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Grading 2012 And Looking Ahead – CF/RF

The 2012 outfield for the Yankees had somewhat of a different look when Brett Gardner went down with an elbow injury and Ichiro Suzuki came along to fill in for the last 2 months. However, the two (somewhat) constants in the outfield were Curtis Granderson and Nick Swisher. With free agency coming up, the Yankees have some decisions to make and frankly, the Yankees could have a completely different outfield (aside from Brett Gardner) in 2013.

Center Field – Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson reminds everyone of Detroit Tiger’s Austin Jackson, at least in the speed and strikeout department. Granderson’s power numbers were good: 43 HR’s, 106 RBI’s, the home runs being a career high. However, the disappointing part was the strikeouts and the average. Curtis Granderson struck out 195 times in the regular season and ended the year with a .232 average, his worst since his rookie year in Detroit (.240). Granderson’s postseason was so horrific that fans could actually predict what he was going to do–strike out. He had a .158 AVG against Baltimore in the ALDS and a .000 AVG against the Tigers in the ALCS. How many strikeouts did Granderson have? Sixteen strikeouts in 30 at-bats. That’s counting both series. If it weren’t for Alex Rodriguez and his ridiculous contract, then Granderson would have been hearing a lot of boos from the crowd.

Regular Season Grade: C+
Postseason Grade: F

2013 Outlook: Granderson has an option for 2013, which the Yankees are almost certain to pick up, but 2013 could be Granderson’s last year in Yankee pinstripes. It wouldn’t be all bad. The Yankees have Brett Gardner who can be the CF should the Yankees pick up Granderson’s option and then trade him. The 43 HR’s are nice…but with Granderson’s average and strikeouts, it makes Granderson look like the all or nothing guy.

Right Field -Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher had a good regular year for the Yankees that it almost looked like the Yankees were sure to offer him a contract. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Swisher had a .272 AVG, 24 HR’s, 93 RBI’s, and he walked 77 times in the season. Unfortunately, Nick Swisher forgot that he is supposed to keep hitting in October–and he’s been forgetting that every year he’s been in the playoffs. Against the Orioles, Swisher had a .111 average and against the Tigers, he hit .250. The .250 average looks decent, right? He had three hits in 12 at-bats, and he was five for 30 in the whole postseason. Swisher has a good personality and he lightens up the clubhouse, but the Yankees are not paying him money just so he can smile. He is supposed to have a good bat all year, not become a postseason zombie like his fellow zombies Alex Rodriguez and Curtis Granderson.

Regular Season Grade: B
Postseason Grade: F

2013 Outlook: Nick Swisher will not be a Yankee next year. I can bet on that. Swisher has had too many flubs in the postseason for the Yankees to give him another chance. It is one thing to get into the postseason. It is another thing to go ice cold once you are in. The Yankees could re-sign Ichiro to take Swisher’s spot in right field but when you think about it, at 39 years old is Ichiro really the better choice? The Yankees would have to offer Swisher $13.3 Million when free agency season comes around (which is sometime next week or so) but if he wants Jayson Werth money–he’s going to have to go somewhere else.

Morning Bits: Girardi calls P.A booth, Soriano, Ichiro, Gardner

Good morning everyone!! The San Francisco Giants are one win away from a WS sweep! So it’s a do or die game for the Detroit Tigers (music to Yankees fans ears). Let’s get onto the morning links!

— So remember in Game 1 of the ALCS when Eric Chavez pinch hit for Alex Rodriguez and they didn’t say A-Rod’s name? Well Joe Girardi called the P.A booth and made that special request to lessen the embarrassment for A-R0d. One problem with your plan Joe–everybody knows when A-Rod is pinch hit for. The booth doesn’t have to say it.

— With Yankees legend Mariano Rivera unsure if he’s going to return for another season, the Daily News writes that Rafael Soriano better think long and hard before following what his agent tells him to do and opt out for free agency.

— This was released a couple of days ago, but Ichiro Suzuki said he would like to return to the Yankees. However, if Ichiro does return–does that mean Brett Gardner gets bumped down to a fourth-outfielder?