Really saying something lol. He may do the wrong thing a lot but at least he actually cares about the game.

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