Morning Bits: Backup infielders, Tied for AL East, Hughes

Good morning everyone. A bad day in baseball for the Yankees as they now share the AL East lead with the Orioles (again). Today is a must win game with Phil Hughes on the mound. Here are your morning bits.

— With the injury to Jayson Nix and Joe Girardi making a panic move to take Eduardo Nunez out of the game yesterday, sometimes it leaves fans wondering–where is Ramiro Pena now.

— The Yankees were supposed to use this time to gain some distance between themselves and the Baltimore Orioles. Instead the Yankees lost a 1.5 game lead in 3 days and are now tired with the Orioles again.

— The Yankees have to win today–and they turn to Phil Hughes to get that possible win. Yankees will also be scoreboard watching the Red Sox and Orioles and will try to (once again) gain some ground.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I hate coming down to the stretch here and hoping for other teams to lose cause I don’t have much faith in my team.

    • Matt, I just wrote something to that effect but it is not the team I don’t have faith in, it’s the manager. Even his past defenders have to be realizing what a train wreck Girardi is even if they won’t man up and admit it out loud. Inside, you know that even his defenders are aware that they have no faith in him.
      Let me ask you a question ok? If Mike Sciosia or Joe Maddon or Bruce Bochy or Jim Leyland or Terry Francona(please, bring me Francona, he would be the PERFECT manager for this team) was managing this team would you have more faith in them or less?
      Girardi has a team whose overall record is 91-67 and whose record in one run games is 21-25. So the Yankees are 70-42 in games decided by more than one run!!! The 21-25 record is SCARY when you consider that Mo and then Soriano were the closers this year. What’s our one run game record with an average closer?
      I have always believed that one run games can be swayed by managerial decisions in situations.
      Yankees record in one run games this year is 21-25. In 2011 it was 21-24. In 2010 in it was 20-19.
      Over the last 3 seasons the guy has a team whose overall record is 283-199. That same team is 62-68 in one run games.
      Yanks are 221-131 in games decided by more than one run the last three seasons(90 games over .500) and 6 games below .500 in one run games.
      I’d say 130 games is a VERY relevant sample size, it represents about 80% of an entire season.
      We all know the real story here. The guy has been given a goldmine of talented players and when they hit he wins. When the game is tight and his actual decisions affect the outcome more, the guy loses more games than we wins despite the overall talent disparity that’s in his favor.
      I’m tired of hearing about “luck” when it comes to this guy. Things stop being about luck when it happens again and again and again over a long period of time. Some managers win more games than they lose when their decisions affect the outcome and some guys don’t. Girardi is one of the guys who don’t.

  2. How about the Rangers vs Angels game that got postponed yesterday. Now they play a double header today. And then fly to Oakland to end the season. That could be an interesting series with the outcome of today’s double header.

    So much to watch for today.

  3. And let’s not forget that Mo was the closer in 2010 and 2011. How the **** do you go 62-68 in one run games over three seasons with MO closing and then a great Soriano effort this year? WOW!!!

      • It’s beyond sad, the more I think about it the crazier that stat seems. Your record in one run games should have a strong correlation to your closer and overall record. This stat is SO MANY standard deviations outside of the norm that it is mindboggling.
        Tampa Bay and Texas are the two teams whose overall records the past three seasons in the AL are closest to the Yankees. Yankees have 283 games the last three seasons and are 62-68 in one run games(with MO and Soriano closing). Rays have won 284 games over the last three seasons and are 76-71 in one run games. Rangers have won 288 games and are 72-67 in one run games.
        One of these things, is not like the other thing. One of these things, It doesn’t belong. Can you guess which thing, is not like the other things, before I finish my song?

      • Here’s more pure sickening statistical madness. Yankees are 16-22 in extra inning games the last 3 seasons. The other two teams with the same overall records as we have the last three seasons? Rays are 24-17 in extra inning games the last three seasons. Rangers are 23-16.
        Same exact thing as the one run games. One of these things is not like the other things.
        Now if someone wants to start that “random” or “small sample” BS I’m going to blast them. Three seasons comprised of 480 games is NOT a small sample. You have three teams over that time period who have basically the same regular season record. One team is 6 games below .500 in one run games, the other two teams are 5 games over .500 in one run games. One team is 6 games below .500 in extra inning games, the other two are 7 games over .500 in extra inning games.
        Oh, and the team who is below .500 in these games had Mariano and then Soriano closing.
        Lets face the facts here. Managers don’t affect the outcome of every game. Managers can often affect the outcome of one run or extra inning games. It is pretty obvious which manager isn’t getting the job done as well as his peers who have been managing similar teams.
        Random, luck, etc are all BS!!! At some point whether a guy is your manager or not, whether you like a guy or not, you have to take a look at the cold, hard statistical data and draw a rational conclusion. My conclusion is that my manager is the last guy in the world you want on the bench when a game can most be decided by his decisions. Not sure how anyone else could look at the facts and draw any other conclusion.

        • Well to many fans think Girardi does a good job managing the pen. I think he stinks at it as he always boxes the team into pitching corners. This is what happens when a team has a Girardi as their manager.

          I do however think the Yankees with a little creative forward thinking may have come up with the pen of the future. I think pens are changing and there just isn’t any role for a long man anymore.

          I think we will start seeing teams go with a closer, 2 specialty relievers L/R, and 4 two inning guys 2 each L/R.

  4. If I’m the Yankees, I don’t pitch Nova on Tuesday. Nova has been struggling so much lately and these are all must win games.

    • I think you might be right Delia. I’m sure him pitching tuesday will be determined on the outcomes of the yankee games today and tomorrow. as well as what B’more does in those two days.

    • Absolutely Delia, just like he shouldn’t be playing Granderson. But wait and see, come Tuesday no matter what the situation is Nova will walk to the mound and start that game. Girardi is stubborn and never changes up anything like that.

  5. The most interesting stat that I came across this morning is the Yankees pen has given up more home runs in September then any other AL team. 16 is more then twice what the team gave up in any other month this season.

    • I forgot to add that the pen has a very good or very lucky BABIP of .249 where as AL average for September is .288. Honestly Martin is the issue as he calls a bad game imo with respect to giving up home runs.

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