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Yankees Offseason Notes: Joe Girardi’s press conference

Good evening Yankees fans. Today Joe Girardi had his final press conference of the 2012 season and discussed some Yankees. Here was the gist of what Girardi said.

CC Sabathia hasn’t visited Dr. Andrews but Girardi believes Sabathia will be ready for Spring Training.

— Girardi hasn’t spoken to Alex Rodriguez since the end of the postseason and he said that Rodriguez was (totally) healthy during the playoffs. Girardi also said that Alex Rodriguez will be the everyday third baseman.

— Girardi said Ichiro was a treat to be around but he’s not sure if the Yankees will try to bring him back.

— He hasn’t spoken to Mariano Rivera since the end of the regular season.

— There are no nagging injuries from any other player that we don’t know about.

— Girardi expects his coaches to return in 2013.

— And finally, Girardi will not discuss his contract that expires next season until next season is over.

If next season is Girardi’s last year…can there at least be a World Series trophy involved? Just saying.

2012 Yankees Pitching Grades

The plan for the New York Yankees this season was for some young pitchers step up, so they didn’t have to pay big money on the free agent market for starting pitching. While that didn’t happen in the minors, the pitching on the big league club was excellent.  The Yankees pitching ranked fifth in the AL and second in strikeouts during the regular season and it was absolutely championship quality during the postseason. We continue with our grades and evaluation of the season with the starting and relief pitching.

CC Sabathia:  The reports of CC Sabathia’s demise this season were greatly exaggerated.  He shut up all the fans who were claiming that Sabathia was not an ace on Twitter. While Sabathia’s ERA was up slightly, and he spent some time on the DL, he was really the same pitcher. Even during Sabathia’s bad stretch in early September, he wasn’t as bad as he was being perceived to be, he just wasn’t pitching to his ability. Sabathia’s 8.87 K/9 was the best of his career, so he struck out plenty of batters. His 48.2 GB% was above his 45.4% career average, and his 30.7 FB% was the lowest of his career, so Sabathia ran into bad luck as well, seeing as his 12.5 HR/FB% was a career high. Also, his xFIP was a very good 3.20. He came up big when the Yankees needed him the most down the stretch and in the playoffs. Sabathia carried the Yankees on his back in the Game 5 win over Baltimore. Hopefully his visit to Dr. Andrews goes well and there is nothing wrong with his elbow.

15 6 3.38 28 200.0 184 22 197 124 1.140 2.0 8.9 4.48

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Grade: A-

Hiroki Kuroda: Hiroki Kuroda’s signing brought along a lot of doubts by many Yankees fans. Not only did Kuroda prove those doubters wrong, he was also one of the best signings Brian Cashman has ever had. Kuroda went 16-11, with a 3.32 ERA and a 1.16 WHIP. He was everything the Yankees could have asked for and more. He was the stabilizing force in the Yankees rotation when Sabathia and Andy Pettitte were on the DL. Kuroda kept hitters off balance with a combination of his sinker, slider, splitter, curve and fastball. Hitters were caught chasing his splitters in the dirt and were caught looking at his two seam fastball that froze lefties, as it would come back to catch the inside corner of the plate. The Yankees should prioritize getting Kuroda back this offseason.

16 11 3.32 33 219.2 205 25 167 126 1.165 2.1 6.8 3.27

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Grade: A

Andy Pettitte: Nobody quite knew what to expect once Andy Pettitte announced his return to the Yankees. However, I know there is no way too many people could have predicted him to be as good as he was. Somehow, Pettitte continued to look as good as he did in his prime. The only thing that could stop him this season was a ball that hit him in the ankle in late June. That ball fractured Pettitte’s ankle and caused him to miss over two months. Once Pettitte came back, he did not miss a beat, and performed very well down the stretch. He lost both of his playoff starts, but it was due to lousy run support and not his pitching. He stranded over 80% of base runners this season, which is simply remarkable. Pettitte remains unflappable on the mound and the Yankees should hope he returns next season.

5 4 2.87 12 75.1 65 8 69 146 1.142 2.5 8.2 3.29

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Grade: A –

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Morning Bits: Loshe, Who should not be on the club next year & more…

World Series game 1 starts tonight sadly with no Yankees in the mix.   Oh well.   Anyway let’s get to the morning links.

Enjoy the day.

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