Morning Bits: Dickerson on the post season roster?, Blue Jays series, and more…

Good Morning all.  Another day goes by and the Yankees lead remains the same.   Both the Yankees and Baltimore won.   C.C. did a great job yesterday chewing up some innings and keeping the Bombers in the game.   Baltimore is off tonight while the Yankees start a new series with Toronto.  Game time is set for 7:07PM EST.  On the mound is Nova vs Morrow.

Enjoy the day.  Now for some links…

Wallace Matthews ponders if Chris Dickerson will make the postseason roster.

Matthews like always has his rapid reaction to yesterday’s game.

Garretson of mentions that Jeter’s hit streak got snapped during the game yesterday.

Garretson also has the updated path to the postseason.

The Bleacher Report has a preview of the Yankees vs. Blue Jays important series.


Here are your latest American League Division Standings

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  1. I don’t think Derek Jeter cares about a hit-steak. As long as the team is winning, he’s happy.

  2. who would win in a 40 yard dash race gardner vs dickerson?

  3. It’d be close but I think Gardner. He’s smaller so he starts up faster and cuts the bases better. I also do not think he will lose speed as he ages until he’s around 35 or 36. Ichiro at 38 has only slowed down a little bit. Every guy is different. Dickerson has good speed….I don’t know, maybe he’s faster. All I remember is a few years ago I watched Gardner live in a minor league game here in Syracuse. He scored from 1st base on a shallow double and he looked to me like the fastest guy in baseball I had ever seen!

  4. There is no discussion on this at all…Gardner is faster. Brett during his time in college posted a speed under 6.2 in the 60. 6.6 is fast…6.4 is real fast and what Brett has is is world class speed.

  5. Derek Jeter through yesterday,s game had 11861 plate appearances, appeared in 2578 games, and was 13,974 days old
    ( for days old I added in the leap year days, both players had 9 february 29ths at this monment)

    jeter has
    3296 hits
    1865 runs
    1253 rbi
    1037 walks
    348 stolen bases
    842 extra base hits
    163 hit by pitch
    142 total sacrifices
    zero catchers interfence

    Pete Roses Stats at each moment
    11861 plate appearances – through June 16th 1979
    2578 games – through June 27th 1979
    13974 days old – through July 17th, 1979

    so at plate appearance—games—days old to match jeters day through yesterday
    hits– 3267—3278—- 3289
    runs— 1705– 1711—1723
    rbi— 989— 993——-1000
    walks– 1137– 1145—–1159
    stolen bases– 145 —–146—–148
    extra base hits— 861 ——865——867
    hit by pitch– – 77– 78—- 78
    total sacrifices— 93—93—– 95
    catchers interfence— 19—–19 —-19

    Jeter is ahead of Rose by 29 hits by plate appearances, by 18 hits by games played, and by 7 hits by exact days of life

    Interesting no?
    By Virtue of Rose being born april 14th, and Jeter June 26th,… by season rose had 3372 hits after his 17th season, Jeter is approaching 3300 with 7 games left to play i n his 17th season

    • so, if jeter can stay health through 2013 and 2014,.. he will catch up to rose if he has great seasons, by seasons,…. cause rose’s 19th season was the 1981 strike year, where he led the majors at age 40 with 140 hits

      is jeter right now career to career as good as rose, absolutley,….. and i dont see an indication jeter can not continue to be as good as rose was at getting hits

      what really hurt jeter in this quest was 2003 where he only played in 119 games, missing game 2 through game 37 on the DL , Then missing 8 more games, including 5 in a row in september
      the yankees played officially 163 games that season , the one game playoff counts as a regular season game that year— was that the arron boone game?


      jeter missing 44 games that season,.. he he only missed 4 games,… he was on fire, could had maybe 55-60 more hits

    • if you go by age, jeter has 7 more days, 7 more games,….. roses next 7 days of age july 18, 1979 through july 24th, 1979, rose added 6 more games, getting 8 more hits

      so, while jeter is sitting sept 4th to start of next season,… rose is adding hits in 1979 from july 25th through sept 30, where he added 95 hits in 65 games, missing zero games, and playing in 8 double headers, lol,… ps the reds played in 163 regular season games that year
      despite havinbg 13 hitless game in the final 65 games in 1979, rose turned out 95 hits, that is incredible,…… and must like jeter has done with this current hit steak
      but rose had 30 multi hit games in that time.

      Pete Rose’s surge at the end of the 1979 season ,… where by age Jeter is sitting in the off season,…. is so far, proves to be the difference in favor of Rose

      but the baseball god’s gave rose the 1981 strike year,….which will give jeter an opportunity to catch up

      • rose went on to win the world series in 1980 on the phillies,…. and play in another world series in 1983 …which they lost to baltimore in 5 games, rose had 5 hits in the seres,…

        rose started in 1984 on miontreal,.. but declared he was going for ty cobb record,… and was traded back to the reds in season

        does Jeter have a couple world series appearances and maybe another championship in the future,… THAT IS A GOOD CHANCE HE AT LEAST GETS THERE

        • All of this Jeter stuff is just plain stupid! The time for this kind of comparison is when his career is finished an over. Add to this that Jeter himself is all about the team first makes all of this BS even more ridiculous.

          • it is my enjoyment,…….enjoy the game as you want to,…. my enjopyment is my enjoym,ent,…. i’m not going to change the way i enjoy the game because you think it is stupid or ridiculous.

            that being said,……. both FOX MLB AND YES MLB, have from time to time put up Jeter vs Rose stats

            This is exactly the kind of stats , by the way, the casey close will take to cashman in 2014

            last time after the 2010 season, cashman called jeter “delusional” through the press

            well, this is now the end of the 2012 season,….. and Jeter is still ahead of Rose by hits per plate appearance, hits per games played, and hit by exact day of age

            and had the 1981 strike season in his back pocket

            • Do you realize just how BORING this is for the rest of us? You take stats way out of context so it ends up as phony homer-ism.

              • how is it out of context,.. in fact, the stats are so mind-boggling in context,.. it should blow you away

                i didnt manipuklate one stat,.. these care pure numbers, hard based numbers, hits, runs , rbis,.. through the same plate appearance,. game played, and days of age

                their is no calculation , no multiplecation,.. no division,.. no wrangling numbers to get them to turn out

                these are the hard numbers casey close will take to cashman in 2014

          • agreed once and awhile is ok Jim but you are making it overkill.

            • well, this is new,.. i havnt posted this before,….. i havnt done it to all 3 in one swoop , at one monment in time,…… it did not take long to put the numbers together,…. and type it, .. less than an hour for sure

              how can it be overkill, if i never did it like this before, all 3 ways, .. hit per plate appearance, hits per game played, and hits by exact days of age

              and then i dug depper and told about what rose did the rest of the season,…. jeter has 7 games left,…. rose 72,.. then 65,….

              i went deep into the hard numbers today,…

              and that is rare for me to do after a game jeter went 0-4

        • In 1979 rose batted 331 and finished 2nd in average in the NL,…, Rose has 208 hits that year, his 17th, with 90 runs and 59 rbis, with 49 extra base hits , and his highest stolen base total of his career at 20

          in 2012 Jeter’s 17th season, with 7 games to go, Jeter has 208 hits, 96 runs, 57 rbis, 45 extra base hits, adding 9 stolen bases, jeter is currently batting 320,….. with a final 7 game surge he can push that higher,….. getting to 331 will be hard though

          those stats a earily close,.. jeter should get rose in hits, runs, and rbis, in their respective 17th seasons

          and make no mistake about it,.. the phillies were a team in 1979 on the verge of greatness,…..

  6. if jeter is as good as rose was first 17 seasons,.. overall,.. is as good as rose wax in their respective 17th season as well,…… why would you say jeter can not turn out a 2013 and 1014 like rose did,…

    part of the reason i do this is because cashman called jeter delusional,.. and didnt do it privatley,.. but did it in the press

    it is all about casey close though

    and casey close will get jeter another contract

    im sure of it

  7. you really think it is in the yankees best interest to let jeter bounce around to one or two teams, then come back to the yankees in the last season to break pete rose?

    of course it isnt

    jeter is not a streak hitter like rose either,.. where he will come up with large amounts of hitless games

    jeter is a consistant hitter, holding the hitless games down

    this is what will eventually be the difference between getting 4257 or not

    i have said this before, and i am convinvced of it

  8. everytime i look at pete rose’s stats in his final 7 seasons, 1980-1986— I am more and more convinvced that Jeter will get 4257,……

    rose had hits of 185, 140, 172, 121., 107, 107, 52

    Their is no indication yet Jeter will no do better than that


    and do it a lot faster than Rose did

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