Seven Yankees head into arbitration

It’s that time again where not only the free agents prove valuable, but this is also the time to re-sign some players under arbitration. This year there are seven Yankees that could expect a raise, another contract or head to another team on a shifting payroll. MLB Trade Rumors placed the projected salaries of what they believe each player will get in 2013.

Phil Hughes (SP)
2012 Salary: $3.2 Million
Expected 2013 Salary: $5.7 Million

I have to admit that a $2 million raise is a bit significant for a pitcher that isn’t consistent but to be honest unless the Yankees pull off a blockbuster trade this off-season, Hughes will be in Yankees pinstriped in 2013.

Casey McGehee (INF)
2012 Salary: $2.5 Million
Expected 2013 Salary: $2.9 Million

Casey McGehee might end up being non-tendered since the main reason the Yankees acquired him was due to Alex Rodriguez being on the disabled list. The Yankees don’t really need McGehee, but I’m pretty sure another team does.

Brett Gardner (OF)
2012 Salary: $2.8 Million
Expected 2013 Salary: $2.8 Million

Even though Gardner not playing proved to the Yankees that he’s valuable, it looks as if Gardner’s not getting a raise. What did you expect? The guy injured his shoulder in April and didn’t swing a bat again until October. Well, at least it helps the Yankees payroll.

Boone Logan (LHP)
2012 Salary: $1.9 Million
Expected 2013 Salary: $2.8 Million

Yes, let’s just give the Yankees #1 lefty in the bullpen a raise. He certainly deserved it after last season. Also if you’re one of members of the “Get Boone Logan out of NY” fan club–it’s not happening.

David Robertson (RHP)
2012 Salary: $1.6 Million
Expected 2013 Salary: $2.7 Million

One of the best set-up men in baseball getting a raise? Sounds about right, but I would have given Robertson more money. After all, he’s one of the constants in the bullpen that all Yankees fans can count on.

Joba Chamberlain (RHP)
2012 Salary: $1.67 Million
Expected 2013 Salary: $1.8 Million

Chamberlain could get a small raise but he has been inconsistent since coming back from a freak ankle injury along with Tommy John Surgery. Maybe he has to work the kinks out this winter and we’ll see a consistent Chamberlain in 2013.

Jayson Nix
2012 Salary: Minimum
Expected 2013 Salary: $900,000

Give the kid the $900,000. Let him come back and be a reserve infielder. He did a great job in 2012 playing the field and even had some key hits in games that would end up determining the Yankees as AL East victors.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. At least Hughes is only 26 years old. Even if he is inconsistent maybe there’s a team out there that will take a flyer on him.

  2. Phil Hughes (SP), 2012 Salary: $3.2 Million, Expected 2013 Salary: $5.7 Million–should be a good trade chip!

    Casey McGehee (INF), 2012 Salary: $2.5 Million, Expected 2013 Salary: $2.9 Million-Trade Bait!

    Brett Gardner (OF), 2012 Salary: $2.8 Million, Expected 2013 Salary: $2.8 Million–He was hurt playing, give him a raise.

    Boone Logan (LHP), 2012 Salary: $1.9 Million, Expected 2013 Salary: $2.8 Million–Yes!

    David Robertson (RHP), 2012 Salary: $1.6 Million, Expected 2013 Salary: $2.7 Million–At Minimum

    Joba Chamberlain (RHP), 2012 Salary: $1.67 Million, Expected 2013 Salary: $1.8 Million-Yes, same as DRob

    Jayson Nix, 2012 Salary: Minimum, Expected 2013 Salary: $900,000–Good player to have around, more$$

    Brett, Boone, DRob, Joba, must be playing for the Yanks next year, I would like to have Nix back also.

    None of this matters much until there is more information out there on who may or may not be available for 2013. We can do a lot of guessing but, until we know we are spinning our wheels!

    • If Brett’s not back next season…I’ll be very, very, very unhappy. By the way, nice new logo. 🙂

      • We all will be unhappy if he’s gone.

        Thanks on the logo. 😉

      • Thank you young lady! Although, I must say, yours is much, much nicer! Brett will be back,
        no matter what some fans around here say.
        You post on other sites right? Have you read some of the fans saying he is only a trading chip and or, a 4th OF, again.
        I sometimes think Yankee fans have been so spoiled over the years, they seem to think we have to have 8, All time best ball, players on the team every year.
        Keep the faith, young lady!

        • I posted a comment under a New York Post article a couple of days ago. It was about Ichiro but the New York Post thinks that Gardner would be the odd man out and become a 4th outfielder. Obviously, they weren’t watching when Gardner led the AL in SB in 2011, they weren’t watching when Gardner put up the best fielding numbers and they obviously weren’t watching last postseason & in April before he got hurt. In the postseason he hit over .400. Instead I get told by some “fans” that Gardner’s a 4th outfielder, it’s time to trade him, his batting average sucks (career .266 which is not bad at all). Fans aren’t satisfied unless every member on the Yankees can hit 30 HR’s and drive in 100 runs. It didn’t get us very far in the postseason having all HR hitters in the lineup now did it?

          • You are very quick young lady, smart too!
            What they said could very well happen, one must remember money plays over talent! Be sides, Brett has not had a full year without an injury has he? I have been watching him play ever since he broke in the minors. He brings an attitude I like, one has to look to see it but it is there. Everything he brings to the table is nothing but good news for the team.

            I watch a game and see one or more errors a game because, and OF took a wrong route to the ball and never got it (me, that’s an error) or an infielder doesn’t get to the ball because he is to slow, what ever the reason (it is an error to me).

  3. Nice new logo Ken, stay safe!

  4. Delia- I don’t understand what happened to McGeeHee….. He disappeared off the earth. Why did they bother?

  5. No raises until we get another championship…….anything less is spinning our wheels.

  6. Caan you imagine having Nunez and Gardner speed at the top of the lineup …..causing havoc!

  7. Nix played well …good utility guy who hit pretty good.

  8. Doug has ties older than Brian.

  9. How Cano went MIA in the playoffs is the biggest mystery of the season.

  10. Toucan likes the Rivera conspiracy theory of TWASP……funny thing is…’s true……tin foil hat and all.

  11. CashHog doesnt want to spend on the great Rivera….thinks Soriano or Joba or Krob is future. Negotiations are not how much Rivera gets too stay…..but how much does he want to retire quietly.

    TWASP says you will never see Mo pitch again!

  12. Matt S. ….. Central America only knows soccer? 5 major leaguers are from Panama……and one is named Mo!

  13. Free Hankies is all out of inventory… is giving away tin foil…

  14. Last time CashHog got a trade right Clinton was president …mikeP

    • We should be more like Boston… The fans would really enjoy being completely irrelevant for four straight years.

      Sheer brilliance!

      • Mike P said Boston won 2 championships since 2001….while Yankees won only one. His logic may not be brilliant but …..funny thing is…….it’s true!

      • If you didn’t win it all, you were irrelevant, you just didn’t realize it until October instead of August. Runnerup is the first loser.
        Boston has more titles in the last 12 years than we do, as does St. Louis and San Fran. Angels, Marlins, Dbacks, White Sox, and Phillies have just as many. The Yankees have outperformed 22 teams out of 30, despite having an incredible edge in payoll spent, sorry but that is an epic fail.
        This is Cashman, the GM who can’t win a trade.
        It’s no different than having a point guard who can’t pass, a qb who can’t throw, or a left wing who can’t shoot.

      • Funny that you call Boston irrelevant for FOUR straight years. Boston made the playoffs in 2009 and lost, just like we have from 2010-2012. Boston is on a three year streak of missing the playoffs, but have two titles in a span where the Yankees have won one title.
        These playoff streaks without titles mean less than nothing to me.
        As a New York Giants fan, I couldn’t care less that they missed the playoffs in 2009 and 2010. I also couldn’t care less that they made the playoffs in 2008 as a one seed and promptly lost their first playoff game.
        The Patriots have made the playoffs every year except two since their dynasty run ended. They also have no titles to show for it.
        The Ravens have the longest current playoff streak at four consecutive seasons. Of course they didn’t win any titles in that timespan.
        Pats fans have watched the Giants and Steelers hoist two trophies since they last won, and probably aren’t very thrilled about that.
        As a Yankee fan, I’m not real thrilled that two teams have outperformed the Yankees in the last 12 years, and that 7 other teams have performed on the same level.
        You can say money doesn’t gurantee anything, but it certainly gives you a competitive edge on the rest of the other teams.

    • It was right before the Monica scandal Twasp.

  15. Fatboy Slim is a BIG Yankee fan…. I’m not saying he is fat ……but each of his balls have a different zip code.

  16. Sign Swisher to play first base…he’s a beast in the field and in October!

  17. JT ….can I get your opinion on 2 theories that have been clouding YFU judgment :

    1. Tex sucks and has been a huge disappointment / mistake.
    2. Playoffs are RANDOM.

    • HAHA!
      Random didn’t seem to be a school of thought when the Yankees had incredibly well constructed teams who won 4 titles in 5 years. It only became a school of thought among Yankee fans when poorly constructed teams started amassing good regular season records and then crashing and burning when facing good teams in the postseason.
      Anyone who says its ok that Tex still has the glove and power that he had before he came here but lacks 50 average points and 70 OBP points is in need of real psychological help.
      That contract he got assumed that he would be a .300 hitting 3 man for at least 4 years before starting a decline. We got 1 year of that in the reg season.
      Tex’s fans point to his power as an asset. The guy has 3 home runs in 150 postseason at bats as a Yankee where he also sports a .196 average.
      If he were a free agent now do you think he’d get a 4 year deal worth 94 million dollars from someone? Well, thats what he has left from the Yankees.

  18. Next year if Nunez gets time at SS , each spectator in section 113 will be given a helmet signed by chuck Knoblach

  19. Rumor is Gardner and Delia went on a date last week…..Brett was timed at 3.1 to first base.

  20. Mark Messier just texted…….. He wants his gravatar back from Ken OR

  21. If Derek Lowe pitches another inning for the Yankees, Jim Jones will commit suicide………….again.

  22. Derek Lowe knows how to pitch about as much as Jim1234 knows how to type.

  23. In not saying Tex is slow on the bases…..but this offseason he’s having a small Frigidare removed from his back.

  24. I’m not saying Nunez is fast…..but when he shuts off the light switch …he’s in bed before the room turns dark.

  25. If Joba keeps it down to 3 sides at Boston Market …I’ll give him $2million.

  26. The Hanky man says ….get rid of all seven in arbitration….. And bring up our AA team.

  27. Keep Brett & Robertson try to trade the others.

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