Game 159 Lineup: Yankees @ Blue Jays

Lineup vs. Blue Jays:

Derek Jeter SS
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher 1B
Curtis Granderson CF
Raul Ibanez LF
Russell Martin C
Eric Chavez DH

Phil Hughes RHP


About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. What more does Chris Dickerson have to do to earn a start for the Yankees! He hits! He runs! He fields! Girardi is beginning to look more and more clueless by the second!!

    • Sadly he’s not right handed so he will never play. I hope he goes to the Mets next year so he’ll have a chance to play more. A platoon of Hairston and Dickerson could be very solid.

    • I agree Delia. I’d start a potted plant in CF before I started Granderson right now. He’s an absolute disease.

      • I would start Gardner (who can’t hit right now) over Granderson just so I wouldn’t have to see Granderson in CF.

        • Delia I’m not kidding when I say I’d start Dickerson or Gardner over Granderson right now. I’d even start Melky Mesa over Granderson.
          It’s not like Granderson’s last two months are the product of bad luck, as in hard hit balls that happened to not fall. We all know that sometimes players go through those unlucky spells.
          In Granderson’s case? He’s a disgrace.
          In August and September he is 34-183 with 64 strikeouts.and only 18 walks.
          He should have been benched two weeks ago, if not earlier. How long does he get to keep polluting the lineup.
          I don’t care if he’s a great guy who does so much for charity. I don’t care if he has any personal issues. He’s being paid 10 MILLION dollars this year to produce on the field and at the plate and all I care about if I’m a manager is what he is doing for the team. The only thing he does for this team is strand an incredible number of runners and strike out constantly.
          Time for Curtis to sit on the bench with the rest of the guys who aren’t good enough to start for this team.

  2. Is it true teixeira is out for the season?

  3. Has anyone else noticed that while we complain about Andruw Jones and Raul Ibanez and Martin not hitting etc. that we NEVER complain about Eric Chavez? I mean, there’s nothing to complain about from Chavy. He’s good. And unlike Jones he has some stuff left in the tank.

  4. Is Cervelli EVER going to play?

    • I have been asking that same question for the past 3 weeks. Ever since Cervelli came up it’s like he just sits on the bench and does nothing.

      And welcome to the blog Gee Bee. 🙂

  5. 28 players have had 3000 hits
    26 players have scored 1700 runs
    148 players have had 1200 rbis
    227 players have had 240 home runs
    117 players have had 340 stolen bases

    But Derek Jeter is the First and Only player to reach all 5 of those marks!!!!!!!!!!

    and now Jeter has
    3298 hits
    1866 runs
    1253 rbi
    255 home runs
    348 stolen bases

    and adding onto each total the next several seasons will surely launch Jeter into legindary status that will be so high,…. people for hundreds of years to come will be saying he was the best ever!!!!!!!!

  6. But Jeter needs just 2 hits for 3300,, and a hit in 3 of the last 4 games to have a hit in 2000 regular season games

  7. can’t find the commerical on youtube must be new. I’m guessing it was staged and not MLB footage right?

  8. So I wrote a new blog post on my personal blog that you guys might be interested in. It’s called “Joe? Wake up and start managing.” 🙂

    • Very well done Young Lady….
      Yes, Joe is old school and plays the vets more than the kids. He can’t hit, pitch or field for those he puts on the field but, as you said, he can try putting the hot or better players out there. Cisco has been one of the better clutch hitters on the team for a while now, play him. Chavez is one of the better left-handed hitters play him.
      All things that you and others have said many times…come on Joe don’t pull a Joe T on us and only play vets over talent.

  9. fyi Francesa is going back to Yankee baseball talk at the 11am hour.

  10. Delia…….thank you for the line up card……….Good morning, to our fine group of cosmopolitan bloggers. I hope the results are better than Saturday’. From what I’m reading, our manager..Joseph in hot water with our group. Sorry to read those comments…terrific manager, if only given a chance. Take care.

  11. Francesa just said if the season ends bad Girardi is in trouble.

  12. but Jeter is the best there ever was– jeter cant be replaced,,…….

  13. Not being a Jeter hater at all in saying Jeter should sit for a game or two. He actually looks tired out there and even in his hitting streak, it showed.
    Right now, Nunez should be in at SS, he is out hitting Jeter and has to play to find out if he can be depended on. He should play a game to rest Jeter fully.
    When the play-offs start, Nunez will have to step up and be counted at some point in the games.
    Giving Jeter even one game of rest is a big help. For both of them.

    • i do not believe nunez is eligible for the post season, unless they changed the rules

      you need to be on the 25 man rooster on august 31st to be on the post season roster,… unless you have an injury, they you can makje an application for a waiver to MLB

      but with Teixeira coming back to play,……. you cant have players like nunez on the post season roster by RULE


  14. IF MIGUEL CABRERA GOES HITLESS THE REST OF THE WAY, Jeter will be the only player in the majors with 200 hits this season

    only 3 players have 190 hits, and only 13 in all the majors have 180 hits

  15. completely random and i don’t think this will ever happen but why not on sunday’s during the nfl season. why not move 1pm baseball games to like 11am or noon. to help drag more fans to watch on tv. something random i was thinking off.

    Feel free to hate or like the idea.

    • Personally I wouldn’t mind weekday day games starting at 11am. Getting to the stadium would be a lot easier and leaving would be before rush hour.

  16. Don’t understand hitting Chavez 9th. He’s simply a better hitter than Granderson & Ibanez at this point.

  17. Nothing would make me happier from a Baseball point then having the Yankees and Orioles end up tied. Then getting to see Girardi get out managed by Buck in the extra game in Baltimore with the Yankees losing. Then the next day seeing how tight the Girardi will be when his team finds itself in the wild card play in game on the road!

  18. What happens if 3 teams tie for the wild card? Who plays who if the Yankees were one of the team and where would they play?

  19. Alex way to go with that popup behind the second base bag!

    • I could write something to excuse Alex (if I could think of something), something like, no one is hitting WRISP at all. But, none of them are A-Rod, are they…one expects A-Rod putting on his superman cape and coming to the rescue. That’s what he gets paid for right? He has the talent but, just in a funk with his timing. Even the ball he hit to the OF yesterday was not centered and hit behind the ball (late).
      The team needs for him to step it up and play like the player “King Geo.” signed.

      • One more crap year like this an I believe he’ll retire. It has to be very frustrating for him being a shell of his former self.

        • Unless there is a reason, other than what we see, why he is having such a hard time. He is not one to say much about his hurts and pains and my assessment of him is; he will not stick around for records. If he is at the point, he can no longer help the team, just hurt it, I think he will call it quits, one way or another.

          The picture most have on him is one that has been blown up by many people who have the idea because he once said a no, no about Jeter (which, was true by the way) they can say anything they want to discredit him. Joe T said a lot of derogatory things about him that never were backed up by the so called…some said or I heard guy. Using Boila (or what ever) in Taxes is not a help either, just another thing to use against him.

          I am not sticking up for A-Rod anymore than I would for any other player that has been getting the shaft for many years. When has he complained about it?

          Just trying to be fair, no one has taken his side in all these years in New York.

          • Ken

            1. What Arod said about Jeter was basically ” other teams are not afraid of Jeter, like they were of Bernie, Paul etc..”. It was a ridiculous comment and many other teams went on record saying that they do prepare in advance for Jeter.

            2. Many of Joe Torre’s comments about Arod were never disputed and were affirmed by Larry Bowa, clubhouse people, CashHog, and a host of others.

            3. Any heat Arod gets , you don’t have to apologize for all the time, he’s making $30m deal with it.

            4. Hankies , who has been a big supporter of Arod, can even see the decline in Arods game and suggests good future options.

      • Ken – why bother trying to defend Arod? Why are you promoting sitting Jeter but not Arod?

        Like Hankies said Arod’s crap and should retire or be player /mgr.

  20. Can someone please cut out Michael Kay’s tongue and feed it to a stray dog!

  21. The Yankees havnt clinched anything yet,.. and now they could blow the whole thing,, miss the playoffs

    • It’s a very slim chance for the Yanks to miss the playoffs. Angels/Tampa needs to lose one and Yanks need to win one and they’re in for the Wild Card. Yanks could win one game out of the four games coming up. Now, if they want to win the AL East, they have to win all 4 games.

  22. Hankies – Arod retire? From your mouth to God’s ears. Really think he’d do it?

  23. is there a Team hotter than the O’s up 3 runs already. ugh!

  24. to bad that ball didn’t go into the stands.

  25. Arod for player/mgr now that’s a stroke of genius. Arod having to tell Jeter he’s toast. Priceless entertainment.

  26. if batimore wins the division, and tempabat and oakland get the wildcards,… i will blame the season on players like cano,…. who in like the first 50 games when jeter was RED HOT, cano had like 3 rbis or something low like that,…. and granderson who bats like 230, russle martin whgo bats like 200,…..

  27. runs please this inning!!!

  28. In the first 27 games of the year, Cano had a TOTAL OF 4 RBIS,.. HE PLAYED IN EVERY GAME, COMPLETE GAME,……

    in the first 27 games, jeter had 46 hits, 8 walks, reached on error twice,….thats at least 56 times on base,…..
    reached in every game but 3

    and scored 20 runs WITH A 390 AVERAGE,….

    but the yabkees were only 14-13

    losing 7 of those games by 3 or less runs

    cano MADE ME SICK





  29. Cano 45 doubles ……Arod. 16doubles

  30. are we due for a Granderson special a K with men on base?

  31. Stop picking on Grandy …he will be the only Yankee with 100 rbis…not bad.

  32. Phil Hughes “How do you like me now”

  33. Neander Joe “Hughesie didn’t have good fastball command”



  36. Just one swing from Cano here.

  37. I feel home run Cano?

  38. I was closer…double.

  39. Swisherlicious – Man on 3rd less than 2 out. Gotta tie the game.

  40. Way to go Cano! Now the Yankees have to do the thing that they have trouble doing…getting a SAC Fly to bring A-Rod home!


  42. Oh darn…Swisher already got his hit for today and Granderson hasn’t K’d yet!

  43. Thank God for Wild Pitches today!

  44. Snatching the joys of losing out of the jaws of victory.

  45. Another boneheaded baserunning gaffe by Cano….wouldn’t have mattered with grandy on deck tho

  46. I can’t wait for the game to be over so that we can leave Toronto and never come back again until 2013.

  47. Cano – not the sharpest knife in the drawer

  48. you pinch hit Ibanez next inning?

  49. Got to love it…never miss a chance to make a pitching change! I just love being on TV!

  50. In the 100 games this season that Cano failed to get an rbi,…. the Yankees record is 54-46,…

    If Cano had just done his job,……. the yankees would have a nice cushion right now

    In the 57 games Cano had an RBI, the Yankees were 38-19

    Michael Kay may think and say Cano had a good RBI season,….. I do not see it that way at all.

    Cano had 19 multi RBI games

  51. Who PH for Ibqnez? No no no not a. Jones.w

  52. Light bulb idea??? Let’s trade Joe Girardi for Rex Ryan!

  53. now that Curtis is on Id PH Cervelli to hit and run or bunt

  54. They may just win this game after all.

  55. Martin has to be bunting..right?

  56. Ibanez is some tough gutsy mtf

  57. ugh sucks he caught it but i will take the run.

  58. Nunez can play, Doug!

  59. Nunez has jump started this team today off the bench.

  60. Oh no Gardner is in……

  61. Even Michael Kay is questioning Girardi……why bring in Gardy to run now but not earlier?

    • That was my thinking. On twitter I said that the Yankees should put Gardner in as soon as Ibanez makes it on base. Waiting till he’s at second was kind of questionable.

  62. Jeeeeeeter! Where is Jim?

  63. Delia – I thought Gardner might get picked off. Luckily Jete got the hit.


  65. Jeez, is there anything Cano can’t do.

  66. Angels unreal. IF they win both games today and Oakland wins things are going to get very interesting.

  67. 6-13, not bad for three old guys is it?

  68. jeter just needs 14 hits in final 3 games to tie eddie collins at 3315 hits for 9th place all time

  69. C’mon Sori….you are scaring the shit out of me!

  70. Tampa is now eliminated. Hope they play hard against the O’s though.

  71. Jeter has 3301 regular season hits, 191 post season hits, 550 minor league hits,

    ==== 4042 hits,…

    is there any way we can find out how many hits Jeter had in High School, Junior HIgh,, and Little league??

    Jeter could really have already over 5000 hits in games that meant something,, where one team won, one team lost

    • Go Rays! Beat the Dirty Birds! I mean, they gotta get a game out of that series right?!??! The O’s can’t sweep! NO! I won’t hear of it! lol! Wow! Amazing finish,…….really hoping the Rays win 1 or 2 against O’s. That should do it. They play inTampa Bay so maybe the Rays will have magical walk off 1 run wins giving the Dirty Birds a taste of their own medicine!!! Hey, Buck……OPEN WIDE!!!!!!!

  72. It’s funny but reading some of these comments and thinking about today’s game, I really like Nunez’s bat in the line up but just shiver when I see him put on a glove. It’s really strange to me because i’ve been working with my son who is 12 now and he’s really good in the field at almost any position. He just makes the play, gets after the ball….really hustles. Now his chance of making it to the Majors is a long shot, I know but it’s just so hard for me to watch a guy boot, kick, miss play, and badly throw a baseball in MLB. *********** Fellow Yankee fans help me! What can the Yanks do with him?!! They gotta get him in the line up. DH? Give me some ideas and please do not say SS. Anything but there. When Nunez walks out to SS with a glove on, there should be a white flag with a sign that says….”The Alamo!”

    • It’s fans like you that create even more pressure on Nunez especially when he doesn’t play everyday.

      • We need bats in the lineup more than we need gloves out there. We don’t have the luxury of choosing the bets glove all the time as we are batting two of(at least) Granderson, Martin, Ibanez, Jones, Nix, etc.
        We need bats, bats, bats. Guys who can make contact and move runners over and if possible have speed on the paths. Nunez is a good guy to have in the lineup.
        Teixeira is returning with his great glove tomorrow. Who the heck cares? Look at our record without him in September!! The guy strikes out and kills innings. Awful time to have him coming back isn’t it?

    • Jay – For the rest of this season Nunez is our DH vs LHP.
      Then in the offseason, he plays everday at SS in the Winter League. Next yr Jeter, Nunez, ARod & Chavez (or Adams if Chavez retires) share SS, 3B & DH.

  73. Mike Napoli is single-handedly killing the Angels. 8-4 Texas, top of the 6th inning! 🙂

  74. Good evening… the our fine group of urban bloggers. I heard the Yanks won…..must check the box score. So much chatter over Joe Girardi this a.m…….let him manage. An upper tier manager like him, does not come along often. Is Boston next?….I’m so out of the loop. Later.

    • This is a site for Baseball fans that mostly root for the Yankees so we do not need you too identify us! Stop all of your stupid BS!

  75. Delia…..good evening! I enjoy your words, and spirit. Keep it up…..Question? If Texas wins tonight, does that guarantee the Yanks a play-off spot? I know, you would know. Take care.

    • Thank you for the compliments Patrick. Much appreciated.

      And to answer your question, if the Rangers win the Rangers, Yankees & Orioles are all guaranteed a postseason berth. 🙂

  76. Eduardo Nunez…..I saw his name mentioned a few posts ago. He has been inconsistent in the field, since day one. The Yankees have been very tolerant of his mistakes. I don’t see how a blogger on some site, puts pressure on Eduardo. I read that here, tonight. Funny stuff.

  77. Delia…I knew, you knew! thanks…..Another? Is Eduardo Nunez fixable/correctable? Time to break out the magic wand? Some think he is….what say you?

    • Nunez is fixable. He’s going to play Winter Ball at SS so he should correct everything in those 7 weeks he’s there. I think something else that Nunez needs is confidence–something Girardi doesn’t have in him. He pulled him in the middle of a game due to defense when Nunez did nothing wrong. If a manager does something like that, a players confidence will diminish and he’ll be more prone to make a mistake.

      • Delia…thanks for the heads-up. As for manager Joe, pulling Nunez out?… guess is, that in this tight rush to the finish line…Nunez’ past performances, called for the change. You, take care. Getting ready to sign off.

  78. Jay M…..good evening. Nice to meet you. You had maybe, the funniest line of the day…………………….. “When Nunez walks out to SS with a glove on, there should be a white flag with a sign that says….”The Alamo!”….What do you think….can he be corrected? Or, dispatched? Take care.

  79. That’s it….blogging Cowgirls. Hate to dance, and run…..Yes, it is Boston, for the final curtain. I’m sure Joe Girardi, has a plan…..and the Yanks will finish strong. Take care.

  80. Good day to all you out there going to work, another day for the Yankees to show their metal.
    All you urban bloggers and blogging Cowgirls/boys be nice to each other!
    As we said about the Jays, we should beat these guys without trying very hard…how did that work out with the Jays?
    Lesson learned…paper is paper, games are what count in the standings!
    Three of three would be very well received by all!

    • Oldyankee02 – now you’re using the term “cowgirls ” Enough!

      Free Hankies and TWASP are not Cowgirls and have expressed our distaste for the name.

      Gay slurs will not be tolerated by YFU mgt.

      • You are the only one that thinks it is a gay slur, of course now others may follow you. You are a joke, I only did it to get a rise out of you…which I knew would happen. You may not know it but, you are in my zone now.

        • YEAH, I didnt get at all that Patrick was usinbg it at all a gay slur,… just a reference to pop culture,…. and rock n roll,….

          what neil was singing about was being loved by many for what they do,… bloggers write,……what is better, writing things that you get you loved by millions,.. or writting things that you enjoy to write about

          the song was almost certainly about neil leaving buffalo springfield,…… he wanted to change his name,.. that is, who he was,.. the music he was doing,.. that he wasnt in control of his artistry at the time,… even though so many loved him,,,,,

  81. twasp—– their are different academic discussions on what neil young was singing about,…… because each verse is a different girl,…

    some scholars believe it was neil singing about his feminine side,.. leaving buffalo springfield to be on his own,

    and the line where he says so many love you is it the same?

    meaning do you really need millions of fans,….. and then not love what you are doing

    neil was young when he wrote the song,.. and he claims he wrote it in bed with a severe fever ,.. and thats why some of the imagdry is weird

  82. I’d walk Reynolds here with the 20 yr old on deck

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