How should the 2012 postseason roster look?


Rafael Soriano (2012 Season: 2-1, 2.10 ERA, 42 Saves): Ever since Mariano Rivera went down in May with a torn ACL, Rafael Soriano stepped up and delivered a Mariano Rivera like season. Is he Mariano Rivera? Of course not, no one can be Mariano. Has he performed the way the Yankees expected him to? Of course not, he’s further exceeded the expectations. He is a lock for a postseason spot. No doubt about it.

David Robertson (2012 Season: 2-7, 2.88 ERA, 2 Saves): Guys, before we get into a debate about this—David Robertson did not have a horrible year. You didn’t expect him to have the exact same year he did in 2011, now did you? I didn’t which is why I’m not disappointed in his numbers. He actually performed well, despite the seven losses and his career still has a winning record, (16-13). Robertson is the trusted 8th inning man and he will stay that way until Joe Girardi or Brian Cashman says so. But this season, he has been great for the Yankees and he’s one of the most trusted relievers in the bullpen.

Joba Chamberlain (2012 Season: 1-0, 4.91 ERA): Joba Chamberlain had one of the most remarkable seasons that anyone had ever seen. After injuring his ankle on top of having Tommy John Surgery, he was not expected to even pitch in 2012 even though Chamberlain believed he would be on a mound before the season ended. Sure enough he was back on the mound just after the All-Star Break and was greeted with cheers—followed by a few boo’s during his first couple of outings. Since then, he has looked dominant and the Joba Chamberlain we saw at the beginning of last season before the Tommy John Surgery.

Boone Logan (2012 Season: 6-2, 3.83 ERA): Well—Boone Logan sure has won many games for the Yankees; you would almost think he is a starter. Logan has been good for the most part but he has had a few bad outings, which I believe is from fatigue. However, He really should not be fatigued. The Yankees do have another lefty in the bullpen Girardi (hint: Clay Rapada). Boone needs a few games off…before he is too burned out in the play-offs and costs us a game and or series.

Clay Rapada (2012 Season: 3-0, 2.84 ERA): Speaking of Clay Rapada, he was a lost cause before the Yankees picked him up. Since then he has been terrific and Joe Girardi has done a good job managing Rapada this season. A 6.06 ERA with Baltimore and 2.84 ERA with the Yankees may mean one thing—Rapada has been used correctly based on his scouting reports. I expect Rapada to be effective in the 2012 play-offs since the Yankees know how to manage him.

Cody Eppley (2012 Season: 1-2, 3.45 ERA): Before this season, everyone was saying “Cody Who?” A couple of outings later, a few trips from Triple A and back, he has been one of the Yankees most pleasant surprises in the bullpen. Eppley complements Rapada with both of them being side-arming pitchers and with their ability to fool hitters. I expect Eppley to be with the Yankees for quite a bit. He could be very useful.

David Phelps (2012 Season: 4-4, 3.21 ERA): Before the start of the season, the names that you may have heard that could have joined the Yankees in 2012 were Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Adam Warren and D.J Mitchell. A name that you were not expecting to hear? David Phelps. The Yankees made a great choice by having David Phelps pitch for the Yankees because since then he has been spectacular. He has shown to be versatile. He can spot start (if lengthened); he can be in the bullpen. He can do so many things that the Yankees can use him in almost any scenario. Phelps has a legit chance to be in the rotation next season, but for the play-offs, his role could be in the bullpen, the same way the Yankees handled Phil Hughes before Hughes became a starter.

Freddy Garcia (2012 Season: 7-6, 5.30 ERA): I know you think I am insane to add Freddy Garcia to the ALDS rotation, but I have a good reason. Garcia has shown this season that he is more effective in the bullpen than in the starting rotation. He can go about 4 innings before he loses effectiveness against the other team. Garcia has experience in the bullpen and could quickly fill in for a starter if they lose control. Many people may not be confident in Garcia, but in a bullpen role, I am more confident in Garcia in this position than I am with him in the rotation.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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    • Yankees are almost certain to get a postseason spot so this is why I wrote the article. I wouldn’t have wrote it if I didn’t think the Yankees weren’t going to clinch. Yanks can still clinch tomorrow.

  2. I am much more curious now that the Yankees lost today what your wild card roster would look like knowing you can change before the division series?

  3. Thanks to our putrid performance today, I have to root for the Red Sox to bail us out. They came back from a 3-0 defecit but Manny Machado just HR’d to make it 4-3 BAL.

    • I’m actually watching the game and if the Red Sox don’t take the lead I will go to bed angry. I’m already upset with the Yankees but if we have to share 1st place, I’ll be furious.

    • I rooted for the O’s as I want Girardi fired! It would be humiliating if the Yankees failed to win the division.

  4. it isn’t Girardi’s fault that his team couldn’t come through with any clutch hits. Or score more than 2 runs against a starting pitcher who is 1-13 and a reliever who is a career minor-lg journeyman with a 4.52 era in AAA this yr.

    But can someone please explain to Joe that there are only 4 games left in the regular season and his team is fighting for a playoff spot. This is not the time to REST his hottest hitter – Martin. And not the time to play his coldest hitter (A.Jones).

    • Fish – Neader Joe knew today was banana day in Toronto so Russell Gorilla Magilla Martin got the day off and a bushel of bananas.

  5. Fish – in addition the team is still making too many fundamental mistakes and looks lackadaisical at times. That’s on Girardi.

    • Let’s not forget the idiot played Andrew Jones today against a lefty that can’t get out lefty hitters.

      • Jones K’d twice in 2 PA and left 5 runners on base. Brilliant strategy by Neader Joe!!!

        • Yeah, I thought Joe got the picture last week when he benched Jones in the DH. One of those games was against Romero who Jones was 4 for 26 against (.154 with 11 Ks). yet Girardi still played him today.

          Too bad, gardner (9 for 17 with 1 HR & 5 Walks) and Nix (7 for 14) weren’t available since they both own Romero. I would have rather seen Gardner play and take pitches or lay down bunts than Jones.

          If Nix is done and Tex can’t make it back the Yanks need to play McGehee, Dickerson, Ibanez or Gardner or summon Mustelier. Jones is simply shot. I see Baltimore just picked up Pearce.

  6. Well fans, shall we all take one step back from the ledge and then take two steps forward and jump? Why not, the Yankees are finished aren’t they, it sounds as if the race for the WS ring is on hold until next year!
    Right next year 2013, it will the best year of the 2010’s for the Yankees…let’s see…….
    The year 2013 will have an infield of two real old guys and two getting there, and outfield in flux. You say; but we have a good pitching staff! Do we, do we really have a good rotation for 2013?
    Looking into my black ball (after shining it up) it tells me 8, yup, just 8. What does that mean….?

    It means we still have 4 more games and we better get it done this year, time is running out! Yes, time is running out but, does that mean we do also? No, we cheer for the team to come through like it has over many impossible years. And, will do it again, this year!

    • Since there is no dominant team this year anyone can win if you get in.

      It will be interesting to see if MLB will continue to use the juiced ball into the post season.

  7. Good morning…urban bloggers. With all do respect, that’s what we are, right? Metropolitan, cosmopolitan bloggers?…. Lets try again,…. good morning, Cowgirls In the Sand, how are you? Better? What happened today, with the Yanks? Tied for first, and Nova is scheduled to pitch on Tuesday? Pivotal game, who knows? I guess I’m lucky, working these crazy hours, at this point in time. That leaves me no time, to jump off the Goethals Bridge. Not even cannon balling!…. But, god willing ….Joseph Anthony Girardi, will grab the standard, his sabre, and cigar…to take us over the top. Manager Joe, should be manager of the year. IMO…. Later.

    • Is it really so hard to say good morning Yankees fans? Get over yourself already please.

      • It is hard to say good morning since 2008 when this imbecile became the manager of the Yankees. Einstein’s definition of insanity was repeating the same action over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Girardi hasn’t learned a thing in 5 years. His defenders(sick, sick puppies that they are) must even realize this by now. It was September 29th yesterday, and the Yankees had a one game lead in the East, and this guy is starting Andruw Jones. Why? He’s a sub .200 hitter that every opposing pitcher and manager knows can only hit a fastball, and even now he can’t hit that. He stranded 5 runners in 2 at bats. Then let us talk about Granderson. You don’t need to be a veteran major league scout to see that he has completely lost it. His swing is as ugly as any swing I’ve seen in a long time. A total uppercut lunge that as Fish said a week ago is always in the same place. Unless someone throws him a thigh high fastball over the middle of the plate he’s striking out. He stranded 4 runners yesterday. He hit .196 in August and is now hitting .174 in September. He’s 34-183 in August and September.
        At what point do you bench him? I don’t care that he’s a “starter” and one of “Joe’s guys”. When you lead the division by one game you don’t start Jones “to try and get him going” and you don’t keep starting Granderson to “try and get him going”.
        You don’t manage a one game lead with 5 games left the same as you do games in July. There is supposed to be a sense of urgency and you put your best damn lineup out there!!!! Where was Chavez? Why was he on the bench yesterday? Martin finally gets hot for us and he is sitting while Stewart catches? Rest?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These guys will have 6 months to rest if they only get the wildcard and lose the first game!!!!
        Now let us talk about his situational managing yesterday. Another train wreck. Twice caught stealing when everyone in the stadium knew we were going to try and steal in those spots.
        In the 2nd inning, why not have Stewart bunt Nunez over to third?
        In the 5th inning with Ibanez pinch hitting and so slow? Why not a hit and run with Granderson or have Granderson steal?!!! THAT was the place for smallball!!!
        In the 7th?!! UGH!! Cano wound up singling!! WHy steal with CANO at the plate?
        I know his defenders will start with the “it’s easy to second guess” BS but this is constant, Girardi’s record in one run games this year is 21-25. I’m sorry, but that’s 46 game sample and that’s PLENTY of sample size to display that his moves are wrong more often than they are right.
        The man has been doing this since he got here and it’s so frustrating and disheartening to know that our players have to OVERCOME their manager.
        I know people are tired of hearing fans bitch about Girardi. Well guess what? Those of us who bitch are far more tired of watching game after game of his moves coming up short in tight games. When you consider the fact that the Yankees are 21-25 in one run games with MARIANO and SORIANO having been the closers this year, it’s even more disgusting. Without those two guys what would the record be in one run games this year? Soriano has a fantastic 14 saves in one run games.
        This team should already have clinched the overall 1 seed in the AL but instead is not even assured of a playoff slot with only 4 games left.
        In the end, a REAL manager will probably bail us out. All Yankee fans MUST all root for Tampa to win today. So long as they are within 3 of the A’s heading into tomorrow’s game they will play hard against Baltimore in Tampa Bay. An Oakland loss either today or tomorrow would gurantee a meaningful game for Tampa on Tuesday against the O’s so long as they win Monday.
        The pitching matchups for Tampa and Baltimore are Chen vs Cobb, Gonzalez vs Shields, and Hellickson vs someone.
        Here we are, 4 games left in the season and we are scoreboard watching. Thanks Girardi, thanks a lot.
        I always want the Yankees to win a title above all things, but if we can’t win a title and a wildcard game loss would cap a tremendous collapse and get that imbecile fired? I’m all for it. This guy will never learn, he’ll never change, and he’ll always be the first and foremost obstacle in a Yankee title run so long as he is the manager.

        • Michael P., that was one hell of a rant and I must say………….I agree. Girardi made 2 huge mistakes in games that the Yankees could have won. #1 Recent game against the Twins when he pulls Hughes with a 2 run lead and 2 outs. Hughes might have gotten the out. The batter coming up was 0 for 3 against him. I know what did happen though, Boone Logan gave up the lead and more……5 to 3 Twins at end of inning. #2 Yesterday, he doesn’t learn from that mistake and pulls Andy Pettitte for Joba. Joba gives it up…….ballgame! I know Andy didn’t really have his good stuff but I take Andy Pettitte on 1 leg and a half to get ONE out over Joba any day!!! C’mon!! These are 2 moves that he made and stands by………he really IS INSANE!!!! He never admits he made a mistake! His lineups have been terrible all year. How long did it take him to finally move Granderson out of the 2 spot??! Swisher, Jeter, Ichiro, Cano…….any of these guys would do WAY better than Granderson there. The type of year Grandy had……..all power and nothing else slots him 6 or 7th all day long!!!!!! No higher. Give him less at bats but maybe more guys on base when he runs in to one! Think about it……#2 guy has to get on base, not strikeout after Jeter gets on……and this year Jeter was amazing at getting on in that first inning! There are a lot more screw ups I’d like to point out but I’ll maybe do that later. I’m firing myself up and I want to stay happy after awesome comeback win today. One last point though. Here’s one for just weird and well….insane Girardi moves. Yesterday he DH’s Jeter, plays Nunez at SS. Nunez at SS is scarier for me than The Exorcist, The Shining, and all of the Paranormal Activities rolled in to one………okay, sorry got off track. Anyways, he pulls Nunez and puts Jeter in at SS leaving him with no DH in a one run game. If it goes extra innings he could have run out of players or have been forced to bat a pitcher. Oh, but it’s okay his dumb move of pulling Andy saved himself from the embarrassment. I know, Griradi won a WS but like Mike P. kind of said, it felt like they won it inspite of him.

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