Yankees Offseason Notes: Joe Girardi’s press conference

Good evening Yankees fans. Today Joe Girardi had his final press conference of the 2012 season and discussed some Yankees. Here was the gist of what Girardi said.

CC Sabathia hasn’t visited Dr. Andrews but Girardi believes Sabathia will be ready for Spring Training.

— Girardi hasn’t spoken to Alex Rodriguez since the end of the postseason and he said that Rodriguez was (totally) healthy during the playoffs. Girardi also said that Alex Rodriguez will be the everyday third baseman.

— Girardi said Ichiro was a treat to be around but he’s not sure if the Yankees will try to bring him back.

— He hasn’t spoken to Mariano Rivera since the end of the regular season.

— There are no nagging injuries from any other player that we don’t know about.

— Girardi expects his coaches to return in 2013.

— And finally, Girardi will not discuss his contract that expires next season until next season is over.

If next season is Girardi’s last year…can there at least be a World Series trophy involved? Just saying.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Delia – what do you think….shouldbthey bring back Ichy?

  2. Old Yankee , you want a piece of this?

  3. So what is everyone’s predictions for the world series?

  4. I’m pulling for San Fran. Vogelsong went to the same college as me. So i will say San Fran in 6

    • Matt, that would be Kutztown, bat hitting the ball 3 times, batted ball hitting the base, looks like they have some MoJo. My 2 daughter was on the swim team at Kutztown. Kung Fu Panda is hot, he is making Verlander look less than great tonight.

      • Gotta love the approach by the SF hitters. They aren’t going up there looking to pull everything but hitting the ball where it’s pitched. They did the same thing vs Lohse in Game 7. I hope the Yankee hitters are taking notes.

      • Nice Doug what years did they go? I didn’t know many swimmers. New one girl but she was from Canada. I graduated in 02.

        Kutztown was a great school me and my buddies go back every year for homecoming. It’s amazing how big the school gets each year we go back.

        • Matt, she went there 92-94. At the time she had 2 school records for swimming. Beutifull at this time of year with the leaves changing. She lived on the main steet coming into the town her senior year. She loved the school.

  5. Zito can hit Verlander, but the Yankees couldn’t!

  6. Tommy-Gun….you old Cow Girl’s purse. Tigers in 5, also. ……Hey, what is that new logo? I could not tell what it was at work tonight. You can do better. Leave Kenny alone!…or, he will water board you, while listening to the best of Motown……I bet, he’s a ‘Four Tops’ guy.

  7. Ballpark…the Jersey Boy. Saw your post today………agree, on all points with you. Stay well.

  8. Delia – how do you like Tommy Gun’s new logo?

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