ALCS Game 3 Lineup: Yankees @ Tigers

Lineup vs. Tigers:

Brett Gardner LF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Raul Ibanez DH
Russell Martin C
Eric Chavez 3B
Curtis Granderson CF
Eduardo Nunez SS

Phil Hughes RHP

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. wow sitting A-Rod who is actually decent against Verlander. ballsy. Good to see Gardner over Swisher.

    • Francesa going nuts that A-Rod isn’t at shortstop over Nunez

      • I think Nunez’s value comes from: (a) his offense against LHP and (b) his speed. ‘A’ clearly isn’t relevant vs. Verlander and the Yankees aren’t really lacking speed, having Gardner and Ichiro in the lineup. Maybe they are trying to really capitalize on Verlander’s vulnerability toward steals?

        Hopefully, nothing on the ground is hit Nunez’s way. Say what you want about A-Rod but, minus his range, I trust his fielding ability more than Nunez.

        I agree with Francesa.


  3. I don’t think it was the right move to sit A-Rod tonight. He had success against Verlander earlier in the year and I think sitting him tonight (especially where he could potentially have played one of 3 positions: 3B, SS, DH) will have completely the opposite effect of motivating him to step it up. I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion.

    • I agree Mike. I think sitting ARod today is a mistake. Verlander is actually someone ARod might be able to handle since he’s challenge him with the 4-seamer a lot. I don’t think it would be fair to throw him out at SS after 10 years and on top of his injuries and offensive struggles. he hasn’t played SS since he was 27 yrs old. But I would have had his bat in the lineup over Granderson if it was my call.

      • A-Rod at SS would be like having, good glove, limited range. Nunez is not as bad in the field as he is made out to be, give the guy 162 games to show what he is or isn’t…hell, try more than 50 games off and on over 2-1/2 years.

    • I agree Mike. Never has Girardi been more gutless and petty than he is being today. Just listened to his interview about the lineup and wow is he the jerk I always thought he was.
      ARod and Swisher are WAY more likely to wake up then Granderson!! Granderson is the guy who should shit, but nope, he’s one of “Joe’s guys” he gets to strike out 4 times tonight.
      You know what this is? This is a manager who pitched Lowe instead of Drob already covering his ass and nothing more. He knows this is basically an elimination game so what does he do? He sits the two guys he wants to really make into the scapegoats. He’s giving himself an excuse to lose this game and then has his defense.
      He can’t scapegoat Cano, and Granderson is “one his guys” so he won’t do that to him.
      ARod has great numbers against Verlander. If an outfielder sits it should be that worthless Granderson.
      This is sickening.

      • So is everyone still fist pumping that we played a washed up old guy who made the game losing error on a ball Arod fields every time and a guy who hadn’t had an at bat since April 17th in what amounted to an elimination game?
        You don’t use punitive benching in AN ELIMINATION GAME!!! You play the guys who give you the best chance to win!!!
        ARod and Swisher had been cold all of one week!!! During the course of a regular season EVERYONE goes cold for a week or more!! You don’t bench them unless you have a BETTER OPTION!!!
        I’ve had Girardi pegged since day one. He’s an incompetent loser who got a ring because he managed what amounted to an all star team in 2009, and he almost blew that one too.

        The Yankees will never win another title so long as he is managing this team.

        • Michael P – You have been bashing Swisher for being a “Zombie” in the playoffs ever since I’ve known you. Now because he was benched, that’s the reason we lost?? Playing Gardner was absolutely the right move, Swisher cost us 3-4 runs on defense alone and hasn’t hit a lick in 4 years in the postseason. Gardner actually had good ABs vs Verlander, made him work, went 3-2 twice I believe and got robbed of a base hit up the middle by Verlander.

          As for ARod at 3B, I think we all wanted him at 3B or in the lineup. Chavez at 3B is just as good as ARod if not better. He made an error on a wierd hop but he also made an amazing double play that saved at least 2 runs. He’s also been our #2 hitter vs RHP all year and was 6 for 10 off Verlander this season. You say Chavez is a washed up old guy? He’s younger than ARod and outperformed him against RHP ALL season long and on defense. Look at any metric you want including the eye test where ARod has been clueless against RHP all post-season.

          I said on Monday I would have DH’d Chavez, played ARod at 3B and benched Granderson & Swisher but I’m done flipping out about the lineup when this ENTIRE TEAM IS DEAD! Girardi is an absolute bufoon but bitching that Swisher would have made the difference is comical with as bad as he’s been and how he cried about the fans.

          It’s like as soon as Jeter went down this team packed it in.


    2008–24 GAMES
    2009–38 GAMES
    2010–25 GAMES
    2011–63 GAMES
    2012–40 GAMES

    • JIM – If you want to look something up…..what is the team’s record in those games?

      • fish—

        in the games without arod form above the yankees record was


        a total of 111 wins and 79 losses — without arod in the lineup the past 5 seasons

        = 58.42 winning percentage

        prorated to 162 games that would be 94.5 wins or 95 wins

        over the past 5 seasons,, the yankees have averaged 95.8 wins total

        HAVING arod in or out of thelioneup the past 5 seasons,, have meant very littel to the average win totals

        • furthermore in 2008

          arod plaed in 138 games

          he had 41 hitless games, 51 games with only 1 hit,….and 46 multi hit games

          in the 46 multi hit games arod had in 2008, the yankees record was 33-13

          in order to futher understand this,……. in those 46 games, it may have been bad pitching, and the other players may have also had multi hit games those nights

          • in 2008 the yankees failed to make the playoffs ——- the first year of arods new 10 year contract

            • And the next year, he carryed the team on his back, to the WS which they won!

              Why hit a guy when he is down and plays on your team? I can see doing what you are doing if there was anyone around here telling the world how he is the greatest thing to ever play and the Yankees can’t and haven’t won anything without him doing it himself.
              But you are a little touched, you are why I go out of my way to stick up for him.
              How would you like (hold-up) to face the never ending crap he has had to face every day? Some is hate mongering and very little is his fault…he is just good copy for the media or Popperatzzizzzz!

              • the numbedrs dont lie,, the winning percentage the last 5 seasons is virtually the same with arod in or out of the lineup,..

                so the first 5 years of his new cointract,… meant nothing—— we would have won the same amount of games without him,….

            • Derek Jeter had never been benched for a playoff game.



    • Oh some nonsense story that he was flirting from the bench in the game the other night with someone.
      Apparently they intend to eat ARod’s contract and will attempt to deal him(this whole mess is designed to get him to waive the no trade clause to go somewhere else) in the offseason.
      I’m fine with that but the best chance to win tonight was with him playing SS or 3B and starting. Chavez hasn’t been hot in months. Granderson has been a train wreck since late July, yet Granderson plays tonight.

      • “Apparently they intend to eat ARod’s contract and will attempt to deal him(this whole mess is designed to get him to waive the no trade clause to go somewhere else) in the offseason.”

        Speculation or did you see that somewhere?

        • Think about it Mike, that’s what this play looks like. Cashman and Girardi are about to fail with yet another 200 million plus payroll. Cashman made an incredibly stupid trade, Girardi has had his usual laundry list of insane moves(Lowe over Drob?!!) and it’s time to start covering their asses. You can’t scapegoat Cano, he’s the franchise player. They don’t want to scapegoat Granderson because they can pick up his option and trade him, you don’t bash a guy you are going to try and go to another team and get them to bite on in a month or two.
          So what do you do?
          You scapegoat a guy whose a free agent at the end of the playoffs and then you scapegoat a guy who the public is always after in ARod.
          If you embarass and humiliate him enough you can get him to waive his no trade, eat most of the money on his deal, and deal for Headley to replace him.
          The “neat” part about what they are doing is that it will work with most people.
          Most people will be happy to ignore peddling Montero for a fat and drunken Pineda and Girardi pitching Lowe instead of Drob in game 1.
          The masses will eat up making Swisher and ARod the reasons for another fail. One just pissed off the fans with comments and wasn’t going to be resigned anyway. The other has admitted PED use, failed in past postseasons, and is hated by many fans.
          You just offer these two up as sacrifices. If you by some chance win the game, you can posture as the hero GM and Manager who made the tough calls and benched two starters. If you lose, you simply state that the underachieving scapegoats gave you no choice but to act as you did and by letting one walk and trading the other, you convince everyone that next year will be different.
          If those two really wanted to bench someone worth benching, they’d bench Granderson. They aren’t concerned with winning though, they just want to cover their asses.

      • He’s not trade able after this year but after next year it’s very possible.

  6. REMEWMBER THE OTHER DAY ON HERE , I WENT OFF IN MAN Y POSTS about AROD and his contract, mis-representing himself on the ped issue, and i went on and on

    well, appearantly, either donald trump read what i wrote, or me and him think exactly alike,….. because today on the michael kay radio show on espn TRUMP repeated what i typed almost word for word

    • Jim- It was talked about after he first made the admission in 2008. I believe that was the time to void the contract. Now, 5 years later it would be very difficult to terminate the deal IMO.

    • Trump is great at business but, has no knowledge of what can and can’t be done in the world of baseball.
      And if you or anyone else has seen where A-Rod lied in the contract, please bring it to the Yankees attention. Their people are way over payed if they can’t find it.

      • baseball is not outside the law,……. if the yankees dont want to pay arod or have him as an employee, they simply dont have to,…… let arod sue them,…..

        see how far that gets , arod would never let that get to a jury in the bronx courthouse

        arod would have to settle

        • WRONG…DUMB…The Yankees will pay his contract the only question in my mind is will it be paid with Alex as a AAA player.

        • Jim2244…
          I hate to ask this but, I don’t have a choice!
          Are you really as obtuse as your writing reads? The Yankees would open up being sued by MLB and the Players Union! A-Rod would never have to play another game in his life but, he would still get payed.
          That’s a big problem for some with good sounding ideas but, they forget, actions have consequences.

          • Jim….listen to Ken…..he knows obtuse……and has been fired many times……

            • Tommy “Instigator”
              Don’t even try it, stay out of this, all you do is get people all pissed off at each other, instead of being pissed off at the instigator (you).
              For your information I had a damn good job for over 42 years and never been fired in my life. Maybe, fired at but, not fired!
              Also, of all people, I thought you, would know what self-deprecation was, Mickey often spoke of himself that way. “I saw three balls and swung at the middle one”. Billy and Mickey were both alcoholics, not drunks. Big difference, don’t you think?









            HE WAS USING PEDS

            • Good morning, psych. patients…….Have read all the posts, of the past 24 hrs. Get back in the saddle, and try again……… The word ‘obtuse’ was used last night. Truly the power word of the evening. I now believe, I am an ‘obtuse blogger’!…. Many might agree. Fight on, lads!

              • isnt obtuse a geometry term,, like for a triangle or something?

                • jimm222/444….partly correct….ob·tuse/əbˈt(y)o͞os/

                  “Annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand.
                  Difficult to understand.”………I think that is what I am, an obtuse blogger.

  7. ARod sitting is a mistake but it is my feel that it is more of an organization call than Joe himself. Just a guess. Gardy for Swish fine. Need Grandy in the huge OF with the fly ball pitcher.

  8. The Yanks – and Girardi specifically – need to treat today like Game 7 of the World Series. Do whatever is necessary to get a lead and then whatever is necessary to hold that lead. Multiple innings for the well-rested Robertson & Soriano.

    If they can steal a win today then you depend on CC giving you another 8 inning gem tomorrow.

    • Agree totally with that. You also have to figure if they can pull off a win tonight, especially with Verlander pitching, it will be a tremendous boost of morale/spirit – which is needed desperately.

      • Michael D ?……are you the original Mike D ?……if so, how are you? A very long time. I hope this finds you well. You were always a nice person…..and smart! …If it’s you, whom I think it is, then you’ve made my evening Take care.

  9. Pessimistically confident in the Yanks’ tonight. Getting away from Yankee Stadium (go freakin’ figure), and facing Verlander could wake up the bats, since they did defeat him in Detroit in the playoffs last year and have historically hit well against him.

    I really feel if they win tonight CC can pitch them solely to a win tomorrow, and could tie the series up with Andy going in Game 5. You never know….

  10. i just proved over the past 5 seasons, it makes no difference to wins and losses overall winning percentage, whether arod plays in a game or not

    is he worth the 10 years 275 million,….. or the past 5 years at what like 145 million,…

    absolutley not

    AROD HAS NMOT MADE THE YANKEES BETTER AT ALL,…. and the overall wins dose not go down if arod is not in the lineup the past 5 years

    now what

  11. So did everyone get a chill up their leg when the guy who hasn’t hit since April grounded out to second? Love Gardner, but Joe had no business putting him in the lineup over Swisher. I sort of like my playoff guys to have had a real at bat in the last 4 or 5 months.


  13. The Tigers scored ONE run so it does not look good.

  14. Yankees are a dead team!!!!!No life at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No jeter
    No Arod for good reason
    No Cano ,for no reason? I have never seen a guy that hot go that cold.
    No manager,Girardi is MIA;
    Yanks should forfeit and end the embarassment.this shit is hard to watch,no energy ,
    Time to blow it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Forfeit Now, Girardi, you donkey!

  16. Boy starting Chavez was BRILLIANT huh? You idiots. You don’t bench a guy like Arod for a washed up guy like Chavez. E-5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! turns into a run. What a joke

  17. Yankees have been dead since the 2009 championship season was over.

  18. Without iron hands Chavez in there its a 1 run game. But noooooooo!!! Joe had to “make a statement”. Moron, he couldn’t manage a lemonade stand.

  19. Benching Arod was stupid and idiotic. Would it have made a difference? No. Girardi can’t take the bat and hit for these clowns. This is on the players. Hal better open up his wallet this offseason.

    • If we lose by one run it sure as hell WILL have made a difference Matt!! YOU DON’t START a one armed man who hasn’t hit since June and a washed up relic over ARod and Swisher!!
      They’ve been cold for SEVEN games!! It seems longer but that is all it is!!! In the course of the season EVERYONE goes cold!!
      He chose two guys to start tonight who had no business starting this game.
      E-5 leads to a run.
      Girardi defenders make me FURIOUS!! He’s not cut out for this job!!!

      • Nick Swisher has been “cold” in every playoff game he has every played in. ARod has not just been cold he has looked like he has absolutely no chance against even mediocre righties. I would have started him but would I be confident in him getting the job done? Hell no. No reason starting the same guys would have produced different results against an actual elite pitcher when they couldn’t hit mediocre pitching. How anybody can look at this and possibly blame anybody but ARod, Cano, Swisher, and Grandy for producing nothing but crap is beside me.

    • There is a stench coming from this team and it must be perged.I’m not sure where to start but it starts with management and goes to certain players .AROD IS FINISHED AND WILL NOT PLAY FOR THE yANKS GOING FOWARD.
      This shit sure wasn’t random,you could smell it a mile away

      • Replace the Yankees next year with the NEWARK BEARS!

      • ballpark, so you knew that Cano was going to have this kind of series, and that the pitching would be so good.

        • Doug the team limped into the playoffs and if not for the closer on the O’s failing they loose .
          Pitching has been great and I thought it would be with CC,KURODA ,and ANDY coming back.
          The bats going cold wasn’t a surprise thats playoff baseball However ALTHOUGH CANO HAS SHOWN THE ability to be bad in pressure situations in the past no one could have predicted one of the worst playoff performances in Yankee history.

          At the end of the day mismanaging this roster leading upto and during the playoffs coupled with bad defense is what will eliminate the Yanks from the tournament.
          So to me its not random

  20. Which is more insurmountable?

    A – The Yankees coming back from 2 runs down.
    B – Climbing Everest

    • Nunez has the most pathetic swing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • How can you say that this fall? I believe he’s just doing what all his other teammates are doing which is nothing.

      • How does that pathetic swing hit a homer off Verlander, how random.

        • Doug you got me on that one”lol”However the swing was still ugly.Nunez kinda looks like the old tmers that hit with some questionable mechanics.i’m shocked at his age in todays game he isn’t polished.He is an outstanding athelete.

          • who do you want to see take Swisher’s spot next year Bpark?

            • you cant have anyone exp;ensive in swisher spot,.. they still need to get a 25 man roster down to about 176 million, to ensure a 40 man roster of under 189 million

              you let swisher go, you start right there — replace him with a low pay guy, maybe dickerson, making under a million a year

            • He wants Carlos Beltran. So an outfield of Granderson, Gardner, Ichiro, Beltran and 1 young player like Mustelier and/or Melky Mesa.

              • too expensive right now,…… the yankees are starting a transition mode now,… which would be a lot easier if not for ARODS contract,……. but we are in a tuff spot to get a 40 man roster under 189 million,….. i went through all the numbers last week,……

                replacing swisher with beltran in an outfield spot,.. may be an upgrade, it may be an equil move,….. but it is not the move they need to make

                several moves are going to be made the next 3 seasons,…… adding payroll is not one of them

                are we that spoiled where we think we can still go out and add payroll, get whoever we want, regardless of cost?

                only un-informed fans believe that is still true

                randy levine came out and gave to 189 million for thr 40 man roster as a necessity to operate the business for now, in a fiscally respoinsible way to the private shareholders

                it is cashmans job to execute that to maintain a 95 win a year team

              • I’d take that outfield in a second.

                • I don’t know if Beltran is attainable but he’s interesting. Ichiro will imo be back as he’ll be a gate attraction to the Japanese Baseball fans in the NY metro area especially with the Yankees having issues selling tickets.

                  • I’d agree wiht your point about Ichiro he is def coming back for the main reason to sell tickets. Remember also next year is the first year a team “The Yankees” will not allow there tickets to be sold on Stub Hub

  21. Michael P …… Don’t criticize lemonade stands……Ken managed one for 42 years.

  22. Granderson is far more pathetic than ARod or Swisher, yet crewcut didn’t bench him did he?

  23. Wake me up if Leland decides to use Valverde!

  24. How can you play tomorrow when you’re using all your pitching tonight?

  25. A very respected member of this great site made this comment above…the rest I don’t agree with. I added numbers.

    1-Yankees are a dead team!!!!!No life at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2-No jeter
    3-No Arod for good reason
    4-No Cano ,for no reason? I have never seen a guy that hot go that cold.
    5-No manager,Girardi is MIA;

    My view;
    2-bad news
    3-yes but, he has a better chance.
    4- freezing cold, play him again, better chance

    This is hard to watch again, it is like years ago when all the players got old at the same time. I hated it then and I don’t like it now.

  26. Wow what a play by Chavez…..!

  27. And there is a tremendous double play turned by Chavez. i wanted to play ARod at 3B and Chavez at DH with Granderson & Swisher on the bench. We all have different things we would have done but the bottom line is NO ONE IS HITTING FOR SHIT! Girardi doesn’t help things and I’ve been on him all year but the Yanks have been shutout in 23 out of 24 innings this series!!!!

  28. Home run here for Tex?

  29. Girardi your team needs more then your Ancient Mariner offense!

  30. Girardi just stands in the dugout dreaming of a banana!

  31. How the hell does this hump Delmon Young have more RBIs this series than our entire team combined?!?!?

  32. Jim – who won the debate?

  33. You really needed all CAPS to say this?

  34. Nunez’ foul-ball would have been a HR in Yankee Stadium

  35. Look at it this way, you should be happy your team the Yankees have made the playoffs most every year in the last 15 years. This just shows how random the playoffs can be, none of these players are as bad as they appear to be with their play. The pitching actually has been good. This team was lucky to make the playoffs with all their injuries. The Yankees were playing this series with 3 starters coming off injuries, Tex, A-Rod, and Gardner, and another starter out due to injury. Add to that the other slumping bats and this is what you get. I really don’t see the Yanks making too many changes for next year other than Swisher. The rest of the starters are under contract other than Martin. You could be on the outside looking in like the Sox , Rays, Phils, or Angels. All these teams had the talent at the beginning of the season and failed to make the playoffs.

  36. Plenty of opinions here.

    But really, the overriding impression is of spoiled 2 year olds not waiting a moment to cry for their food.

    It’s baseball. We all care but, really, your team is not going to win the WS every year.

    Stop crying.

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