Morning Bits: Girardi, Sabathia, Tyler Austin’s approach at the plate…

Good Morning.   How about the Panda hitting 3 bombs last night.  Unreal.   Game two is tonight.   Let’s start the morning off right with some Yankee news.

Enjoy the day….

Wallace Matthews has the recap of the state of the Yankees as per Joe Girardi. has a bunch of tidbits on the bombers including Jeter’s recovery, and news on Sabathia, Mariano and more…

— Here is the link to Girardi’s press conference from yesterday.

Here is a video from baseball instinct on Tyler Austin’s approach at the plate.  Enjoy

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. would love to hear from all of you about your thoughts of Austin’s approach at the plate. what you like or dislike.

    • Matt, looks like a good hiter, reminds me of Kinsler and Knobulch. He has a little hitch in his swing when he’s loading up. It’s a long way from AA to the majors, but he is one the Yanks top prospects. I’d like to see him do well in AAA next year and get a shot in 2014.

    • I know he’s hit very well at the low levels,but I see several flaws that will need to be corrected if he is going to make it in the Bigs.
      1- I always start with the lower body.
      stride- little long on some of his swings,and he tends to land his foot open which will also cause his shoulder to open to soon.
      Back legg-He lifts his back up instead of driving down and through,he also looses contact with the ground.
      2- swing-I agree with Doug, I detect a slight hitch which isn’t that big a deal,But the thing I don’t like is a severe uppercut.
      3-His load seems a bit to much,I think in hitting less is more.

      If you look at his batting practie swing its better than his game swing, telling me that this kid is working on tHe Flaws that I outlined.He needs some time.As a comp I would use David Wright.

      • bpark and doug thanks for the comments.

      • Well, ballpark…
        I can see where you have a chance of being a hitting coach for someone….LOL. 🙂
        Yup, you caught a couple of things I didn’t, but that’s no surprise to me.
        His hitch will be ok, some day, his stride is a big no, no and he hits against his front side. Must get rid of his upper cut and go for liners, they go over the wall if you get one centered, also keep your bat in the zone longer. Long strides and leg kicks are something that one needs to watch closely, as a timing element it is good, I guess but, I like things simple.
        1–Set-up you’re hitting position with the leg kick or stride where you would be at contact.
        2–Square up to the plate, center your weight.
        3–Use your weight shift as your timing element…shift weight back than forward attacking the ball.
        Obviously, it is not that simple nor is that all there is to it. And I sure can do better going one on one with a hitter than writing the stuff down.
        A real old guy once told me, weight shift as you do in golf…so I have always done it that way myself.
        Get into the position of contact, softly shift the weight back (for timing and loading up) then flow forward, keeping your feet sold and explode at contact with a level swing….
        I know it may not work for everyone…that is why, all-most every hitter has their own style. But the thought behind it is keep it simple and basic. As with pitching, less moving parts is good!

      • ballpark, excellent analysis, the uppercut swing may be the first thing he has to change, not sure about the stride. I’d have to watch him more. I see what you are saying about his back foot, he needs to squash the bug more. He will have trouble with the high cheese and the pitch away with the swing he has now. Seems at first glance to be a pull hitter. By opening his front foot his hips and and shoulder follows. He is not what you call a pure hiter like Cano, but their aren’t too many of them.

  2. the following players have 2500 hits, 1300 runs, and 1300 rbis, and are not in the hall of fame

    95 players have 2500 hits, 62 are in the hall of fame,, the following 12 players have 2500 hits, 1300 runs, and 1300 rbis and are not in the hall of fame
    (21 players have 2500 hits but dont have both or either 1300 runs or 1300 rbis, and are not currently in the hall of fame)

    which of these players do you think will some day get in the hall of fame?
    pete rose——-1986—– –4256 hits,,,,,2165 runs……1314 rbi
    rafael palmeiro-2005——-3020 hits—1663 runs——1835 rbi
    barry bonds—–2007——-2935 hits—-2227 runs—–1996 rbi
    arod————–current—– 2901 hits—1898 runs——1950 rbi
    ivan rodriguez—2011——-2844 hits—1354 runs——1332 rbi
    griffey jr———-2010——- 2781 hits—-1662 runs—–1836 rbi
    chipper jones—current—–2726 hits—-1619 runs—–1623 rbi
    sheffield———-2009——-2689 hits—- 1636 runs—–1676 rbi
    lave cross——-1907——–2651 hits—-1338 runs——1378 rbi
    louis gonzolez—-2008—–2591 hits—–1412 runs——1439 rbi
    vlad guerrero—-2011——2590 hits—–1328 runs——1496 rbi
    manny ramirez–2011——2574 hits—–1544 runs——1329 rbi

    funny how except for pete rose, who is banned for gambling on baseball, and lave cross who’s last season was 1907,…. the other 10 players all plazyed during the “steroid era”, not to say all were involved in it,… donly one i beleive has been voted on so far from those 10,, palmeiro

    • I think that many more players were taking PEDs during the last 25 years,it’s niave to think otherwise. These guys are just the tip of the iceburg. What needs to happen is someone who took PEDs needs to be outed after they get in the hall. Similar to Lance Armstrong. I’m sure that their are steriod users in the pro football hall of fame already. Let them all in it’s time to move on.

      • maybe you misunderstood,.. i was not making a list of steroid guys,…….. my intention this morning, and what i set out to do, and what i did do,….. was make a complete list of all the players with all 3 marks — 2500 hits —- 1300 runs— and 1300 rbis, and are not in the hall of fame.

        what i found was a list of guys that played in the steroid era, .. but that was not my intention

        part of this result is because 62 of the 95 players who have 2500 hits are already in the hall,……

        but we can see a difference between the 12 players with 1300 runs and 1300 rbhi,…… vs the 21 players that have 2500 hits but not both of those marks, not in the hall of fame

        i find this fascinating

        see below

      • a further problem with your statement saying – let them all in —— that would be rewarding players for pumping up lifetime numbers while leaving players out, that if used, should be in,.. like players from the list of 21 below,.. maybe like staub, buddy bell, or dave parker, al oliver.

        see my point?

      • Outed WHY? That is just plain DUMB! Can we just move past that era without more and more blame an accusations? We can’t change the past so work for a better future without a lot of the enhancements.

  3. Interesting Buster Posey is the only starting position player from the 2010 team.

  4. here is the list of the other 21 players with 2500 hits but not in the hall of fame,……
    (players with 2500 hits but do nothave both 1300 runs and 1300 rbi)

    notice from this list only maybe 10 played in the steroid era,……

    which of these players do you think will someday make the hall of fame?
    derek jeter————-current——3304 hits——–1868 runs——1254 rbi
    biggio——————–2007——–3060 hits——–1844 runs——1175 rbi
    vizquel——————current——2877 hits——–1445 runs——951 rbi
    harold baines———2001———2866 hits——–1299 runs——981 rbi
    damon——————current——-2769 hits——-1558 runs——1139 rbi
    vada pinson———–1975———-2757 hits——-1366 runs——1170 rbi
    al oliver—————–1985———-2743 hits——-1189 runs——1326 rbi
    rusty staub————-1985———-2716 hits——-1189 runs——1466 rbi
    bill buckner————1990———-2715 hits——–1077 runs——1208 rbi
    dave parker————1991———-2712 hits——–1272 runs—–1493 rbi
    doc cramer————-1948———-2705 hits——–1357 runs——842 rbi
    ichiro suzuki———–current——–2606 hits——–1204 runs——660 rbi
    tim raines—————2002———-2605 hits——–1571 runs——-980 rbi
    steve garvey———–1987———-2599 hits———1143 runs——1308 rbi
    julio franco————–2007———-2586 hits——–1285 runs——-1194 rbi
    willie davis————–1979———-2561 hits——–1217 runs——-1053 rbi
    steve finley————–2007———2548 hits———1443 runs——1167 rbi
    george van haltren—-1903———-2544 hits——–1642 runs——1015 rbi
    garret anderson——–2010———-2529 hits———1084 runs—–1365 rbi
    buddy bell—————1989———-2514 hits———-1151 runs—–1106 rbi
    jimmy ryan—————1903———-2513 hits———1643 runs——1093 rbi

  5. and here are the 62 players with 2500 hits (of the 95 total) that are already in the hall of fame

    i do not believe any one of these players used streroids or hgh

    so i beleive we have a clean hall of fame so far,…… and want to keep it that way

    ty cobb, aaron, musial, speaker, anson, wagner, yastrzemski, molitor,collins,mays, murray, lajoie, ripken jr, brett, waner, yount, gwynn, winnfield, henderson, carew, brock, boggs, kaline, clemente, sam rice, same crawford, frank robinson, beckley, keeler, hornsby, al simmons, wheat, frisch, ott, ruth, burkeet, brooks robinson, gehringer, sisler, dawson, appling, gosslin, tony perez, roberto alomar, gerhig, billy williams, fred clarke, aparicio, max carey, george davis, nellie fox, heilmann, ted williams, jimmie fox, jim orourke, maranville, delahanty, reggie jackson, ernie banks, richie asburn, manush, joe morgan

  6. Reggie lived with a steroid dealer…… But never used?

  7. Jim – say hello to my little friend

  8. if i extend the list down to all players with 2000 hits, then the list is 271 players long,…. so i’d be looking at an additional 176 players,,,,,(between 2000-2499 hits)…

  9. of the 176 players that have between 2000-2499 hits, 49 players are in the hall of fame, 15 played this year, leaving 112 retired players between 2000-2499 hits not in the hall,..


    112/ 161 (100) = 69.57% of players in that category that are retired, not in the hall

  10. i dont think sheffield was ever implicated in PED use was he?

    so what we are really talking about,….. of all the players with 2500 hits,..we are only talking about keeping out of the hall of fame — palmeiro, bonds, arod, manny ramirez—– 4 players

    as far as players below 2500 hits,……. like canseco, maguire, sosa,……. and others,.. screw em,…… we dont have to know,……..they didnt get enough hits in my opinion to get in,…….

  11. if the intent of the bbwaa, is to keep PED players out,.. and they keep those 4 out because of it,…… then pass over other players with less than 2500 hits from the steroids era, ,…… vote in chipper jones high on the good list,….

    then we fdind out 10 years from now chipper jones used peds, ( not that i am saying he did), it would be devastating to historical purposes.

    thats why i believe the 2003 list of the 100 plus players that mlb has, should be officially released to the bbwaa,

    5 or 10 years from now, plus all this time that has past,…would be more than enough time for anyone else not on the list to be outted.

    or even take it one step further,.. lets say derek jeter is on the list,…… as big a fan as i am,…… i would have to support the bbwaa in keeping him out of the hof

    but that would be the worst of the worst of all time ,.. it would crush me

    it would be so crushing, it could change my entire appreciation for the game

  12. Here are the 49 players that have between 2000-2499 hits that are in the hall of fame
    (out of 176 players, 15 of which are active as of 2012)

    not one player on this list is really from the steroid era,,,.and most are old timers

    joe medwick, roger connor, harry hooper, ozzie smith, lloyd waner, jim rice, red schoendienest, pie traynor, mickey mantle, ryne sandberg, enos slaughter, edd roush, carlton fisk, orlando cepeda, billy herman, barry larkin, eddie matthews, jim bottomley, bobby wallace, kirby puckett, kiki cuyler, dan brouthers, hugh duffy, joe cronin, bid mcphee, ron santo, mike schmidt, willie stargel, joe sewell, joe kelley, joe dimaggio, willie mccovey, bill terry, pee wee reese, billy hamilton, yogi berra, duke snyder, monte ward, arky vaughan, gary cater, harmon killebrew, chuck klien, george kell, johnny bench, bobby doerr, earl averill, bill mazeroski, johnny mize, dave bancroft

  13. so,,,,, what have i wrote so far today,…..

    271 players have 2000 hits in mlb history

    111 of those players are in the hall of fame ( 62 have more than 2500 hits, 49 have between 2000-2499 hits)

    21 of those 271 players played in 2012

    139 players have 2000 hits, and are retired, and not in the hof,– of those ,,,, 27 players have 2500 hits, and 112 retrired players not in the hof have between 2000-2499 hits

    upon looking at the lists as i have put up,…. especially in comparing the 12 players with over 2500 hits 1300 runs, and 1300 rbi , not in the hall, versus the 21 players with over 2500 hits but didnt have both 1300 runs and 1300 rbi,….. we can see a correlation to PED era use.

    the futher you go down the all time hits list, the less liklihood a player has of being in the hall of fame

    next up i will take a look at the players that have between 1500-1999 hits — which is an additional 321 players to evaluate

  14. keep in mind as i got forward,.. according to bugs at baseball, 17,941 players have worn an mlb uniform as a player , 8674 of thoise have pitched,, .. he could not tell me how many players both pitched and were also poistion players, like babe ruth was,….

    suffice it to say at least 9267 players have worn an mlb uniform as a player who were real position players-hitters,……. and more if you through in players like ruth that pitched and then became a regular position hitter

    and out of those 9267 hitters, we are only looking at 593 players that have had 1500 or more hits in mlb

    593/9267 (100) = 6.40%

    (note a handful of those those 593 players may have reached 1500 hits with hits included in other major leuges prior to 1877,, but it is probably no more than 5)

    looking at it like that,…… the odds have been, playing in MLB and getting 1500 or more hits, is between a 6-7% chance.,,,,,,, 93% of all hitters fail in this career mark

  15. it was 25 players between 1500-1999 hits that are in the hall of fame out of 321 players ( 17 of those 321 were active in 2012 active)

    i had the list written of those 25 players with amount of hits, but somehow lost it as i copied it,,….

    but we can still get information without the list,….

    ill remake the list

  16. so,, we add it all up for now

    136 players with 1500 or more hits are in the hall of fame out of 593 playesr with 1500 hits al time ( of which 38 players were active in 2012)

    so,….. here is what we know,…….

    136/555 = 24.50% of all retired players with 1500 or more hits are in the hall of fame

    some players are yet to come up for vote,…….

    6.40% of all hitters – as descibed in an above post— have reached 1500 hits all time

    so the odds are, and probably a lkot lower than this,.. are, when up put on a mlb uniform as a position player-hitter,…… you have a 1.57% chance of reaching both 1500 hits and the hall of fame— as it stands right now,..

    give or take for the few players not yet retired or up for vote

    this is why the HALL OF FAME, is highly importantr to history,….. and why steroid/hgh players should not be allowed in— they cheated——

    as as descxibed at the begining of the morning,…… it is only really 4 players we are talking about where the numbers are so big in hits, runs, and rbis, but are linked somehow to steroids/hgh, that should not get in, in order to preserve the integrity of the hall of fame—- those players are palmeiro, bonds, arod, manny

    anyone else linked to steroids can be written off as not having enough hits ,, and do not warrant a real discussion

  17. my hitters hall of fame analysis doesnt deserve a congratulations?, lol,…… ive been working on this since 8am constantly

  18. testing if i can post on matts article anynmore

  19. yep,, apearantly it is fish that has a problem ,……….

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