Yankees Off-Day Notes: 25 Man Roster, Sabathia, McGehee, Nix, Jeter, Rangers or Orioles?

Good evening everyone. The Yankees don’t play again tonight but there was baseball to be played since the 2 Wild Card games were on TBS. The Cardinals (controversially) won the NL Wild Card game which sent the Braves packing and the Cardinals to the NLDS. Tonight the Yankees will find out whether they are heading to Baltimore or whether they are heading down to Texas. While we wait for that, here are some notes from today.

— The Yankees won’t release the 25 man roster until tomorrow but the Yankees did reveal that Casey McGehee did not make the postseason roster. He reportedly took it hard.

— Joe Girardi confirmed that CC Sabathia would pitch Game 1 of the ALDS but he didn’t say who he was going to pitch in Game 2.

Jayson Nix says that he feels he’s well enough to make the postseason roster but he’s not sure whether he will make the roster.

— I wrote an article for Yahoo! about why I believe Derek Jeter is a Fall Classic legend by becoming “Mr. November” in 2001.

— While watching tonight’s Orioles and Rangers game, who would you rather see play the Yankees in the ALDS: The Orioles or the Rangers?

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I’m ashamed of the MLB tonight. The call was inexcusable, the fans’ reaction was even worse, and the plain fact that the 87 win Cardinals defeated a 92 win Braves club in a “tiebreaker” game, is just idiotic.

    MLB needs to wake up and expand replay, expand the Wild Card round or just do away with it all together.

    • Def going to be alot of debate on this in the coming days/weeks

    • Brian, that’s why short series are random, even the Mets could win one game!

      • But it wasn’t even a short series, lol. And exactly, any team can beat any team on any given day. And also the fact that a one-game playoff happens no matter the record is horrible. MLB needs to fix this, I’d say expand the wild card round to 3 games, because then in my opinion the better team should be able to win at least 2.

        • Brian, I dissagree, a three game series is the same as 1 game, anyone can win. The good part of this set-up is that it gives an advantage to the teams that win their division which was the goal.

          • True, but a one-game playoff is for settling ties in baseball. The Cards won 5 less games than the Braves. Atlanta was the better team all year, it’s a fact. In one game, anything can happen, which is unfair. Atlanta earned the right to play in a postseason series. The Cardinals finished second in both the Wild Card and their division. That’s not something that is playoff worthy, at least not in Major League Baseball. Look, I like the new Wild Card idea, but expand it so each team has a fair chance.

      • Anyone can win 1 game but the odds aren’t the same for the Mets and the Yankees…it still comes down to the talent and executuion of the teams involved. I agree a 1-game play-in for the WildCard isn’t right but the playoffs as a whole are not random coin-flips. The WS winner gets through a 5-game series and two 7-game series’ against the best teams in baseball. They EARN the right to be called Champions. These are evenly matched teams….the teams that out-perform their opponent wins. The only random part of it are calls by umpires, weather-related factors (wind, rain, sun, etc.).

        The Yanks and Orioles played a 162-game season in the same Division and finished within 2 games of each other. They were 9-9 head to head vs each other. They now play a 5-game series to see who advances and the team that OUT-PERFORMS the other will advance. To call it random means the players have no control over what happens and that is absurd. Why do we care about who makes the roster, who hits where in the lineup and who pitches when if it’s all random anyway?

        • When you play a one game playoff the pressure is on the favorite. The Rangers and Braves had much more pressure to advance than the O’s and Cards. The underdogs won, because of the pressure of a one game playoff. This year you have the second round start in the weaker teams home field which is also a factor agains’t the best teams. In the old days the Yanks would play the Nats and last year the Yanks would have played the Phils. This is with an unbalanced schedule which favors the teams in the West. We already had the sun and wind factor with Josh Hamiltion missing the ball the last day of the season, the umpires missed the infield fly last night. To me if the Yanks don’t play the Nats in the series it’s not legit, they are the teams that have earned the right to play over 162 games not your random playoffs.

        • Fish….ha ha ….are you still trying to teach Doug the real meaning of random ™. Hilarious.

  2. Mark Reynolds just pulled a Derek Jeter and faked a hit by pitch. Well, the ball hit the bat and then hit his hand and the umpires said it hit him first.

  3. Good, baltimore won,…we got what we wanted, the rangers are finished

    now all we have to do is beat trhe crap out ofd balrtimore to get into the alcs with home field against the a’s/tigers

  4. I like the idea of pitching CC and Andy in Baltimore, they have the experience in the playoffs and Kuroda is much better at home.

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