Yankees Offseason Notes: Mariano Rivera might retire???

Good evening everyone. Game 2 of the 2012 World Series is tonight which should be very exciting. Let’s get into some headlines from Yankee Land today.

Mariano Rivera Might Retire?

— According to ESPN New York, Brian Cashman said that Mariano Rivera informed him on Tuesday whether he will return in 2013 or if he will retire from baseball as the greatest closer in history. Cashman said that Rivera and him were deep into a conversation about whether Mo would pitch his 19th season with the Yankees and that Mo would need some time to think it over.

“He wasn’t certain on what he was going to do.” Cashman told the press.

After suffering an ACL tear in May, Mariano told fans that he was returning in 2013 but now Mo has to deal with whether or not to leave his family for possibly one more time before he calls it a career. If Rivera does decide to return, contract negotiations could get a bit messy since Rivera only made $15 Million to pitch in 9 games last season. The front office would have to think of a negotiable asking price all while keeping their budget at least $189 Million to avoid luxury tax in 2014. Mariano River did the same song and dance last season during Spring Training when he said he knew whether he was going to retire or not but wasn’t going to tell anyone.

If Mariano doesn’t come back, the Yankees could sign Rafael Soriano who had 42 saves as the closer in 2012. The Yankees don’t want to picture winning another Championship without Mariano Rivera, but if he does decide to retire–that nightmare would become a reality.

CC Sabathia Has Elbow Surgery

— CC Sabathia underwent arthroscopic elbow surgery today which was performed by Dr. Andrews. Doctors removed a bone spur which they believe CC had since beforehe came to the Yankees. Sabathia is doing well and the Yankees confirm that he will be ready by the start of the 2013 season.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. What does Mariano’s salary in 2013 have to do with the salary cap in 2014?
    The cap for 2013 is 179M, but I’ve yet to see any indications that they intend to come in at or under it. From what we know the goal is to get under for 2014-15 and reap the rebates and slashed luxury tax rate.
    Andy and Mo should come back for one more year before riding off into the sunset…would be some good insurance for the rotation and pen.

  2. Delia – TWASP broke the news earlier this year on YFU, sadly, the Yankees had to choose whether to carry both Soriano and Rivera, just Soriano, or just Rivera . And the Yankees chose to go with just Soriano when they saw he could perform as well as rivera.

    CashMan told Rivera to exit gracefully, and that is what we are starting to see . 😦

  3. Very sad news. It’s not official, but to me it really does seem Mo is almost certain to call it quits. Such a shame. Which makes it even worse,is the fact that he’s worked so hard in rehab and even threw out the first pitch in full uniform during the postseason… it kind of seemed that he tried to send us a signal that he’d be back. I guess not now.

    This team will look very different when they all report to Tampa in February. Hopefully it’s a change for the better, in all aspects of course besides closer. No one will ever be the closer of the Yankees again. They’ll simply be Mariano Rivera’s successor.

    • Soriano will want a ton of money to be the closer for the Yankees, in fact he may want to go else where as a closer and not have to put up with the comparison to Mo.
      Also, most will laugh at this but, Joba is the closer if he improves his C&C and stays in shape. It isn’t like he needs a big improvement just a bit better than last year , one inning at a time will help him stay healthy and no arm problems anymore (we hope)!

      • Oh, I forgot, maybe it would work out! 🙂

        • Amazingly, you’d think Joba HAS to be an option next year. Just when we thought it was D-Rob’s job to lose whenever Mo would decide to leave, there’s now a lot of options including the original hypothetical successor in Chamberlain Joba has all the pitches, and did pitch solidly down the stretch run. I think you’d also need to consider a guy like David Aardsma, who, if and when the Yankees pick up his option, has a chance to impress in the spring.

          I actually would rather see the Yankees take the route you and I mentioned and replace from within. Why shell out another contract for what, $10 million a year, when you can get similar production from a guy making numerous dollars less.

          • Good thinking Brian…
            D-Rob, Joba, David can be a closer, the talent is there. The problem is, will they even get the chance.

            • The great Kenny. The guardian of the Saint Lawrence Sea Way! Hope you are well. Yes, I will stay……a bit off to the side on this feud. You used T-Ass, not me. Baseball, yeah right…at this point, the whole pitching, is up in the air. They are old, hurt, middle of the road, and over rated. Not to say it can not be worked over this winter!

  4. A cold exit for Mariano……….just like Posada……..cashHog sucks!

    • I love how this turned into Cashman pushing Mariano out of baseball. Ridiculous, but funnny. Somewhere Twasp is foaming at the mouth and beating the crap out of his life-size Cashman doll.

      • Yes…..TWASP predicted Mo’s pushed retirement months ago.

        Watch what they will do to Jeter when his time is up……..do they have any loyalty or class?

        Jeter and Mo have been on the phone constantly , trying to figure out how to get cashman dumped …… ( they better watch out, look what happened to Gonzalez)

        • That’s quite the story. I don’t buy it, but quite the story none the less. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of thing reported as “true story” in the NY Post sometime soon.

      • I’m reading this as Cashman telling Mo(in the deep conversation) how much money he will offer him for next season and Mariano saying “he has to think about that”.
        So in a sense, I think Cashman has caused this pause to reflect on whether or not he will pitch season. The funny part is that picking up that worthless Granderson’s option for 15 million is something he won’t hesitate to do.
        Cashman can now get busy trying to figure out if he can make a trade more foolish than the Melky for Javier, AJax, Coke, and Kennedy for Granderson, and Montero for Pineda deals.

        • Mike P…….who are you trying to convince about the bad trades. You say it over and over…..who doubted that they were bad moves?

          • It’s just some ball busting. When I first joined here(last January) we had some real twitter wars where I basically took on the world stating that the Granderson trade was a trade the Yanks lost. They came at me hard and heavy. I told them Tex was a BUM, they acted as if I was some sort of monster.
            Cashman got the benefit of GENE MICHAEL’s WORK when he got the job.
            He’s spent over 2 billion and the Yankees have ONE title to show for the last 12 years.
            In that same timespan the Cards have two, The Red Sox have two, and the Giants might join them with two very shortly.
            The Angels, White Sox, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Phillies all have as many as the Yankees.
            If you don’t think the open checkbook he had until last season wasn’t a HUGE advantage that could have and should have lead to more titles, you are kidding yourself.
            This knucklehead was HANDED a dynasty, and he has worked tirelessly to prevent another one.
            I can NOT believe that any Yankee fan paying attention can defend him or his trades.

        • Melky…lol. That fat turd couldn’t stay out of the clubs long enough to take his job seriously an had to cheat his way to a breakout. Good riddance. Ajax deal was no good as they should have waited to see if the kid could get his act together an stop hacking away at everything. Mongrel trade is far from evaluating unless your knee jerks quicker than the boss after losing out on a WS.

          • Mantle hung out in clubs, ARod hung out at some BAD poker games. I don’t really care.
            Pineda is probably at a Buffalo Wild Wings right now in front of a pile of 50 cleaned off wing bones, and 8 empty pint glasses watching the World Series.

          • Melky ? The magic man…… 7 game winning hits in the championship season?

            Where are you getting your info from ……..Kevin long? Sour grapes!

            • It’s BULL!! They leaked “character issues” on Ajax, Montero, and Melky when they traded them.
              It’s called covering your ass in advance.
              I’m just so tired of this brutal management regime’s endless stories and excuses. How come they are never just plain wrong? I mean, most of the rest of us simply admit when we are wrong about something, which is basically every say of our lives. Not Cash and Joe though, nope!! It was a great f—-ing idea to pitch Lowe instead of Drob in the 8th inning of game one of the ALDS. It was a splendid idea to peddle those three guys for Granderson.
              They’re never wrong, it’s always that they were actually right but the players just didn’t “execute” properly.

              • Mark my words MO DOES NOT WANT TO QUIT LIKE THIS…

                Cashman is trying to negotiate a “retire quietly” deal. Jeter is pissed. Talks to Mo every night.

                How much do you think Mo will take under the table to walk away?

                • He’s been working his rehab program like a guy who sure wanted to come back. He said he would be back after he was hurt, that he wouldn’t go out like that.
                  Now, all of a sudden we hear this?
                  All logical signs point to Cashman telling him what he would be offered to come back, and Mo getting pissed off.
                  Why else would he suddenly reverse course after every indication he’s given that he would be back?
                  I think Cashman lowballed him and insulted him.

              • Yes they must have forced Melky to stay fat and Montero to pout like a baby over a year before they traded him all in a big conspiracy setup just so it soul be easier to trade them.
                I better get my tinfoil hat ready for the Mariano conspiracy while were at it.

                • . Ok, Jimmy, since you and Cash are such great judges of character, then maybe you could explain why Montero(supposedly a pouting baby) was traded for a guy who showed up at camp at 300 pounds and then decided it would be a good idea to drink a case of beer and drive,
                  So the master “character analyst” had no idea that he traded for a fat, druken slob. That’s the part I find incredibly ironic.

      • It is amazing to me how some so-called Yankee fans are not really Yankee fans. They are certain player fans and can’t seem to get it. Some players think they still are the best (they may be, for another year or so) but, this is a business! Why pay Mo $15m next year when he would be gone after the ending of the year anyhow. Yanks have 3 guys that may be able to get the job done for much less money.
        Yes, both Jeter and Mo sound like it is going to be nasty, because they will want to go out on their terms. Some times it is not the management bad mouthing the players it is the player acting as if the team owes them something. They made one hell of a lot of money over the time they have been with the team, so shut up and grow-up.
        Last time Jeter made it sound like Cashman told him to check out the other teams…which he did! the problem with it was Jeter wanted a longer contract and Cashman said NO. He said to Jeter, go check out what other teams would be willing to give you!
        The same with Posada, he wanted to play more years but, he was toast and everyone knew it. They have class and loyalty, they give the player an option…retirer or don’t look for a contract. It is their choice to play it in the newspapers or retire with class. Bernie was the same way he was done but didn’t know it. The team was nice enough to offer him a job to win in ST. He was insulted. Who broke the story to the media, yup, it was Bernies agent and then the Yankees had to defend itself.
        Everyone should know their own limitations, if you don’t! What happens when your EGO comes into contact with the truth…you are not 28 anymore!
        Bernie, Mo and Jeter have been the back bone of the team for many years, their time has come and gone…as good as Babe Ruth was, age caught up to him didn’t it.

        • Kenny……….you nailed it. I pulled a line out of your post, just now………………
          “They have class and loyalty, they give the player an option…retirer or don’t look for a contract. It is their choice to play it in the newspapers or retire with class.” …They are not class and royalty. You served with class people. Some died….. We don’t know royalty. At least I do not. These are just guys! Nothing more. Most can not even speak intelligently. Sometimes, I think they laugh at all the fans……all the way to the bank.

          • I’m sorry Cow Girls….but at this hour, talking to a Frog…..”.Mike, the Foxtrotter.”..is a stretch….You Kenny, are different. Stay well……………you are special in patrick’s world.

  5. Soriano is another player I never want to see in a Yankees uniform again. I do not like pitchers who pitch better on the road.

  6. Horrible to think Mo may be thinking of leaving over money. Say what you want about Cashman (I’m not a fan either), but if Rivera is complaining about how much money he would make after coming off of a truly career-threatening injury, AND being 43, we may be blaming the wrong person here.

    • I’d put my money on Mo coming back from that knee just fine

      • My comments have to do with the conspiracy theories floating about concerning Melky and Mariano. You get yourself all worked up and have difficulty staying on track. It’s hilarious how some fans take one comment and roll it into an all or nothing thing.
        Just because I think Mekly was a fat lazy turd, and Montero was a whiner who got benched for it and had more long term value on another team doesn’t mean I hold every trade/signing as a great move.
        The all or nothing crew strikes again!

        • Well Melky himself admitted he wasnt dedicated to his job, so I guess he got rid of one fat drunken slob and ended up with a different one. Now all we need is a pouting crybaby that refuses to take extra BP and well have a new Montero.

          Talk about irony.

          Now try not to get all excited and start talking about how I give Cashman a pass on everything he does….save that for drama class.

          • Manny Ramirez, Mickey Mantle, Lawrence Taylor, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, John McEnroe, Serena Williams, etc.
            Jimmy all of these athletes had/have deep character flaws. I can probably name a thousand actors/musicians/politicians who also had deep flaws.
            Most people have character flaws.
            What I see in Cashman and Girardi is a complete and total lack of accountability for their mistakes, which is of course why they keep repeating the same errors over and over again.
            I don’t think it is a coincidence that when Melky, Montero, Kennedy, and Austin Jackson were traded that “Yankee Sources” spoke of their character flaws.
            To me, that SMELLS of ass covering in advance in case the trade doesn’t work out.
            The last starting position player developed in the Yankee system was Gardner, who debuted in 2008.
            Granted, Teixeira, Cano, Jeter, Swisher, and Arod have occupied positions where their talent or contracts made it impossible to move someone from the system into those positions.
            Even if you believe that Kennedy, Jackson, Melky, and Montero on this team wouldn’t have been the best situation you have to admit that the return back on these guys was pathetic, at best.
            When you look at the teams who are in the World Series, examine the guys who they picked up in trades who are playing key roles. Cabrera, Scherzer, Coke, Jackson, Sanchez, Infante, Scutaro, Pence, Pagan, etc.
            Noone is going to convince me that TRADES and more importantly WINNING trades aren’t a CRUCIAL part of being a successful GM.
            I simply find it amazing that Cashman’s record with trades is as absolutely disgusting as it is.
            I mean, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.
            Lilly for Jared Weaver. Johnson, Choate, and Rivera for Javier, the most recent three disasters that I keep noting, and how about the infamous Mike Lowell trade that in itself caused the ARod disaster?
            There are dozens more, but I think it is pretty obvious that Cashman isn’t very good at trading!!
            Cashman was allowed to buy his way out of bad trades for years by having an open checkbook. Now that ownership has decided to cut and limit payroll that is just not going to happen.
            The fact that the farm system has NOONE ready to play next season is disturbing.
            Greinke and Hamilton just aren’t going to happen.
            The Yankees will have no choice but to pick up Granderson’s option, keep Martin, offer Kuroda another deal and hope that he can have another good year at his age, hope that Mariano comes back, etc.
            They’re backed into a corner here Jimmy.
            Do I blame Cashman for the ARod deal? Of course not, that was ownership. Do I blame Cashman for the Teixeira signing? Of course not, noone could have dreamed that a guy his age who had been so awesome would disintegrate right before our eyes. I will never forget the day they signed Tex, a few days before Christmas, when I was in the car on a snowy day and almost drove it off the road when the news broke on the radio and I fist pumped and screamed YES!!
            Cashman has done an awful job and I think this team is in serious jeopardy of missing the playoffs next year.

            • Smaller paragraphs with some double spacing please to make it easier to read.

            • Michael P…
              IPK was never included on the “Character Flaw” list, he was not good enough to be a starter in the AL Beast. His record in the NL shows he never would have made it as a starter. He has had one year of good numbers and that is it.
              As far as the minor leagues are concerned, we had none before he was given control. He was trying to finish the job Watson and Stick started, building the minors.
              Does this give him an excuse for some of the bad trades…NO! Not even close!
              But, he can’t be the cause for every thing that has gone wrong!

              • CashMan is not the cause of everything that has gone wrong……just most of it.

                He he has the same judgement in picking mistresses (stalkers) as he does picking baseball talent.

              • Ken he had HOW many starts before he was traded?!!!! WOW! This is the only organization in baseball that decides they are 100% sure about what someone is after one month of at bats or starts!!
                Cashman is a tragedy in the trade department. How could you have as many disasters as he has had without at least one big win?He’s awful.

                • Sorry Michael..
                  It was discussed many times before and after by many of us. I said something like this,”IPK would be a long man out of the BP at the most”. Also said, “he has the best C&C of any of the big Three but, no fastball (about 88mph) and his other pitches need work, but not a lot”. I was ok, with that trade…it was him or one of Joba, Phil.
                  His record in 2011 was 21-4 with 2.88ERA and 15-12 with ERA of 4.02. Out of 6 years, those are his best years, with W-L record of 46-30.
                  Make your own decision, don’t have to go with mine, one outliyer year is not what he is.

    • Very good again Brian….
      I am not a Cashman fan but, I will not back the play of those that think everything he does is wrong. Same with anyone on this team, if they are being unjustly denigrated I will back their play
      Cash has done many good things for this team over the years some bad and not so bad.

  7. cashman’s thinking A quality closer these days are not worth $15m.. too risky. Let’s push Mo out and go wit krob or Joba or Soriano.

  8. Hello…Cow Girls. Good evening……..Jimmy Toucan, hello, nice to meet you. Jimmy, you lost me on this one…”Well Melky himself admitted he wasnt dedicated to his job, so I guess he got rid of one fat drunken slob and ended up with a different one.”?…………………And you Tommy-Gun, you look like a Terminix man…. going postal.

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