Game 158 Lineup: Yankees @ Blue Jays

Lineup vs. Blue Jays:

Derek Jeter DH
Ichiro Suzuki LF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher 1B
Curtis Granderson CF
Andruw Jones RF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Chris Stewart C

Andy Pettitte LHP


Standings from Yahoo

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. this new wild card def makes interesting games to keep an eye on today and pitchers in those matchups.

    Of course Yanks vs Toronto – Pettitte vs Romero

    Baltimore vs Boston – Doubront vs Johnson

    Detroit vs Twins – Verlander vs Walters

    Tampa vs Chicago – Moore vs Sale

    Angels vs Texas – Santana vs Holland

    Mariners vs Oakland – Vargas vs Staily

    Oakland is only 3 games back from Texas for the division lead. Anything can happen with these remaining games

    White sox are one back of the tigers.

  2. Matt. – whondid that tweet about 9 yankeesnwith 15 hrs?

  3. Jones hits one and we set the recordvive been pushing for all season.

  4. THE FINAL 5 GAMES PUSH,.,, THE YANKEES ARE one game behind texas for the best rtecord in the AL. they have the iie breaker with texas,.. so they all they need to do it tie,.. that will probably require a 5 game sweep of the end now.

    jeter has 5 more games to add in as many hits as he can

    and andru jones has 5 games to get in 1 more homer ,…. to ge to 15,, so the yankees would have 10 players with 15 or more homers

  5. If Yankees hit 10 hrs in last 5 games , they set franchise record with 245 hrs. 2009 Yankees had 244.

  6. jeters swing looks like he is all tied up and tangled at the plate right now,….. and it looks like he is favoring one ankle at the plate , the front foot that twists,…… he might have an issue now,…. his swing looks all tangled up,.. favoring different muscles,.. as a natural process

  7. if the yankees can clinch best record resting jeter the final 4 games,.. and order him to stay off the ankle,.. i might be for it,……. be we can not see the future

  8. To the lovely….Delia, thank you for the line-up card. Nunez…ss?…clear out the first base line!

  9. Bad news. Jayson Nix went to NY for an MRI on his left hip flexor.

  10. Not good news for any player, unless the MRI comes back with great news. For his sake, I hope it is thumbs up.

  11. WHATS WRONG WITH JETERS SWING ALL OFD A SUDDEN??? he looks all tied up and teisted at the plate?, he is favoring the ankle, the front foot, on the timing step, doesnt land right, it twists, like it is a natural reraction to pain

  12. Yankee lineup vs LHP is still underwhelming.

    ARod has still not found his stroke since returning from injury. For the first week or so, a lot of his bloops were falling in and he was able to make contact to drive in runs with outs. But lately he’s been terrible. In his last 11 games, he’s Struck Out 16 times in 51 PAs…..he’s gone 55 PAs without a HR and 9 straight games without an RBI hitting 3rd or 4th every game.

    A slumping Alex and an injured Tex leaves the lineup weak vs LHP and forces them to play Andruw Jones or McGehee. Add to it that Girardi is resting one of his hottest hitters and his 2nd best hitter vs LHP – Russel Martin. Every game is huge with just 6 to go and a 1-game lead. A tie with BAL means a tiebreaker game AT Baltimore instead of resting this old, banged up team. Girardi needs to put his foot on the friggin gas!

  13. Twasp – I don’t know whats wrong with ARod’s swing. He’s all about timing and his timing is clearly off right now.

    The one thing that I often see when Alex is struggling is he can’t open his hips and turn on the inner half pitches. He’s late getting the bat head out to pull the inside pitch and instead he gets jammed and hits it weakly to the middle of the field. When he first game back he got many hits on bloops to CF but lately they have been getting caught.

  14. Arods. been awful. Maybe Girardi should bat him eight to wake him up. A lot of his balls are ending up caught on th RF warning track. Boli up Arod….we need you now!

  15. Fish – I noticed that too. I agree it’s timing and bad timing is not injury related correct?

    • The injury doesn’t affect his timing but Alex has always been a hitter who seems to take a long time to find his timing when coming back from an injury. It’s been almost a month now so he should have had enough ABs by now.

  16. IT WOULD BE BEST IF JETER GOT THE 4 RUNS IN THE FINAL 5 GAMES, FOR 100 RUNS SCVORED,.. HE Already got one today,.. so he just needs 3 more now

  17. The great Jeter 100 runs scored again?

  18. jeter has reached base with a hit or a walk in his last 51 games, he had one game off in that time.

    and reached with a hit, a walk, or hit by pitch in his each of his last 62 games, with 87 hits, 44 runs, 30 rbis,…… and 8 innings of ups left in the 62nd game

  19. Jim – how do you explain Jeter’s high performance at such an advanced age?

  20. twasp– in the final 65 games of 1979, peter rose had 95 hits,…. that was his equivalent 17th season, only 2 1/2 months older than jeter by seasons end

    jeters last 60 games he has 85 hits,… one one today,.. so jeter needs 9 more hits in the final 4 games and 7 innings, to tie rose for the end of their 17th seasons performance wise

    sometimes players come along that just great,… thats why there are greats of the game

    not everyone can suck, lol

  21. twasp— since julky 1st,….. Jeter has played in 80 of the teams 81 games including today

    jeter has reached on a hit, walk, or error in all but 7 of those games
    in those 7 games,… he had runs in 2 of the games, a rbi in anbother game, and one game where he only had 1 plate appearance as a late inning defensive replacement

    so in the last 81games jeter has contributed in all but 3 playing in 80 of the games,……. and could have moved runners over in those 3 games for all i know,

    during that time jeter has had 116 hits and 56 runs– that is current up to the minute,….. the game today is still going on

    that is a great 2nd half for a quality player, no?

  22. i meabn hit, walk, or hit by pitch, not by error even

  23. Jeter needs a hit now in 3 of the final 4 games, to reach 2000 games with at least 1 hit in his career

    Jeter al;so now needs just 2 more hits for 3300 career

  24. If Jeter gewts hit 300 tioday or tomorrow , someone should remind the trainer to save the ball

  25. Damn, we are wasting a lot of opportunities today. AJones has already K’d with bases loaded and with runners on 1st & 2nd…….guy is killing us.

  26. AJ has been toast for months.

  27. These Damn Yankees. They can’t hit with RISP all game. We probably should have saved some of those runs from yesterday today.

  28. jeter is guarnteed 2 more plate appearances today, unless they take him out of the game

  29. CashHog has built such fantastic depth that when one of our 40 year olds burns out [a jones] we have Pearce ??? And mcGehee ?.?? to fill in.

  30. A team like the Yankees playing a weak team, should jump on them as soon and as hard as they can. Just see the ball, hit the ball, forget HRs, they come on there own. Just 4 more games guys, we could use 5 more wins counting today.

  31. Nunez can hit…..we have Jeter’s replacement if he can learn how to field.

  32. Great bunt, but Kay is not the brightest guy in the world. If Joe replaced Nunez in the 6th inning for defensive reasons he should be replaced himself. One never, never gives lip service to a player then shows him up in the game by pulling him in a close game. Kid must have his confidence shaken badly.
    Nice play to end the inning by Swisher and A-Rod.

  33. Is the a new rule this year, you lose your DH, if you put your dh in the field?….. or has this always been in place?, I have never noticed it before this year.


  34. These umpires are SO BLIND! Gardner was obviously safe at second but Tim Welke who didn’t get a good view of the steal called him out! Who does that?!!!

  35. This is another game we lose because no one can get a clutch hit…there is enough blame to go around for everyone. This, as are almost all losses, a team effort, as is the wins. It sucks

  36. As Andru Jones caerer could be over,, here are his stats – 17 seasons,, He is 35 years, 5 months, and 1 week old,…
    1933 hits
    1204 runs
    1289 rbi
    434 homers
    384 doubles
    36 tripples
    891 walks
    97 hit by pitch
    77 total sacrifcies
    152 stolen bases
    top 20 MVP 5 times, including finished 2nd in 2005
    254 lifetime avg
    lead the NL in homeruns and RBI once each
    played in the WS twice,, 1996 and 1999, lost both to the yankees
    10 Gold Gloves
    played in 11 post seasons with a 277 avg and 10 home runs in in 76 games
    player in 17 post season series, winning 7 of them

    I think he falls short of the hall of fame

    the markers i want to see for a good chance is 2500 hits,, and 1000 rbis, 1500 runs, or vice versa, depending on what kind of player yor are

    and even then you may still not get in

    Jones batted 198 this season with 14 homers in part time work

    but has failed in the 2nd half for the most part

    What are Jone’s prospects for 2013??? if any?

  37. you dont think some team will take a chance on andru jones,if he stays in shape, works hard in the off season in the cages?

    we have seen players come back before from devastating seasons

    he is still young enough to get a shot i think maybe

    if he could get in shape and practice first base,.. he could get a shot in the NL, no?

  38. Maybe……AJ can get a shot somewhere, as long as it’s not here.

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