2012 Yankees: Keep Em’ or Dump Em’?

It had been a long, trying season for the Yankees where so much has happened. Yankees have lost Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, at a point lost Brett Gardner, David Robertson, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, suffered through hitting slumps by Russell Martin, Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson and a surprisingly good regular season by Nick Swisher. But the Yankees didn’t realize that the season doesn’t end after 162 games and fell flat against the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS and will now spend their offseason trying to piece it all together. The Yankees have to make decisions before the 2013 offseason, but if you were the GM of the Yankees who would you keep and who would you dump? Infield

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Just so everyone’s clear…there’s more than 1 page to this article. So vote to your hearts content! 🙂

  2. Swish is a major part of the offense and consistent 25 homers

  3. Swish rules!

  4. I think we have a few OF’s that can play better defense than Swisher and in a year or so should be able to hold his own.

  5. Swish is a proven offensive force.

  6. Old Yankee what prospects are better than swish?

    • Fatboy…
      We don’t know until we try them out, some hitters in the farm are great but, they flop with the big boys.
      And then we have Mattingly types, good avg. but little pop. After a year or so boom! Same goes for Cano.
      It is hard to tell how well they will do until they face the better pitching and learn how to adjust.
      My letting Swisher walk has to do with the money he will ask for, not his worth to the team, the same for Cano.

  7. Old Yankee – how do you know what Cano and Swish will ask for? Maybe they will be affordable , maybe the negotiations will be reasonable.

    • Fatboy…
      Boras is Canos Agent…enough said.
      Swisher has hinted at going for a big deal.
      We can hope Cano and Swisher can lower their demands somewhat but, who knows if they will?
      Don’t get me wrong, everyone should go for what they can get…if, that means more to them than playing for the team they are on now.
      My question has always been, when is enough money enough?

  8. Yankee mgt should pay for the best they can get

  9. Joel Sherman say Cano wants 10 year and 250 million! He’s gone!

  10. This off season is going to get UGLY! CC to see Dr Andrews about elbow and Granderson to see the eye Doc.

  11. The Yankees lost because good pitching stops Homer hitting

  12. I can’t wait to the Melkman wins MVP and Long is unemployed

  13. AROD deserves the flack for flirting

  14. Lets hope Jeter and his wheelchair range retires

  15. Dump everyone over 32

  16. Even Tex choked with his glove

    • fatboy, you sound like a spoiled Yankee fan, these guys are human beings not charaters on game boy. The Yanks went to the playoffs with half the team coming off injury, and they went further than last year.

  17. Old Yankee have you figured out an outfielder in the farm better than Swish? No, because there isn’t

    • Come on the Yankees have a slew of young outfielders coming. Swisher needs to move on.

    • Sorry, I was elsewhere but, as Free H said below
      Heathcott can be a star. Austin, Flores, Williams, Gamel, Almonte, Almonte…………………
      And I add; Milky Mesa, Ronnier Mustelier, although I am wondering about Ronnier. He has good numbers but he must have stone hands or something.
      They are not up to Swisher now but, when Swisher first came up he wasn’t up to what he is today.
      The Yankees call a guy up and if he isn’t the second coming of a young Alex…down he goes, never gets a chance to really adjust to the show, gets traded and a year or two later he is a very good player.

    • Good morning T-MAN,….. I MEAN FATBOY SLIM….. LOL
      Swisher is gone ,he starts the year 32,he will begin to regress in and during his next contract,and the Yanks will get a nice pick letting him walk.
      He is the worst post season player in Yankee history and rarely shows up in big spots.
      Horrible defense and the guy still has no clue on how to run the bases,the guy is a slug and an embarassment to the Yanks with his attempt to always attract attention .
      GONE BABY GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      So please lets move on to discussing real players and moves.

  18. If they have a slew then old Yankee would name a few

    • Maybe you should google? Heathcott can be a star. Austin, Flores, Williams, Gamel, Almonte, Almonte………………………………………….

      • Free, I know you are pushing Adams and Joseph, but I don’t see them listed as top prospects. One of them will probably take Nix’s place next year as a back up infielder if they beat out Nuny.

        • Doug, honestly what the hell is your definition of a top prospect? You need to see a name on a list to believe they can play well in MLB?

          With respect to Adams before college he was a top 30 HS player in the country according the BA so does that make you feel better?

          I don’t give a rat’s ass about prospect status as all I care about is how they will play in MLB if given a good opportunity.

          Joseph an Adams have earned their chance. So now is the time to find out what they’ve got.

          • Free, fair enough, sometimes there are players that aren’t listed as top prospects that become starters, but not that often. I agree, these 2 are ready for the next step, I just don’t think the Yanks will play them as a starter.

  19. Mediocre nowhere near Swish

  20. Cant keep everone and expect better results i say offer swish 1 year deal too see if he wants to step back into the fire. I think we got a couple OFs that can step up and be good. And if cano wants 10 years counter off or he can walk.

    • I’ll buy that and add, Cano will be 30 years old this year, if he goes for a contract of more than 4/5 years I would say good-by.
      He would be a perfect fit at 3rd base in a couple of years, he is quick not fast, which is what one needs at 3rd.

    • You are so not right here but for the can’t keep everyone. If Cano wants 10 years don’t let him walk trade him. Swisher is more valuable as a draft pick then coming back on a 1 year deal.

  21. Ken, I am not understanding Espinosa making a lot of errors. In his MLB career in 3001 innings which is over 2 full seasons he has only 20! Remember he’s played smost of his games in the show at second but in the minors all but 7 games were at SS. It seems to me and I watched him some that he’s a solid fielder who switch hits with pop. He K’s too much but he should improve that going forward. I like him as a ballplayer and wouldn’t mind him on the Yankees.

    • Free Hand…
      Thank you for your insight. I had said, I never saw him play. I was going by what I saw in his stats.
      As there is a big difference between SS and 2nd base, I will take your view of him over mine.
      You have seen him play, I haven’t!

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